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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your July Horoscope by Susan Miller

Scorpio Horoscope for July 2013

By Susan Miller

You have a wonderful outlook for July! Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, has just moved into Cancer on June 25 and in the coming twelve months will support you in ways Jupiter has not been able to do in years. Astrologers know that Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, meaning Cancer is the very best sign for Jupiter to express his gifts of good fortune, financial growth, expansion, and happiness. You get an extra dollop of luck, for you are a Scorpio, a water sign, so you will absorb these gifts quite easily now. Jupiter will also be in a position to bolster your health, help you to travel far and wide, and give you the edge in negotiations - and that is only for starters!

Jupiter will remain in Cancer until July 16, 2014 next year, giving you plenty of time to make exceptional progress. Your ninth house is where Jupiter will set up shop, and that house is associated with intellectual expansion and knowledge gained or shared to increase understanding and blending and travel, but also on justice, university study, immigration matters, and the people and industries that dispense information, such as are found in publishing and broadcasting.

I will get into the specifics of this area of your chart in a second, but first I wanted to mention that in order to unlock the goodness of Jupiter (or any planet for that matter) you need an important new moon to package the energy and make it accessible to you. You have it!

The new moon will arrive July 8 in Cancer (16 degrees) and will be accompanied by the Sun and Mercury, both in Cancer. Mars, your secondary ruler, will be busy working in your financial house while in Gemini (more about that later, too) during the first twelve days of July, but will make it to the gathering of planets in Cancer on July 13: Mars will join the Sun, Mercury, and the new moon, to greet and celebrate the arrival of the great dignitary, Jupiter.

This is important, because one big function of Mars is to provide energy, for he is the action planet of the zodiac. Think of Mars as the gas you turn on when you have a pot on the stove - he gets things cooking! The ancients called Mars the great timekeeper, lighting a part of the chart and blazing the way for your progress. Just five days after the new moon of July 8, Mars will arrive to help you lift off important matters related to the ninth house that I will list for you below in the next paragraph. Mars will stay in this house until August 27, acting like booster rocket to your plans, and spinning off at the end of August, a time when you won't need his high energy for lift-off anymore.

The areas that Jupiter and his team of planets will energize now include foreign travel and relationships with people who are based abroad (or who could be people in your own country but who were born abroad). This house also rules the international trade of goods, services, and information. With the strong emphasis on foreign culture in this house, matters of citizenship, immigration, green cards, visa, and passport will also come under this area. This is an area for you to focus on if it is important to you, as it will be an area of luck and growth.

Legal matters come under the brilliantly lit ninth house too, so with Jupiter shining on you, you may register a trademark, patent, or copyright that will prove an important key to your future. Or, you may see an important court case decided in your favor, with a generous financial reward due to you as well.

If you hope to go to college or graduate school, Jupiter will not only help you get admitted to one of the institutions of your choice, Jupiter may help you find the funds you need to pay for your education. Jupiter is known to bring opportunity, but is also known to help provide the means to take advantage of that opportunity. Jupiter rules happiness, so you would likely enjoy your experience on campus - this could turn out to be one of your most memorable years.

Of course, you need to be realistic about the types of universities and colleges that you will apply to, considering your background and achievements prior to this year. Still, I am urging you to consider the schools that you feel might be a stretch for you to get in, where the admissions department could go either way, to accept or reject your application. I would suggest you apply to those borderline colleges, for you may be surprised and gratified to get an acceptance letter before Jupiter moves on in July 2014.

I feel it would be wise to visit the college you want to get into for an in-person interview. Although not all universities require an in-person interview, being there does show a certain level of enthusiasm, and your chart suggests that you would leave a good impression. (If money for the airfare to get to the college would be an obstacle, see if you are able to find a relative to give you the funds, or a friend or relative who would be willing to share their frequent filer miles with you to make your trip possible. With Jupiter present, expect obstacles to fall away if you work at your goal.)

If you need to take a big qualifying exam soon, such as the SAT, LSAT, or GRE as a few examples, or an exam to take to establish credentials after your course of study is over, such as the BAR exam, you are very fortunate, for you will do well, too. Do you have to defend your thesis? Do so in the coming twelve months. Lucky you, all this would be happening when you have Jupiter in the ninth house to protect you. This will be true whether you are a Scorpio or have Scorpio rising - treat the Sun or ascendant in Scorpio as the same and equal.

