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10月 Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio

October is month that will produce a lot of drama to others around you, but as the private person that you are, you are likely to stick to your own agenda and try not to let the troubles of others affect you. You may or may not be successful with that track, because this is a month filled with many rogue planets that will be on a mission to bring truth to the surface, and sometimes that is not so easy to see.

Your first difficult aspect will come immediately, on October 1. Your ruler, Pluto, will challenge the Sun (true for both Scorpios and those with Scorpio rising). If you are trying to persuade a VIP to do you a favor, this would not be the day to ask. In fact, this would not be the week to do so. If negotiating a contract, you will find the going tough, so if you feel you aren't getting anywhere, table the talking point meetings until next week. If you have a performance review coming up, or a big interview, wait until the second week of October to schedule it.

October 3 brings a harder test, when the Sun in Libra will directly oppose Uranus in Aries. This aspect suggests that you will find out there's been intrigue going on behind the scenes in the office, and that it will eventually, this month, create havoc in day-to-day operations. A client or boss may be ready to resign, and with this big wig, lower level staff may be departing, too. Make sure your own work is letter perfect in this confusing smoke and mirrors atmosphere. All sorts of unexpected separations may take place, but they appear to all be centered on people in your office. New software or computers may show up, or your firm may move to a new headquarters, and that could explain some of the pandemonium, too.

The Sun rules your tenth house of career reputation, so you may find all the changes taking place around you interfere with your concentration. You will have to try harder not to become distracted. Clients don't know or even care what is happening in your life (sad but true) so to remain letter perfect, you will have to try harder to focus.

The unpredictable planet Uranus rules your home life, too, and because Uranus is being so assertive this month, so you might find events come up suddenly to affect either your actual physical residence, other property that you own or rent, or your childhood home, or you may hear sudden news from the people you deal with who are connected with your home, such as your landlord or contractor, among others. If none of those areas light up for you, you may become concerned about the welfare of a family member, most likely one of your parents (but not necessarily - it may be someone else in your clan). Keep your schedule open and elastic in any case near October 3 as you will have to change course quickly.

Uranus opposed to the Sun is certainly not an easy aspect, for it has the potential for a tearing away of two elements (like you from your apartment) or two parties (like you from your roommate or sweetheart if you live together.) There are many possibilities that may come up, but the point is your home will be volatile, and when Uranus is involved, you won't be able to guess how things will work out.

You may decide to suddenly leave your apartment because you can't deal with psycho-landlord any more, or because you suddenly find out that your building has been sold and all tenants will eventually have to leave. If your partying neighbor is keeping you awake night after night, you may just give up and move out, assuming the landlord will allow you to break your lease. See what comes up. While we can't control every event in life, we can control our reaction to the problem. This kind of aspect is all about you being grown up, reasonable, flexible, and resourceful.

The new moon in Libra 12 degrees will come next on October 4, and will take all the tough aspects in the air and package them in a way you can't ignore them. That is why this new moon is so difficult. The moon will receive an opposition from Uranus and a harsh aspect from Pluto.

Earlier in the week (prior to October 4) the Sun bore the brunt of these aspects, but now the new moon will be involved, and she will be fending off two planets that will be acting like thugs, Uranus and Pluto. The area of your chart to feel the tension will be two places, your solar twelfth house and your solar ninth house. Let's take each one at a time. First, once the new moon arrives, you may notice behind the scene political maneuvering in your firm will now come to light.

This same area of your chart rules hospitals and places of confinement (nursing homes, rehab centers, and even prisons). Someone close to you may become temporarily ill and would appreciate your visits. With a month like this one, it would be best to keep your schedule open. If you have been ignoring a health matter, at some point this month it appears you will have to take care of it by seeing a doctor, a good time to do so.

At the same time, as mentioned earlier, you may hear news concerning your physical home or a family member, and/or have difficulties with a pushy, dominant individual who will attempt to control your decisions and actions. All the aspects happening on the first week will overlap with the others because no aspect is operative just for a day - these planets all have wide areas of influence. So the aspects of October 1, 3, and 4 will all be mixed together, all blended into the same cake batter.

