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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Scorpio Horoscope for June 2013

By Susan Miller

Some signs are a little uncomfortable with dealing with complex, big money deals, but not you, dear Scorpio. You are known for being skilled at making money multiply while you sleep, and others wish they had your talent for these types of things. This all is fortunate, for you have a big money month coming up, so you can use the full extent of those financial talents, and prove to one and all, when it comes to negotiation, you do know exactly what you are doing. It looks like you will leave the month a good deal richer than when you entered it.

The part of your chart that will be brilliantly lit will be your solar eighth house of other people's money, associated with money needed to fund a big dream. Often the individual could not have all the money needed in savings to cover the large outlay you would need for a dream as big as you seem to have in mind. You may want to buy or renovate a house, go for your law degree, or start your own business. Eighth house money is often money associated with a bonus, large commission, mortgage, venture capital, legal settlement insurance payout, credit, and bank loan such as for a home improvement or car loan or as a line of credit, as some examples.

If you are "shopping" for money, or expect come into money (like a trust fund when you turn 21) this would be the month it would likely happen. You may receive an inheritance that has been tied up in the courts, or receive a sum you applied for, such as for a sizeable tax refund, mortgage, student loan, or infusion of venture capital. Indeed June would be the month where everything financial comes together for you. If anyone owes you money, chances are, you will see that money now, whether you force that payment through the courts, or because the person has the money to pay you and calls you to give it to you.

This trend will be set in motion at the new moon, June 8, and in the ten days to follow. Be ready with a business plan or other documents to present just a few days after that new moon. In your solar eighth house this month will be the Sun, new moon, energetic, determined Mars (your ruler, giving Mars greater weight), and Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune. The fact that Mars is involved, your ruler, tells me that you may be spending a lot of money this month, but that does not worry me - sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

I don't want you to sign papers on the new moon June 8 or make any big applications that day because Mercury in Cancer and Uranus in Aries will be having quite a row off stage on June 8, and that's terrible for seeding new, important ventures. You need a sturdy, happy Mercury, not one involved in a food fight with Uranus when you take your first steps. Sign nothing and buy nothing on June 8.

This month, it's clear you are on a mission to develop a pipeline of money, and you know what you are doing. The better you have handled money in the past, the greater this new moon will help you now. All aspects are that way - past actions that you have already made will always provide the platform for your future. You can always improve on what you have already done, too, as everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and we become wiser for having made them.

Uranus may be arguing with Mercury but he will be outstandingly helpful to this gracious new moon, something to bear in mind. Gemini energy is very fast energy as it is, and so hold on to your hat, because Uranus brings lightning bolt surprise energy, so when things happen they will jolt you out of your chair, in a good way.

It will be imperative that you are ready to act if you do need to find money, for this will be the only new moon of the year to fall in this part of your chart. New moons can move mountains, for they open new paths. As my Little Mom would say (who taught me astrology while I was a teenager and in college), you can have the best planets, such as you've had with Jupiter in your financial house while it toured Gemini since June 2012, but without the proper new moon, it's like seeing a gleaming pot of gold through your binoculars from the other side of a cliff, and being separated from it by a very deep and treacherous ravine, with no clear way to get across. A new moon provides access in a way no other heavenly body can do. When that bridge appears this month, you must be ready to walk over it.

There is a stellar day I'd like you to note with five gold stars. It's the luckiest day of the year, coming Wednesday, June 19. I feel on this day you may be given a check that will make a dream dear to you possible. On this day, the mighty Sun will meet with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in an annual event. Each year when Jupiter and the Sun call one another to set up their dinner meeting, they choose a different time and place to meet - that is, a different house of your horoscope and a different sign. This year, Jupiter and the Sun will meet in Gemini at 28 degrees, in your solar house of other people's money, the same house you and I have been discussing so far.

