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Virgo Horoscope for March 2013

By Susan Miller

A large number of planets will shimmer in Pisces in March and each, working together, will cast a brilliant beam on one of your close, committed relationships. If you are dating seriously and hope to make a commitment to each other, the new moon in Pisces (21 degrees) on March 11 could have you thinking about getting engaged soon, or at least to become more exclusive to each other. If you are already married, your partner will likely have big news to share, and whatever comes up will affect you both. Clearly this month will favor those who have a romantic partner, rather than those who are single and hoping to meet someone new. If you are single, you had great aspects in January, so perhaps you met someone then. If so, keep working on that relationship.

There is an exception to what I just said, in that all types of serious relationships come under the seventh house, which will be so active for you during the first three weeks of March. Those include business collaborations and partnerships. If you are in your own business, and have been thinking of taking on a partner, this month would encourage you to talk together and to start to draw up the deal points for paperwork. You may alternatively be ready to hire an expert or professional - a new accountant, lawyer, agent, stylist, or publicist would fit. With planets in Pisces, a highly creative sign, the person you are drawn to this month is likely to be a creative individual - perhaps someone who is an actor, musician, writer, or film director, for example, or who works in the support of artists or creative types in a creative industry.

Saturn will be very helpful from his position in Scorpio, and help you create serious and long-lasting results. Saturn is currently in your contractual house, so you can now find the words to put in the paper you may ask your partner to sign. Pluto will be helpful too, linking the houses of love and creativity to the seventh house of commitment and collaboration. Saturn and Pluto are powerhouse planets that will act like fairy godfathers to your efforts.

There is one problem in that Mercury, your ruler and the planet ruling communication and contractual agreements, will be retrograde until March 17. Mercury began to retrograde last month on February 23 in your same partnership sector (seventh house), so you will have to proceed slowly. I suggest you talk, but not sign important documents this month. The reason is that agreements of any kind that are signed while Mercury is out of phase usually have to be renegotiated again, or even eventually ended, at some time in the future.

Mercury happens to be among the many planets crowded in your seventh house of partnership, and with Mercury vacillating, you may change your mind about a partner or a plan you had made together. For example, you may have changed the date of your engagement or wedding, or the wording of a contact. Ideally, it would be best to wait to move forward in April if possible. Although Mercury will turn direct on March 17, we have some fierce cosmic storms coming through at month's end - more about those later. I would like you to avoid signing agreements anywhere near March 27, for you would be building the DNA of that hard full moon's energy into the life of your new venture.

The small downside of having six out of ten possible heavenly bodies in Pisces, a sign 180 degrees away from yours, will put control into the hands of others, not you. You will need to be a good collaborator, and sometimes this is hard for anyone to do, for your partner's preferences will tend to trump yours. Virgo has a strong need to see things shaped in what you see as an ideal state, but you may have to integrate at least one voice, if not more voices, into your plan, so you may not always find doing this easy. It may be comforting to know that if this proves to be true for you, planets in Pisces will begin to move on into Aries by the third week. Mercury will be retrograde until March 17, so you have several reasons to go slowly.

Although this would be a great month to talk seriously about your future with your significant other or business partner, if you have not been happy with your relationship with this person, this month you may feel ready to leave. I will admit you will have a large gang of planets standing 180 degrees away from your sign, which can denote either collaboration or tug-of-war. I feel a breakup is the less likely outcome, for gentle, loving Venus is among the planets in your seventh house of partnership, but this small possibility does exist. You may feel that you've lost too much control and deference from your partner, so if this is the case, it may help to know that in early May you will feel quite in your element. By then, the tide will turn in your favor. If you want to wait and see how you feel in a few weeks, wait until early May.

Meanwhile, coming back to this month, Mars will move into your eighth house of credit, taxes, inheritance, financial aid, insurance payouts, and all types of funding I refer to as "other people's money" on March 12 to stay through April 20. You may be managing financial questions during that phase, such as the division of property at the end of a marriage or business, or working through the details of an estate for an inheritance, but there are other possible outcomes of Mars in the eighth house. You will likely enter into a high spending phase on March 12, where money will flow out of your checking account or where you will have no choice but to put expenses on credit cards. You may be able to secure a bank loan, line of credit for your business (if you have one of your own), or refinancing plan on your house, so look into those options, too.

Fortunately, this high spending phase will only last until April 20, when you will see things calm down. If you can delay an expensive, big-ticket purchase until after April 20 next month, it would be best, as by then you will have a better view of what is going on. One other thought: it is never wise to buy anything expensive, like a car, computer, smart phone, or kitchen appliance with Mercury retrograde (in operation until March 17), so that's another reason to keep doing your research and not spend, if possible.