The ancient astrologers felt travel to foreign countries to be among the best ways to learn about other cultures and the world at large. The ancient astrologers also felt it was important to share the information learned with others, so professors in college come under the ninth house (as do all personnel working at colleges as support staff). In the same vein, publishing and broadcasting also come under this house, so those industries will become very fortunate for you, too. You may publish a book or work as an editor, become a producer for television, or work on an Internet website or blog, as a few examples.

You see how sweeping this house is for you, so there seems to be something for every Scorpio to celebrate. This area of the chart comes ahead of the tenth house of fame, honors, and achievement, the place Jupiter will be headed in July 2014 and set to say a year in your career sector. You see how important your future career is becoming in the two years ahead.

Now for some extraordinary NEWS!! This month will be enormously important for these matters because of an exceedingly rare golden triangle that will appear in the midnight sky this month. It will be prevalent all month, especially after July 8, but will peak in sublime harmony to help you on July 17, with runner-up days July 18 and 19 involved, too. This golden triangle will extend into very early August, but soon after that, will fade as Jupiter travels and goes into deeper degrees. The main event will happen this month.

On the top part of this golden triangle will be 1) Jupiter, based, as you know by now, in your ninth house of international trade and relationships, publishing, broadcasting, university study, and citizenship matters, as well as all the other topics that you and I have been discussing so far. In this golden triangle, Jupiter will link to 2) Neptune, in your fifth house of creativity and artistic expression. This house also rules matters of children / pregnancy, and most importantly to the whole area of love. Neptune and Jupiter will link to the last leg of the triangle, 3) Saturn in Scorpio, found in your first house of identity. Saturn in Scorpio will give you depth of purpose, and will likely give you the energy and determination to follow your goal through to completion. Saturn is well aspected and will be very stabilizing.

This triangle will be formed with planets in all three water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, and all the planets on July 17 will be at precisely 5 degrees. Imagine how hard it is to get three major outer planets to meet in tight mathematical harmony! Neptune takes 168 years to revolve around the Sun, Saturn takes 29 years to take the same journey, and Jupiter takes 12 years. Imagine how hard it is to get all these planets to meet, work together, and to help you in a very powerful way! I find I can't even get two different friends to meet me for lunch, let alone get big-deal planets do THIS!

Circle the days July 17-19 as very powerful and special, the peak of the golden triangle! Of these days, keep your eye on July 17 as best, when Jupiter will be the most active. Try to use it for an important matter. Guess what? On July 17, the transiting moon will be in Scorpio, making this centerpiece day extra special.

If your birthday falls at 5 degrees Scorpio, which is on October 28, or plus or minus five days, you will benefit most from this month's gorgeous and very rare triangle.

If you have Scorpio rising at 5 degrees (or within five degrees) or know you have a natal planet within five degrees of 5 degrees of a water sign, Cancer, Pisces, or Scorpio, you, too, will benefit. As second tier, you will also benefit if you have a planet in early degrees (near 5 degrees) of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, for that planet will be energized and helped as well.

I want to underscore the point that every Scorpio will partake of Jupiter's help over the yearlong visit he will make to Cancer. At the start, Jupiter will direct this attention to the October-born Scorpios, ones that have been feeling the heavy demands of Saturn since October 2012. He will get to your birthday.

This month's new moon at 16 degrees of Cancer will help those Scorpios who were born within five days of November 8, and because the new moon is in the sign of Cancer, you will benefit from all the areas I listed.

I want to remind you that astrology is not destiny nor does it have anything to do with predetermined events. You will have to DO something, rather than sit by and hope someone knocks on your door to say, "Hi, here is an air ticket to Paris!" That actually could happen now, but it far less likely. You always need to make initiations when you know you have the strength of the universe behind you!

Mercury is complicating things a little this month by being retrograde until July 20, a holdover from last month, having started to retrograde June 26. This means that you should make your final choices on a wide variety of topics AFTER July 20, not before. We tend to become forgetful or make poor judgments when Mercury is retrograde, mainly because events are in flux. The priorities you use to make a choice will no longer be at play later, as you move forward, so you may regret the actions you take during the retrograde. Do not buy any electronics (computer, kitchen appliances, smart phone, flat screen TV), or any machine with moving parts (like a car) while Mercury is retrograde. Wait to shop on July 22 at the earliest, giving Mercury a little time to regulate its orbit.

