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 [文稿] 臺澎主權的未來請交給臺澎人民決定

時間 Mon Jun 16 20:14:46 2014

[初稿] 臺澎主權的未來請交給臺澎人民決定



    Have you heard of Taiwan? Do you know Taiwan?
    Hey, don't confuse Taiwan with Thailand, they are different.


  Taiwan is a big island located at the western side of the Pacific ocean,
southeastern corner of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and between
Japan and the Philippines. On its left is a group of islets called the


    The size of Taiwan island is about 30,000 square kilometers. Since it's
quite young from the geological perspective, Taiwan owns not only blue
oceans, but also spectacular mountains. In fact, the highest mountain
in eastern Asia, the Mountain Jade, sits right on Taiwan.


    Besides splendid natural landscapes, 23 million residents of Taiwan
are famous for their friendliness and warmth. In many tourists' eyes,
besides the sky-high Taipei 101 and sightseeing spots, the peoples of
Taiwan are the most unforgettable.


    Certainly, Taiwan doesn't have a great land or a great population.
However, Taiwan is not only one of the top 20 economies, but also
a factory of many "MIT" high-tech productions. To be frank, if Taiwan
disappears, this world might actually fall into chaos.


    However, such a impressive place, whether from the aspects of nature,
social or economical development, cannot have a place it deserves on the
international stage.


    You may have heard of statements like "Taiwan is an inalienable
part of China" or "Taiwan is an independent sovereign state and it's name
is the Republic of China (ROC)" These two statements are made by two
governments of China, i.e. the PRC government and the ROC government,


    In other words, no matter who the speaker is, Taiwan is considered as
a part of China's territory. The only different is whether this government
of "China" is the Chinese communist government ruled by Xi Jingpin, or the
KMT government ruled by Ma, Yin-Jeou.


  In fact, both the PRC government and the ROC government attempt to
fool the world by explicit the ambiguity of the term "Taiwan."


    When the PRC government and the ROC government use the term "Taiwan,"
it refers to four parts: the Taiwan island, the Pescadores, Kinmen, and


    Amongst these four parts, Kinmen and Mazu are actually part of China,
because the sovereignty over the two parts has never been transferred to
other country. However, for the Taiwan island and the Pescadores, from
the perspective of international law, neither the ROC nor the PRC has
legal sovereignty.


    Therefore, both statements made by the ROC and the PRC are lies.
Furthermore, if we believe and accept these lies, Taiwan and the
Pescadores will definitely  be unified by China, by the People's Republic
of China.


    Should Taiwan and the Pescadores be swallowed up by the PRC, it will
be a great tragedy to all peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores, and a great
tragedy of the whole world as well.


    Why did we say that from the perspective of international law, neither
the ROC nor the PRC has legal sovereignty over Taiwan and the Pescadores?
To answer this qeustion, we must look back on history.


    In 1895 A.D., Japan defeated Ching Dynasty of China. The losing Ching
Dynasty signed the Treaty of Shimonoseki with Japan and transferred its
sovereignty over Formosa (i.e. Taiwan) and the Pescadores to Japan. Since
the Treaty of Shimonoseki was a valid, legal international treaty, the
sovereignty over Taiwan and the Pescadores were legally transferred to Japan.

 (General Order No.1) 到臺灣與澎湖接受日軍投降,並代管臺灣與澎湖。

    In 1945 A.D., the WWII causing Japan was defeated by the Allies. The
Republic of China, one of the winning Allied Powers, accepted surrender
of Japanese forces in Taiwan and the Pescadores and governed Taiwan and the
Pescadores in accordance with the General Order No.1 issued by the United
States, the representing country of western pacific zone of the Allies.


    Although Japan was defeated, since the transfer of territorial

sovereignty must be made through legal international treaty, Taiwan and
the Pescadores were still territories of Japan and residents living there
were still Japanese nationals.



