0:04all would like to talk to you about the sausage principal
0:07at the theory that says if you love something never find out how it was made
0:12tonight I would like to show you my sausage
0:15the the this is my sausage
0:212014 people
0:24World Cup whole pin
0:28okay the World Cup starts this week and I am both excited
0:32and extremely conflicted about it now I know in america sock or something you
0:36pick your ten-year-old daughter up from
0:38got for me and everyone else on earth
0:42it's a little more important sacher had become Brazil's religion in Columbia
0:48soccer was religion football is a religion here
0:52Soccer I am football like we say it's a religion
0:56and then not exaggerating when David Beckham
0:59gonna talk two adjacent the response among soccer fans was
1:02all that that's huge for Jesus cops
1:06up to big deal for him pic
1:09Hughes here's my conflict the World Cup is one of my favorite things
1:15part it organized by these goings pfieffer
1:18you even know it ask the federal your international now the Football
1:22Association the all
1:23call lot soccer videogame you hot
1:28haha American viewers might never have been counted them
1:3135 is like comically grotesque organization
1:34in fact telling someone about the inner workings of people for the first time
1:38little showing someone two girls one cup could do it my family so you can watch
1:43the horrified expression on people's minds
1:46because what stopped where fevers current World Cup is about to take place
1:51Brazil brazilians are excited about
1:54everything thanks is how they celebrate the fact
1:58that it's just about to be lent got
2:01the love the concept of giving up chocolate temporarily
2:06also the biggest soccer fans on earth so they must be thrilled at the prospect of
2:10hosting the World Cup
2:12it's been months if unrest in some other cities for village hall slums
2:16with clashes between police and residents feel
2:19here people demonstrated against Brazil holding the World Cup
2:23that makes no sense why would you be unhappy hosting the thing that you love
2:27the most in all the world
2:29the government has spent more than $11 billion dollars getting ready
2:33the United States team will play its second game here in the city a madhouse
2:37in this brand new $270 million dollar stadium
2:41min ounces so remote that it's almost impossible to reach by car
2:45which is why officials had to have the stadium materials brought in by boat
2:50shipped across the atlantic from Portugal
2:52and up the Amazon River okay that does seem like a waste of money
2:57especially when you consider that that stadium is only going to be used for
3:00football World Cup games
3:02there's also no team in my mouse that can fill it off to its
3:05at which point it becomes the world's most expensive but toilets
3:09no mom to Brazilians are so upset
3:13especially when you think about what they are actually getting in return
3:16well and they're gonna make money as well as
3:19way when I need a spanking to make some money this is where the controversy is
3:23the country usually
3:25doesn't make money feel fat the organization at the World Cup is who
3:28makes the man's
3:29Brazil let me put this in terms you might understand think I've money
3:33as pubic hair I'm free for as blacks
3:36in gonna be all over your joining the World Cup
3:40but when I go there taking all the money with them in
3:44including some from places you didn't even know you had any money in
3:48leaving you scenario it going she is just what happened to you
3:51the never doing this again
3:55because here of beepers tax demands
3:59for prospective host countries it is pfieffer and its he for subsidiaries
4:03that are
4:03fully example any tax whatsoever levied
4:07at whatever level state-level municipality level
4:10all sorts of Texas consumption taxes income taxes
4:14you name it its all except that's right by Brazil's
4:17own estimates now allowing people to forego $215 million dollars in taxes
4:22somewhere Wesley Snipes is going so shock always the on something
4:28call it seems so obvious now now
4:32now people sensed I leave a lot behind which they do
4:35like new laws because you see once upon a time
4:38Brazil deep this in 2003
4:42the Brazilian government band alcohol from stadiums because
4:45at the enormously high don't wait amongst fans
4:49that seems like a good idea potentially life-saving even
4:53the only problem is budweiser is wanna feat this key sponsors
4:57and they sell a product by reflexively insist on calling
5:00be a Khalifa seemed
5:03anxious to protect budweiser from a law designed to protect
5:07people which is why think the secretary-general went to Brazil with a
5:11simple message:
5:12I'm sorry to say and maybe I look a bit arrogance but
5:15that's something we not negotiator I mean there will be
5:18and there must be a spot of the above the law the fact that we
5:22other the right to sell be a Easter
5:26maybe I look at the Tahoe going to put
5:29how you say %uh of kill laws %uh
5:32GOP picks up speed chases at slut rides
5:36and the amazing thing is here fee for wong thank successfully pressured Brazil
5:41into passing a so-called budweiser bail allowing BS Isles
5:45in soccer stadiums at this point you can either be horrified by that
5:49all relieved the people watching also sponsored by cocaine and chain saws
5:53%uh and Brazil wholesale
5:57lucky cause of hockey at least I just had three full force
6:01alcohol on them when South Africa hosted the World Cup four years ago
6:05FIFO forced the creation of the FIFO World Cup Colts
6:09which sound funny you know it's is like going to the World Series in being
6:12tracked in front of Judge Philly Phanatic
6:15except the thief escorts
6:18one no joke to Zimbabweans who robbed
6:21foreign journalist on a Wednesday were arrested on a Thursday and began
6:2515-year jail sentences the next day
