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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your June Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sagittarius Horoscope for June 2013

By Susan Miller

This month you'll be thinking "we" rather than "me," which reflects a bit of a change for one of the most independent souls of the zodiac. You have good reason to think this way! With many planets on the Western side of your horoscope, the see-saw is tipping toward your partnership side of the chart (solar seventh house), so in the beautiful month of June, you may be getting engaged or married now, or drawing up papers so that you can make a business alliance official. Among the heavenly bodies in your partnership / marriage house are the Sun (authority), the new moon (fresh starts), Mars (action), and Jupiter (giver of gifts and luck).

The fact that Jupiter is part of this group of planets is very significant, because 1) Jupiter is your ruling planet, so its activities have more weight and importance for you than for other signs, and 2) Jupiter is making its very last tour of your partnership house before he packs his bags to leave, June 25, not to be back in this house until 2024.

It takes Jupiter twelve years to rotate around the Sun, staying one year in each sign of the zodiac. In your case, Jupiter has been in Gemini since last year, June 11, 2012, but this month he seems to have saved his best vibrations for last, so you that you can have a very sweet memory of June.

This seems like a particularly good time to think about joining forces with a person you know well and trust. Aside from choosing to make a marriage or business alliance, you may have other ways to use this energy. For example, if you hope to write a book and would like a ghostwriter or writing partner to work with you on a screenplay, you can find a qualified candidate that you would be enthusiastic about signing.

You may also hire an expert for your business, such as a new accountant, bookkeeper, lawyer, manager, agent, publicist, or other individual to help you get ahead. Romance is, of course, on the agenda too if you are in love, and in this case, exchanging rings and promises could easily happen now - there will be no reason to delay. You will start to see this "one plus one" trend take off on June 8, at the new moon in Gemini at 18 degrees, in your collaborative marriage / partnership house.

Uranus will be very friendly to this new moon, and with Uranus in your house of true love, if you are dating and in love, a proposal may come up very soon (this month), and things may materialize quickly. Still, these matters - coming together in love or business - are serious moves, so if you do move forward, make sure you have reflected on this choice over time.

On June 8, Mercury will be in bad angle to Uranus, so try not to sign any papers on this day or the day before, on June 7, nor travel on these days either if possible. I would like you to wait until the following week, June 10 at the earliest. (Even better days are coming near June 17-19, so stay with me.) The fact that Uranus is excellent to the new moon suggests the new moon may bring all good developments quite quickly. As it is, Gemini is VERY fast energy, like the wind! If last month was slow and plodding, this month won't be like that - so buckle your seat belt.

If your birthday falls on December 9, plus or minus five days, you will feel the energy of this new moon directly. If you have your natal horoscope, look to see if you have a planet at, or within five degrees of, 18 degrees of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aires, Leo, or Sagittarius, for that planet will light up, too. I can't quite tell you how things will work out with that planet, but I can tell you that it all depends on how that planet is angled to other planets, friendly or not. Many planets are a mix of both - scribble a few notes so that you can refer to them over time. I feel you will have happy news, for Jupiter will play such a prominent role this month.

Also this month, a golden triangle is appearing in the sky - lasting all month - linking Mercury and Venus in your money (eighth) house, to Neptune in your real estate / home / family (fourth) house, and to Saturn in your behind-the-scenes (twelfth house). This may mean you are able to work with your bank to get a mortgage or better finance rate on your present mortgage. Or, it may mean intense research you do this month will help you get to the bottom of a long-term mystery, and doing so will unearth facts that will help you to protect yourself. Financially you should do well and feel more secure with the way money is coming in.

Now for HUGE news! On June 19, the Sun and Jupiter will combine forces to create your "luckiest day of the year." If you act just before these two dignitaries - the Sun and Jupiter - meet, you will be capturing the energy, as it is building and growing stronger, but if you initiate an action AFTER they meet, the energy will be deflating, and the result is very different and not special at all.

