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Libra Horoscope in March 2013

By Susan Miller

Tasks are building on your desk, and at times you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all you have to do. An extraordinary buildup of planets in one sign, Pisces, is responsible for this, so it's clear you'll have to remain organized and detail oriented. You may decide you need to hire full time or temporary help, or ask someone in the office for help. Among the many planets will be Mercury, now retrograde until March 17, and Neptune, known to bring both creativity and a fog-like confusion, so staying on track may not be as easy as you may initially assume.

You will have to find ways to overcome Mercury retrograde and Neptune's gremlin-like behavior, for you may become forgetful or make errors that later you will wonder how you ever let slip through. Working slowly and deliberately will help you overcome these two planets' proclivity to trip you up. You can prevail. Another good idea, keep summing up what the client or your boss expects you to do, in writing, so that you can both be on the same page, quite literally. Mercury retrograde is notorious for causing computers, other electronics, and machines to break down, so you will need to factor in the possibility of delays if this happens in the middle of a project. Have contingency plans.

Orbiting with Neptune and Mercury in your sixth house of workaday projects will also be Venus, Mars, Sun, and new moon, March 11. Just after that new moon, you may be assigned a highly creative project, and because Pisces is considered the most artistic and self-expressive of all signs, you may have lots of leeway to express your style and put your stamp of individuality on it. Pisces, as the sign of two fishes, is a "double-bodied sign" so the new moon may bring opportunities to do two fascinating projects for you to do.

If your project is work-oriented, the one you do this month may bring you enviable publicity, a promotion, or a competitive offer from another company this coming July. It is simply extraordinary to have six heavenly bodies (including the Sun and new moon) in one sign, as we only very rarely see so many planets in one house. These planets will help you concentrate and become a master of productivity.

You may get new computer equipment now and if you are artistic, new materials you need to create your vision, but if expensive, choose those items on any day AFTER Mercury goes direct, March 17. You may also be able to hire more staff too, whether to help you at home or at work. In any case, interview people and contractors immediately, but don't announce your final choice until after Mercury goes direct on March 17.

Saturn has been holding down your income since it entered Scorpio last October, and will remain in Scorpio until September 2015. This does not mean you will remain tight financially for the coming nearly three years, even though Saturn is attempting to teach you to do more with less, to negotiate more effectively, find bargains, and eliminate waste. As you go along, whenever you get a good aspect from Saturn, you will instantly have an opportunity to make more money and to stabilize your future - like now, for example, at this new moon. This is such good news! Saturn will be beautifully oriented to the planets in Pisces and the new moon, March 11. You may additionally do well with a real estate sale or purchase after Mercury goes direct. If you need to sell furniture or other valuables you no longer need at home, you may be able to do so now.

Many planets filing your sixth house also portend a time you may want to bolster the state of your heath. The sixth house not only covers work projects, but health too, so this month, you may schedule many of the annual exams you know you need to do. Do so just after the new moon, March 11. If you have been troubled by a health concern, you may need more tests if your doctor tells you the ones you already have taken did not give you a definitive diagnosis. Neptune in your heath sector may cloud results, so have patience if your doctor needs to repeat tests or order new ones. Be careful about new medicine you take by asking about possible side effects, again due to Neptune's presence in your health sector.

Pisces rules the feet, so if you've had problems with one or both feet, you may finally go to a doctor to collect information and study your options. If you do choose to have surgery on your feet, wait until Mars moves out of Pisces on March 12. Astrological wisdom suggests that it is best not to have surgery when Mars is transiting the sign ruling the part of the body that you need operated on. It is thought that Mars will bring additional pain and inflammation. The feet rule Pisces, so wait until Mars moves on to Aries, March 12. (On the other hand, if you need your face or brain operated on, you may want to wait until after April 20, when Mars moves out of Aries and into Taurus, which rules the neck. Plastic surgery? Wait until early June.). However, if you should have an emergency, have the procedure done immediately, always!

