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Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aries Horoscope for July 2013

By Susan Miller

This month brings new influences, so if you have felt stuck or feel that life has become a bit too routine, you will like the changes that are in store for you. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, recently arrived in Cancer last month on June 25 and is set to stay until next year, July 16, 2014. Jupiter has not been in Cancer since mid-2001 to mid-2002. As the planet of good fortune, Jupiter will bring strokes of luck regarding any plan you have for your home. You can find a new place to live (if that's your goal) or fix up your present space to a home that truly reflects the true "you."

As said, it's been twelve years since you had this influence, so you may barely remember what happened last time! This go-round of Jupiter in Cancer will be better than the last, because Saturn, the taskmaster planet that bestows wisdom and maturity, is now in fellow water sign, Scorpio, and will support your every move. At the same time, Neptune, a highly creative planet, is in Pisces, a placement that is also highly supportive. To have three very heavy duty, powerful outer planets in water signs supporting you unconditionally in July is rare. These three planets will form a golden triangle that will appear in the heavens, to reach a pinnacle on July 17.

What a beautiful day July 17 will be! Keep in mind that these planets move very s-l-o-w-l-y and that is good news, because it means this golden triangle will be "within orb" all month and through August 5. On July 17, each planet will be precisely 120 degrees from the other, with Jupiter at 5 degrees, Neptune at 5 degrees, and Saturn at 5 degrees forming a perfect triangle! Wow! When you consider that it takes Jupiter 12 years to circle the Sun, Neptune 168 years, and Saturn 29 years to make the same journey around the Sun, you see how very rare these types of configurations are in the heavens. This triangle of harmony is absolutely heavenly and will link your houses of home and family (the biggest star of the show); Neptune in subconscious, denoting deep creativity in you; and Saturn in your house of other people's money, ruling such funds as bank loans, say, for home improvement or a new or refinanced mortgage - an area that glows now. If you need money, it looks like you have all the aspects you need to get it, assuming you've fairly good credit.

This all behooves you to think about what would make you happy. Would you like to move to a bigger space or to another country? Would you like to renovate your kitchen or paint your bedroom? How about getting a new rug for your living room, or a new desk or chair for your home office? Jupiter has been known to bring miracles, so if you have been having problems holding on to your house or condo due to the recent unstable economic environment, you may have better luck now than you have had - see your banker and schedule a conversation. You may get a fabulous bargain, say, at the flea market or because of markdowns in July. It would be worth looking if you need something special.

Jupiter works in wonderful, miraculous ways. I always wanted a glass desk for my tabletop computer, and the glass had to be thick to hold my large flat computer screen. At the time, my then-husband had been out of work for more than a year, so funds were tight. I could not imagine walking into a store to buy my dream desk - in fact, I had not even seen one with a little over an inch-thick glass in any of the home decorating magazines.

Then, one day, while doing a lot of laundry for my family, I noticed a sign in the laundry room of my apartment building for a glass table for sale. When I looked at the dimensions I saw it was just the size desk I was seeking. The sign said it was a small dining room table but I saw it as my perfect glass desk. (I don't like little tiny desks! I need space to work!) I called the lady who posted the sign, a lady I didn't know, but who was friendly and who lived in an apartment just a few floors below mine. She said she was moving, and she also said that if I bought the "table" she would also give me her beautiful white couch. Together, the cost was $600. I flew down to the ATM machine instantly and gave her the money before anyone else could grasp this incredible deal. She wondered how I would transport things, but I told her I had an experienced messenger service that could handle this delivery easily. That lucky transaction took place years ago, but I still love my gorgeous, pristine glass desk. (I have since replaced the couch, but it was nice while it lasted.) At the time, I had Jupiter in the fourth house, as you do, so that was my miracle!

You may want to check flea markets, thrift shops, and places like the Salvation Army for incredible finds. When my mother passed away last September, my sister and I gave her furniture to charity. It was then I realized that other families probably did the same thing, and that charities probably had some amazing "finds" for sale.

Your luck may come through other means. Let's say you have been living in a high-rise rental that you adore - now your landlord may announce he is about to turn the building into a condo, so this would be another kind of lucky manifestation of this trend. With the insider discount, say, of 20 percent or even 30 percent off the asking price of your apartment, you may be able to be a homeowner for the first time. If you have been trying to sell your house to no avail, the conditions surrounding your house have changed for the better, so redouble your efforts. Don't let past disappointments color your expectations. Now you have Jupiter on your side!

