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5月 Horoscope for Aries

Get ready to increase your salary, dear Aries, for the major solar eclipse that is due May 9 in Taurus, 20 degrees, is heading your way. New moon solar eclipses like this one have the power to bring new opportunities, and this one, lighting your second house of earned income, suggests you will be earning money from a completely new source. Even if you have no plans to change positions, entertain the one or two offers you get this month, just in case you may like one of them. Eclipses are very powerful, and this one will have the power of three new moons rolled into one. It will be the only new moon in your earned income sector this year, so this eclipse may turn out to bring superb news.

The timing of this eclipse is good, because the last eclipse, its twin, fell in Scorpio as a full moon lunar eclipse late last month on April 25. That one may have depleted your resources. That eclipse was opposed to Saturn, the stern teacher that makes us face our responsibilities and obligations, all the while reminding us to be pragmatic. That eclipse was harsh, so if you felt depressed by the financial realities that surfaced then, you will likely find the coming eclipse on May 9 to be just the revere - a money miracle-maker.

Yet you can't sit back - you need to be involved and show your determination and intent. I can show you when to act, but in astrology, you need to supply the energy and start to make appointments. If you follow my advice I can increase your success rate many times over.

This eclipse brings with it a cluster of stars (a "stellium") in Taurus - the Sun, new moon eclipse, Mars, Mercury, and Venus. That's five of ten planets in your second house of earned income, fees, and salaries. If you are not seeing your salary, fees, or overall business increase, then the way this eclipse may affect you is that you may be getting ready to buy something important and expensive, such as a condo or a vacation home, for example. Taurus is an earth sign that deals in the real world, and with your ruler, Mars, among the planets in that sign, you will exhibit a large measure of pragmatism now.

Mars often forces spending up when in the house of earned income, so buying something expensive would fit, but Saturn across the skies, in your other financial house, will help you drive a good, hard bargain. If you are alarmed at the amounts you've been spending lately, you will be happy to hear that expenses and the outgo from your bank account will end once you get to May 31. Mars will leave Taurus then, leaving you feeling much more in control and feeling more secure.

Pluto, now in your house of fame and honors, will send a highly friendly beam to the new moon solar eclipse from your house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, suggesting the money you get now will emanate from your ability to get a fantastic, high level position - if you change jobs now, it will be no lateral move. Pluto will be 9 degrees away, but it's within my tolerance of 10 degrees, far but not too far away to be helpful. If you are not changing jobs, you may win a promotion. If you are self-employed, a lucrative new client is due to knock on your door.

When Mars reaches the same degree as the eclipse, 19 degrees 31 minutes, you should see a development - that will be May 16. So in all, watch the days that follow May 9 for a financial development that is important to you - possibly an offer for a new salary - and pay special attention to May 16.

While money may come in from any source, certain industries happen to glow more brightly than others. Taurus rules all Venus-ruled industries, which include, among other things, industries that embellish and beautify: spas, jewelry, wine, flowers, cosmetics, fragrances, and sophisticated landscaping and nurseries, and industries that deal with the land, such as real estate and agriculture. Money markets, such as insurance, will also do well for you too, as Taurus has ties to money and financial security.

On May 20, Pluto and Uranus will lock into a calibrated 90-degree square, an aspect of tension. These are very big planets that have been having a dispute since last year, and this brings the third in a series that will continue for a while and end in March 2015. You may see unrest in society, or some sort of event that generates a lot of focused discussion in the news. The job of these two planets is to show up weak links and gaps in society, and areas that need to be sewn tighter. These planets move very slowly, taking decades to get to this position, so you would have to give a tolerance of a whole month in either direction. Last month we saw stress in many parts of the world.

Later in the month, we have a second eclipse, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius, 4 degrees. This eclipse may bring a number of different possibilities. The most likely is that you will travel near this time, and if so, you may travel a great distance and perhaps see a city you've never visited overseas. Or this eclipse may bring a final decision about immigration, a visa, a green card, or citizenship - hopefully you will be celebrating. Sagittarius is a fire sign like yours, so it is compatible with your nature.

