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Gemini Horoscope for March 2013

By Susan Miller

You are about to receive an extraordinarily lucky energy for your career in March, due to an extraordinary buildup of planetary energy in your tenth house of fame and honors. A beautiful crown of glittering stars will appear in Pisces to help you make a big name for yourself now. By the time this month is over, you may be in talks about a new position that can garner you enormous respect and admiration. This month will bring Mercury, Venus, Mars, Neptune, the Sun, and new moon all in the same professional house of fame.

Back in May 2000, we saw seven heavenly bodies align in Taurus, but scientists remarked then that would be the last time we would see seven. We will never see seven heavenly bodies align in one zodiac sign again during our lifetime. However, we would see six in one sign - this month is one of those rare moments, and you will be the beneficiary, dear Gemini. This won't happen again for years, and this means so much of your chart is being run by your career ambitions. You will likely see your career momentum build the very moment the month begins, but things will start to pick up speed once the new moon in Pisces, 21 degree, arrives March 11.

Keep in mind, however, that a new moon will bring news in equal measure to how hard you've worked in the past. View a wonderful aspect as a magical stone you can use on your path. If you want success, and have worked toward it, you will get massive opportunity to realize your aims this month. Show the universe your intent, and that you mean business. The planets are lining up to help you, but you must show your passion for the big prize. This will be no time to hesitate.

The fact that this new moon, along with her entourage of planets in Pisces, is closest to Venus indicates you will be popular with VIPs, and you are likely to like what they offer you. See what comes up. Remember that big positions take time to win. You will not likely clinch it immediately, but what matters is that you begin talking to your prospective employer or clients now. Plant the seed, and as things unfold, you may be amazed how beautifully your garden grows.

Having said that, Mercury is still retrograde, a holdover from February 23, and is due to go direct on March 17. The meetings and greetings of Mercury are important to you because Mercury is your ruler. Mercury is the planet of communication, negotiation, agreements, and contracts, as well as all buying and selling. This also governs all electronics and the moving parts in machines. The world depends on Mercury to keep things running smoothly, but when Mercury is retrograde, all these areas become unstable. We also become forgetful, say the wrong thing ("I wasn't thinking"), and tend to lose treasures, such as a smart phone or eyeglasses.

It is not the time to sign contracts, for any agreement you make will likely be negotiated later and then renegotiated, if you want it at all. You will have to be careful and very deliberate about all you do. There are good parts of Mercury retrograde. We sometimes go back to projects that were put aside a long time ago, or see people that have remained out of touch, but who may still be destined to play a role in our lives.

You can explore ideas, but I would prefer that you wait to sign on to any new venture or position. When Mercury is retrograde, conditions rapidly change, and suddenly our priorities do, too. For example, the crown of stars this month is in Pisces, a double-bodied sign, indicating you may get two stunning professional offers. It would be wise to hold off giving your word until Mercury is done being retrograde on March 17, because a far better offer may come up. Still, on the other hand, we are in a tough economy, and if a superb job comes up, and you need a new position, then take it. You can always change jobs again later if you like.

In this very career minded month, another trend is starting up. Mars will move into Aries, on March 11, and on March 20, the Sun will move into Aries, too. Then on March 21, Venus will orbit into Aries. This will put an emphasis on your private life and bring some balance and fun. Aries is a fire sign, and yours is air, two elements that go together so very well. Aries rules your solar house of friendship and fun, so your life can, in the last third, become decidedly more social, and even your professional ambitious can be advanced by getting out and showing your face to the world.

The emphasis on your private life will get more power in April, but first you will need to get through a very difficult full moon.

This month's full moon, March 27, will be an angry one. It will fall in Libra, 7 degrees, and light your solar fifth house of love, children, pregnancy, and creative projects, so one of these areas will likely become an area of concern. This full moon will receive an opposition of Uranus, so news could be jarring and unpredictable. News about a lover, or one of your children, would not be expected. Uranus will conjunct the Sun, and will be close to Mars, so a friend may also be unstable.

To add more tension, we need to add Pluto into the mix at 11 degrees Capricorn in a difficult "square" (a hard angle) to feisty Mars. This last aspect could translate into the need to spend a lot of money or to present a petition to an insurance company for money you feel you are due, as two examples. Everyone will feel the effects of this full moon, but the cardinal signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, with those born at the end of March, end of September, end of June, and end December will feel this full moon more than most, and may notice more stress, I am so sorry to say. Keep your schedule clear so that you can go off in any direction, and try not to be out of town during this full moon of March 27.

If you have a relative with a birthday that falls at the time of one of the months listed above, be available to that person to offer help. At the same time, if you have a natal planet in one of the cardinal signs listed within five degrees of 7 degrees, then you will feel news, too. Because Uranus will be involved, it will be hard for you to guess what is coming.

