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Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Your November Horoscope by Susan Miller

Libra Horoscope for November 2013

By Susan Miller

Dear Libra, November may become a turning point month for you, where many things change for the better. As a cardinal sign, you have not had an easy year, but the year is not over yet, so there is always a possibility things will suddenly change and improve for the future. We came through a critical full moon lunar eclipse last month, October 18 in Libra's opposite sign of Aries, so one close relationship may have been your focus (either because you were upset with the person, or because you were concerned about the person's welfare), or else you were drawn to a health matter of your own.

If you didn't notice any news, and you were born near October 18, then you will need to watch this month for news, specifically November 18. Often an eclipse will deliver news one month to the day later, plus or minus four days. Your focal point will be the same: a close committed relationship or your health. Think of an eclipse as a test to see if anything needs to be fixed, clarified, bolstered, encouraged, or completely deleted from your life. These cosmic events bring up dramatic news, often very unexpectedly.

Eclipses always come in pairs, to coincide with a full moon and new moon. They are the most dramatic method that the universe uses to create massive change. Typically we have four eclipses in any given year, but some years have more, like 2013, when we will end the year with five: April 25, a full moon lunar eclipse in Scorpio; May 10, a new moon solar eclipse in Taurus; May 25, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius; October 18, a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, and one last one to come - a solar new moon eclipse in Scorpio, November 3. (I will talk about the November 3 eclipse, to light your house of personal finances, in a second.)

This year, 2013, should bring breakthroughs to your career because you have such sterling aspects for success. Jupiter is currently acting like a beacon at the top of your chart, flooding your chart with excellent career luck. (Imagine the face of a clock with the numbers 11 and 12 on the top - that is the section of the chart where transiting Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is now traveling.) The highest elevated planet in a chart often showers the entire chart with the gifts of that planet - you can't get much better than having Jupiter, at the top. Of course to use this luck you have to make initiations - that's what unlocks Jupiter's powers. You will have until July 16 to make good use of Jupiter, the expansive planet of growth, happiness, and profit, in getting your dream career position.

This month we have a new moon solar eclipse on November 3 that will fall in Scorpio at 11 degrees and light your house of salary, savings, and major purchases. This eclipse comes conjunct Saturn, so if you are interviewing for a new job, you will need to be realistic and practical when you name the figure you want. Since last October 2012, when Saturn first came to your financial house for a three-year stay, you began to feel a shortfall of cash.

(Saturn will technically stay in your financial house until September 2015, but you will have a break while Saturn travels into Sagittarius during first six months of 2015, and then back to Scorpio, the place it is now, until September of that year.) You may be working in a company that is only granting meager raises, or one that has a complete embargo on raises. You may have lost your job and are fervently working to find a new one. I see you discussing money this month, but with Saturn still in that house, you won't likely get a big jump in salary, but it may be an agreeable one on or just after a new moon eclipse occurring November 3. Of course, always aim for a big raise - if you have Gemini rising, you may get it! I cannot see everything in your chart, dear Libra!

Even though Saturn is almost conjunct this new moon solar eclipse, you have a VERY positive Mars and Pluto signaling this eclipse, too, so when it comes to money, you have some hefty advantages. First, Mars is in Virgo now and in divine angle to the solar eclipse in Scorpio, November 3. You may get financial help or wise advice from a partner, agent, publicist, job broker or headhunter, or other expert. I say that because Mars rules your one-on-one collaborator house.

Eclipses always signal change, and because this is a new moon solar eclipse, it could easily herald a new source of income for you. In fact, this month offers you your best hope for one, or to see a raise. The money you see now would be earned income, not money you would win or be given in any form. Mars is in your behind-the-scenes sector, so it's clear someone high level will work on your behalf, and you may not even be aware that this person is going far out of his or her way to help you.

Pluto's position suggests you may make a profit from selling real estate, or from money gleaned from family property or investments.

Two days later, on November 5, Saturn will conjoin the Sun, a tough day. Saturn will act like an icy, cold, wet blanket to the Sun's fiery nature. These two will meet in your house of money, so you may have to face a certain reality concerning your finances. Saturn can cause delays, so a purchase you dearly wanted may have to be put off for a little while. Keep in mind "not now" does not mean "never."

