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4月 Horoscope for Aries
The first part of 2013 has been, so far, highly unusual in that the planets seem to have a movable party, moving like a group of drunk little planets from one house to another, unwilling to go home. Apparently they like to be together! They started out in January in Capricorn, headed to Pisces in a big way in March, and now there will be a remarkable FIVE in Aries as of the new moon, April 10. You've been trying to gain control of things, but doing so in March proved difficult. Now, in April you get your chance.

March was a hard month for you to gain control not only because Mercury had been retrograde from February 23 to March 17, but also because planets in Pisces filled your twelfth house, indicating that all the action was taking place off stage. While you might have been preparing strategy and plans behind closed doors and refining details (very likely, and a good time to do so), the hard part was that discussions of others were going on behind closed doors without including you, and those discussions were having a direct influence on your life daily life. This seems to have given you lots of responsibility but little control over managing those responsibilities.

I do not mean to propose that anyone was acting in a dark and stealthy way, but rather management may not have been clear with you. Not being privy to the whole picture from day to day made your job hard to do. That situatioo make your dream a reality.

The fact that Mars is in Aries (to leave on April 20) is very telling, as this once-in-two-year appearance of your ruling planet in your own sign heralds the start of an important two-year cycle. Mars will give you energy and drive, determination and perseverance. Having Mars on your side can make you simply unstoppable - you can, with some imaginative thinking, surmount any obstacle. Mars will also make you feel more energetic and more willing to do all you need to do to get to success.

With Venus in your sign too from April 1 through April 14, leaving the following day, April 15, you'll be dripping with charm and charisma. You will find it easy to meet new people and form a bond.

Venus in Aries through April 14 means too that the first half of the month would be your time to see about refreshing your appearance, and that might include buying a few new things to wear. Whether you are a man or a woman, decide whether you'd like to change your hair, or at the very least, get a morale boosting trim. Aries rules the head, and no Aries is happy unless his or her hair looks great. If you are a woman Aries, the first two weeks of April would be ideal for choosing new makeup. Either sex may want to buy a new scent for the coming season - it will give you a lift, so why not do so? (Shop from April 1 to 14 while Venus and Mars, that magnetic duo, are in Aries; April 4-6 will be your best days!)

With Uranus in Aries, now and for many years to come (an ongoing placement for Uranus, which started in March 2011), you have the element of surprise in your life - sure to add lots of spice. You will also come up with creative ideas that others find brilliant, so if you are in a field where you are paid for your ideas, by all means contribute them - you seem to be about to hit on something big.

A perfect day to brainstorm for original ideas would be on the day Mercury (thinking) aligns with Uranus (genius), a once-a-year event due Saturday, April 20. Wow!

You always yearn to be independent and autonomous, but this month, this feeling will be felt more than ever. The plethora of planets in Aries can help you do all you hope you can do. All these planets will blend their energies together into one cake batter, for the new moon will unlock their gifts and make them all accessible to you. This all is very exciting, dear Aries. Aries energy is quick and bold, but it can also be too fast - make sure you do your homework and have planned out your steps. If there is any venture you want to begin, start it on or just after the new moon April 10.

If you were born on or AFTER April 10, this new moon may usher in a flurry of talks. As is with all of astrology, you need to make calls, set up meetings, and circulate. New moons open new doors, and they will open for you if you show the universe your intent. I can help you with the timing - you must supply the direction you want to go. When you work hard on something after a perfect new moon arrives (like this one!) you are very likely to see results. This is one of the most important new moons you've had in years.

If your birthday falls prior to April 10, the new moon will help launch something you've ALREADY put in motion but that you have had problems so far lifting off. Now you will see things start to click - and that will show you proof of the power of a new moon.

In regard to your career, Pluto is currently based in your tenth house of honors, achievements, and awards, and Pluto will reward hard work. In time, you can become a force to be reckoned with, for Pluto is very powerful. Pluto first entered Capricorn and this area of your chart in 2008 and will remain there until 2024. This month Pluto will be retrograde on April 12 to September 20. You may want to get your most important career deals done prior to April 12, when opportunity will be the most plentiful and lucrative. While you wait for Pluto to turn direct, you may want to go back to people you had talks with in the past to see if you can generate new ideas for your participation now.

On another topic, finances will start to become more important to you by the time you get to April 19. The Sun will move into Taurus, and other migrating planets - Venus, Mars, the Sun - will move into your earned income sector. By April 25, the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Scorpio will join Saturn already there, in your eighth house of other people's money. You may have had an extension on filing taxes and are doing them at that time. Or, you may be in court in a dispute over money you feel you are owed or are working on the division of property in a divorce. This house also rules venture capital, so if you applied for money, you may get it but the terms may be very strict, or you may be given a lower amount than you had hoped to get. This house rules other people's money, so it includes inheritance, insurance payouts, student loans, mortgage, prize winnings, bonuses, commissions, and other funds that fall outside of the money you earn.

Saturn will be very prominent on this full moon eclipse, conjoining the moon and opposing the Sun, so you may make a long-term decision or come to a weighty final settlement. You will have to be very practical and realistic about what you hear. If you are the one who owes money, Saturn does not let us out of responsibility, so no matter what comes up, you will have to find a way to deal with the news. It will likely involve money you will have to pay out. For obvious reasons, this would not be the weekend to gamble, for Saturn would be there to bring hard lessons learned. Lunar eclipses mark endings, and Saturn tends to limit, so if you hear that someone owes you, the sum settled on by the two of you or by the courts (or other government agency) may be less than you had hoped. In the end, at least this matter would be over - and no more talks due. A full moon eclipse can affect you for plus or minus four days, but as said earlier might deliver news a month to the day later, with the same tolerance in May.