    However, the government of the Republic of China governing Taiwan and
the Pescadores then vioated the rule of international law, granted
nationality of the ROC to the residents of Taiwan and the Pescadores who
still had Japan nationality, deceived them to accept double nationalities,
made them wrongly believe that the ROC had acquire legal sovereignty over
Taiwan and the Pescadores, took the materials and industrial equipment in
Taiwan and the Pescadores as its own properties and shipped these illegal
acquired properties to China to support KMT's civil war agasin the Chinese
Communist Party.


    In 1947 A.D., due to the great disappointment of residents of Taiwan
and the Pescadores caused by the evil misdeeds committed by the governing
ROC, a small dispute between an official and a citizen escalated to the
 "228 masacare." More than 20,000 residents of Taiwan were killed by
bullets shotted from the barrels of the ROC soliders.


    It's worthy of mention that at that time, residents of Taiwan and the
Pescadores still owned nationality of Japan. Hence, what the governing
ROC government did was equal to killing captives, which is a serious
violation of the law of war. Sadly, due to the fact that the world was
trapped in the post-war battle between capitalism and communism, the
suffering of residents of Taiwan and the Pescadores residents were not
fairly compensated. Even now, legal recourse of the ROC's liabilities
of killing captives were not pursued, and the memorial hall of the chief
criminal, Chiang Kai-Shek, even becomes a famous tour spot, and "Chungcheng
road," "Jieshou road" that can be seen in almost all cities in Taiwan
are certainly heart-breaking sarcasms.


    But, the suffering of Taiwan and the Pescadores didn't end here.


    In 1949 A.D., the unpopular ROC was defeated by the Chinese Communist
Party, and its capital, Nanking, was occupied. The People's Republic of
China was established in that year. The central government and 2 million
refugees of the ROC fled to Taiwan and the Pescadores, which were still
Japanese territories then. At that moment, the only legal territories
of the ROC under its controlled were Kinmen and Mazu. This is still true,
even now.


    To survive, the terrified ROC government put curfew on Taiwan and the
Pescadores, which were still Japanese territories then, and framed and
killed anyone who dared to doubt the ROC. The lie of "the ROC is the
country of residents of Taiwan and the Pescadores" were filled into the
brains of residents of Taiwan and the Pescadores under a circumstance,
where only a few had the guts to tell the truth in the face of death.
The incorrect national identity of the residents of Taiwan and the
Pescadores were shaped since then.


    In 1951 A.D., since the end of the ROC, which was a member of the
anti-communism team, seemed inevitable, and its role on the international
stage would soon or later be replaced by the Peoples' Republic of China,
to prevent Taiwan and the Pescadores from falling into the hands of the
communism countries, in the San Francisco Peace Treaty (SFPT) which put
an end to the war between Japan and the Allies (except China), Japan
simply renounced all of its right, title and claim to Taiwan and the
Pescadores without designating to whom their soverignty should be conveyed.


    Taiwan and the Pescadores, the original territory of Japan, then fell
into the status of "sovereignty undetermined" since the day on which the
SFPT became effective. According to Paragraph 2, Article 1 of United
Nations Charter, the right to decide the sovereignty of Taiwan and
the Pescadores fell into the hands of the residents of Taiwan and the


    As for the Treaty of Taipei (Sino-Japanese Peace Treaty) signed by
the ROC government and Japan on the effective date of SFPT, which
entered into force later after exchange of note, Japan's renouncement
of its right, title and claim to Taiwan and the Pescadores were expressly


    Although the ROC government repeatedly claims that the sovereignty of
Taiwan and the Pescadores were transferred to the ROC in the Treaty of
Taipei, since Japan had had renounced its rights to Taiwan and the
Pescadores when the Treaty of Taipei became effective, Japan was not
qualified to transfer the sovereignty to Taiwan and the Pescadores to
the ROC. Consequently, while the ROC could sign the Treaty of Taipei
with Japan as the representative of Chian to end the war between China
and Japan, it didn't acquire the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Pescadores.


    Furthermore, while it was stipulated in Artilce 4 of Treaty of Taipei
that "all treaties, conventions and agreements concluded before December
9, 1941, between China and Japan have become null and void as a consequence
of the war," and it seems that the Treaty of Shimonoseki should become
null and void as well; however, since it was deliberatedly recognized that
Japan did not transfer the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Pescadores to any
country, the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Pescadores then became an
"exception" of the said provision. Consequently, even if the Treaty of
Shimonoseki was null and void, the legal status of "the sovereignty of
Taiwan and the Pescadores is undetermined" was not changed.


