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Music video by Backstreet Boys performing As Long As You Love Me. (C) 1997 Zomba Recording LLC



As long as U love me.只要你愛我就好

     Although loneliness has always been a friend of mine.

     I'm leaving my life in Ur hands.自從你離開我的生活

     People say I'm crazy & that I am blind.朋友說我瘋了太盲目

     Risking it all in a glance.激情總是短暫的

     How you got me blind is still a mystery.你為何能使我如此盲目仍是個謎

     I can't get U out of my head.我就是無法忘了你

     Don't care what is written in Ur history.我不在乎你過去的種種

     As long as U're here with me. 只要你陪在我身邊

     I don't care who U are.我不在乎你是怎樣個人

     Where U're from.你從那裏來

     What U did.你做過什麼

     As long as U love me.只要你愛我就好

     Who U are.你是怎樣個人

     Where U're from.你從那裏來

     Don't care what U did.我不在乎你做過什麼

     As long as U love me.只要你愛我就好

     Every little thing that U have said & done.所有你說過的話和做過的事

     Feels like it's deep within me.都深深的烙印在我心裏

     Doesn't really matter if U're on the run.我甚至於不在乎你是否就要逃開

     It seems like we're meant 2 be.我以為我們是一對的

     I've tried 2 hide it so that no one knows.我試著把感情隱藏起來不讓任何人知道

     But I guess it shows.但我無法不流露真情

     When U look in 2 my eyes.當你凝視著我時

     What U did & where U're comin from.你做過什麼從那裏來

     I don't care,as long as U love me,baby!我不在乎,只要你愛我就好,寶貝!

     I Don't Care.我不在乎

     製作者:慧劍無心 QQ:9599236






as long as you love me with lyrics - YouTube
The words might not be right on... and...if there is stars like this * by the words then it means you don't really have to sing it... enjoy!



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