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5月 Horoscope for Libra

Recently on Twitter, a Libra posted: "Tell me when all this is going to end! I can't take another minute of this!" Libra has certainly been under great pressure, perhaps more than any other sign. The problem has been that Saturn was on your Sun when it was in Libra from 2009 to 2012. When Saturn finally left, you did not get the relief you imagined you would, because another planet, Uranus, was right behind Saturn, ready to oppose your Sun beginning March 2011.

Most people get these planets' challenges at very different times in life; you are getting both at nearly the same time, one right after the other. This is huge, and perhaps an unfortunate coincidence, for you had no time to catch your breath, especially if you are a September-born Libra, who felt this first. The good part is, you are dealing with all these difficult aspects at once and getting done with these aspects. Everyone of every sign will, at two to three times in their lives, deal with Saturn on their Sun. And everyone, of every sign, will have to face Uranus opposed to their Sun, a very separating aspect, that often leaves a scar when it's over (emotionally or physically). Saturn will not be back to Libra until September 2039. Uranus brings once-in-a-lifetime tests, and those are at play now. Stay with me, for I will give you the details you need.

Once you were done with Saturn's tests, Uranus showed up and will remain until March 2019. Uranus is opposing your Sun directly, making a close relationship unstable, or, if that is not what is happening, you may have some temporary, but serious, concerns about your health.

You likely found out in April that partners were acting in strange ways, and this may not have necessarily described your romantic partner. This person could have been your business partner, agent, or other collaborator in your life that you worked with in a close, one-on-one committed relationship. Don't throw your hands in the air and climb on your desk as you read this, shouting through a bullhorn, "I knew it! I am doomed!" No, no not at all!

Let me show you the difference between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn teaches us to reach for new goals, things that we used to assume were beyond our ability to handle. Saturn asks us to take on bigger life responsibilities, and tests our will and our determination by presenting a series of tests or challenges. You are finished with Saturn's tutoring, and he will not be back until September 2039. Actually, second visits of Saturn are always easier, because Saturn rules maturity and older age. When you are young, you find Saturn's tests to be hard and confining. Do your homework, show up on time, mind your manners - all things our mothers told us when we were little and still a bit uncivilized. Now older, you hopefully by now learned all Saturn had to teach you - much more sophisticated things than the example I just gave you - and if you get all Saturn's teachings the first time around, you will have Saturn's teachings down pat. The second, and if you live long enough, Saturn's third visit, become increasingly easier.

Uranus works differently. Uranus strikes suddenly and without warning. Uranus rules youth, curiosity, creativity, experimentation, rebellion, and idiosyncratic behavior. Who has not seen Uranus in action when a small toddler first enters your living room? Even the best little baby will create Uranus' chaos, for that's the baby's job - to explore the world quickly and to respond to whatever catches his eye at that nanosecond. In youth, we love Uranus! The baby says "No!" and the teenagers rebel. As we get older, we like Saturn's order and structure best, but like Uranus' chaos far less.

The point to realize is that when a slow moving planet like Uranus tests your adaptability, resourcefulness, flexibility, and other qualities, you won't feel that planet the whole time it tours a sign, but only when in hard angle to your sign. Uranus will remain in Aries, not the best place for you, until March 2019, having started in March 2011. In the coming months of 2013, Uranus will test those who were born October 2 to 6. If your birthday falls in this week, you already sense this - I am not telling you something you didn't know, but rather, I am saying, you are not imagining the stress, it is there. Let's say you were born October 7. You will feel Uranus directly from April 2014 to February 2015, a little less than one year. As said, we only get this aspect once in life, as the orbit of Uranus is 84 years. Once Uranus leaves, you are done, never to have to go through this trail ever again. All the Libras with September birthdays are done with their direct tests from Uranus!

Here is what I have learned through years of meditating about why the universe brings us this kind of stress occasionally. When the universe keeps twisting your arm, at first you try to ignore the discomfort. Later, you may get angry or sad that this is happening to you, but you begin to see that being upset doesn't do anything to help the problem. As the pain of Uranus twisting your arm becomes more intense, you find you can't ignore it any more - your first instinct is to remedy things by employing methods that have worked for you in the past. I suppose that's worth trying, but when these big outer planets like Saturn, Uranus, or Pluto act up, using what worked once before doesn't work in the future. The wind has changed direction, and all the elements to your dilemma are new, so old fixes won't solve the problem.