    Even when Japan established its relation with the PRC and recognized
the PRC government as the only legitimate government of China and abolished
the Treaty of Taipei, the Japanese government reaffirmed that it had had
renounced its right, title and claim to Taiwan and the Pescadores.
Consequently, Japan could not recognize but acknowledge the PRC's claim
about the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Pescadores.


    Hence, till now, the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Pescadores is still
"undetermined." The ROC still governs Taiwan and the Pescadores as the
post-war military government.  And the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores
still have the right to decide the future of the sovereignty of Taiwan and
the Pescadores by exercising their right of "self-determination" in
accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 1 of the United Nations Charter.


    Regarding the issue of the exercise of self-determination right of
the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores, you might have heard the ROC
government's statement many times, which says that "The peoples of Taiwan
have participated in may elections to choose the leaders of the ROC, hence,
the peoples of Taiwan have chosen the ROC as their country by self-


    This is a lie.


    That's because, before the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores had
the right to vote the president of the ROC in 1996, the ROC government
had had brainwashed the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores by education
and suppressing secret revealing voices and opinions challenging the ROC's
right to Taiwan and the Pescadores. Hence, the peoples of Taiwan and the
Pescadores participated in the presidential election under incorrect
understanding of "the ROC is my country." If we admit that the choice made
by the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores under this circumstance
qualified "exercise of self-determination right," we literally say that
one should be responsible for the decision he made under deception.


    This is certainly unjust, isn't it?


    Besides, when one exercises his right of self-determination, he
must clearly understand that he is deciding the receiver of the sovereignty,
and the options he sees must provide different receiver of sovereignty,
such as two different countries.


    However, when the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores participated
in the elections of the ROC, we didn't think that we were deciding the
receiver of sovereignty, we were simply choosing the public servants to
serve the people. In other words, the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores
didn't participate the election to choose the receiver of sovereignty but
to decide who should handle various affairs in our daily life.


    Since the elections the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores
participated in didn't have the title of "self-determination referrendum
to decide the receiver of sovereignty" and the options offered had nothing
to do with "the receivers of sovereignty," they certainly cannot have any
effect of self-determination.


    Therefore, although the ROC frequently says that the peoples of Taiwan
and the Pescadores have exercised the right of self-determination by
participating in elections and chosen the ROC as their country, this is
merely sophistry. If we accept this argument, it literally means that:
if we choose someone as the housekeeper of our house many times, our
house will become the housekeeper's.


    Apparently, this is ridiculous, isn't it?


    So, we believe now you understand that:


    1st. the sovereignty of Taiwan and the Pescadores is still undetermined.
        Neither the PRC, nor the ROC owns it.


    2nd. The ROC currently governing Taiwan and the Pescadores simply
        manages Taiwan and the Pescadores in accordance with an order
        issued by the Allies after the war.


    3rd. Since Japan, the original owner of the sovereignty of Taiwan and
        the Pescadores, had had renounced its right, title and claim to
        Taiwan and the Pescadores, the residents of Taiwan and the
        Pescadores shall have the right to decide the sovereignty of Taiwan
        and the Pescadores by exercising self-determination right in
        accordance with the United Nations Charter.


    4th. Peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores elected presidents of
        ROC simply to choose public servants to serve the peoples of
        Taiwan and the Pescadores. We were not exercising our
        self-determination right to decide the receiver of sovereignty,
        and the ROC government did not acquire legal sovereignty over
        Taiwan and the Pesacadores as a result, either.


    So, why do we, as the residents of Taiwan and the Pescadores,
    tell you these?


    That's because the future peace of the world is seriously threatened.