One more thought: If you are looking for new spaces, do not settle for anything less than spacious and sunny. You are not meant to suffer in a little shoebox of an apartment - not with expansive, lucky Jupiter at your side now. This is a once-in-twelve-year trend, so be confident you can find your dream situation! It appears that when it comes to home, nothing will stand in your way

Your family may also be part of your luck, as your parents are found in your fourth house of home, too. It seems very possible that if you have a good relationship with your mother and father, you will receive incredible family support now and in the year to come - this could include a loan or outright gift of cash. This influence extends to those whom you think warmly of as a parent, too, such as a foster parent, or close aunt, uncle, grandfather, or even close older friend who gives you advice. If you would like to find your biological parent, or trace your family tree, this influence will also help you with those aims.

This month is special for all home-related situations for other reasons. Mars is your ruler, which means Mars' position is now in Cancer and your home sector too, energizing it and bringing you lots of focus, options, and new opportunities. Mars will enter this area on July 13 and remain until August 27. This is powerful because you've not had Mars' help in this area of your chart, ruling home and family, for two years. It will be another two years until you have it again, so make the most of it.

The new moon, July 8, will also light this area of your chart, so as you see, you have a great deal of emphasis on your private home and family life. This new moon, at 16 degrees Cancer, will be in hard angle to Uranus, however, so you may have problems and obstacles to get through, but if so, keep pressing forward. Uranus brings up conditions and developments that you'd never expect, so you must go slowly.

There is another consideration. Mercury (also in your home sector) will remain retrograde almost all month, until July 20, so I don't want you to sign any papers until late month anyway. It is a no-no to sign key contracts and other documents while Mercury is retrograde. If you have to sign, with no possible way around delaying things, your living situation may not last as long as you assume. Or, something with the paperwork may bring up a glitch at the last minute that has to be cleared up. It is never wise to sign a lease, close on a house, or shop for any expensive items while Mercury is retrograde. By all means, do not buy any electronics at this time, because Mercury rules electronics as well as the moving parts in machines, and when out of phase, these areas suffer. This means you should not buy a car either.

So many conditions are in flux during a retrograde that it's unwise to make big moves. The price of your expensive car or electronic that you buy may drop after you buy it, or a new and better model may come out. Alternatively, you may lose the item (if it is a cell phone or small iPod) or else (more likely) you may wonder what you were thinking when you made your choice, and wind up rarely using the product (or not enjoying it if you do use it).

If you need to get delivery of furniture prior to July 20, look over your purchase carefully when it arrives for possible damage, and do so while the deliveryman is still standing in your living room so he can inspect the furniture with you. If moving, do not let the movers take boxes that contain precious items like your jewelry, grandmother's china, or boxes of the previous seven years of tax records. You should take those items to your new residence yourself, or if that is inconvenient, rent a strong, secure storage unit in a facility you trust, and put those important items there until you can move them securely. So many things are lost when Mercury is retrograde that you need to be deliberate about not losing your keys, wallet, or other electronic treasures - we become forgetful at those times and leave things behind.

Be sure you work with reputable movers if you are moving, for this is where a lot of problems stem. A friend who was moving to New York sat with me in a cafe, awaiting her moving truck containing her furniture and other possessions. At 8:00 PM, the time the truck was due to arrive, she received a cell phone call from the driver. It seems his truck, containing her goods, was not clearing an overpass on the highway leading to the George Washington Bridge. Her delivery would be delayed as the driver had to back up and take a different route. What kind of moving company does not know the measurements of overpasses on the road they are traveling? This all sounded so suspicious to me. The van company also wanted to charge my friend much more than the estimate due to this "expected problem." There are many nightmare stories on the Internet of disreputable contractors, movers, landlords, and so forth - do your homework by checking with the Better Business Bureau or other sources. I worry about your situation, because some tough aspects are coming at month's end, the time most people move house.