You need to find out what time Jupiter will meet in your time zone, so go online to the world clock and find out what time it is for you when it is noon EDT in New York City. That is the time these two luminaries meet, and you don't want to go even a moment beyond that time. If you live in Asia or Australia, you might find that the luckiest day of the year moves to June 20, as often readers far from the US discover they have an entire extra day to get ready. Conversely, if you are a reader on the West Coast of the US, noon in New York translates to 9:00 AM PDT for you, so you'd have to have schedule a breakfast meeting at, say, 7:30 AM to be sure you have enough time.

Consider using June 17 or 18, two beautiful days that will also be sprinkled with gold dust in this string of luckiest days of the year.

Skeptical? Let me show you a graphic example. Last year, Facebook had its IPO on May 18, 2012, but Jupiter had already been conjunct the Sun in Taurus five days earlier, on May 13, 2012, at 9:22 AM EDT. At the moment I heard of the IPO I shook my head and instantly tweeted on my account (@AstrologyZone) that Mr. Zuckerberg could have benefited from the advice of an astrologer.

After years of watching the luckiest day of the year, I realize now that it is of vital importance to catch the energy of the Sun and Jupiter as they are building toward their peak moment of conjunction, for afterward, the energy does not gradually decline, as it would in a bell curve, but seems to drop off, very precipitously, as if going over a cliff. Mr. Zuckerberg was actually acting in the right month, for both the Sun and Jupiter were conjoining in Taurus, his birth sign (he was born May 14, 1984) and as you may recall, Mr. Zuckerberg married his wife that weekend as well. It was a happy month for him, but it could have gone a lot better for him had he acted just a few days earlier when Jupiter was still APPROACHING his conjunction with the Sun, not separating from it. Maybe Mr. Zuckerberg could not have changed the date, maybe it was meant to be - all kinds of discussions can be made about how things played out. If I were in charge, I would have fought hard for the IPO to happen May 11, 2012, a Friday or a day or two earlier.

How will this conjunction affect you this year? Jupiter and the Sun, working together, will have you thinking and perceiving life in its grandest, most panoramic form. You may create a stellar formal relationship this month, and if you formalize things near May 17 to 19, you and your partner would be optimistic and draw up massively big plans. You also may be traveling quite a distance, possibly overseas, or else have dealings with foreign people at the time that will go very well. Alternatively, another area of your life (other than international, global trade, or travel) may light up for you instead or additionally: the legal system, academia, or the publishing / broadcasting industry - one of these areas may be very fortunate for you this month, near June 17-19, too.

More headline news is happening this month!

Your ruler, Jupiter, will enter Cancer on June 25, to stay almost thirteen months, until July 16, 2014. Once Jupiter moves into Cancer, he will light your eighth house of money - a house I call the house of other people's money. This is not the area that controls salary, but rather, money you get from other sources to help you fund a big dream, such as to buy a house, fund your higher education, or to set up your own business. From now on, bankers will be very friendly to you, and work with you to find a way to make your dream a reality. Even if you found your banker not at all helpful in the past, a new day is about to dawn, so don't let anything stop you from moving forward now. You will begin to see this become a much bigger trend in July, so stay tuned - you will get a new moon in this house to make all this wonderfully accessible to you.

This same area of your chart where Jupiter will be visiting in coming months, the eighth house, rules surgery, so should you ever need surgery or an important dental procedure in the coming thirteen months (and hopefully you won't, but if you should find you do) you will have awesome support from Jupiter to help you heal during his journey through Cancer, from June 25, 2013 to July 16, 2014. This is a comforting thought, so just file that piece of information away. It matters not if you are a Sagittarius, or if you have Sagittarius rising - everything I write in your monthly reports applies equally to both the rising (also called the ascendant) and your Sun sign. Of course, you would have to do your part by scouting out the right doctor or dentist for you, but if you take the time, you are likely to find a renowned practitioner who understands your condition.

The full moon, June 23 in Capricorn, 2 degrees, will also emphasize money, but this time, your attention will shift to your personal ways of earning money, NOT to the area that you will think about in coming weeks - namely loans, credit, and other people's money. At this full moon, you may get word back about a raise you want your boss to approve for you, or you may buy something expensive.