You might want to join a gym after the new moon (and the move of Mercury direct) this month too, and if so, do so after the new moon of March 11 and after Mercury goes direct March 17. Start on March 18 and you will see impressive results. That will be your very best moment of 2013 to begin a new fitness program. If you are looking for a new workout, this month you might be drawn to sports like swimming, water skiing, water ball, or other water sports.

By the second half of the month, planets will migrate into Aries and put the spotlight on your romantic or business partner. You won't be able to get things precisely your way this month, for the balance of power is shifting away from you toward others, temporarily. You will need to collaborate more and deal more often with "group think" but you were given the talent of being the zodiac's best collaborator, so you may deal quite well with this emphasis on conciliation that will last until the third week in April.

You have a difficult full moon coming up, March 27, for this full moon will receive very angry vibrations from Uranus and Pluto. Before you get to March 27, you may get a clue about what is to occur at that full moon on Friday, March 22.

On that day, Mars, a hot, aggressive planet, will meet with Uranus, the planet of unexpected events. Both planets will be in Aries, a sign opposite yours, so this won't be an easy surprise to endure, and your partner in love or business will deliver it. It is possible that you will instead have problems from a competitor, detractor, or critic. This day, March 22, will not be easy.

If your birthday falls within five days of October 1, you will need to keep your antenna up and your armor on.

Things are about to get a bit harder before they get easier. The hardest full moon of 2013 will arrive in Libra, March 27, but will influence the entire week, from March 23 to April 1. All full moons have an area of influence of four days before and after the full moon arrives.

This full moon, at 7 degrees Libra, will center on something highly important to you, and it may integrate your feelings about or interactions with a partner, collaborator, or critic. What makes this full moon so wild is that the full moon will receive a forceful opposition from Uranus, now based in your partnership sector. I believe your partner is about to make demands on you, conflict with you, or deliver an edict to you that you find unacceptable. You may be completely shocked about what comes up suddenly - and likely in a very odd, offhand way - and not know exactly how to respond. It is alternatively possible that your partner will deliver surprising news about his or her own life and require sudden help from you.

There is another possibility. If you have a solid relationship with your romantic or business partner, then you may feel attacked from a competitor or someone who wants to paint you in a bad light. The moon is the natural ruler of your house of reputation, one reason the person who gives you angst this month could well be based in your career or the industry you work in (or used to work in). A friend seems to be no help at all, as the Sun and Uranus will be at odds.

Pluto, in your family and home sector, will bring difficulties too, so you may not agree with your family's ideas about a course of action. Or, the effect of Pluto may be to bring up a problem regarding your home or another piece of property you are dealing with now. Pluto and Mars will have a high level rift offstage, on the very day of the full moon, March 27, adding fuel to the fire. With so much going on in your partnership sector, your mate or other collaborator may forcefully disagree with your solution to a problem and give you a surprising hard time over the course of action you hope to take. The whole situation will be hot, and you will likely feel quite emotional about all that is going on. This full moon is strong enough to finally break the two of you apart if you have had problems before and are coming to the end of your rope.

Libra, please post your experience of the full moon of March 27 on Twitter on my account @AstrologyZone afterward so that we can all learn more about how these difficult full moons deliver their news. Please add your month and day of birth, too. I will be reading all posts, as your feedback helps me to see the range of outcomes that are possible.

If your birthday falls on September 29, plus or minus four days, you will feel the tension of the full moon the most. (If you have natal planets within five degrees of 7 degrees Libra, Aries, Cancer, or Capricorn, or one of those signs rising near 7 degrees, then you will feel this full moon as well.)

Reporting this news gives me no pleasure, and I hesitated even telling you, dear Libra. Certainly, lately you've had more than your share of challenges to face. I thought about this monster moon, and decided to lay it out for you, because I always feel it is better to know in advance that gale force winds will be blowing than not. This way, you can clear your calendar for anything that will come up. You won't want to be overburdened with meetings and deadlines then if you can avoid them.