Now I need to talk about the first week of July, which might be troublesome for everyone, for cosmic storms are due then, too. On July 1 we have Pluto opposed to the Sun, and on July 4, Uranus will be precisely square the Cancer Sun. (That will happen late in the evening on July 3 on the West Coast. Readers in almost all other parts of the world will likely feel this on July 4.) These two aspects might give you initial problems, first (on July 1) with a boss who is throwing his weight around and getting under your skin. Do not react - this will be infuriating, but as an Aries, you are wise enough not to fight a battle you cannot possibly win. Pluto opposed to the sun (July 1) would be like tackling City Hall. Later on July 4, something completely unexpected may come up that will have the power to stop you in your tracks. It may involve a family member (or an argument with a family member). There is no doubt that July 1 to 4 will be no one's favorite days.

At the very end of the month, more cosmic storms are due to roll in. On Saturday, July 27, the Sun will argue with Saturn, and you may become alarmed at how fast money is running out of your account. You will feel worn to the bone, and being tired will only magnify your fears to unrealistic levels. When we are well rested, everything seems more manageable. It is also possible a man in your life will be under the weather and need your assistance.

On the same day, July 27, Mars will oppose Pluto, and you will feel like you're coming up against a mountain of resistance from a very pushy person. Like the action hero in a comic book, if you metaphorically shot rubber bullets at this person, it would be like shooting at the Hulk. It would have no effect - those play bullets would just bounce off and make you look silly. Don't waste your time. Listen, but quietly decide what to do in time.

Then, a few days later, on July 31, you may be tempted to argue with a person related to your home, due to Mars (action and your ruler) in very hard angle to Uranus (unexpected outbursts and developments when Mars in harsh angle to Uranus). It may be that you get upset with the movers, your landlord, or your roommate, as three examples, or it may be that you are not getting along with a family member. I promise things will improve in August, so don't assume you are doomed and things will just go downhill from now on. Actually life will get better next month!

Now let's turn to more happy news! Saturn will go direct on July 7 and help your career. Why is this true? Saturn rules your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame, and now that Saturn is becoming strong, you will have a far easier time finding a new position than you have had in some time. This is good news if you are out of work, or working, but hoping to change jobs. Saturn has been retrograde since February 18. Try not to take a new job until after July 20 due to Mercury retrograde. If you are going back to a former boss or company that you used to work at, you would be continuing an ongoing relationship that started years ago, and under those conditions, you can take the job. If it's possible to wait, then do. Of course, in this economy, if you can't delay things, just take the job. If you don't like it, keep looking, but it is always easier to find a new job when you have one.

I am also enthusiastic about Jupiter's entry to your fourth house of home, as it lies opposite your lofty career tenth house. Jupiter's energy will ping back and forth between your home sector and your sector of career and professional advancement. You will see - Jupiter will help you not only in your home (your number one area of help) but also at key times to help you advance your career. In fact, you may be able to upgrade your home environment BECAUSE of the improvements you see in your career. The fourth house of home is considered a house "on the angles," which is said to make planets much more powerful than when they travel in other houses. You have so much working for you!

This month won't be about all serious matters, for socially you have a glorious full moon in Aquarius at 0 degrees, due July 22. All full moons have an area of influence of four days before or after they appear. You may be invited to a very special event that brings many people together, such as a wedding, birthday party, professional conference, trade show, or a sporting event, such as a baseball game or charity walk for the cure. Whatever you do over this full moon period, including the weekend before the new moon appears, July 20-21, or four days after July 22, you will likely enjoy the event very much. Saturn will be in hard angle to the full moon, however, so you may think twice about going because of the high cost involved with participating. See if you can figure out a way to go on a budget.

Those Aries born within five days of March 20 will enjoy this full moon the most. If you have planets at 0 to 5 degrees of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, or Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you will benefit, too. Keep in mind, however, that Saturn will try to block your enjoyment, and you will have to get around the obstacle that comes up.

Venus will be in Leo, an ideal place for Venus to be for you, from the start of the month to July 22. Mars will be in Gemini, a wonderful sign for you too, until July 13. Venus and Mars are the two cosmic lovers, so romance would likely be best for you at the start of the month. If you are not doing a huge overhaul of your home, you may get to travel to close-by settings and enjoy them in early July.

Finally, I would be remiss not to mention one of your happiest days, July 21, when Mars will align with Jupiter. Mars is your guardian planet and "counts" more for you than most other signs. These two planets will meet in your home sector, making this the day to make a key initiation for your home. This would be a grand day to buy furniture or to close on a house. If you are not doing anything massive at home, consider giving a party on this day or the weekend prior, July 20-21. It's a very happy set of days!