As it's been said many times, we are not given challenges that are beyond our ability to handle. We had a #MonsterMoon September 29 last year, and this (March 27) is the next one. It is unusual to see a full moon with such tight calibration of angry planets in opposition and "square" aspect, so it fits the qualification of a hard moon. Sometimes a monster moon will assert information one month to the day later, so we all have to keep our antennas up and be ready to roll if necessary. These types of full moons do create radical change, and when they do, they zero in on an area that has run its course and show us what we need to let go of before we can grow and evolve to a new state. I am not saying these #MonsterMoons are easy for everyone, but we all are in this together, and together we will figure things out.

I would like you to post your experience on my Twitter account @AstrologyZone about what occurs, and when you do, include the month and day of your birth (and your rising sign, too, if you know it). I cannot see all that is in your chart, and you may be the exception to the rule - the one reader who notices nothing out of the ordinary. I am hoping for that! So post good news too, if this applies to you.

You have one wonderful element going for you - you are Gemini and the full moon is Libra, two signs that get along beautifully. If you have a Gemini birthday that falls on May 27, plus or minus five days, you will get a sprinkling of benefit from this full moon. View changes as beneficial to you. The universe works in strange ways, but in most cases works to help us. Sometimes we don't understand, but only after events unfold fully do we see the mural the universe has painted for us.

The end of the month brings happiness planet Jupiter in Gemini in friendly conversation with Venus in Aries on March 30, so there's a good chance you will be given an invitation to a gorgeous event. If single, you might meet someone new, and if attached, you may have a chance to bond closer with your partner and create a special time together. Although what occurred at the full moon of March 27 might still linger in your mind, being with friends will do just the trick to bring out the wonderful "you" in you for all the world to see.


Gemini, you have just entered your most exciting month of the year for career progress. March will be simply extraordinary, so you would do best to focus all your attention on professional interests For now, during the first three weeks of March, push social concerns to a back burner. This month six out of ten heavenly bodies will line up in Pisces and bring you the kind of professional opportunities you used to dream about. Have your wish list ready, for VIPs will ask you how they can help you. With planets in Pisces, you may get two offers, not one - let Mercury go direct on March 17 first, before you give your final decision.

Indeed, your tenth house of career will be the engine that will run your life during most of March, and that will gather even more steam by the new moon (plus ten days), March 11. Saturn will be in perfect angle to give you power and authority. You've rarely, if ever, seen anything like this!

There will be a fly in the oatmeal, however. A romantic or friendship situation may give you some grief at the full moon, March 27, plus or minus four days. It appears a friend may cause the problem, or deliver the news, but the crux of the matter appears to center on a person you are dating. If you are a parent, keep your eye on your children, for one may present a need for special attention. Whatever episode ensues will unfold in an unexpected way.

You will have to strive to maintain your balance, but doing so won't be easy. It may help to know that everyone will have some concerns with this particular full moon. Money will enter the discussion, but it seems to represent an ancillary issue, not your main concern. Jupiter will be in the perfect angle to the moon and Sun to be of help - so stay upbeat. It appears you may get also help from an influential friend, and eventually, you will find a way to unlock a solution.

Coming to the right solution will be hard, as Mercury, your ruler, will be retrograde until March 17, and be conjunct Neptune later in the month, thereby continuing to fog vital information you need. This means you need to go slowly. This full moon of March 17 is very badly aspected, and with Mars, the subject of the full moon, in Aries, conjunct Uranus on March 22, nothing will go as planned. Whatever happens will be far from what you expected to hear and nothing in your past will have prepared you for what is due.

Financially, this is no month to speculate. Be conservative, and take no risks, as the moon - which will be under siege - rules your second house of earned income and possessions. If you are involved in a creative project this month, stay vigilant to make sure it does not go off the rails at month's end - you don't need expensive overruns. The end of March will be a wild and wooly time, so observe and plan, but until you see how events play out, you won't be able to act. March 22 will give you a clue, but things will come to a boil by March 27.

The last days of March bring light improvement - on Saturday, March 30, Venus and Jupiter will work together - the outcome will be an invitation to a social event attended by many. The results of the recent March 27 full moon will still be on your mind, however, so see how you feel, but try to reward yourself with a sweet diversion.

Dates to Note: Gemini

Most romantic dates: March 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 17, 18, 23, 26, and 30.

This will be an incredible career month for you. It starts immediately but picks up steam after the new moon March 11.

March 1 to 11 brings Mars in Pisces. Use this period to make massive career strides, the biggest of 2013.

Venus in Pisces, March 1 to 21, will make you popular with VIPs, and again, you are making the right impression.

Venus in Aries will take the emphasis off work and onto play, March 21 to April 14.

Mars in Aries from March 12 will bring lots of social interaction and community events.

Your ruler, Mercury, now in Pisces and in your house of career, will finally go direct on March 17 after being retrograde since February 23. Until this date, sign nothing, and agree to nothing important verbally.

The full moon will be very problematic and can bring lots of romantic crosscurrents, March 27, plus or minus four days.

Still, you may get help from another friend, the day before - March 26 - thanks to Mars in strong angle to Jupiter.

If you are over the problems of the full moon of March 27, by March 30, Venus working nicely with Jupiter may make you cheerful again - and allow you to be with friends.

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