    The PRC tried everything to make the global community to recognize
Taiwan and the Pescadores as its legal territory, i.e. a part of China.
As for the ROC government, after it stop fighting for the place of
"legitimate government of China," it enhances the "One China" trap, i.e.
"One China, different explanations," with the PRC, and plans to make the
land and peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores impossible to escape from
being swallowed up by China.


    You may think that it's not a great deal for China, Taiwan and the
Pescadores to unify. However, even if we put aside the impact of Taiwan
and the Pescadores on the global economy, the tactical values of Taiwan
and the Pescadores in the Asian-Pacific region cannot be overlooked.


    Whether from the view point of land size, population, or economic
scale, Taiwan and the Pescadores are incomparable to China, then why the
PRC tries so hard to get Taiwan and the Pescadores? The irreplacable
tactical position of Taiwan and the Pescadores is the answer.


    Once Taiwan and the Pescadores fall into the hand of the PRC, they will
become its unsinkable aircraft carrier. Any flights and ships passing by
eastern Asia, no matter their destinations, be it Japan, South Korea,
Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, or India,
they are all under the control of this aircraft carrier.


    Even more important is that, the Pacific Ocean is on the east of
Taiwan. With Taiwan in hand, it couldn't be easier for the PRC to stretch
its military force into the Pacific Ocean.


    The battle between capitalism and communism may be over, but a hostile
great power that is unfriendly to its neighbors has arose in Asia.


    Once Taiwan and the Pescadores fall into the hand of this great power,
it will certainly become more arrogant and despotic, and become a greater
threat to surrounding countries and the world peace. On the other hand,
if its ambition to annex Taiwan and the Pescadores can be stopped, Taiwan
and the Pescadores will certainly become a palisade restraining this tiger
and help to world to maintain long-term peace.


    Based on our understanding about the legal status of Taiwan and the
Pescadores and the hope for the peace of Asia and the world, as residents
of Taiwan and the Pescadores who know the truth, we hereby make the
following five requests to the world:


    1st.Publicly condemn the ROC government for it failed to performe its
        duty as the military government under commission, ie. failed
        to help the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores to complete
        the true procedure of self-determination.


    2nd.Pass a resolution in U.N. to terminate the post-war governance
        of the ROC government over Taiwan and the Pescadores.


    3rd.Send UN Peacekeeping force to Taiwan, and help peoples of Taiwan
        and the Pescadores to establish a new country by exercising
        our right of self-determination.


    4th.Make the U.N. accepts the new country established in Taiwan and
        the Pescadores as a member of U.N.


    5th.Since the PRC claims that it owns the sovereignty over Taiwan
        and the Pescadores, it's certainly an "interested party" in
        respect of the "sovereignty issue of Taiwan and the Pescadores."
        According to "the principle of recusal," the PRC may not exercise
        veto in any related decisions of U.N.


    We hope all countries that mind and care human rights, justice, and
world peace can help the peoples of Taiwan and the Pescadores to truely
exercise our right of self-determination and establish a legal sovereign
state that can participate in every international organization as an
official member.


    Whether world peace can be kept depends on whether the world can
    control China.


    Whether the world can control China depends on whether Taiwan and
    the Pescadores can get rid off China.


    Whether Taiwan and the Pescadores can get rid off China, depends on
    whether Taiwan and the Pescadores can establish a country by turely
    exercise right of self-determination.

    Please help us, for a beautiful future of your country and world peace.

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ck290996:我媽問我為何跪著滑手機...淚推文稿+翻譯T_T130F 06/17 11:30
Qjinhui:感動 QQ133F 06/17 11:40
noneed2argue:原po超強 推推推推推推 134F 06/17 11:43
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inohno:推135F 06/17 12:28
gary27:o五點要是能達到,要我吃啥我都願意吃了.....XD136F 06/17 13:02
pian0214:辛苦了 但宣傳時 簡短點更好137F 06/17 13:26
dan310546:我可以先試著直接翻台語嗎 不過我翻可能會比較久..138F 06/17 13:43
sxoao:139F 06/17 17:39
Noel7788:推......看的心情沈重......140F 06/17 18:30

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推有條有理   到處轉發
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已經被洗腦了幾十年的台灣人民 還有得救嗎?
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