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4月 Horoscope for Leo

You've been concentrating hard at work, but you seem to be longing to do something new and different to put a little variety in your life. During the friendly first half of April, it may be time to switch up your schedule. If you want to take a vacation, see if you can take a little time to do so in early April, a great time to go, and even a business trip would have you enjoying the change of scene. If you can travel, go anytime from April 1 to 23, and you'll be assured a happy, joyous trip, or, if you do it for business, you'll likely find a prosperous time to see a client based at a distance and to cut the cards.

With Venus, Mars, Uranus, the Sun, and new moon, April 10, all in Aries, and all working together on your behalf, the early part of April should be precisely your cup of tea. Aries is a fire sign like yours, so it would be hard to imagine any sign more supportive than Aries for you now. All these planets will support you from your expansive ninth house of adventure, higher learning, distant travel, and deep thinking. When your internal thermostat is telling you to do something new, listen to that craving - it is there for a reason.

Your mind will crackle with ideas this month, too, and if you offer the best of innovations you come up with now, you will have a good chance to get at least one approved and funded. Aries is highly entrepreneurial, individualistic energy, so your thinking is likely to be highly original and in terms of business, likely have strong profit potential.

Foreign people and places will be lucky for you now, but if you can't travel, you may hear that others will come to you, and in this case, you'll happily play host to visitors to your city. There are other lovely bonuses to the month, and I will get to those.

Let's start with a dazzler of a day, April 1, when the Sun, your ruling star, will receive a very happy beam from Jupiter from your house of friendship. It's a great day to grab a friend for lunch - and eat in a nicer-than-usual restaurant - or to attend a club function that evening. If you happen to be away from home on April 1, better yet!

The first week of April will be quite spectacular for another reason, this time at the end of that week. Venus and her lover, Mars, two little planets that adore being together, will meet on April 6 and 7 for the first time in two years, and even more rare, they will meet for the first time in Aries since 1985. Travel and negotiations with people abroad should go exceptionally well. This also could be a good time to discuss import-export ideas, or translations of a book you may have written that proved very popular. If you have an interview with a university professor or staff, make your appointment meeting for early to mid-April.

The topics I have been discussing - travel and people based at a distance from you - will get a much bigger push at the new moon, April 10 and the ten days that follow. (The closer you stick to the days that quickly follow this new moon, the better, such as April 11, 12, 15 to 17; always act quickly AFTER a new moon appears, when the energy is strongest.) If you have any matters of immigration, green card, visa, or passport/citizenship to attend to, this new moon will be heaven-sent.

This same new moon will help you if you are in the business of dispersing information, collecting or researching it. For example, if you work in publishing, broadcasting, the Internet, or other forms of communication, such as telecommunication or software / app development, this new moon will give you a huge boost. This same new moon will be an ideal time to schedule meetings with officials at universities to decide which institution you'd like to attend in September. If you are a graduate student, you might want to start work on your thesis now, a great time to start. If you are in a court case, the other side may agree to a settlement you propose after April 10, or a verdict could very well go in your favor.

I am very excited that the new moon August 10 will come flanked with Venus and Mars. These are very upbeat planets, and Mars will energize your plans in a very effective way. On April 17, in fact, Mars will conjoin the Sun, a day when you may feel so strong you may feel unstoppable, like Jack the Giant Killer.

After April 10, you may feel that you'd like to take a spiritual retreat to think deeply or to pray quietly in a peaceful setting. The part of your solar horoscope that is lit up is a very philosophical, reflective, and intellectual part of the chart. You may want to ask yourself probing questions, such as to think about how you might make your greatest contribution to others in your life. If you decide you can't go on a retreat, you might opt to read philosophical books by great thinkers, or sign up for college level classes or seminars, or attend book-signing lectures that will get you exposed to other's ideas and viewpoints.

If you do travel, go in the day prior to April 19, because after that, your attention will begin to switch to your career. Many exciting things will be bubbling up in May, so you'll need to start to get ready, with a new resume, the ideal interview outfit, and if creative, an updated portfolio. The most important part will be to think about the position you feel you are ready to take on now, and to decide on how to go after it.

Once Mars heads to Taurus, it will light your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame from April 19 to May 31. A very wonderful new moon, May 9, will be a powerful solar eclipse, and I have always felt a solar eclipse has the power of three new moons rolled into one. Next month if you are ready to work hard on winning that new position, you stand an excellent chance of getting it in time. Big jobs often take months to win, but what matters is that you begin in May, just after the new moon. In the meantime, ask friends and family for contacts you can call and tips of jobs that may be opening up soon. Line up your references to have if asked, and be ready to make your most important appointments in May.

Going back to April, one of the hardest days for you (quite the opposite from your two great days, April 1 and 17) will be April 28, when your ruler, the Sun, will oppose Saturn. This will be a very draining day, financially, emotionally, or physically, so pace yourself accordingly.

Before you begin to think about your career, your home will be a top priority on the new moon solar eclipse April 25, a time you can bring a home-related plan to fruition.