Stay with me a moment because having watched these "luckiest day of the year" closely over the years, I have seen firsthand how important it is to catch the energy as the two luminaries, the Sun and Jupiter, are walking toward each other, coming together. Avoid doing so after the aspect has peaked and they are starting to part. The Sun and Jupiter will meet on June 19 at noon EDT in New York City. In Los Angeles, it will be at 9:00 AM PDT, so if you plan to have an important contract signing and you live on the West Coast, you would have to schedule to have an earlier, breakfast meeting at say, 7:30 AM to allow a bit of time before you get to 9:00 AM!

If you live in Asia or Australia, you may have one extra day before you get to the luckiest day of the year. I suggest you search online and go to the world clock and find out what time June 19 at noon in New York EDT translates to your city. Note that time - you can't go over that time. It is very possible that you will discover that the luckiest day of the year be June 20 in Asia and Australia, as often the dates I give for readers in the US translate into an extra day for readers based much farther away on the international dateline.

No matter where you happen to live, I have an idea for you. I would also like you to consider using the two days leading to Wednesday, June 19, namely, Monday, June 17, and Tuesday, June 18, two days that will bring brilliantly lucky days to you and give you a little extra time to have the Sun and Jupiter build their energies.

On these luckiest days of the year, propose a big idea, pitch a client, or ask for money, such as bank for a mortgage or refinancing plan, or venture capitalists for money to start your business. You get the idea. It will be time to paint your ideas boldly, in color, on a very big canvas.

I am betting that June 17, 18, or 19 will also bring positively SENSATIONAL news about your career - the kind of news that has you dancing on the tables! I say that because the Sun is the natural ruler of your solar tenth house of career, and with Jupiter's proclivity to expand everything it touches, you may be very excited about developments, dear Scorpio!

What if you are not looking for any money? Are you left out? Money may find its way to you anyway, which is a nice thought. There is another way things may manifest. You may have surgery, for the eighth house, so lit up, rules transformations through surgery, where your doctor (or dentist) removes the part of you that is hurting you, or fixes something in you, so that you can be well again. Mars is in Gemini, so if you don't absolutely have to have your hand, wrist, shoulder, elbow, or clavicle bones operated on, you may want to wait until the end of July. (Astrologers usually shy away from operations when Mars is touring the part of the body that the sign - Gemini in this case - rules.) If you broke your bone, go ahead, have the surgery. One of the things we soon learn in life is that we can't always have things perfect. Life happens and we go with the flow.

You will have to be very decisive this month, for Mercury is about to go retrograde on June 26 through July 20. It would not be wise for you to announce any major decisions during this phase, nor to sign papers or make big purchases then either. When Mercury retrogrades, it rests, so we often experience lapses of judgment. We become forgetful, make errors on applications and generally find that life goes a bit haywire. You must not buy new electronics or appliances with Mercury retrograde, nor any new car or furniture - big-ticket items are a no-no. Mercury rules commerce - the buying and selling of things, as well as the moving parts in all machines. If one of your gadgets has a gear that is wearing down, you'll know it, and off you will go to the repair shop.

You may find one way to do very well with Mercury retrograde, and that is if you go back to a situation you had been involved in previously but that did not go as you had hoped. For example, let's say you bid on a house that you very much wanted to buy weeks ago, but the buyer did not accept your bid. Now, with Mercury retrograde, much to your surprise, you may be invited to come back and bid one more time, just when you assumed your dream house was lost forever. Things like that happen when Mercury is retrograde - you get a second chance.

It appears a contract will be ready for your signature at the full moon June 23, but try to push it up to an earlier date. As mentioned, you have such fortune days coming June 17, 18, and 19! It often is not possible to move things up, but even a few days, such as to June 20 or 21, would be better than going into the following week. Mercury will retrograde June 26, too close to that full moon to make me feel comfortable.

There is more good news! Jupiter is about to move into the wildly compatible sign to yours, Cancer, on June 25 to stay until next year, July 16, 2014! This is the first time in twelve years that Jupiter has visited Cancer, so the benefits to this trend will feel new and exciting.