This eclipse is the second in the Taurus-Scorpio series. The first arrived as a new moon solar eclipse November 13, 2012. This one, April 25, will continue the discussion, perhaps picking up the threads of what happened back in November.

On Sunday, April 28, Saturn will oppose the Sun, bringing on a somber day, not favorable at all for moneymaking deals or for romantic dates, plus or minus one day. Plan to rest, and perhaps treat yourself to a soothing aromatherapy message.
You are about to enter into an extraordinary month. As has been the case in 2013, the first months of the year have brought an unusual clustering of planets in a single sign in almost all of the past months, and this continues in April through June. When planets congregate in one sign, they tend to speak very clearly and directly. January brought planets to Capricorn (emphasizing your career), March brought a crowd of planets in Pisces (underscoring your sharp intuition and behind the scenes activities), and now we have April, with a remarkable five heavenly bodies lined up in Aries, including the Sun, Uranus, Mars, Venus, and the new moon, April 10. This confluence of planets will give you strong presence, and others will look to you to lead them in a new direction. Your opinions will be valued, and you will find it fairly easy to impart your enthusiasm to others to motivate them. Planets in Aries will also give you control over many events that occur now, and that will gratify you.

It will be, at times, a tense month, too, simply because it will come packed with many activities of wide breath and scope. Don't lose sight of the main event: It's the right time to launch something dearly important to you, especially in the business sense. You will feel entrepreneurial, pioneering, and adventurous, and it certainly is the right time to set the wagon caravan moving. Just be sure to do your due diligence, for you will also feel in a great hurry to get going. For some Aries, it will be almost a brash need to jump in with both feet, so for you, be sure to look before you leap, and to study all the details of your strategy. Mars is in Aries now, giving you the right of way until April 19. If you feel you've done your homework, then launch in the days that come AFTER the new moon, April 10.

Some tension this month will center on finances. With Mars moving into your second house of earned income from April 20 to May 31, you'll need to write checks. Venus and the Sun's presence in the same area suggest you can find new sources of income, but to do so, you'll have to stay alert. In your other financial house called the sector of "other people's money," you have Saturn and the full moon lunar eclipse, April 25. This suggests that you may get depressing news about taxes, a mortgage, a loan application, or other funding. By "depressing" I mean you may owe more than you anticipated. It may alternatively be that money that has been owed to you will not be forthcoming or not as generous as you had anticipated in regard to an inheritance, child support, or a court case settlement, as some examples. The eclipse seems to be saying that you expect a brighter financial picture than will be presented now, so it might be best to have a contingency plan in place.

With the eclipse of April 25, you won't have any room to negotiate, so you may feel boxed in, something that never pleases an Aries. You may be tempted to take out frustrations on others, which of course, would be useless. Keep in mind this is a temporary situation. By May you may hit on an idea or find an opportunity that will help you make up any loss. In the meantime, break down any problem you are facing to small pieces, and study each one, one at a time.

Love may turn out to be very bright during the first three weeks of April, and that would go far to balance out any concerns you might encounter about money. April 1 should be superb, with the Sun and Jupiter in perfect sync. It's a Monday, but if you are invited out to any event, whether social or professional, go, as that day will be special.

Your most critical and happy day for your love life will be Saturday, April 6, when Venus and Mars unite in Aries - they have not chosen to rendezvous in Aries for years, and having both lover planets in Aries will be quite an advantage. This is sensational news, for this rare aspect will bestow you with charisma that others will notice in you and you will be unforgettable all month, but doubly so at this time.

The last week of April won't likely be lighthearted due to lingering concerns over money. Additionally, if you were born in late April, say, near April 19, the coming eclipse in Scorpio may give you reason to ponder a close relationship and how it might influence your finances in coming months. For this reason, in late April, you might want to stay by yourself to think over your next strategic move. Socialize to April 19 when your aspects for love will be best, for at that time, you'll be at your most memorably magnetic.

Dates to note Aries:

Most romantic dates: April 1, 4, 5 (gold star), 6, 7, 10, 13-14, 19, and 23.

Venus will be in Aries from April 1 to 14, giving you a wonderful advantage. Use this time to improve your appearance and to circulate.

Mars will be in Aries April 1 to 19, giving you presence, exceptional magnetism, and drive.

Venus will link to her lover Mars in Aries, on April 6, an exceedingly rare and joyous event. Be sure to be out and about! Is your birthday on or near April 6? You will benefit even more - for a whole year!

The new moon in Aries on April 10 is your moment to shine. Act quickly to initiate a new project dear to you in the ten days that follow the new moon.

Pluto will go retrograde April 12 until September 20 - and may hold up career progress. Have vital meetings sooner than later.

Watch finances on April 25, the lunar eclipse - you may discover you need to pay a large bill for a credit card, tuition, medical, or taxes, as some examples.

April 28 will be a draining day - Saturn will oppose the Sun. The time near this date may bring depressing news from a boss or about a boss.

Take a short trip on for fun and/or profit April 1.

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