Indeed, something appears to be culminating at home - you may be moving, or seeing the painters or contractors finally finish a major project. You may be addressing repairs, finding ways to get more space in your closet, or you may be in the process of buying a vacation home, as some examples. If you purchased furniture earlier in the month (a good time to do so now that Mercury is out of retrograde), it will likely arrive within days of this solar eclipse. If you hope to shop for home-related things, do so anytime in early April, but especially over the weekend of April 6-7, for that's when you will be able to uncover great finds.

I like that Mars will be shoulder to shoulder to this new moon, for Mars will act as a booster rocket, and you will be quick to jump on plans and get a lot done as a result.

Saturn will add a heavy note to the solar eclipse, for Saturn will orbit very close to the full moon. You may be worried about news you receive at this full moon eclipse, such as when the landlord suddenly says (as a possible example), "I just sold the building, so sorry - you'll have to move." (There are laws concerning how much time a landlord would have to give you to move, and they vary by state and country. Don't panic; this is only one of a myriad of possible examples.)

Or, the full moon eclipse in the fourth house may point to concern over a parent, most likely your mother, as a lunar eclipse sometimes points to a female relative, such as mother or grandmother, instead of the physical home. You may have to find a medical specialist to handle a concern of your mother, or, if your grandmother is moving, she may appreciate a hand from you to help her pack.

In matters of love, you'll find the time when Venus and Mars tour Leo your best time to find new love, or to enjoy the love you've already found. Venus will stay in Leo from April 1 to 14, and Mars will be in Aries from April 1 to 19 - the best of the best. Circle the weekend of April 6-7 to be your most memorable for fun and love.

This is not only a special time for love, but also for seeing about buying new clothes or improving your appearance with a new haircut or for women, new makeup. Travel, which will be such a dominant theme in the beginning of the month, will greatly boost your chances for rekindling present love or finding new love if you are single.

This is a busy month - I am sure you can't wait to get started!

With no less than FIVE heavenly bodies in fellow fire sign Aries, all crowded into your long-distance travel sector, you are very likely to be spreading your wings and making a journey to an exciting, possibly warm, location. If you can go, do so early in the month, or even better, just after the new moon, April 10, plus ten days. Interests abroad will be bubbling up too, and are likely to be intriguing, and possibly be entrepreneurial or pioneering in nature. If you are hoping to work or study in another country, you may be involved with applying for a passport, green card, visa, or other immigration matter.

Other opportunities may come up too, involving publicity or an exciting project in the media, in broadcasting or publishing. If that does not fit, it's also possible a lot of activity in your life will be centered on academia, perhaps because you are applying to college, preparing to defend a thesis, or getting ready to take an important qualifying exam. Finally, if you are in a legal case, planets in Aries will support you, and, if you are hoping to initiate a case, it's a good time to do so, or at the very least, to consult with a lawyer. This month justice is on your side.

The tenor of the month will change enormously once you get to the first eclipse of 2013, a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio, April 25, to light your fourth house of residence, other property, and family. Your career is heating up nicely - something you will see next month - so perhaps you have chosen to move house to take advantage of a career offer that has just started to come up. Mars is still in your sector honors and awards, so clearly, you won't have any trouble getting your foot in the door of highly placed VIPs, and this trend will enlarge even more by May.

For now, you may be making a weighty decision involving your home, as evidenced by the presence of Saturn on the eclipse. Your home may need expensive repairs, or you may be having problems with the bank over a mortgage or loan. Neptune will be well angled to the eclipse, so you may be working with a home designer, with superb results, and if so, you will find the money to complete your plan fairly quickly.

If you are not moving, redecorating, or renovating, nor negotiating with a bank or contractor, you may have concerns over a female relative, most likely your mother, or someone you think of as a mother. If so, your career decisions may need to be strongly colored by what you learn about your beloved woman relative now.

Or, you may hear that a female roommate is about to leave, much to your surprise, and you may have to scramble to find another roommate to help pay the rent. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and will be friendly to Venus, indicating you can find a solid answer, especially to your career, so take time to sit down to think.

By Sunday, the Sun, your ruler, will oppose Saturn, so whatever surfaced near April 25 seems to be in full bloom by Sunday. You may feel sad, or overwhelmed on this day, April 28, so keep this day leisurely and open, as you may be dealing with several questions that need answers instantly. Stay strong as you slide into late April, as it is likely to be a strenuous time for most people but in the end you will prevail.

Dates to note Leo:

Most romantic dates: April 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, 13-14, 18, and 19.

One of your favorite days of the month may be April 1, when your ruler, the Sun, will receive golden beams from Jupiter.

See if you can travel over the weekend of April 6-7. Venus will contact Mars in Aries then, making for a perfect holiday retreat.

Much more travel may dot your calendar after the new moon in Aries, April 10 plus ten days. A media project may come up or one involving academia. This area shines for you now, so proceed with vigor. Legal matter will also be blessed.

If you have not done your annual medical and dental check-up yet, you may want to do so now that Pluto will be retrograde April 12 to September 20. It's likely you will find the time now.

Mars is moving into your house of career honors on April 20 to stay until May 30. This marks the best period of 2013 for your career. Build your strategy early so you will be ready for this important career phase.

Your home and family will be a big focus at the lunar full moon eclipse April 25. Decisions you make now will be long lasting. Events could go either way depending on how they have been going all along.

Brace for a tough day on April 28 when Saturn will oppose your ruler, the Sun. Be practical and realistic.

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