Moreover, Jupiter is exalted in Cancer and that means Jupiter can now express his gifts of good fortune in an exceptionally beneficial, broad way to promote growth and expansion. Jupiter in a cardinal sign allows him a big and wide canvas, pointing goodness north, south, east, and west as far as the eye can see. In fertile Cancer, you can give birth to new ideas, ventures, creative expressions, and important new relationships - including the possibility for one very romantic one that takes sturdy root in your life - and yes, to the idea of giving birth to a baby, too.

October-born Scorpios will be the very first to feel the good news, but every Scorpio, of every birthday, will have their turn at this wonderful energy. Jupiter will not retrograde until November 7, so you have an open road ahead, dear Scorpio! (This is exactly the same forecast for you if you have Scorpio rising. You would only know your rising sign if you have had your chart done with your day, month, year, city, and time of birth. The rising sign is the same as the ascendant.)

Once in Cancer, you will expand your influence overseas, and your thinking will turn from "think local" to "think global." If you have ever wanted to work, live, or study abroad, this would be your time to do it, in the coming nearly thirteen months. Matters related to immigration, passport, citizenship, green card, and visa would become easier to navigate. If you've wanted to sell your goods or services overseas, your wish can now come true - start focusing on that goal. Anything having to do with study or travel will go very well from now on, so if you hope to get a grant or do special research overseas, the world will be your oyster.

Because the ninth house, so lit up for you as of June 25 and in the coming months, will be where all your personal growth will take place, and this house has to do with the taking in of ideas and concepts, as well as giving it out, such as a professor or reporter would do, you will also do well in the publishing and broadcasting fields. Intellectual debate takes place in this house too, so you may be asked to be on a panel in your industry, or write and publish an important book on your viewpoint that gets a lot of attention.

Lawyers love to debate - that is how the courts locate the right answer, so if you have a law case coming up, you should be happy with the verdict. (I cannot see all in your chart, so barring any quirky, difficult aspects you may have in your natal chart that I cannot see, you will have Jupiter just where you want him to be in coming months to get a fair resolution.) You may need a lawyer for a happy reason - to file trademarks, patents, and domain names in foreign countries and so forth, so there are many possible applications here. Your mind - and your backyard - is expanding, dear Scorpio.

Sometimes we assume we aren't benefiting from a trend, when we are, very clearly! Here's a case in point: When Elle (US) called me to write a column for this wonderful magazine, I had your aspect several years ago. Of course, I said yes, immediately. Later I was thinking, "Hmmm, Jupiter brought me the gift of publishing this year, but I don't see the connection with foreign people and places yet." At the time, Elle was still published by the French publishing company Hachette Filipacchi (now Hearst, American based). I was dealing with American editors in New York where I live, and I did not immediately make the mental connection to overseas, until the light bulb went off in my head. Yes, indeed, Hachette was being very good to me to give me this opportunity! (I have a two-page spread each month, and have for several years.) Even though the company changed ownership, because I STARTED the relationship with Jupiter in the ninth house, the relationship continues to bring joy.

Also, when I was working with my Los Angeles publicist, Dawna, it was years before I found put she was born and bred in Canada, and had come to the US to live permanently when she was 18. She, too, has been very lucky for me. I tell you this so that you will see the golden threads that exist in your life, and how you can follow them to the source. Someone based just down the street from you may have been born in a faraway country - and chosen by Jupiter to make you very happy.

Venus will move into Leo on June 27 until July 22, giving you the edge with VIPs who will be charmed by your performances on the job and in big-time interviews.

You may feel that after a month of negotiation and financial calculation, you need to get away and the full moon June 23 seems just made for a trip for you - it will also bring those month-long negotiations to a close. This is a very friendly full moon, for Saturn is standing by to lend stability, Pluto will be within touching distance to make you feel powerful and so very satisfied that you got things in your contract "just so," and Neptune will sprinkle this full moon with inspiration and vision. Wow, you can't ask for more!