It is best for you not to agree to a new position at this time. If you have been out of work a long time, you may have to accept as it is always easier to find a job if you have one. If so, realize you won't hold this position as long as you assume - things will change, and you may not like the job later. That's fine - keep looking for your next job.

Your home, or a family matter, will be the focus of your attention on or within four days of the full moon in Aquarius (0 degrees) on July 21. This full moon seems to bring up an important decision about where to live, in what style, or concern the well-being of a parent. If you have been renovating, the contractor may be at an end now, and you will soon have your apartment or house back.

This full moon of July 21 will be in hard angle to Saturn, so if you need to make a choice, it may not be the easiest decision you've ever made, but it seems to be necessary. Saturn forces us all to think long term, so the decision will be in place a long time. Saturn also rules the structure of a house, so you may have to fix a part of your house or apartment that has to be changed or repaired.

If you have a birthday that falls close to November 21, at the end of your sign, dear Scorpio, you may benefit from this full moon, as it will be in "out of sign sextile," which is a friendly angle that denotes opportunity.

Financially, you may find that money will drain out of your checking account a bit more quickly than usual, but this should be remedied by the time Mars enters Cancer on July 13. It's only the first days of July that you need to hold the line on your credit card so that you don't freak out when the bill arrives later in the month.

The end of the month seems to be punctuated with difficult aspects. First, on July 27, we have Saturn in Scorpio in hard angle to the Sun in Leo. Stay away from this day, and the days that circle it within two days, for any important meetings or initiations. By "stay away" I mean that you should allow a lot of space around that day. You have a great new moon August 6 to find a top-notch position, so put off meetings at the end of July. On this same day, July 27, Mars and Pluto will be in a tug of war, indicating someone is about to become very domineering with you - something will upset or even outrage you.

July 31 is another hot, volatile day, when feisty Mars will be in hard angle to Uranus. On this day, meetings will go all wrong, and people will have a short fuse - including you. I tell you about these days so you won't use them for important presentations, interviews, or days you hire someone. Don't talk over a problem with your sweetheart or spouse at the end of July either, for emotions will run high, and I can't imagine you'd have a good outcome. Also on July 31, make safety a priority, and say, at the gym, don't overestimate your strength and try things that are a little beyond your ability to do.

Some astrologers feel July 29 will be special, and that day does have some unusually happy aspects. Although I have studied the day, I simply don't feel it can hold a candle to July 17-19. I feel that all important aspects require a new moon to enlarge its energy and make it accessible, as July 17-19 do have. Failing a new moon, a great aspect needs a full moon to make the energy of the aspect bigger. July 17-19 falls just after the new moon, and close to that full moon of July 22, so it meets all my criteria.

On July 29, there will be a lot of sextiles (planets standing 60 degrees apart), an aspect known to offer opportunity. I still feel you will find July 17 a bigger day. I feel July 29 coming much after the full moon will not have the nurturing it needs, and could easily be drowned out by the fierce aspects of July 27 and July 31.

I could be wrong about this, which is why I am asking you if you would please post a comment on my Twitter account @AstrologyZone about how July 17-19 compared with the day that the other astrologers are lauding too, July 29. (No one disagrees that July 17-19 is incredibly special.) When you post please use the hashtag #July29 so readers of your post can gather up all the comments very easily and see all of them at once. This is the way we learn how aspects work, through watching how aspects play out.

Romantically, with so much emphasis on travel, going on a trip with the one you love is sure to bring an experience you can both remember forever. Having a carefree, good time together is the one ingredient many couples overlook as necessary - dear Scorpio, you do NEED more fun, for it fans the fire of love.

Mars, one of your rulers, will orbit in precise alignment with Jupiter on July 21, a lovely configuration, and both will be in your house of travel, a great time to be away on vacation. (Because this is a full moon, you will likely be on your way back home after a great time away.) If you can't take a vacation, take a business trip on July 19 while this aspect is building, for great results.

If you are single and hoping to date someone new, Mars will be in a beautiful angle to your Sun from July 13 onward, giving you magnetism and an unforgettable quality that new people you meet will agree you have in abundance. While Mars will be in a very angry mood at month's end from July 27-July 31, Mars will be in a divine mood from July 18 to 20. Those are your best days, dear Scorpio.