The full moon lunar eclipse will wrap up things, October 18, plus or minus five days. A very important work project will likely be finished at this time, and you may find new recruits to hire if you lost personnel earlier in the month. Mars will be friendly, so if you need advice or help, ask a friend - the position of Mars tells me this is the person who will be most helpful to you now. Eclipses are very powerful and are like three full moons rolled into one. The assignment you do at this time may point the way for even better assignments to come. The sixth house where this eclipse will appear also rules your health, another clue that you should take good care of you!

If nothing seems to come up October 18, watch the time next month, November 18. Sometimes eclipses deliver news one month to the day later, plus or minus five days. Occasionally, for about five percent of people, news will be delivered before the eclipse occurs - that would have been last month, September 19, plus or minus four days.

If you are out of work, or if you have a job but would like to change to a new position that would represent a step up, Mars in your solar tenth house of fame and honors from October 1 to 15 will help you more than you can imagine. That's when your efforts to impress VIPs will be rewarded. If you want a new position, use those first two weeks to make a good impression.

Because this is an eclipse of a full moon in Aries, another area that may light up for you will be your solar ninth house, which is mainly an intellectual house, dealing with truth, justice, learning, and broadening travel. Specifically, this house rules higher learning (college), long-distance travel and international relationships, import-export of goods, services and information, immigration matters (passports, visa, green cards), the media, including publishing and broadcasting, and Internet venues, as well as legal matters involving the courts, trademarks, and patents. One of these areas may become a huge focal point for you, now and in months to come.

Once Mars orbits through Virgo from October 15 to December 7, it will be more important to socialize than to make formal appointments to see big-wigs to get ahead. This means you will need to work differently. Mars is one of your two rulers (Pluto is the other), so the position of Mars in your chart is always critical for discerning future trends. You won't have quite the same professional edge you will have while Mars is in Leo (October 1 to 15) because that placement is considered simply dazzling for career matters, but if you decide to partake of industry events, you will make enormously important contacts nevertheless and advance that way.

After October 15, get more active in social media, another plus for professional advancement (as long as there are no photos of you dancing with a lampshade on your head on your Facebook page - I am not saying you do! I keep reading about other people who do!) Scorpio tends to want to stay alone, but during the second part of this month, you should push yourself to get out the door - you can't imagine the benefits of meeting new people, but they will be there for you, in spades.

One of your best days to pitch a new client will be October 16, when Venus in Sagittarius, in your solar income sector, will receive a beautiful beam from Uranus in your solar work projects sector. You may get a completely unexpected assignment from that client on this day - and love it! The pay should be generous, too.

Mars in Virgo will oppose Neptune in Pisces on October 19, and because this is a slow moving aspect, go the extra mile, in the days leading to this date, and leaving this date, to understand all points of any job offer you receive. It's vital that you know what will be expected of you on any new assignment - especially a creative one - so that you can please your client or boss.

Mercury is about to go retrograde from October 21 to November 10 in Scorpio, so you will feel the delays and mix-ups that Mercury out of phase brings quite directly this time. When Mercury is retrograde, we send the wrong person email and then are embarrassed when we realize words in that email were never meant for public consumption. We lock ourselves out of our apartment, lose our electronic treasures, make mistakes in judgment.

It's never a time to buy appliances or electronics, or to buy anything expensive - wait for the second half of November to do so. November 12 is an especially fine day. Don't take a new job or sign a contract from October 21 to November 10 either. The only exception to that rule is to take a job with someone you worked with in the past - in that case you can, because you are continuing an ongoing relationship. New ventures tend not to work out but ones that continue from the past are excellent to nurture now.

