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夢遊狀態, 手癢想翻翻..

※ 引述《Rainlilt》之銘言:
: 1.媒體來源:CNN
: 2.完整新聞標題/內文:
: Hundreds of students occupy Taiwan's Legislature to protest China pact
: By Ray Sanchez, CNN
: March 19, 2014 -- Updated 1727 GMT (0127 HKT)
: (CNN) -- Hundreds of students remained barricaded in Taiwan's Legislature
: early Wednesday in protest of the ruling party's push for a trade pact with
: China, which demonstrators claim will hurt the island.

: The protesters, mostly university students, entered the main assembly hall
: inside the Legislative Yuan in Taipei on Tuesday night and blocked the
: entrances with chairs, according to images and accounts filed from the scene
: with CNN iReport.
(CNN iReport有圖.)

: Police responded but had not dispersed the protesters, who also filled the
: streets around the Legislature in the center of Taipei.
(回應? 還是單方面宣讀政令? dunno..)

: The students said they plan to occupy the Legislature until Friday's session,
: when the pact was to be deliberated.
學生們表示,暫訂占據行動維持至週五 (服貿二讀?)

: Taiwan's state news agency reported that 38 police officers were injured when
: more than 400 protesters took over the Legislature.

: Four protesters were arrested in two unsuccessful attempts to evict them, the
: news agency reported. Police said there were more than 2,000 protesters both
: inside and outside the building, with a equal number of officers on the scene.
(續) 4名示威者在其中 2次驅離行動中被捕。警方表示現場有超過 2千名示威者及警力。

: "We do not want to clash with the police," said protester and iReporter
: Shanny Chang, 19. "We just have to let the government know that never try to
: fool the people."
身為示威及數位記者的 Shanny 表示,『我們不想動武,只想讓政府知道別愚弄人民。』

: One CNN iReporter said that after the protesters took over, hundreds gathered
: outside the building, with some making speeches and singing songs.
一名 CNN 數位記者表示,當示威者占領立法院後,戶外仍有約百名群眾進行演說或唱歌。

: In a video, a young woman sings Bob Dylan's song "The Times They are
: a-Changin'," which many associate with the protest spirit of the 1960s.
某段影片中,一位妙齡女子唱著 Bob Dylan 的歌,以喚醒 60年代的示威魂。
The Times They Are A-Changin'-Bob Dylan - YouTube
Come gather 'round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown And accept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone If your ti...


中英歌詞: 我個人推這個.
The Times,They Are A-Changin翻譯 - Yahoo!奇摩知識+
bob dylan The Times, They Are A-Changin' 中文翻譯 謝謝 ...


: "She played the Dylan song because she thinks the lyrics match the ongoing
: events happening in Taiwan," an iReporter identified only as breadgeorge
: wrote. "Bob Dylan isn't really that popular in Taiwan, especially not to the
: 8th grade generation, what Taiwanese call children born after 1991, but to
: the older generations I think he isn't a stranger to them."
『(前略)雖然Bob Dylan 不被八年級生或大部份臺灣民眾所知,但其歌詞涵義與此
  次示威相符,而且七年級生以前的民眾,應不陌生。』某位 breadgeorge 網民如是說。

: The trade pact was signed last year in Shanghai with the intention of easing
: investment and trade between the two longtime adversaries, mainland China and
: Taiwan.
此協議於去年在上海簽訂,為了解決 PRC 跟 ROC 的長期矛盾..

: But opponents have voiced concerns that not only will Taiwan's economy be
: hurt as businesses and investments flow to China, but the island's democratic
: system could be undermined by closer ties with the mainland.
但反對者關切的是,臺灣的經濟會因與商貿流向 PRC 而受傷,更甚有者,
是ROC 與 PRC 的政治體制,未來的趨勢.. (咱不敢稱現況叫 民主 了..)

