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5月 Horoscope for Pisces

Last month, in early April, you spent a lot of time and attention on financial matters, but for a Pisces, to be wound up in calculator tape can make you want to scream, "Let me out of here!" It's not that you aren't good with money - you are. In fact, studies at Forbes magazine say that Pisces and Virgos tend to produce more wealthy billionaires than of any of the signs. This is ironic, because these two signs are the least materialistic, but rather highly spiritual. Being a Pisces, a life focused solely on money would drive you to distraction and ultimately leave you feeling empty. You enjoy focusing on perfecting your many creative projects or working on humanitarian projects. Your first focus is always on the excellence of the product or service, for you know if you put your attention there, the money will follow on its own. It does, too.

This month, you will turn your attention to written work or another area of the communication arts. This trend started late last month with the April 25 eclipse in Scorpio, the first of three eclipses that we are to have by the time we get to the end of May. Having three eclipses arriving every two weeks is unusual. Eclipses are very important to watch, for they often bring up the most dramatic news of the year. The job of an eclipse is to promote productivity and progress, and to illuminate truth. Eclipses work like heat-seeking missiles, honing in instantly on weak links in a relationship or situation and either depositing the evidence it finds at your doorstep or sweeping out that situation in the blink of an eye.

Last month's eclipse on April 25 eclipses was serious or somber, as it came attached to Saturn. It was definitely the hardest one of the three eclipses, and happily, I can report that the next two are quite favorable. Last month you may have lost a client or some sort of written assignment. Or a certain project for an overseas client might have demanded a great deal of time, attention and effort, but the result may have been stellar.

If you were asked to sign a contract last month, you may not have been able to come to terms, and so if you tabled talks to this month, when the aspects were (and are) much better, yoe in on your talents are on the way, and if you lost anything last month (not saying you did), the universe was making space in your basket to provide room to add those new relationships and elements to your life. If your life has no room for the new, how can Jupiter help you to the greatest extent?

Dear Pisces, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is currently zooming through space to reach the constellation of Cancer, one of the very best places for Jupiter to be for you, for in that position, Jupiter will be in heavenly "trine" to your Sun. Jupiter is due to arrive next month on June 25. This planet of good fortune will reside in your house of love, romance, children, and creativity (yes, CREATIVITY, the area that is always so important to you), and is set to stay for a full year. Have faith that things are about to get so very special for you!

Although the April 25 eclipse was somber and serious, many Pisces also reported exciting news because that same eclipse was so beautifully angled to Neptune, your ruler and planet of creativity. With so many aspects centered on publishing and broadcasting, you may have sold a book or screenplay. You may have had a chance to travel, or you may have done an important assignment at home that you wired to foreign companies overseas.

If you were born on February 23, plus or minus five days, or have a natal planet at 4 degrees (within five degrees) of Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer, Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you must have heard news, and I bet it made you happy!

If you would like to read what I wrote for you for April last month about that April 25 eclipse, you can scroll down here to the place below my Dates to Note, and look for the link to last month's forecast. The previous month's forecast is always there for you to read.

Now we turn to the big news, the solar eclipse of May 9/May 10 in Taurus, 20 degrees. Accompanying that eclipse you have Mars (energy and action) very close to the eclipse, Mercury (news, communication), and the Sun (strength, ego, authority). Your skills in all phases of communication will be in demand, so you may begin an important major writing project, give an important speech, appear on a panel as a judge, or make an important personal appearance. You may direct a film, or if you are an actor, learn your lines for a new movie. In the latter case, perhaps your new role involves learning a language or dialect - in that case you will likely work with a coach to help you.

The third house, which will be packed with planets, also rules social media, very helpful to you this month. If you are on Facebook but have never tried Twitter, or if you would like to update your file on LinkedIn, this would be the month to be playful and give social media another look. This month there will be so much to be gained by communicating to the world.

Mars will orbit close to that new moon eclipse May 9/May 10, so this is evidence of just how busy you will be, and how determined you will be to do a good job on your project. Pluto will be very friendly to the planets in your communication house too, so that suggests that an influential friend may help trigger some of the benefits you see, and especially in regard to publishing and writing. Writing comes in many forms - you may be writing music or writing code, as two examples, so chances are, you can find a way to make this outstanding month work for you.