Everyone, of every sign, will need to brace for a very turbulent time at the end of March. Your first sign that something may be amiss will come on March 22, when Mars, newly in your eighth house of credit, loans, taxes, and other financial matters, will unite with Uranus, planet of unexpected news. This might bring either very difficult news about money, or just the opposite, exciting financial news - with Uranus, you never know what the outcome will be. Coming so close to the full moon, March 27, I feel you will get a big clue of what is coming at the full moon, when the news is not likely to be pretty.

Indeed, we will have a witch of a full moon in Libra, 7 degrees, on March 27, and it'll come fraught with tension for most people. This full moon will receive a direct opposition from Uranus and be conjunct the Sun. This could bring jarring news about money - whether it centers on an expense you will have to cover suddenly, or a salary matter (such as, an announcement of a company-wide wage freeze or pay cut, as only two of many possibilities). I feel you will be knocked sideways by whatever occurs, and throughout, the main discussion or outcome will center on finances.

This full moon will also find Pluto in harsh "square" position, indicating a matter involving your lover, a child you have now, a child, pregnancy, or a creative project, but if so, the conversation will eventually come back to financial concerns. This is a heavy full moon that will fall in your second house of savings, salary, income, and possessions, but as is the case with all full moons, the matter will come up and you will need to solve it with a quick decision.

The month will may end on a happy note, much to your surprise. Venus will by then have orbited into your eighth house of other people's money and will send a vibration to Jupiter in your house of career gains on March 30. You may still be thinking about what happened on the financial full moon March 27 - it's a nerve jangling full moon for everyone - but this small jewel of an aspect could bring a solution to a financial matter. I worry that you may be so wrapped up in the event of the full moon that you may overlook a positive option that comes up on or just before March 30. All the good work you have already done in the past will pay off now, for a VIP could possibly now come to your aid. Be sure to listen carefully to news on or just before March 30, when a solution will be at hand!

April will bring so many opportunities for you to make more money, so keep smiling, dear Virgo!


This month you might turn your attention to your private life and to the possibility of getting married. If you are serious, March may turn out to be a landmark month when you will decide to get engaged. With Saturn so friendly, your decision will lead you to a place of comforting stability. If you are not happy, however, this month you will likely find the courage to leave. All will be contingent on what you have experienced up to this point. If you are married now, or in an established long-term relationship, your spouse will clearly have an important role to play and news to share that will affect you positively. Watch the new moon March 11 for news.

Your career will be very important to you too this month, as Jupiter is working to bring big opportunity to you, something you will see to full effect in June, but clues will become evident now, too. If you like, you can use the impact of six extraordinary heavenly bodies in your partnership sector by making a business partnership official soon. Any professional alliance you create now may be for creative, artistic, or humanitarian purposes, or this may describe your marriage partner. If you are married now, your partner will have much to share with you. This will be a landmark month for your partner, and you will benefit from all that is going on.

Keep in mind that your ruling planet, Mercury will be retrograde until March 17, a holdover from February 23. It is never wise to make serious, binding decisions while Mercury is retrograde, so do nothing vital prior to March 17. The problem is, the tectonic plates are about to shift radically soon after, at the full moon, March 27, and you may see signs of this as early as March 20. If you must sign papers, it would not be wise to do so until the new moon, April 11, but you can on March 18 if you absolutely must, although next month would be more favorable to do so.

As said, a stormy full moon is due March 27 that will appear in your second house of salary and possessions and may bring financial news that knocks you sideways. This full moon will be angry, so financial news will not be news you like, and you will probably wish you could reverse, but alas, can't. A raise you thought you were getting may be turned down or delayed, or a bid you had put in may not be accepted, or a tax bill may be higher than you ever anticipated.

You may get signs that something is brewing as soon as March 22, four days before the full moon, when Mars links with Uranus. The matter that comes up might have something to do with your plans to merge energies with another person. In preparation for all that you plan to do, do background checks, especially in the financial area, even if the alliance is romantic. It may not sound like something you may ordinarily do, but considering the planetary lineup, it's a good idea.

By March 30, if you sort through the details, you may hit on a solution, when Venus and Jupiter collaborate. A friend or VIP may be instrumental in helping you find the answer, so keep working at any financial challenge that comes your way. Stay confident you can master it!

Dates to Note: Virgo

Most romantic notes: March 1, 2, 5, 6, 11, 14, 15, 16, and 25 - that's it.

Venus will be in Pisces from March 1 to 11, making for a smooth relationship with your significant other.

The best day to talk to your partner business or romantic partner will be March 6.

The new moon March 11 will bring the opportunity for a new beginning in a serious close relationship.

Mars will tour Virgo from March 12 until April 19, putting emphasis on taxes, credit, loans, mortgages, and funds like these. This trend will intensify next month.

March 22 - Mars will link to Uranus and bring jarring news about money owed.

The full moon March 27 will bring a difficult financial matter to climax (allow a plus or minus four days in either direction.) Brace for an unexpected expense.

March 30 brings a lovely interplay between Venus and Jupiter, and a friend may help with great advice.

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