: "The trade agreement was not supervised by the people of Taiwan, and benefits
: only big companies and harnesses our jobs," wrote iReporter George Chang, 24.
: "But I do agree we need to open Taiwan to the world, even China too. But NOT
: this way, not by signing an agreement that is not fair to us and was
: negotiated by people who have no profession in these territories. We must
: rewrite the agreement and make it work for the both of us, towards a peaceful
: future between the strait of Taiwan."
  甚至是在 PRC. 但不是這樣。不是用不公平、(對協議內容)仍存有疑慮的方式。
  我們必需重定協議,並期許海峽兩岸都能和平。』數位記者 George Chang 如是說。

: An iReporter identified as kwarrior, an Asian-American living in Taiwan,
: wrote that the government's handling of the trade agreement "was
: unconstitutional and a blatant violation of the people's rights. ... I care
: deeply because my parents are Taiwanese and they always loved their nation
: like no other. I am personally affected because I value the rights of the
: people to voice and make changes in a democratic country."
一位住在臺灣的美籍亞裔數位記者  kwarrior 說,(ROC)政府對處理服貿是
『違憲且暴殄民權的... ...我很關心,不只因雙親是臺灣人,更因為我個人衡量「
  民主國家」中,人民得以發聲並改變的權利到底有多少?』。 (言論自由)

: In a statement, Amnesty International urged security forces to show restraint.
HTTP:// www.amnesty.tw/

: "The situation is clearly tense. ... While police have a duty to maintain
: order and to protect the safety of the public, the response must only be
: proportionate to the threat. Force should only be used as a last resort. The
: authorities must ensure the rights of all those protesting are upheld and
: respected," said Roseann Rife, the group's East Asia research director.

『警力/武力 是下下策。用者當留心,示威者仍需被尊重。』該組織東亞研究總監如是說。

: Last month, Taiwan and China held their highest-level talks in more than six
: decades, marking the first government-to-government contact since the pair's
: acrimonious split in 1949.
ROC 跟 PRC 於上個月達成了自從1949年之後的初次元首級的會晤。
(新聞連結待確.. 原文用"最高級" 但我印象中應該沒有元首級的..
  該不會是李習會吧..? 請鞭小力點 囧rz )

: Wang Yu-chi of Taiwan's Mainland Affairs Council, which oversees the island's
: China policy, met with his mainland counterpart, Zhang Zhijun of China's
: Taiwan Affairs Office.
(承上, 張王會. 誰是哪邊的,說真的我還不是很清楚)

: After the meeting, China's state news agency Xinhua said the two sides had
: agreed to open a regular communication channel.
PRC 的媒體,新華社於會後表示,雙方同意共啟例行性的溝通管道。

: "We should both be resolute to not let cross-strait relations suffer any more
: twists and turns and never let (the relationship) go backward," Zhang was
: quoted as saying.
大概是說.. 已得勿失、未成速達 的意思吧?

: Previous contact between the two sides has been conducted through
: semi-official foundations or through political parties, not by government
: ministers acting in their official capacities.
以往 ROC 跟 PRC 都不是靠公部門出面,而是民間組織。
 (PRC的我個人認為很複雜.. 一門掛兩牌..)

: Beijing considers Taiwan a breakaway province and has never ruled out the use
: of force to achieve reunification.
北京(PRC) 認為臺灣是失落的一省,而且不放棄以武力達成統一。
(好像幾年前還弄了個法條。好像是 反分割法?)

: Taiwan also calls itself the Republic of China.
臺灣民眾也稱其主權為 中華民國 (ROC).

: Relations between the two sides have improved since Taiwan President Ma
:  Ying-jeou came to power in 2008. On Wednesday, Ma called for the passage of
: the trade pact.
雙方關係自 2008 年馬總統上任後改善許多。週三時,馬先生針對審議該協議的流程作了指示。

: 3.新聞連結: http://tinyurl.com/o5fvqwn
: 4.備註:

一。報導好像忽略了某一段很重要的 30秒。

    比方說,透過零時政府 ( http://hack.g0v.tw/tisa ) 、 FB/Google Doc 等網路方式,
    並且透過多國語言 (目前似乎已有近卅種,但仍有改善空間 - 資訊內容仍不完全相同)
    用柔軟的力量..  鍵盤前的我也只能想到這樣 /w\

三‧什麼689 609 426 9.2, 我才不想讓我的孩子把寶貴的青春花在記頌這些酸性能量的歷史。
    拿 PRC 護照的跟 ROC 一樣,都是中華子孫、三大古文明之一的後代。
    還在拼經濟、衝選票?     換付眼鏡吧。遠一點,比較好..

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