6:28studies on settling leaf Aust but when you order Chinese food it comes five
6:34minutes later
6:35not thanks very much but that was too quick in
6:39you didn't have time to make this properly in
6:42and there was a certain already in fee for setting up
6:46any kind of justice system given the scandals that have dogged it
6:50over the years football's governing body is trying to tackle its shady
6:54inner workings by suspending two executives on corruption charges
6:58the fee for scandal rumbles on Jack Warner who was at the centre and bribery
7:02accusations has resigned as vice president
7:05there's been so many corruption scandals that the firm had to deal with
7:08bribery in fee for go together like peanut butter and jelly
7:12getting what they should we go peanut butter and jelly all supposed to go
7:17favor and brought we should go together like peanut butter and a child with a
7:21deadly nut allergy
7:230 but you
7:28I height free to call get anymore cartoonishly
7:32evil base is the headquarters actual boardroom in
7:37drugs think a party models where they made on the warring from doctor
7:41strangelove the
7:43bodies exhibit I for an organization that does not give a shit what you think
7:48about that
7:49I'm yet the head of the firm maintains that they are merely a humble
7:53non-profit organization your non-profit organization
7:58and we have to remain a nonprofit organization of profit with over a
8:01billion dollars in the bank
8:03yeah but the disease a and he said I have
8:06a result in a result of a billion dollars
8:10when your rainy day fund is so big you got to check it for swimming cartoon
8:15call not playing a not-for-profit anymore
8:20but the white the
8:25is Sepp Blatter and even his name should have been a red flag
8:28if your name is set at the bare minimum
8:32you strangle someone in a bar fight fact
8:35I'm let me just give you a taste
8:38of Sepp Blatter as a human being recently he was asked how should women
8:43soccer be made more popular
8:44he said well they should wear short shorts bright idea
8:49put the ladies in hot pants call it foxy saaka
8:52and a what iraqi talking up the jerseys might be replaced the ball over the
8:55plate and hot wings and kit let's just open a Hooters
8:59in 35
9:03Paul the holiday nonprofits even recently spent $27 billion dollars to
9:09fund United
9:10passions a fictionalized version of their history starring
9:14for some reason Tim Roth asap blacktop
9:17I'm this movie like fee for itself looks
9:21terrible will be diffident issue
9:24at the notion that
9:26to football assists teeth first
9:29World Cup will be held you who
9:33you have everything you need terror but you know
9:37the slightest error and Europe who likes a sports film
9:43whether he rose all the executives in
9:46the crazy thing is you don't need two hours and Tim Roth because the greatest
9:51film about Sepp Blatter has already been made
9:54its 10 seconds long and it's on YouTube up
10:07play the whole time
10:10you can genuinely site on clouds that old man fell off hot
10:15but perhaps the worst part a plea for its not even its past or its present
10:19its its future because the host the 2022 World Cup has already been decided
10:25do we know to organize
10:28did too 22 feet far
10:31World Cup is Cup I cuts hall
10:37there's between long and 50 reasons why that isn't
10:40awful idea
10:42summer temperatures in Qatar can reach some 50 degrees Celsius
10:46a difficult environment to hold a professional sporting that outdoors
10:5050 degrees Celsius is 122 degrees Fahrenheit
10:55you are hosting a World Cup somewhere west soccer cannot physically be part
10:59but forget the NFL chose to host the Super Bowl in %uh like
11:03car that there are no allegations that something for executives took bribes to
11:09put the World Cup in Qatar
11:10and I hope that's true because otherwise it makes literally no sense
11:15I'm not just because of the weather because of the working conditions
11:20Qatar's the slightest idea in the 21st century
11:23migrant worker can't leave the country without an exit visa
11:27that visa has to be approved by his employer
11:30who has your passport had a battle in ocean sheer trapped here
11:36we got coffins coming home every day more than a worker per day on average
11:41is dying conservatively from the figures of just two countries
11:46India and Nepal more than 4,000 workers will die
11:52before a ball is kicked off in 2022
11:55so what you essentially signing is the Qatar World Cup
11:59is shaping up to be the most deadly Middle East construction project since
12:03this one
12:04I about this point I hope of proving to you that thief up
12:09is just appalling and yet he is their power
12:12I'm still so excited about the world
12:16call next week it's very hard to justify
12:20how I can get so much joy from an organization that's cause so much pain
12:24other than going back to right where we started
12:27soccer football like we say
12:30it's a religion but it's not just that
12:34it's an organized religion and free file is its church
12:38just think about it its leader is infallible
12:41it compel South American countries to spend money they don't have
12:44building opulent cathedrals I might ultimately be responsible for the deaths
12:48and shocking numbers of people in the Middle East
12:51clots costs call
12:54for millions of people
12:57around the world like me it is also the guardian of the
13:01only thing that keeps their lives any me I make that comparison
13:06does not make americans love soccer been frankly nothing well


John Oliver's excitement for the World Cup is tempered by knowing information about FIFA, the organization that produces it. John details the problems with the upcoming tournament and the staggering allegations of corruption against FIFA.

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