Also, Venus will cooperate too, by moving through Virgo from July 23 into August 16, ensuring you lots of pleasure with friends.

Dear Scorpio, are you excited? I am, for you!


For a long time, on and off, activities ruled by your ninth house have been lit up for you like Times Square, including emphasis on higher education, distant travel, and international trade, among other things. Now, much bigger planetary power will come in to make this area glow brilliantly for you. Travel should bring exceptionally good news, especially after the new moon July 8 (plus two weeks).

Give a gold star to the day July 21, when Mars will conjunct Jupiter - travel for romantic pleasures, or for business, just before this aspect peaks on July 19, should bring you the ideal outcome.

You may be ready to sign up for classes at the university this fall or if finishing graduate school, to defend your thesis. Or, you may be writing an assignment for an international magazine. (Under this trend, publishing and broadcasting projects will sparkle for you now and for a long time in months to come.) You may be starting your own import-export business, or see your book translated into other languages. People who are based abroad, or who were born abroad and live in your city, will hold special significance and will bring certain benefits for you. The new moon on July 8 will set many of these types of plans in motion.

If you are involved in a legal case, things should go well because you have Jupiter close, but you will need to watch your ruler, Pluto, standing directly across the skies and staring at the group of planets in Cancer on July 27. You may find that the other party will behave badly, possibly in a ruthless manner, displaying an almost desperate determination to win. Still, stay cool. That may be a problem for other signs - those who are more easily intimidated - but not a Scorpio. You can outwit the opposition if you stay alert (which, of course you will). Huddle with your lawyer to come up with imaginative ways to disarm the opposition.

Keep in mind that Mercury will retrograde all month (having started June 25) and will go direct until July 20. No matter how vital the matters you are attending to now, you need to wait until Mercury goes direct and has stabilized before signing papers or agreeing to any offers. If you will be flying abroad, which seems very likely, delays may crop up, so bring material to keep you entertained at the airport - and always get to the airport early for your flights.

Water signs like yours will be in an ideal position in July, as an exceedingly rare golden triangle will appear in the heavens all month, and reach a particularly magnificent ideal point July 17-19. You began to feel the tiny clues to the benefits to come as early as the beginning of June, and will continue to do so until August 7, but this golden triangle reaches a level of breathtaking perfection in mid-July, a time that should be especially wonderful for you.

That triangle will link your first house of you and your sense of identity to your fifth house (true love, pregnancy / children), and finally also link to your ninth house (distant travel, learning and publishing / broadcasting). These elements, which will work together, may bring you great happiness. Venus in Virgo will help you see friends much more in coming weeks, starting July 22 until August 16.

If you are involved with a creative project, you should spend focused time on it this month. Mercury in retrograde in the first three weeks may require changes and adjustments, but those may actually work to make your final project come out even better. Venus will tour your reputation sector all month (a holdover from June) and will be in place this month from July 1 to July 22, allowing you to make inroads and impress higher ups. Be patient until Mercury goes direct July 20; after that you can announce your biggest plans and final decisions.

A home-related project will come to an end at the full moon of July 22, plus or minus four days. You may finish packing if you are moving, or your contractor, painter, or home designer may complete a home design project. If you purchased furniture earlier, it will be delivered near July 22 (hopefully after July 20, the day Mercury goes direct). You appear to be putting out a lot of energy at this time, so pace yourself. If your physical space is not due to change, you may be focused on the welfare of one of your parents. If you find you are hosting houseguests, they will be a handful this weekend! Be prepared!

Dates to Note: Scorpio

Most romantic dates: July 6-8, 11-13, 16-21, and 24-25.

Superb opportunities will be coming to you now from those based overseas, in regard to import / export or with anything having to do with travel. You will also see glowing opportunity from academia, and publishing or broadcasting, thanks to Jupiter in Cancer and the new moon July 8.

Saturn goes direct July 7 having been retrograde since February 18.

If you are in a legal case, the opposing side may act in a ruthless manner to win. Prepare a strategy to deal with this eventuality ahead of time.

A home-related project or move will come to an end at the full moon July 22 plus or minus four days.

In your career Venus will be in your 10th house of reputation from July 1-22, making you the darling of VIPs.

Venus in Virgo from July 22- August 16 will bring you in contact with many friends and allow you to have much more fun.

Mercury will be retrograde until July 21, having started last month. Refrain from signing any contracts until AFTER July 21.

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