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Pisces Horoscope for March 2013

By Susan Miller

You are about to enter a magical month that will bring a planetary lineup so rare and beneficial to you that you won't see this type of sparkling support again for decades. Six heavenly bodies will align in Pisces in early to mid-March, putting you in center stage. Included in this remarkable cosmic event will be Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, the Sun, and new moon in Pisces (21 degrees), due March 11. This means you will soon be given the reins and can ride in any direction you choose.

Indeed, with six out of ten glittering heavenly bodies in Pisces, which represents more than half than are in our solar system, your opinions and desires will be enlisted and will carry weight - VIPs will be listening. Don't underestimate how powerful this period can be for you! Have your priorities set the moment the month begins, for others will ask you what you hope will happen next.

Although these planets will only be at play for two to three weeks, the seeds that you plant during early to mid-March will have the power to grow into big oak trees, and those tall trees may remain in your life for at least a year - or very possibly forever. You often think about the needs of others, but this month, it's time to think about your own needs and desires. While I will talk about career opportunities that will come in abundance, I want to say right of the bat that you will have a haunting, unforgettable charm this month, so it would not surprise me if you find love, too. Venus will be in Pisces until March 21, lots of time to step out and to also find small ways to improve your appearance.

In any meeting you have, you will be valued for your individuality, creativity, and sense of style. I say this because Venus and Neptune, two guests at this exclusive Pisces party, rule beauty and art. Mars will be in attendance too, having entered Pisces last month on February 2, and will continue to be at your side until mid-month. This indicates that you are about to launch a new two-year cycle but may be completely unaware of just how important it will be for you. Mars can only stay in Pisces until March 12, but it is significant that he will be on hand when the new moon makes her entrance, March 11.

The new moon will take the energy of all the planets and wrap it together and send it to you as an enchanting gift to use as you will - the choices will be yours. The fact that Mars will stay just long enough to be part of the Pisces party surrounding the new moon shows how powerful that new moon will be - Mars provides the fire under the pot of delicious stew you will be brewing! Mars provides energy, fuel, determination, and motivation. Dear Pisces, you've got the whole package.

It is very significant that Saturn, busy in Scorpio, will send a comforting beam to the new moon to add his gift of stability and long-term gain. Saturn, the teacher planet, is currently based in your ninth house of foreign people and places, so you seem to have an important link to overseas interests. This same house also rules publishing and broadcasting projects - how exciting! You may be given a TV show to host, or you may start an Internet show. You may see your written words translated into one or more languages or your book sold in your language in foreign countries. Or, you may be asked to be a contributing editor for a foreign magazine. If you work in film, your work may be viewed abroad with subtitles. You may be asked to teach your area of expertise at a college, or you may be accepted to become a student in a university of your dreams.

Pluto will also be friendly to this new moon, which suggests you will receive additional help from influential friends who will want to see you do well. Be ready to give a short, easy-to-understand answer when your friend asks, how can I help?

If your birthday falls within five days of March 11, you will feel this new moon the most and also benefit the most from it. If you have Pisces rising near 21 degrees, or a natal planet within five degrees of 21 degrees in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer, or (second best) planets at that degree in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, you will feel benefits from this new moon, too. Everyone who has those natal planets in the signs listed will have happy news that comes in various ways. The point is, you will likely have something to celebrate if the degrees of that planet are close to 21 degrees.

Although you will want to move ahead quickly, you need to spend time listening and doing preparatory work. Mercury has been retrograde since February 23 and will remain so until March 17. During that phase you should not enter into any legal contract nor give verbal consent on any proposal, whether it is business or personal.

You should not spend large amounts of money either, as things we buy (especially electronic items) tend to bring on buyer's remorse afterward. When Mercury goes retrograde, this planet of intellect and perception, buying and selling, and all the communication arts, it is a sign that the wind is about to change direction. Until you know what is around the next corner, take a wait-and-see approach. You will feel this particular Mercury retrograde period more than most because this time Mercury will be in Pisces.

If you are looking for a temporary position or new work if you are self employed, March 1 might bring happy news, thanks to the Sun in such good angle to Pluto and Saturn.

Three days that will be superb for an interview, exploratory meeting, or presentation will be March 6, 7, and 8. On March 6, Venus in Pisces will receive kind vibes from both Saturn and Pluto, giving you all kinds of help from VIPs and friends. Foreign people will also be very lucky for you, as will projects involving broadcasting and publishing, too. On March 7 and 8, this same theme I have been discussing here will be underscored further, so you truly do have three wonderful days to open talks.

Once you get to the new moon in Pisces on March 11, the pace of the talks you've had earlier will pick up speed. You will notice the difference, and by this date, you will know for sure you've come into your own. You still can't sign any papers or give final word (blame me if you have to!) because Mercury will be retrograde until March 17. You can sign on March 18, 19, or 20, but after that, too much turbulence will be moving through the skies to be safe to sign any agreement. If you can wait until April, so much the better - early to mid-April will provide you a more stable atmosphere for any new venture.

Mars will move into Aries on March 12 and begin to increase expenditures. This is a trend that is just starting up, but it will only last until April 20, thank goodness. Still, the end of March will bring a very difficult full moon, March 27, but I believe you will see something brewing as soon as March 22. Hold back on all spending until you know what is up. As said above, it's not the time to buy anything valuable or expensive anyway.

Let's take March 22 first, the day Mars, a very aggressive planet, will link to surprise-a-minute Uranus in your second house of earned income. This is an explosive mix, as Uranus is impulsive, revolutionary, and unpredictable. While it is possible you will hear good news about money, I feel that more likely the opposite will be true, and news will come very suddenly. Also, you don't have to plan for good news but you should have your guard up for bad financial news on Friday, March 22. The news on this day will, I believe, bubble up to something bigger at the full moon - somehow I think they are related.