The answer to the question, "When will things let up?" is when you change your approach. Any of these planets will keep twisting your arm, until you cry "Uncle!" At first you won't have a clue of what to do, and you may almost panic. Later, if you pray and meditate, as I have when faced with what seem to be insurmountable challenges, ideas will begin to come to you, and of those, one may be a workable answer after you make a few tweaks. Once you start on the road of change, others will come to you to help you, but not until you take the first baby steps in a new direction.

I have seen this happen over and over - people around you WILL help you but not until you show strength of character and spirit of determination to at least try to experiment with a solution. The funny thing is, even if you pin your hopes on one solution, and it doesn't work, by wrestling with the difficulty, more and more solutions begin to appear to you. In photography we had a saying. "If you send a photographer to Paris for a day, he will come back with all the tried - and trite - photographs of the Eiffel Tower, men wearing berets, and people sitting in cafes. But keep him there a month and he will come back with photographs of stunning and poetic beauty, showing the hidden side of Paris, the creativity, warmth, and very soul of the people there."

In the end, the outside world does not hold the answer to your question, for it lies within you. You create much of your reality, working within the parameters of your talents and the conditions around you. You will need time to muse about this concept, but once you begin thinking, the answers will appear the way photographs in an old darkroom would appear in the tray of developer. You have so much inside you! I know, it seems so hard when absolutely nothing seems to be working. Everyone who lives to be 84 gets this aspect. You are getting done with it now. Uranus is on a mission to show you that you are a lot more innovative, creative, and experimental than you ever supposed.

Here is one more idea: See your life as a movie script where you are the director, and also the writer and actor. You are the main character - what will that character do next? Think about alternative plots and see which one you like the best. If the problem you face is large and complicated, break it down into small, workable pieces. I will never ask you to try things I have not. I have faced some horrific problems in life, and by mastering each, you feel stronger. Have you ever talked with your Grandma and told her your list of horrible things that were happening in your life? She looked at you with sympathetic eyes, and then she laughed a little laugh, saying she faced that in 1946 (or whatever year she said). She laughed because she conquered that problem, and she remembers that time well. You will laugh some day too, even though right now, it's so very hard to imagine that day.

Let's now turn to May, and what you have coming up, because it is actually quite special, and I feel you may encounter a needed breakthrough.

We are now in eclipse season, with a remarkable three eclipses due within the space of four weeks. The main theme of the month - and of the eclipses - will be, for Libra, money. This may be good news, for after Saturn left Libra, Saturn went into Scorpio, and over the past months began to tighten your cash flow noticeably. Now, you will see a more fluid situation, and an opportunity to improve your income may arrive, possibly out of the blue.

The first lunar eclipse, a full moon, April 25, brought mixed results and brought a financial matter to culmination. You may have had to send a large check to cover a bill, or you may have sold something big, like a car or a house, and will, in time, see that money come to you. The second house, where that eclipse fell, also rules possessions, so you may have purchased something very expensive.

That eclipse came conjunct Saturn, so your decisions had a great deal of weight, and would have long-term results. You seem to have been aware of this reality at the time, last month. The eclipse was in good angle to Neptune, so that eclipse may have inspired you in some way - Neptune may have given you ideas or visions of how your future could be. Social scientists say that the more real your dreams are - complete with tiny details in the movie in your mind (like what you are wearing, and what your desk looks like, right down to the vase of flowers), the more likely that dream will materialize.

If you say the eclipse was very tough, it was because Saturn had such a big role to play, and Saturn can be stern. Saturn demands we deal with what "is" rather than what we wish things to be. Lunar eclipses are full moons and they are usually laden with memories and at times sentimental feelings. Full moons bring things to an end. Life is filled with endings and fresh starts. We need to conclude ongoing conditions so that we can move forward. The job of an eclipse is to work against the status quo so you can see progress and productivity. They also help you to get to a better place. Some Libras reported that overall, news was upbeat at the April 25 eclipse, so it could have worked either way. Think back to how that eclipse worked out for you.

