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4月 Horoscope for Pisces

You are not a sign that enjoys spending a great deal of time on money management, but this month, doing so will pay off. As the most creative and imaginative sign of the zodiac, you enjoy getting involved with new projects that will allow you to direct your considerable talents, but focusing directly on money is often put aside. Money will often be a byproduct to your creative efforts, but that's good because by focusing on the assignment, you create work of great quality, and quality is usually always rewarded in time.

In April, be cognizant of the fees you charge, especially if you are self-employed, as many Pisces tend to be. If you work for others, consider the salary you are paid and decide if you feel you deserve a raise. If so, start putting together your justifications for a raise. The energy this month has nothing to do with winning money - you will make it the old fashioned way, by working, but if you take a moment to study your income, outgo, costs, and savings, you can leave the month in a far better financial position than when you entered it.

Among the many planets in your money sector during early to mid-April will be Uranus, indicating a likelihood of your receiving one or more sudden offers for projects, and Venus, a planet associated with profits. Mars will be touring your second house of salary and other income until April 19, indicating your expenses may be rising during the first three weeks, but even that might help you. A stronger outgo of cash this month may motivate you to find ways to bring in more money. The Sun will shine a brilliant light in this same area of your chart until April 19, coaxing you to stay focused on financial matters. All these heavenly bodies will await the arrival of the new moon, April 10 - that is when the show will begin!

If you are self-employed, it looks like several projects will either be coming your way, or you will be invited to compete for them. No problem there - you will be holding all aces and can easily trounce the other candidates. Courageously speak up for the fees that match your growing reputation. Whether you are self-employed or are employed by others, April will be your best month of 2013 to ask for a raise - wait to do so on or after April 10.

Here is something to understand about astrology. You can have the best outlook possible with plenty of planets to help you, but if you have no new moon to trigger the energy of those planets, you will have few (or even NO) ways to access the gifts of those other planets. This important new moon - the only one of 2013 to light your personal financial sector - will arrive April 10. Watch carefully any offers or proposals that are presented to you just after that new moon arrives, all the way through April 23.

Does this mean that you can expect to get the phone call of your dreams from a Mr. Big, without any effort on your part? I can hear you laughing. You and I know this is never going to happen - or at the very least, highly unlikely. Believe it or not, there are some who post on social media that assume this is how astrology works. I wish, but no, it does not work that way. You have to be out there, beating the bushes to uncover emerging work or asking your boss for more and better assignments.

Astrology is best used for planning key actions, by going with the powerful, smooth wave of energy of the universe, rather than trying to drive head-on into a concrete wall at the wrong time. Early to mid-April will be a great time to be searching for ways to increase your cash flow, so make all efforts quickly, the minute the month takes off, Later, intensify your efforts after the new moon in Aries arrives, April 10.

Any great-paying position or assignment may take months to get, but if you start now, you will be in perfect sync with the universe's efforts to help you. (It is also possible that you will hit pay dirt immediately.)

Before I start to tell you all about the ways to use the coming new moon, April 10, to your best advantage, you will have one set of days that may bring delicious news about money, April 5 to April 7. These days are not as powerful as a new moon, but they may bring you some upbeat news, so stay alert.

At this time, April 5 to April 7, Mars and Venus will combine energies in your second house of income. You may be sent a check, or you may be given a beautiful gift. Something seems to make you very happy on one of the days mentioned. If you are forced to negotiate a salary offer and cannot delay your talks until the new moon April 10, then schedule your talks on Thursday, April 4, or Friday, April 5.

Now going back to the new moon, April 10 and the nearly two weeks to follow, there's plenty to be excited about. This new moon will come accompanied by Venus (a conjunction) indicating that with some effort, you can generate profits fairly quickly. Mars' presence (also by conjunction to the new moon) indicates that you will have plenty of energy and motivation to steam ahead toward your goal to greater riches.

Whatever assignments you take on now will be very new and lead you down a completely new path. You may even take on the role of pathfinder or pioneer in a new realm. The industry or type of work you do will be very new, and entrepreneurial, and allow you to gain expertise in a very specific area that few know about, much less have any experience with at this point. It may be in a digital realm or involve scientific research, for example, but there are other possibilities that I can't even imagine! Investigating new areas this month will give you an edge over the competition, so keep moving forward.

Saturday, April 20, will be a day of surprise, as Uranus, planet of unexpected happenings, now based in your second house of earned income, will conjoin Mercury, also there. Both will be in Aries. Uranus is always about what you're not looking at, and certainly not expecting (not in a million years), so this day represents a wild card. You may hear terrible financial news or fantastic news.