All full moons will have a plus or minus four days of influence, so if you have to buy something, do so early in the month. Failing that, make your purchase no later than June 19. By June 23, you will already be uncomfortably close to the start of Mercury retrograde, June 26. Shop early in June, and you will be pleased with your purchase. Shop later, and well, you may regret it - if it's a house or a car, there are no returns! Mercury rules thinking, judgment, and priorities - when Mercury retrogrades, everything scrambles.

The full moon, in Capricorn, may also bring any type of contractual talks to a happy finish near June 23, for Saturn and Neptune will support this full moon, bringing both stability and inspiration. Still, I worry that you are getting much too close to the start of Mercury retrograde, June 26 to July 20. When Mercury retrogrades, it is never wise to sign a contract or to make big decisions or moves. Try to get the paperwork four days prior to the new moon, June 19, which is, as I mentioned earlier, also the luckiest day of the year.

Romantically, your time seems to come at month's end when Venus will move into fellow fire sign Leo and encourage you to travel. Venus seems to be in cahoots with the new moon that will fall earlier in the month, for it will encourage you to take a trip to get to a new setting too. In such a busy month, you'll enjoy any time you can get to go away, even over a quick weekend, for doing so will work to recharge your batteries. Avoid the weekend of June 8-9 for travel, due to Mercury in hard angle to unpredictable Uranus.

Your most romantic time to be away will be over June 15-16. Remember to bring your sunscreen and digital camera, dear Sagittarius!


Sagittarius is known as the "bachelor sign" because you so prize having freedom in your daily life, especially to travel. Find the right person for you, you'll marry, and you'll be off on an adventure together, one that will last a lifetime. This month, you may be closer to making a commitment than ever before, if not in the romantic sense, then in a business one. You are ruled by Jupiter, so the place Jupiter visits in your chart will always be very telling about where your prime attention will be. With a new moon, Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in Gemini in your "let's couple up" house, you seem to know that the person who you are speaking to now is someone who can add much to your life. If you need to hire an expert, such as a new manager, agent, lawyer, or other specialist, do so in early June or near June 17-19.

Financially you should be doing well, too. Pluto will be partnering with Venus and Mercury, suggesting you will earn your money by making a large sale or seeing another business victory. If you usually get a bonus or commission check, this month the check will be generous. A rare triangle of planets will link Saturn in your behind the scenes sector, Neptune in your home sector, and Venus and Mercury in your financial payoff sector. It seems someone is working on your behalf and wants to see you to do well, but seems happiest to work behind the scenes, quietly, asking for little or no thanks. This month you may also get money from your parent, or good news about a mortgage or refinancing plan, as some examples for the money you see will stem from the area of "other people's money."

More money news will arrive within four days of June 23, but this time, talks will be about salary. If you had asked for a raise earlier, final news will arrive in the last week.

Financially you will continue to do well in the coming year, because Jupiter will enter Cancer on June 25 to stay until July 16, 2014. An increased feeling of security is on the way, dear Sagittarius. You can count on it.

Dates to Note: Sagittarius

Most Romantic Dates: June 7 8, 13, 16, 17-19, 29-30.

This month will favor attached Sagittarians.

The new moon, June 8, in your marriage sector will have you thinking of making a collaboration or commitment official in the ten days that follow, to another person who is important to you, in love or business. Or, you may make new goals with a present partner. This would be a wonderful month to wed.

Travel near June 15-19 would work out beautifully for any purpose.

A financial matter will reach fullness on June 23, with good results. You may find out about a request for a salary increase, or you may settle a fee for a certain project.

Overall, your outlook for money is looking up. Once Jupiter moves into Cancer on June 25, to stay a year, until July 16, 2014, you will have many opportunities to get access to large funding, or to receive a large, one-time payment of cash.

Jupiter will conjoin the Sun on June 19, the luckiest day of the year for one-on-one collaborations or plans for marriage. Mark down the two days leading to this day - June 17 and 18 - also, to be equally special. Form an alliance or offer a proposal on one of these spectacular days.

Mercury will be retrograde June 26 to July 20.

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