Eclipses test the strength of things - if the eclipse could find no weak links, you would have sailed through that period with no event. The eclipse is not interested in "blame" - for example, the Boston bombings hurt some bystanders who came to the race in a very tragic way, and it was not the fault of the victims, yet they suffered. Our government is now finding ways to sew up loopholes in the system to better track criminals who want to hurt others. In that sense, the somber April 25 eclipse showed up weaknesses.

May will bring two more eclipses, and the news they bring will be easier on your heart and mind. The first day to watch is May 9/May 10 (depending on your time zone) when the solar eclipse in Taurus 20 degrees will appear in your eighth house of other people's money. You may be petitioning a large chunk of money, say from a venture capitalist or bank, or you may be sending an application for a payout from an insurance company. You may now apply for university financial aid or be dealing with an inheritance. If you are in the process of a divorce, you may now begin talks in earnest about the division of property. This eclipse of May 9 or 10 (most will feel it on May 10) will come close to Mars, energizing you to focus on the financials you need to attend to now.

Watch May 17, when Mars will go over the precise degree of the eclipse 20 degrees Taurus, for it might be a day that brings a breakthrough.

Pluto will be friendly too, allowing you to work with legal or governmental issues quite well, and giving you luck with real estate matters. Real estate is coming up as a big theme, so if you are working on financials having to do with a house, you will be in good shape.

Your eighth house, packed with energy from Mercury, Mars, the Sun, and new moon eclipse, rules in addition to the area of other people's money, also surgery, both dental and medical. Say, if you had planned to have an operation eventually, you may find a reason (or feel it is time) to schedule your procedure now. This is the house of transformation where the surgeon removes what is no longer needed in you to help you feel better. You may wonder why money and surgery is in the same house - both deal with energy.

The third eclipse, a full moon lunar eclipse, May 25 in Sagittarius 4 degrees, may send you on a short trip. Considering all the important, weighty matters you've had to attend to with the first two eclipses, you would welcome a change of scene. See if you can go away. This eclipse falls over the Memorial Day weekend in the US, so perhaps you considered going on a trip - do!

You may also get papers to sign near May 25, and if so, you may want to take your time to look them over with your lawyer to be sure all is shipshape. It's generally a good idea to allow for a little distance from any eclipse, but having said that, I find that the biggest life events always coincide with eclipses. Even a few days space will give you the peace of mind to think about what you may want tweaked. I caution you not to sign instantly because Neptune will be in hard angle to that eclipse, so you may find that certain facts don't add up or were withheld from you. Ask hard questions and demand backup.

Also at this eclipse, you may hear news about your sister or brother, as siblings will have big news to share. Check in - you may hear something interesting.

If you were born on September 27, plus or minus five days, you will find ways to benefit from what happens at this time.

By next month you may travel overseas, or at least a far distance, for you have both Jupiter (happiness, good fortune, expansive opportunity) and Venus (pure fun) in this your ninth house of distant travels, currently a very lucky area for you. This same house rules all matters relating to academia, publishing, broadcasting, and international travel or the global trade of goods, services, or information. Matters of citizenship also come under this area of your chart, such as those related to getting a visa, green card, or passport, so if you are waiting for news, you may get it now.

Any of these areas may jump to the top of your list in June, for more planets, including action hero Mars, are moving to this house, and all will be compatible with your sign. There is another reason that I feel this eclipse will bring good new for you, so keep all these areas in mind as you read what I have to say next.

On Monday, May 27, Mercury will conjoin Jupiter in air sign Gemini, a fantastic aspect for you that happens but once a year (and only every twelve years in Gemini). This relates to what I was just talking about as your lucky area next month - this aspect will kick off VERY good news! This date falls over Memorial Day in the US, so you may be taking a vacation over this weekend, and you have the choice to go near or far. If you were wondering if you should take a trip over Memorial Day or Independence Day (July 4) the answer is simple - Memorial Day weekend May 24-27 is the far better weekend for you. Most readers of Astrology Zone don't live in the US (only 38 to 44 percent live in the US, depending on the day you check the stats) so if you live on other shores, you might think about taking the day off to make a long, happy weekend.