A super day for your career, perfect for an interview, presentation, or special publicity, will be November 12, the best day of the entire season! Jupiter will reach out to the Sun in a perfect "trine" to the Sun (from the word "triangle"), which is considered one of the very best aspects you can ever imagine receiving - wow! Jupiter is in your house of honors, awards, and achievement, and will set up a direct link to your house of salary. See why I am so positive about this month for your career and money, dear Libra?

You have another spectacular career day, on November 18 when Mars and Jupiter will be perfectly aligned - 60 degrees apart - suggesting someone behind the scenes will work on your behalf to see you reach a higher level in your career, and in so doing allow you to garner success and publicity for work well done. Put a gold star on this day and use it for a career interview or presentation. (Please note: I had flagged this same day, November 18, earlier, as a day when you were likely to hear news about the eclipse, if you didn't hear any news last month, near the date it appeared, October 18.)

Before I leave the subject of your career, the universe is speaking especially clearly and encouragingly this month, for on November 27, you may again hear MORE good news about how well you've impressed VIPs in your industry. News about money AND career should be simply sensational on or near Wednesday, November 27.

For readers based in the US, this day will be the day that comes just prior to Thanksgiving, a big US holiday. Nevertheless, as you are leaving for the holiday, news may come in like a meteorite landing in your living room - coming out of nowhere but having a big impact when it does. Mercury is all about news, telephone calls, emails, and texts, so make sure your phone is powered up!

You may feel the goodness of Wednesday, November 27, a day earlier, on Tuesday, November 26, or the day after Thanksgiving, on Friday, November 29. Some people are asked to work on holidays - you might have that kind of profession. If so, this year will be special for your career progress. Keep your cell phone powered up, dear Libra!

Mercury will continue to retrograde in early November, a trend that started October 21 and will end on November 10. Actually, Mercury entered its pre-retrograde period on October 1 and will be even more regulated after November 10, by November 27. You can act as soon as November 12, however, giving two days' space from November 10. As mentioned earlier, November 12 will be an extraordinary day, perfect for initiating anything important to you.

Mars in Virgo suggests you are still working quietly on a project or a strategy that you are not likely willing to talk about or show to others quite yet. You are in a planning stage, but not for long. Once Mars moves into Libra, you will be showing all you've been doing in private, and "out there" in every sense of the word, in a big way. Mars will move into Libra on December 7, and remain there not the usual six weeks but nearly eight months. This will have lots of benefits. You will enter a very important new cycle in your life - the curtain is going up, and you will be the star from December 7 onward.

Mars will make you more attractive and give you a higher profile, so you will have to deal with the extra attention - something you may enjoy. The red planet will also strengthen your determination, drive, and focus, and friends will see that you have exceptional courage. If you start an important venture or relationship now, you will give it all it needs to be a success. We only get Mars' help every two years, so during that phase, from December 7 to July 26, 2014, you, dear Libra, will lead the brigade.

The old astrological axiom is that although not all your ventures will succeed when started when Mars is touring your sign, most will, because you will give this venture such a huge push. Mars is called the booster rocket for a reason - he will help you send your venture into the stratosphere before he spins off and moves on to Scorpio. Decide what you would like to start once you get to December 7, the date Mars will enter Libra.

Some say Libra vacillates when given a choice, but I have never found that to be true. Have you ever seen a sensitive digital scale flutter when an object is placed on it? The numbers rapidly go up, and rapidly go down, for it is so sensitive that even the slightest breeze will cause it to flutter. It is your intelligence that makes your mind flutter - and see every facet in each side of the question in great detail. Nothing presented to analytical Libra is either fully black or white. As you see, the fluttering is actually a positive trait. You may take time to sort out the question, but anyone would do that - you are right to take your time.

By the full moon, November 17, you will end all the financial talks and meditations, for it should bring a major financial matter to fruition. This time, your house of other people's money will be lit. You may buy something expensive, close an estate matter, receive money owed you, or get back child support from your ex. You may choose to add insurance, or adjust your present insurance to your evolving needs. It is alternatively possible that you may hear you won a contest or prize. The point is, it seems money will find a way to your door, and it will be a one-time payment, rather than money like salary that is parsed out over time.

When it comes to fun and love, you may have had a very difficult month in October, for the full moon lunar eclipse October 18 brought a relationship to critical mass. Hopefully, you liked the news, but it is equally possible that you did not and had to adjust to news you never saw coming. If your birthday falls on October 18, plus or minus five days, you likely felt that eclipse. Stay philosophical. Sometimes, when we hear difficult news, we want to reject it and say, "Wow, this was a terrible eclipse." Consider the idea that the eclipse may have brought that news to protect you. Eclipses bring truth - without it, you would not be able to plan for a secure future.