The month ends on a sweet note, like a tiny piece of chocolate left for you by a loving universe. On March 30, Venus and Jupiter will work together to give you a wonderful shot of fun and love. You may be able to travel over this weekend too, quite far if you like, and although you will still likely be thinking about what occurred at the full moon, consider the possibility that getting away will be good for you.

Earlier, you have one other good day, where things are likely to go very right, not wrong: March 6. On that day, Venus will reach out to both Saturn and Pluto in a very friendly way. Venus is your ruler, so although everyone will find something to like on this day, you might find it extra special.


When the month begins, you will be dealing with a lot of work on your desk, but you will likely feel it's good to know that your contribution at the office is needed and valued. There may be several areas of concern. New assignments may not be spelled out clearly, so it will be critical that you ask questions and sum up the assignment in an email for the client. Team members may not get along with one another at first, so you will need to smooth any ruffled feathers among them, especially if they report to you. You will get a lot done this month as long as you stay focused and attend to detail - Mercury will be retrograde until March 17.

If you are self-employed, the projects that come to you now may improve your cash flow difficulties, as well as allow you to put your individual stamp of artistry on all you do. The new moon, March 11, will bring in even more work, but it will lead you to a more secure and settled situation, so in all, you'll welcome what is to come.

You may, alternatively (or additionally) have a health focus this month. Be determined to schedule annual exams, dental cleanings, eye test, and so forth. Schedule your medial appointments for just after the new moon, March 11, your best time of the year to do so. If you are told a diagnostic test proves inconclusive, it may be because of Neptune's presence - be willing to schedule another if your doctor suggests you do so, and you will more likely get better results the second time.

The end of the month may bring high waves in turbulent seas. It will be a difficult full moon in Libra, opposed by a gang of planets in Aries, including Uranus, the planet of sudden developments, and Mars, planet of aggression. It appears someone very close to you is about to challenge your position or your thinking, or will criticize you or confront you. This person will bring you news that you did not expect that leaves you tense and possibly very angry. If you were nearing a breakup, this full moon will make it happen. If your partner has been cheating, you would find out now, and that would unravel things as well.

Or, a very different scenario may come up. Something may happen in your partner's life to make you concerned about his or her welfare - in this case, be ready to help.

Pluto will be at hard angles to the moon too, so clearly family matters or real estate / home matters won't go smoothly either. You may feel at month's end that you are in the middle of a three-ring circus and not know where to first direct your attention. Libras with birthdays that fall on September 29, plus or minus five days, will feel this full moon most directly. No matter when your birthday falls, because the moon will be in Libra suggests that the matter that comes up will be dearly important to you - very much so. Keep your schedule light. Fortunately, this phase is temporary, and by the time you come to the last third of April, this period will start to fade and eventually become a distant memory.

Dates to Note: Libra

Most romantic dates for Libra: March 3, 4, 6-8, 9, 11, 17, 18, and 30.

Your two favorite days this month: March 6 and 30.

March 1 is a good day to attend to residential matters, thanks to the Sun in a positive angle to Pluto and Saturn.

You best day for an important meeting is March 6, thanks to Venus being supported by Saturn and Pluto.

New assignments are bound to come up in the days following the new moon March 11.

Mars will enter your opposite sign of Aries on March 11. If your partner has a grievance, you will find out about it between March 11 and April 19.

Mercury will go direct March 17, having been retrograde since February 23.

March 22 will be a jarring day due to Mars conjunct Uranus. Your partner may be explosive and unpredictable. Alternatively you may be concerned about your partner's health or a sudden setback he or she experiences.

Brace for one of the most difficult full moons, in Libra, March 27. Keep your health strong as you move into this date, for you will deal with stress. Your partner is likely to be presented a major challenge or will challenge you - aim to keep things calm so you can think through things more easily.

If you need a break, take a short weekend getaway over March 30-31. It should go smoothly, thanks to Venus in conversation with Jupiter.

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