You've been busy with career matters, but in July, you can safely turn all your attention to your home without any fear you'll lose momentum. Give your space a critical eye. Does your apartment reflect the modern you or is your decor stuck in a time warp reflecting someone that you barely recall and who is staring back at you in the mirror? Now that the great benefic planet, Jupiter, is making his presence known in your home sector for the first time in 12 years, and a new moon, July 8, will be within touching distance of Jupiter, you have your perfect moment to strike.

Whether your plans are big (you need to move) or small (you need a new set of placemats and linens for your bedroom), you can have a successful conclusion if you begin the week of July 8. At the same time, you may feel some pressure at work, so you will have to juggle work demands too, especially in early July, due to Pluto's position. Fear not, you can handle whatever comes up, so keep your main attention on home matters because it is there that you will see your biggest progress. If you need a mortgage, the bank will be helpful - you seem to have the goods to prove you deserve one, and should hear good news near July 22.

Saturn moves direct on July 7 too, allowing you to get a better grip on financial affairs. Take your time, do research, and think over what you'd like to do next to add to a sense of greater security. You can launch changes after Mercury goes direct July 20 (having been retrograde from June 26), but you would be wise to wait even longer, until the new moon in Leo, August 6, the ideal time to make concrete financial plans and changes in contractual agreements.

Saturn is also the natural ruler of your house of fame and honors, so if you've had difficulties since last February when trying to find a new position that is right for you, Saturn's move direct should bring noticeable help. In particular watch the days that tightly circle July 7.

If you get a chance to travel over the weekend of July 20-21, jump at the opportunity. Your ruler, Mars, will link to Jupiter, making it a perfect time to visit a beloved family member, or to view real estate that you might want to rent or buy. You will be fortunate on this weekend, so plan to use it toward finding solutions to your home-related goals.

Friends will have a much bigger role in your life at the full moon, July 22, plus or minus four days. You may be invited to a friend's wedding, a festive party, or a college reunion or professional seminar, as a few examples. If so, you will meet many new friendly people, some of whom you may want to get to know better. Saturn will be in hard angle to this full moon, so watch how often you are using your credit card, for later you may be surprised at how much money slipped through your fingers. Additionally a friend may ask for your help, as she appears to be under stress and could use your assistance. Keep a flexible schedule near that full moon.

It seems you will be on everyone's speed-dial because over the weekend of July 27, a prominent man in your life may not be feeling well or be under enormous pressure and need your understanding and support. This particular Saturday, July 27, will be fraught with difficulties, as Mars will attack Pluto, and Saturn will block the Sun. Keep your schedule light, and keep your head down and out of the line of fire. Work will be demanding and so will family and home. At the same time, you may be concerned about tight finances. It's nobody's favorite Saturday.

Things will continue to rock more strenuously than a jeep driving up a rock-strewn incline, making for a somewhat white-knuckle day, July 31. Keep saying, "I can do this" as you breathe deeply. Mars, your ruler, by then in Cancer, will be at odds with Uranus in Aries. If moving or renovating, watch workers carefully lest a prize possession of yours be damaged or lost in the chaos that will be going on at home. If you are not moving, a family member or person you hire for home may suddenly get on your nerves, triggering a melt down. It's a fragile day for just about everyone, so stay loose. Next month will be glorious, so no worries there.

Dates to Note Aries:

Most romantic dates: July 7, 10, 17-19, 21, 22, and 28.

Improve your living situation starting at the new moon July 8 plus two weeks.

Saturn goes direct July 7 having been retrograde since February 18. From this point on you will find it easier to manage your finances.

Thanks to a golden triangle appearing in the sky all month, but at greatest mathematical significance for you from July 17-19, you will have an excellent chance to get a mortgage or a home improvement loan to translate a dream into reality.

Mercury will be retrograde until July 21, having started to go retrograde last month on June 25. Do not buy appliances, computers, furniture, or anything else expensive until after July 21.

Travel to see your parents or another beloved family member over the weekend of July 20-July 21 when Mars will conjoin Jupiter.

At the full moon July 22 plus or minus four days, you may be invited to an important social event. Go, but watch what you spend.

July 27 brings difficult aspects. Mars will oppose Pluto, and Saturn will be at odds with the Sun. Matters involving money, career, and needs of those at home will consume you.

Treat people with care because July 31 could be come even tenser than July 27 when needs of family escalate and some around you may become upset.

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