Not only does the ninth house, where the eclipse will fall, rule travel, but also education and debate. In the first case, you may graduate from college or get an advanced degree. You may hear back about a major exam you took, such as the Bar, if you are a law student, or may now be ready to defend your thesis. If you are in a court case, you will either see a settlement or final verdict. Give an eclipse a week in either direction of May 25.

This eclipse is in Sagittarius, ruling global matters, so that fits with international travel and matters of citizenship, but this sign is also involved with philosophy and fairness, which links to the courts system. Sagittarius is also associated with the research involved when one goes for a university degree or is given a grant. These matters may resonate with you now. This eclipse will be in beautiful angle to Uranus, indicating whatever comes up, the opportunity will bring a positive surprise and happen very quickly, out of the blue.

Neptune, however, will be prominent too, and in calibrated, very tight hard angle to the Sun and full moon eclipse. This suggests a somewhat confusing situation may be at play, so take your time before you choose any course of action. What you see maybe a little distorted, or you may misunderstand something and assume something is one way or another, but incorrectly. Ask lots of questions. This is a full moon, so you will be pressured to announce your decision quickly, but you would be wise not to rush. You have time to let the dust settle, and if you do, you will see the road ahead more clearly.

Those Aries born on March 25, plus or minus four days, will benefit the most from this eclipse in Gemini. These are some of the Aries that need the most help, so I am happy to report this news. You certainly have had more than your share of woe lately, but now the universe will extend a hand and give you a nice break. If you know your natal chart and see you have a planet at 6 degrees (or close to that degree) in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you too will feel this eclipse, and you are likely to benefit from it in some way.

This eclipse, May 25, will be the last one of the Gemini-Sagittarius family of eclipses, which started back in June 1, 2011, two years ago.

The month ends with two superb days that are sure to bring cheery news, May 27 and 28. On May 27, Mercury, planet of news, travel, negotiation, and contracts, in Gemini (a place Mercury loves to be, as it RULES Gemini), will conjoin Jupiter in Gemini for the only time this year (and for the only time in Gemini in over a decade). What a wonderful day to travel!

Also, if you won't be on the road, it's also a superb day to sign a contract. This will be Memorial Day in the United States, a popular holiday where almost everyone has the day off, so if you live in the US, you may be planning a long weekend away. If you are undecided about whether to make plans or not, here's a hint - this will be a FAR better weekend for fun than the Fourth of July holiday will be, so my vote is, go now!

According to my readership stats, more readers will read this column OUTSIDE of the US than they do inside the US, so if that describes you living in another country, you might want to take Monday, May 27, off, and I suggest you take off Tuesday, May 28, too, to make a long, luxurious weekend, for that period will sparkle like diamonds in the sun. You don't need a holiday for an excuse. These days will be incredibly stellar.

The reason May 28 deserves a big gold star is that Venus will link to lucky Jupiter, both in Gemini, for the first time this year, and it will be the only time they meet in Gemini in more than 10 years, just like Mercury will do the day before. Venus is the natural ruler of your financial house, so money may come your way.

If you are an Aries who is attached, you will also be in luck, as your partner will be in a very affectionate, loving mood for the whole long weekend, May 25-27. If you are not attached, but have a business partner, agent, or other expert helping you, this person will bring you good news, too.

Money will be a strong focus now, for a remarkably large number of planets are moving through your second house of earned income, including your ruler, Mars. Financial news will fluctuate with some days turning upbeat, and at other times worrisome due to some high spending you may be doing.

Still, throughout this month, you will have a set of brilliant opportunities to raise your income, ones that you will be able to take advantage of almost immediately. Wow, what help this new moon solar eclipse can be to you now! This won't be a month to sit on the sidelines and hope someone, somewhere, will deliver the goods, but rather to survey your financial situation, build a strategy, and swing into action.

Many planets building up in earthy Taurus will ask you to be practical when assessing your competition and talents, and at times, you may see the need to re-order your priorities. Last month, on April 25, you had a full moon lunar eclipse that may have closed a door on a financial situation, and because the eclipse was somewhat unfriendly, you may have become motivated to find more cash. Good, for now you can find it.