You will feel the gifts of the new moon solar eclipse much more strongly quickly after May 9 or 10 arrives, although you will get hints of how hard those planets will be working for you beforehand.

With such emphasis on Taurus, a sign associated with sensual beauty, you may be working with breathtakingly beautiful artwork, music, film, or photography, or in the beauty area, with perfume, cosmetics, scented lotions, skin care, music, gourmet foods, or fine wines. Some Pisces who are in the financial world may be writing up white papers that have to do with real estate, the stock market, insurance, precious metals, and so forth, as these too are ruled by Taurus, as a sign closely linked to land, possessions, and money.

If you have a birthday that falls on March 10, plus or minus five days, this eclipse will address you directly in a big way. If you were born prior to March 10, you will see a big development on something you already set in motion. If you were born after March 10, something very new will come up in the communication / travel / contractual area.

You may be asked to sign a contract this month, and actually, it would be a good time to do so. Starting next month, from June 26 to July 20, Mercury will be retrograde. It would be best to sign paperwork now, perhaps on May 10, or even better, on Monday, May 27, when Mercury, planet of all legal agreements, conjoins Jupiter.

If you have a planet in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, at 20 degrees (or within five degrees), you too will benefit. Next in line will be if you have planets in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio with the same tolerances, and again, this eclipse will work in your favor.

That day, May 27, will be Memorial Day holiday in the US, so you may need to bring the paperwork with you on your trip, sign it then, and mail it the minute you get back May 28. Travel is indicated over that weekend, and if you were wondering whether you should go away over Memorial Day, the answer is yes!

Tuesday, May 28, will be special too, as Venus will meet with Jupiter for the only time in 2013. Venus is the natural ruler of your third house of contracts, so this would also be a good time to sign papers. Additionally, Venus also rules your house of other people's money, so if you applied for a loan, mortgage, venture capital infusion, university financial aid, or need other funding, this day should give you good news. You may also hear news about an inheritance and find the amount you receive is very generous.

By the time the Sun moves into Gemini on May 20, it will join Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter already there. All these planets will await the entrance of the new moon, June 8, to get things going. Your home, other real estate, or a family member, most likely a parent, will become a growing focus of attention and will be in full swing next month.

In the meantime, the two dates I just mentioned above, May 27 and May 28, will become very important to you for advancing home-related goals, too. You may sign a lease on May 27 when Mercury and Jupiter link in your home sector, or on May 28, buy furniture that you'll be so excited to own. If you need a mortgage, fill out the application early in the month so that by month's end, on May 28, you can have your mortgage in hand. Your chances are excellent. Those two days are truly golden, and very rare.

Now let's turn to your glowing career and a possibly big development that may occur as a result of the lunar eclipse - a full moon - in Sagittarius 4 degrees, in your solar tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame. There is no doubt that the news you hear will elevate your status, dear Pisces, and when news strikes, it will come suddenly, from an unexpected source.

The biggest surprise of all is that you will receive generous compensation, possibly in terms of a salary or retainer, as it appears the money you see will become a steady source. I say this because Uranus, so beautifully angled to this eclipse, is IN your house of earned income. You may have seen a large sum leave your bank account lately (especially sometime between mid-March and April), but now you can turn the tables and find ways to replace that cash in your savings account.

Neptune will be in hard angle to the eclipse, so if you were born in February (as Neptune is in early 5 degrees of Pisces), make sure you clearly understand any offer given to you. With Neptune so angled, the chances of misreading the situation will be high. It would be wise to consult a lawyer for any big deal you need to sign, just as a precaution. Legal advice is like health insurance - you need it!

I am very excited for you, for you may become a household name as a result of this eclipse of May 25. A lunar eclipse automatically brings the moon into the conversation, and the moon is your natural ruler of your solar fifth house of creativity. You may get the perfect outlet for your artistic talents, dear Pisces, and THAT would make you very happy indeed!