Or, you may use this day, April 20, to brainstorm about your finances, and in that case, that would be a great way to use April 20. Mercury is all about thinking and analyzing facts. Uranus, as the "higher octave" of Mercury, brings the gifts of Mercury to a higher level, into Uranus' realm, the realm of innovation, uniqueness, and yes, even genius.

Tuesday, April 23, will likely be an even BETTER day to circle in gold, when Mercury (news) still in Aries, will signal Jupiter (giver of gifts and luck), still in your fourth house of family, home, and property. You may sell a piece of real estate, or buy property or furniture at a bargain price, or receive a check from a beloved relative. These are just a few examples to get you thinking. This will be a happy day for you.

As the month progresses, planets will begin to leave their little Aries party and head over to Taurus. (Apparently these little tipsy planets are having fun being together and have no plans to break up the clique anytime soon.) This is good news, for it means that the universe has chosen to speak clearly this year. Looking at 2013 so far, almost every month since January has held a crown of stars (a "stellium" or cluster of planets) in one sign, adding oomph to the message of the month. The only exception was February, but even February had three heavenly bodies in one sign (not enough, but not too shabby either). March had a big stellium of six heavenly bodies in Pisces, April has five in Aries, and May and June will have stelliums, too. With such a concentration of heavenly bodies in one sign, different each month, the message of those planets is strong and clear, and has a way of helping you direct the energies of those planets in a positive way.

On April 15, Venus will head to Taurus, followed by the Sun, April 19, and Mars, April 20, all in Taurus. (Once Mars leaves Aries, your expenses will drop.) These planets will fill your third house of communication and travel, and this area will become more important next month. You may start to travel much more in the second half of April, and even more in early May.

In the meantime, we have a very important full moon lunar eclipse on the way in Scorpio, 6 degrees on April 25 in your solar ninth house of foreign people and places, attitudes and opinions, and places of higher learning including universities, colleges, and governing all of academia. Publishing and broadcasting projects are also included under the ninth house, as well as all intellectual reasoning, in the courts, and in regard to philosophical matters, too. Eclipses, like this one, a full moon lunar eclipse, carry the weight of three full moons in one. They mark very important points of the year, and one or more of the areas listed may become very important to you at month's end.

At this eclipse of April 27, Saturn will conjunct the moon, so news will be serious and heavy. This is not an easy eclipse, for something appears to be reaching fullness and a final end point This does not mean you can't persevere and triumph, but you'll have to apply a lot of energy to do so. The best part about this eclipse is that your ruler, Neptune, now in Pisces, will be in perfect angle to the eclipse, to Saturn and also the Sun and Mars. That is a lot of power on your side, so you can likely make some inroads, no matter what the news you receive.

Let's look at the possible applications.

If you are to be traveling at month's end, by the eclipse you will be returning home within several days of April 27. You will find that you accomplished something highly important on this trip, and come next November, when the third eclipse in the series arrives (the first was November 13, 2012), you will see more progress as a result. Each eclipse illuminates facts, pushes us forward, tests our abilities, and brings us new ways of demonstrating our talents.

Legal matters will be sewn up, but getting to contract (if you are in the process now of negotiation) will be a long and arduous process. With Saturn conjunct the moon, you may not get all the points you desired, but you may sign anyway, partly because you feel weary of the whole process. Whatever you agree to, however, will be etched in stone and very hard to get changed later, so be careful. Check with your lawyer before you sign anything. Keep in mind that you do have Neptune and Pluto on your side, so you can get a decent finish, but it may involve hard uphill plodding to get there.

With the moon so close to Saturn, any creative effort you are involved in now will take time. You may have to stand up for your vision if the bean counters of the organization raise questions about costs, which you will feel are already reasonable. Be prepared to answer any questions they will raise at month's end. The cost control people may not have any questions at all, but if they do, you will have thought of every good answer in the book to give them. The last thing you want to be is broadsided by their inquiries.

If you go on a spiritual or religious retreat this month, you will likely return home within four days of April 27. Any time you spend in a quiet setting, where you have time to think on the truly important matters in life, will refresh you and help to center you. Time spent reflecting will help lead you to enlightenment and a new way of looking at recent events in all parts of your life, and make you feel calmer because you will be in control and certain of your decisions.