The solar new moon eclipse due on May 9 will open a door to a brand new financial chapter. You won't win the money or be given an expensive gift or check. Instead, an opportunity will arise that will prompt you to ask for a raise or allow you to command a fine salary at a new firm, and the position you take appears to be a big step up. In this, your best month of 2013 to increase your salary, have all your persuasive points organized to prove that deserve a raise. Go in and ask for it in the days following the new moon May 9.

If you need to negotiate a compensation package in a new position in a company, talks will show progress after May 9. If you are self-employed, business will be brisk. You may be able to raise your rates if you feel your following will accept the higher prices or fees without complaint.

It appears you will be careful and conservative in how you handle your financial matters this month, for you may be faced with changing circumstances. Saturn is now based in your house of taxes, credit, venture capital, university financial aid, and other previously made financial obligations. Happily, Saturn will be out of range from the new moon solar eclipse of May 9 but will challenge your ruler, Mars. If you find others to be tight-fisted at that time, especially regarding terms or company benefits, like health insurance, that would be understandable; it's just not your lucky area.

If you are hoping for money from venture capitalists, or as a bank loan or mortgage, the terms will not likely entirely please you, but you can get the money you need, for Pluto will be friendly. At work, however, you may be able to get the base salary you want, for salary is ruled by another part of your chart and that area seems more favorable.

This month's new moon of May 9 is unusual in that it is also a solar eclipse in Taurus, so it will likely bring dramatic news and open a new door. Usually with an eclipse, there is no option to turn back to earlier "good old days." If you find you don't like the choice you make now, you won't be able to go back to the former situation, at least not immediately. You will be able to do so farther down the road, but for now, you will have to deal with what is presented and take it, or if you don't like it, reject it and leave. Eclipses often present news in an all-or-nothing, black or white fashion. As an Aries, you are not fazed by situations like this, for you excel in them. I feel you will love what is offered you now, so don't give this another thought - beeline in for a generous compensation.

Later in the month you will have another eclipse - this time a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 25, lighting your house of long-distance travel. You may take a trip spontaneously, for Uranus, planet of surprise, will contact the full moon in a friendly way. Mercury will be conjunct Jupiter - exact by Monday, May 27 - so you will likely adore the setting, the accommodations, and the time you spend away. If you take this trip to enjoy romance and time with your one-and-only, Venus will see to it that your time together will be quite divine.

If your trip is for business, the results of the talks you have with your client will be profitable. You may be asked to sign a contract, and if so, wait a few days until May 27, when Jupiter will touch Mercury or the following day, May 28, when Venus will do the same. These conjunctions are exceedingly rare and outstandingly beneficial and beautiful - you could not find a better day to sign your name.

Dates to Note for Aries

Most romantic dates: May 5, 6, 10-12, 16-17, 25, and 31. Watch closely May 27-28 (both gold-star days).

You may see your income rise and cash flow improve as a result of solar eclipse May 9 plus ten days. Solar eclipses are very powerful and often open a new door.

When your ruler is blocked by Saturn, May 1, you may feel frustrated by a partner who seems not to agree with your plan of action.

Your career will get a boost from a VIP who has identified you as one to groom for bigger and better things in the future.

Mother's Day in the US, May 12, will be very special indeed - the moon will join with Jupiter.

Venus will flirt with Uranus in Aries on May 18 - single Aries may find love.

Careful on May 20 not to ruffle a VIP, for it could hurt your career, due to Pluto in hard angle to Uranus.

The full moon lunar eclipse on May 25 may cause you to travel far and wide.

If awaiting news from a college, or the results from a test, application, or thesis, you should hear news this month, and not likely any later than May 25, plus or minus four days, with good news likely for you.

A gold-star day: May 27, when Mercury will link with Jupiter, great for traveling, writing, and any kind of negotiation. You may find a bargain or get a special tip or help from a sibling.

Another gold-star day: May 28, when Venus will align with Jupiter, a day when financial news should be exciting. If you have a partner or collaborator, you may also benefit from this person.

Mars will be in Taurus all month, increasing your need to spend money.

Mars, your ruler, will enter Gemini, a great place for you, on May 31 through July 13. You'll be on the road much more than usual during those dates. If you write for a living, a lot of work will come in to you now.

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