Scorpios born October 25, plus or minus five days, will especially love this full moon. If you have a natal planet in your chart at 2 degrees Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces, you will benefit, too. Watch to see what happens!

Before Venus goes into Leo on June 27 and lights up the buzz about how much your popularity has risen in recent weeks, it will remain in Cancer June 2 to 26, a wonderful place to buy new clothes and see about improving your appearance, perhaps with a new haircut. Women will enjoy choosing new makeup and both sexes will enjoy trying out new scents. It's time to spend a little money on yourself, dear Scorpio. Just remember to do so far in advance of Mercury going retrograde June 26 to July 20. Love should go really well, and taking even a little trip by water should help nudge Cupid to help you find that special someone.

You have sparkling outlook, so distance yourself from the naysayers, dear Scorpio - soon there'll be no stopping you!


This month will, in many ways, fulfill the promise of Jupiter in 2013 by bringing you a bounty of money if you apply for it. The eighth house of "other people's money" is the house of large funding often needed to fulfill a dream, such as to buy a house, go to graduate school, or start a business. In June, the pieces of your grand desire may fit into place. Apply for funding just after the new moon, June 8, say on June 10 or 11.

This same house rules inheritance, bonus, commissions, current and back child support and other court settlements, lines of credit, and funding from venture capitalists. This suggests one way or another you seem to be the fortunate recipient of money.

The eighth house, so lit up for you, is one of transformation and endings to some degree, and that is the reason this house also rules surgery. The surgeon removes the part that is not needed or that needs restructuring, the reason revitalization and transformation of your body takes place. You have the Sun and Jupiter in this house - both are associated with vitality and health - so you may have a procedure scheduled for this month. Generally your best days for health actions and discussions will be June 17, 18, and 19, but of course, follow the advice of your trusted physician.

Romantically, you are golden, for Venus will be in compatible Cancer from June 2 to 27, and you would double your fun if you travel. Over the full moon weekend, June 23-24, an opportunity for a trip of any length may come up, too. Pluto will conjunct the moon, and Pluto's your ruler, so you'll be feeling your oats, happy as can be.

If you can go away that last week of the month, do so, for a golden triangle will appear in the heaven, linking Saturn in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces, and Venus and Mercury in Cancer. This is a rare collaboration of water signs, so if you go to a location near water, these planets will make your trip a romantic dream, dear Scorpio. Jupiter will be near them in an out-of-sign conjunction to the Sun too, indicating that you may get a bargain price, or alternatively, craft a generous financial deal on this trip. Get used to leaving home, dear Scorpio - when Jupiter enters Cancer on June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014, you'll have a year of fantastic support, in love, money, and health - and yes, you will travel much more, too.

Dates to Note: Scorpio

Most Romantic Dates: June 1, 10, 11, 15, 19, 20, 27, and 28.

Mercury will be retrograde June 26 to July 20.

You may have a very high spending month, due to Mars' tour of your eighth house of other people's money. This will continue only until mid-July. You may be purchasing something large that you've saved up to buy, such as a car or even a house.

Venus will be in Cancer, a sign perfectly compatible to yours, from June 2 to June 27, an indication that you will be especially charming this month.

Upgrade your appearance in the early part of the Venus trend, but do so early in June to avoid the start of Mercury retrograde.

Days when a business proposal may suddenly get approved: June 14-17, thanks to Mars in ideal angle to Uranus.

A wonder day, when you may get a large sum of money will be June 17, 18, or 19, thanks to the meeting of the Sun and Jupiter, the luckiest days of the year.

Your career may bring outstanding, exciting news June 18 or 19, perfect days to accept a new position or promotion.

A contract for you to sign may be ready to signed at the full moon, June 23, but with Mercury retrograde due June 26, attempt to either hurry the paperwork and sign June 17 or 18, or wait until after July 20.

Quick travel may come up over the weekend of July 22-23, and it would be a happy time to go.

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