Your skill in writing, speaking, designing, editing, proofing, coding, film directing, and other communication arts will turn out to be a major force in your life in May. A grand conglomeration of planets will fill your solar third house and bring you exciting opportunity to have your voice, point of view, sense of style, or other of your talents heard.

To keep your spirits and motivation high, you will have many opportunities to travel too during the first three weeks of May. If you do choose to get on the road, the reasons you choose to pack and go may be varied - to do business, see family, or to have a romantic weekend for two, or all three. Getting away will do you a world of good, and your stars suggest the place you choose to go need not be far. Your work on the communication project I see for you and your travels may bring reason for celebration May 28.

With your home gaining as a hub of attention at months' end and even more so in June, it would be good for you to get away if you can. You are about to get some wonderful home-related news or family support on or near May 27, when Mercury has an annual meeting of Jupiter. What you hear may have bearing on a pending financial matter, a house, or an inheritance from a family member, because the next day, May 28, Venus, a planet associated with money, will also meet with Jupiter.

Your sister or brother may be the source of much news too in early-to-mid May, for the third house, so bright in May, also rules siblings, and you may gain from the efforts of a sibling. On the very first day of the month, May 1, you may an experience disagreement with your sibling about a certain matter, as Mars will be in direct opposition to Saturn. Your sister / brother may favor a course of action that is quite opposite yours. One of you will be cautious, the other favoring an assertive role, so the only way out will be a discussion about all available options and risks in terms of consequences / rewards. Saturn, ruling the conservative approach, will likely win out, as Saturn is slower moving than Mars, but this is not definite - argue your case if you are passionate and want to take an aggressive stance.

Your career is about to get a major boost at the lunar eclipse, a full moon, May 25, plus or minus four days. This will be a very exciting moment, when talks come to culmination and the world hears about your fine work. The salary or fees to you will receive from this development should be surprisingly generous. It is very possible that a creative idea of yours is at the core of your rising status, something that will make you very proud indeed.

Dates to Note for Pisces

Most Romantic Dates: May 3, 4, 9, 10, 18, 22, 23, 27, 28, 30, and 31.

Your ability to communicate clearly, with effectiveness and style, in any median, will make your month. The solar eclipse could bring opportunity that proves very exciting, no matter where your talents lie in communication arts.

On Friday, May 17, Mars will reach the exact degree of the eclipse, triggering lots of news from the communications-oriented solar eclipse, if you had not heard earlier.

Pay close attention to what happens on May 18 when you may hear a breakthrough about a home related matter, thanks to Venus and Uranus in sync. If you are involved in a redesign of your home, or a real estate buy or sale, this day could prove pivotal.

Another shimmering day for home matters will be May 27, when your home-related project will bring wonderful news, thanks to Mercury conjunct Jupiter, a rare aspect that happens but once a year.

If you can take a short trip on May 27, that would be ideal. Memorial Day falls on May 27 in the US, making May 25-27 a popular time to be away. In terms of US long weekend holidays, this one should be your best bet.

Money may come to you on May 28, due to Venus, ruler of your eighth house of other people's money, and Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. Communications-oriented projects shine, as do home-related goals on this day.

Watch for good news about your home or other property, or from family, when Mercury and Jupiter link on May 27. It's a five-star day. This aspect won't happen again for a full year, but when it does come back, these two planets will meet in a different part of your chart. It will be twelve years until they meet again to grace your home sector. Home matters shine - so do buying / selling and travel.

Your home sector is certainly about to grow in importance by next month. You will see a great deal of action after the new moon, June 8.

Your career will reach amazing news at the full moon lunar eclipse, May 25, and many will be aware of your accomplishments. This will be a major, celebratory moment in your time line for professional matters; allow a plus or minus five days. Be sure you know all the terms of the offer - Neptune might bring confusion to the deal points you are basing your decision upon. Neptune would be favorable if the offer involves TV, photography, film, poetry, dance, painting, or any of the other arts.

May 27-28h will sparkle brightly for love - be sure to make plans - as Venus and good luck Jupiter will meet in your house of true love.

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