As I mentioned before, if you didn't notice any news on October 18, you may notice news one month to the day later, November 18, plus or minus four days, with news centered on the same area, relationships and your health.

If you like, you can read what I wrote for you last month concerning the October 18 full moon lunar eclipse. Scroll all the way down to the end of this forecast, here. You will locate the link to last month's forecast immediately below my Summary and Dates to Note, but just above my postscript ("P.S.") - the place where I make announcements on my upcoming appearances and notify you about other fun options.

In terms of love in November, you are currently single, or if you're happily attached, the month will end on a terrific note. You will adore the weekend of November 30 to December 1. The Sun will receive magnificent beams from Uranus, the planet of surprise, and the planet that naturally rules Libra's solar fifth house of true love. You won't expect what comes up - and it will be so much better than you can imagine!

Also, once you reach December 7, Mars will enter Libra for months and make you the "it" girl or guy, ultra-magnetic, just in time for holiday parties!


Getting control of your finances will be a major theme in November, and in addition to taking care of present arrangements, you will have a few financial surprises. Keep your eye on the November 3 solar eclipse that may bring a new source of income, but the amount offered might not be as much as you had hoped. Still, you may be happy, so see what comes up.

Saturn will be very close to the Sun and new moon eclipse, so you may feel a need to tighten your belt to conserve funds, or it may be that events have conspired to create a shortfall of cash lately. You may need to put off something you had hoped to buy, but if so, it doesn't seem to be long until you can resume normal spending. Mercury is still retrograde, a holdover from October 21, and will continue to be out of phase until November 10. It would not be wise to buy anything expensive - and certainly not anything electronic - not until after November 10. I suggest you wait two days, and start spending November 12.

Your career outlook could not be better, so continue to work toward interviewing for better position, one with more responsibility and power. When the Sun and Jupiter collaborate on your behalf on November 12, the news you get about your career will be sensational - that's the day for a first interview, or to follow up on one. It's also a perfect day to generate new business or give a presentation or speech. Whatever you do this day seems to be dipped in gold.

By the full moon, November 17 in your sector of credit / taxes / financial payments and loans, you will be able to announce plans or hear back about previously made applications, say, for a refinanced mortgage, infusion of venture capital, or student aid program. You'll also be happy to move forward with greater vigor, confident you've done all you can to set finances on track. One more day will occur after this full moon to help fill your coffers with gold coins: November 27, when Mercury will work with Jupiter, the perfect day to negotiate a raise, generous salary, or fee.

Once Mars moves into Libra next month on December 7, you will feel more in control of your life and at that time start to see goals click into place. You'll feel sexy and desirable too, in a heightened way you've not felt in a while. For now, you are in a strategic mode, so make lists and plot out your next key moves.

It appears your home is due for an upgrade or change, and you'll want to attend to changes there directly after the holidays, in January. By then, an extraordinary build up of heavenly bodies will be crowded in your home sector - Sun, new moon, Pluto, Mercury, and Venus - and those bodies will help you find options and make the right choices. You will be a whirling wonder in the way you direct the flow of workers and helpers in regard to home and property, so gear up for that timetable now.

Dates to Note: Libra

Most romantic dates, and days you can use for other things too: November 4, 8, 9, 18, 22, 23, 27, and 30.

The new moon solar eclipse of November 3 may bring a small increase in salary.

You may encounter an expense on November 5.

Jupiter will go retrograde November 6 in your career sector - professional progress may go slower until March 6. Concentrate on perfecting past projects.

Mercury was retrograde since October 21 and will now turn direct November 10.

A perfect day to have an interview for an important position will be November 12.

If looking for freelance work, Neptune's turn direct on November 13 will help you find the right job.

Lie low on November 14 when your ruler, Venus, is at odds with Uranus. It is not likely you and your partner will see eye-to-eye on this day.

Work on your house or apartment on November 15 when Venus conjuncts Pluto.

Money will be your main focus over the full moon period, November 17, plus or minus 4 days. Money will come in, and money will go out.

Another great day for an important job interview or presentation will be November 27.

Love sparkles on November 30, when the Sun and Uranus will cook up fun.

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