On the very next day, Tuesday, May 28, you will have one of the best days of the year! Venus, your ruler, will meet with Jupiter in Gemini and bring you such happiness! This could relate to all the areas mentioned in regard to May 27, as it will be the same ninth house that will be activated, but this day seems to have other areas of luck associated with it, including good financial news and news related to love. You may want to schedule a shopping trip to buy new things for the coming season or a spa treatment after work - on this day, treat yourself with a small splurge. You will be thrilled with the way things go.

You will be deeply wrapped up in financial talks in early-to-mid May. You won't be centered on your own salary so much as focused on money that you share with or receive from an entity, such as a bank or credit card company. You may negotiate with your soon-to-be-ex about the division of property in a divorce or you may be immersed in talks (or strategy) concerning someone you have taken to court.

In other manifestations of the energy of many planets in your eighth house of other people's money, you may pitch venture capitalists for an infusion of cash for your business, do battle with your insurance company about a payout you feel you're due, or fill out papers for a grant or university financial aid. You may successfully sell a house or buy one, or oversee details of an estate or inheritance. With many planets accompanying the new moon solar eclipse, May 9/10, you will have a superb opportunity to settle things in the coming weeks. This new moon will come conjunct Mars, so you can expect a quick pace, with none of the delays you may have experienced earlier this year.

In a month that has everything, a lunar eclipse is coming to Sagittarius, May 25, a full moon that will illuminate your third house of communication. You may finish and possibly sell a screenplay, see your book published, or debut your new blog. You may be invited to be a guest on TV to be interviewed about your recently published book. It's very possible your written or spoken word will be translated into other languages too now, as you will be under a friendly international influence at eclipse time.

The third house, where all the emphasis will be, may bring a contract for you to sign near May 25. If so, Neptune will be in hard angle to the eclipse. Beg for more time so that you can confer with your lawyer. Neptune may cloud the terms, or cause the contract to have key clauses missing, simply because no one thought of certain eventualities that could hurt you later if not addressed. Saturn will be friendly to Neptune, indicating that if you take your time, you can work out any hidden, missing, or confusing details. It is also possible that someone hopes you won't notice some of the facts don't add up or that some data is missing. If this seems to fit your situation, demand backup.

Neptune is the planet of creativity, so if you are discussing a creative project, find out how any conflict will be resolved - will you have final say, for example, or if it will be a group effort, ascertain that your voice will be respected and heard, without being dismissed. Finally, your third house also rules your sibling, so you may hear big news - keep your ears open in the five days before and after May 25.

Dates to Note for Libra

Most Romantic Dates: May 10-12, 15-17, 25, and 28 (five stars)

A great deal of emphasis on financial negotiation will mark this month, due to a crown of stars shimmering in your eighth house of other people's money.

You may be working in getting a mortgage, sorting out an estate or inheritance, applying for a bank loan or financial aid from college, or conflicting with an insurance company over the proposed payout. You may be initiating a court case, or negotiating with your partner over the division of property in a divorce.

Circle May 17 in gold for it marks the day that Mars will move over the 20 degrees of Taurus, likely to unlock the message of the eclipse.

Venus, your ruler, will receive beams from Uranus on May 18, a day with the potential for lots of romance and fun.

Your sister or brother may play a starring role in your life at the lunar eclipse of May 25. Alternatively, you may be given papers to sign, but if so, make sure you have all the facts, as Neptune may cloud things.

A quick, unexpected trip may come up over the weekend of May 25-26. It's a good time to go. In the United States, Monday, May 27, will be Memorial Day, making this a three-day holiday. If you can go, do.

You may travel on the lunar eclipse, May 25, or hear from a university. Legal matters will be more easily solved, but Neptune's prominence at this time can make it confusing - check with a lawyer and take time to think things over.

Venus will meet with Jupiter on May 28, a five-star day for you on so many levels - choose something important to do. Have an interview, schedule a first date, travel, make a presentation, or have a romantic evening planned.

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