In terms of love, Venus will still be in Scorpio until October 7, and it appears your love life will emerge unscathed by events of that difficult week. This would be a great time to spend quality time with your sweetheart or spouse. Plan a quiet dinner together, so you can talk out anything that may have come up that may have troubled you. If you hope to meet someone new, Venus will help you, but I doubt you'll be in the right frame of mind to meet someone new.

I am hoping you don't have any stress this month, and would love to be wrong. Please let me know your experience on Twitter @Astrologyzone as soon as something happens (or if nothing, let me know at the end of October, giving events time to play out). When you post, please always give me your month and date of birth, as well as your rising sign, if you know it. Here is an example: "Oct 26, Leo rising").

Mars' move into Virgo from October 15 to December 7 will also help jazz up your love life. You'll have more parties and gatherings to attend, which will be in time for year-end holiday festivities, and your social calendar will sparkle brightly.

One day that would be wonderful to go out will be October 31, Halloween. Mars will be in sync with your other ruler Pluto on that night, and both planets govern all the fun involved with Halloween: goblins, ghosts, zombies, and scary movies. I can think of no better night to go out to win at a costume party!

This month holds a difficult new moon, October 4, which will be in conflict with Uranus and your ruling planet Pluto, adding up to a time of pressure. Political maneuvering in your office of those who either report to you, or who work alongside you may concern you, so stay alert to all you hear and see, including any gossip that you might pick up. Be very careful of what you say and how you say it to co-workers and underlings, lest someone takes offense and make a Federal case out of it. With Uranus opposed to the Sun, and the Sun now based in the most hidden part of your chart, any sudden development could come out of the blue and have implications for your professional reputation and income.

If you are negotiating an agreement of any kind, this new moon may permanently or temporarily insert a monkey wrench in your talks. It's not just the new moon that is scrambling thinking - the impending turn of Mercury to retrograde, October 21 to November 10, won't help matters either. Mercury will be in Scorpio, so chances are, you will feel this retrograde more directly than most. Mercury rules communication of all kinds, and so misunderstandings and lapses of judgment are the main danger during this phase - go the extra mile to be clear, and by all means, sign no papers until November 12. Delay any plans to buy expensive items, especially not an electronic, an appliance, or a machine with moving parts (like a car).

The full moon will bring a lunar eclipse in Libra, October 18, so if there was any office intrigue, this full moon eclipse will bring the truth out in the open. If it was not a person from your office who gave you pause earlier in the month, it may be a romantic or business partner. Full moons bring conclusions and a floodlight of information. News may be very revealing. Still, it will be easy to jump to conclusions, as your secondary ruler, Mars, will be precisely opposite Neptune on October 19, making for a very confusing environment where it will be hard to separate fact from fiction. This is a month to have patience, to go slowly, and to listen to every word that is said to you.

It is possible that you will not receive news in terms of a work or personal relationship but about your health. The planetary energy at play this month will be strenuous, and so if you have a latent or chronic health matter that you need to address but have not done so, schedule a medical consultation now, without delay, so that you will feel better fast.

You will have much more time for friends after Mars, your ruler, enters Virgo on October 15 to stay until December 7. Two divine date nights will be October 25, a Friday, and October 31, Halloween! In the latter case, start making your costume!

Dates to Note for SCORPIO

Most romantic dates, and days you can use for other things, too: October: 6, 7, 14, 15, 23-25, and 28-30.

A tricky new moon, October 4, may reveal previously hidden politics going on behind the scenes in your office.

October 7 Venus in Sagittarius will enhance your earning power in coming weeks.

Watch October 16 as a day that a lucrative project may come your way.

During October 1 to 14 Mars will light your house of career success, so continue to press forward on leads to a new position.

The lunar eclipse on October 18 will bring a conclusion to a work project. Monitor all the moving pieces, because at eclipse time, things can go haywire.

Mercury will retrograde from October 21 to November 10 in Scorpio, so you may feel this particular retrograde more than others.

On October 31 your two rulers, Mars and Pluto, will be in ideal sync, making this year's Halloween celebrations special.

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