The full moon of March 27 will be in Libra, 7 degrees, and fall in your eighth house of other people's money, including taxes, child support, court settlements, division in property in a divorce, inheritance, mortgage, bank loans and credit, venture capital, and other such funds. Something seems to go very wrong, however, because Uranus will oppose the moon (ruling your lover, children, or a creative project) and conjoin the Sun (running a work-related project). You may hear news that your grown child suddenly needs money or that your lover - that is, someone you are dating - is not about to replay the loan you had extended out of the goodness of your heart.

Pluto will be in hard angle to this full moon too, indicating that the news may relate to taxes, as Pluto is a financial planet, and often refers to the government. Mars will square Pluto and oppose the moon too, and because the moon is tender, having harsh warrior Mars in opposition and in hard angle to Pluto does suggest you will be feeling upset. This is a monstrous moon, the hardest one in 2013, so you are likely to find that just about everyone will be walking on glass at month's end, not just you. It's a very jarring full moon because the planets named are in such tight mathematical calibration.

Jupiter will be in good angle to this moon, however, so you may get some last minute help from your family - your parent or other kind relative - or you may sell a piece of property or furniture that brings in cash. Saturn will be friendly to Pluto, so you may be able to find a way to deal with whatever comes up by offering a payment plan.

I would like to invite you to post a note to me after this full moon is over (allow a plus or minus four days to March 27) to learn how this difficult affected you - if indeed it did. Just go to my account on Twitter @AstrologyZone, and when you post, please add to your short sentence your month and day of birth, and your rising sign - add that too, if you know it. Please add the hashtag to your post #MonsterMoon so that others can compare their experience to yours.

You can only find out your rising sign if you have your exact time of birth, and also know the day, month, year, and city of birth. If you would like me to explain your chart to you in easy-to-understand terms, then go to www.SusanMillerMyPersonalHoroscope.com and choose the yellow-purple cover book for the adult natal chart. Once you order it, I will write a custom book for you with 65 pages or so and send it back to you in two weeks. Once you know your natal chart, you will never have to do your chart again as it will never change. That is true of your rising sign, too - it's yours for life and it is the sign's characteristics you unconsciously and naturally chose to cope with life.

You will get so much more out of your monthly forecasts on Astrology Zone once you know your natal chart! Everyone has two charts: a Sun sign chart (you are Pisces) and your rising sign chart. Once you know your rising sign, you must read for that sign, now and forever, in any astrological book or column you read, as well as for your Sun sign. I hope you will have aspects in your own natal chart - ones I cannot see from where I sit - that will make the full moon at the end of March easy for you, dear Pisces.

Returning to my report for you in March, the last days of this month show signs of a small a turnaround, with a sweet aspect between Venus in your house of personal money earned and saved, to Jupiter, still in your house of property and family. You seem to have some good news, so by all means, keep your spirits up!


You have an exceptional month in store, dear Pisces. A rare, not-to-be-seen-again-for-decades buildup of six heavenly bodies in Pisces will favor you above all others. Included in the rare crown of stars that is due to appear in Pisces in early to mid-March are Neptune, to bring vision and creativity; Venus, to impart exceptional charm; Mercury, to convey to you the ability to say all the right words; Mars, control, energy and presence; the Sun, authority; and the best of all, the majestic new moon in Pisces too, to spin all the planetary energy into motion after its appearance March 11.

A month this rare has to bring equally extraordinary events into play. If your birthday falls prior to March 11, then a completely new project or relationship will come up for you to investigate - and it will rightly make you very energized! If your birthday falls on or after March 11, something you already set in motion several months ago will suddenly jump to life and bring you reason to celebrate.

Whatever occurs this month will allow you to express your individuality and artistry. The time after the new moon, March 11, will have the power to change your life for a long time, possibly forever. This is no ordinary month for you where you will have many options - choose carefully so that you don't squander your talents and energies by going in too many directions. In a month this special, no mountain will be too high for you to scale, and no river will be too wide to traverse.

Throughout March, be conservative about money because adverse news may arrive at month's end. You may get a shock when Mars links to surprising Uranus on March 22. A surprise does not always mean "untoward" of course, but this time, with an angry full moon on its tail, March 27, it would be wise to hold back on spending until you can see the lay of the land. A visit with your accountant may produce a shock involving taxes due. Or, a mortgage you applied for may fall through, or child support you expected to arrive may be late or never arrive. Alternatively, a court case you assumed would be settled in your favor may go all wrong. A friend will not be helpful either, and may add drama to the end of March, something you won't appreciate.

Still, stay optimistic. In this unusual month, you may get some good news by March 30 to soften the financial affects of the full moon. April will be very positive for money too, so there's no need to panic. The aspect on March 30 involving Venus and Jupiter in sync may be enough to make you realize that life can be full of surprises and a rainbow can appear just when you need it most.

Dates to Note: Pisces

Most romantic dates for Pisces: March 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 11 - 21.

A VIP may give you a plumb project on March 1.

March 11 will be a critical day for you, for it brings the new moon in Pisces and six heavenly bodies in your sign. Developments that occur in the next two weeks are likely to be very exciting.

March 17 Mercury goes direct in Pisces having been retrograde since February 23. You will need to start to watch financial matters March 12 when Mars enters Aries - expenses will rise over the next 6 weeks.

Financial news you hear March 22 will come out of left field and shock you. Stay calm.

Brace for more difficult financial news possibly about taxes or money owned to a creditor on March 22 plus or minus four days. This will be one of the most difficult full moons of the year.

The month ends on March 30 with Venus in good angle to Jupiter - it may light your spirits, for family loves you, and it will show.

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