In regard to academia, you may be scheduled to take a major test at this time, like the Bar, or defend your thesis, and if so, you would be best to study hard. You can do well, but you must prepare. If you have already taken the test and are due to hear back, things could go either way. You must not be deterred - life can be like this and you've been under exceptional strain. Keep moving forward.

If you are about to enter college or graduate school, you may receive an admission letter from one of the colleges you applied to now, too. If you don't get in, you can blame Saturn. However, if you do get in, the work is likely to be very demanding, for Saturn will be residing in your academic house until September 2015. Still, you may be overjoyed with any letter you received based on your individual chart (which I cannot see from here), and the good aspects I had mentioned earlier that will accompany the tough ones at this eclipse. Let's think good thoughts. You do have enough good planets to help you through.

In the realm of publishing or broadcasting, a client may ask you to finish up a massive written or film / video project that has with many moving parts. This project will require all the detailed attention you have to give, but it will be a highly creative one, and by doing this, you will prove your worth. Whenever Saturn is in any particular house of the horoscope, progress usually takes more time and money than expected. (Keep this in mind when estimating your costs and deadlines in the future.)

You may find that you are doing an import-export venture or a matter involving immigration / passport / visa / green card or residency papers (pick one or more). If so, it likely required much more paperwork and patience from you that you never expected now it should reach a positive conclusion. A foreign client may be now be leaving, perhaps due to a contract that is finished, but if so, other possibilities will open up.

Fortunately, this eclipse falls in Scorpio, a water sign like yours, and blends beautifully with your Pisces Sun. If your birthday falls on February 25, plus or minus five days, you will feel this eclipse more than your friends who are Pisces.

Romantically, your best time will occur when Venus enters Taurus, from April 15 to May 9, and while Mars is in Taurus, April 19 to May 31. Travel will give you a chance to focus on your sweetheart or spouse, and would be a great idea to do over weekends. Improve your looks while Venus is in Taurus - it will boost your confidence, and if single and hoping for love, you are likely to find it in a resort or town a short distance from where you live. In all, you have a big month. Make it count!

As April dawns, you seem focused on your cash flow, income, and salary (or, if self-employed, then fees) to the exclusion of almost everything else. The reason for this rare near-obsession for you is a crowd of planets in Aries, now in your second house of income and personal wealth, possessions, and resources. In that house you have Uranus, planet of surprise (where things would continually go either way up or down, now and in the five years to come); Venus, a planet associated with financial bounty; Mars, ruling assertive action; Sun, ruling authority, ego, and high level assistance; and the most important - a new moon, April 10, in Aries.

That new moon will combine all the energy of the other planets and make it accessible to you. From that point on, you will have a good chance to raise your income. Be sure to gather up your courage and ask.

Saturn will be in close, friendly conversation to Neptune, so you may get offers to write or work overseas without ever leaving home. While the fees are not likely to be high enough to thrill you, you may do the assignments anyway, as they are sure to be creative and mind expanding, and your final product may become a lasting jewel in your crown.

The major full moon eclipse in Scorpio will occur April 25. Again the theme of foreign people and places will surface, but this time either you may lose a client, or gain one who has a very weighty, complex assignment for you. This is a full moon, so you may also be rushing to finish up a project, and because your ruler, Neptune, will be well angled, so you may be enjoying the ability to express yourself creatively.

Saturn will oppose the Sun on April 28, so you will have to make sure you don't extend yourself so much that you come down with a cold that has you sniffling in bed. The last week of April will be unusually strenuous for everyone of every sign, so pace yourself carefully, and in a day or two you'll be back in a more normal speed again.

Dates to note Pisces:

Most romantic dates: April 6, 7, 11, 12, 16, 17, and 20-21.

Ask for a raise just after the new moon appears April 10. This is the best time in 2013 to increase your income. The new moon will be powerful until April 23.

Mars will urge you to spend money form April 1-19 while it moves through Aries. Expenses will drop after April 19.

If you write for a living, many assignments are likely to come in from April 20 to May 31, while Mars tours Taurus.

Real estate deals will be favored on April 1 and 23 due to conversation Jupiter will have with other planets.

The full moon lunar eclipse of April 25 will conjunct Saturn, so a serious legal, academic, publishing, or broadcasting matter may come to conclusion. This is not a good time to travel.

If you work with others overseas, you may get a complex project done on April 25, but you may see a client leave at the time as well, perhaps because the job has been complete.

Protect your health over April 27-28 due to Saturn opposed to the Sun.

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