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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your November Horoscope by Susan Miller

Scorpio Horoscope for November 2013

By Susan Miller

You have a good month ahead. November opens with a new moon solar eclipse in Scorpio on November 3, which will allow you to set the pace and choose a new direction. A solar eclipse is a very powerful new moon - with the strength of three rolled into one - and new moons start things. Eclipses speak very clearly and powerfully and almost instantly start to initiate changes. You will be privy to information that you didn't have previously, and once you get it, it will change your entire understanding of the situation.

This solar eclipse may bring news about a new career position, for the Sun, being the main part of this event, is the natural ruler of your solar tenth house of career success. This suggests that a new career position may be offered to you soon after this eclipse comes by November 3. You may get a call in the coming two weeks, or if you hear no news at all, then watch for December 3, plus or minus five days.

Here is why I say that: Sometimes, in about 20 percent of the cases, an eclipse will deliver news a month to the day later plus or minus five days. More rarely, an eclipse will introduce news one month to the day before it occurs, but only in about 5 percent of the cases. In most cases, 75 percent of the time, an eclipse will deliver some sort of news that things are about to change almost instantly.

This eclipse will be in Scorpio, 11 degrees, and will come conjunct Saturn. This alone says that the decision you make now will be a big one, and that you will commit all your energy to this decision. You will be in a serious mode, and it appears a promise you make now will last a very long time, possibly forever. Mars and Pluto are your two ruling planets (Scorpio is one of the few signs that have two rulers), and remarkably both will be supportive by tight mathematical angles to this eclipse. This tells me that the final outcome of this eclipse will be very positive. Every eclipse has two acts, so see how events unfold in coming weeks.

The eclipse on November 3 will have other effects. With the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Saturn all in Scorpio, it is time to reexamine your own needs and what you need to make life more joyous. You may get a new appreciation for the talents you have developed, or in other ways see yourself in a new light. In fact, soon you may even decide to give yourself a new look in the second half of November, from head to toe.

You seem to be in a period of accelerated personal growth. We don't really become more mature little by little, but rather in sudden spurts - after a long period of not much change, then a great deal of growth occurs, which is what I see happening for you now. It seems to me, having studied eclipses over a long period, that smooth, even, continual day-to-day development does not happen to an individual, as everyone assumes. Instead we grow in sudden bursts, by leaps and bounds, and then settle back into a quiet phase. It is almost as if we need to compensate those highly energetic phases with ones of rest.

Enjoy this period, because you are evolving and maturing, and you will be proud of what you achieve. Solar eclipses open doors and create new paths. Moreover, you have the help of Mars and Pluto!

Mars will be in your friendship / people / events sector, so you can expect extraordinary help from someone you think of a friend, or even from a casual acquaintance. Or, if you belong to a professional or social club, a trade organization, or humanitarian group, or enjoy being online in a social networking venue, you will do well from participating. Be sure to circulate a lot in early November, and attend all sorts of club meetings. There is so much to gain by simply showing your face to the world. Pluto's involvement tells me that you may sign a contract or be involved with advertising, publicity, or other campaign that does well for you.

If you are given a contract, don't sign it yet, as you will need to wait until Mercury is fully out of retrograde, November 10, but better yet, wait until November 12, a sterling day. Mercury will continue to retrograde in Scorpio, a holdover from last month, so you may have found this particular phase very frustrating. Life slowed down to a crawl, and communication was flawed. We all become forgetful, so it is important to keep track of your important items like your smart phone, eyeglasses, and sunglasses, as well as your computer and packages you carry.

It is not the time to buy electronics, or to make commitments for the future (not until you get to November 12), for Mercury retrograde is an instant signal that conditions are shifting, but the direction they are heading is still unclear. That's why I ask you not to sign any contracts now. Too much information will be missing for you to make an informed decision, and conditions are shifting - if you use the past as a guide, you will take the wrong road. Your priorities are changing, so take a wait and watch approach only for a few more days. Act on your best day, November 12.

What is so special about November 12? On that day, Jupiter, in water sign Cancer, will signal the Sun in Scorpio in a beautiful 120-degree "trine" aspect, which is the most harmonious angle possible. This is a fortunate day for you on so many levels - your career will bring joyous news, so you may get an offer for a new job, get outstanding publicity, travel overseas, or get a visa or green card you've long desired. Or, you may get admitted to the college of your choice or do exceedingly well on a test or thesis presentation. You may see a legal case decided in your favor or hear that your health is improving noticeably. November 12 will be a red-letter day for you, dear Scorpio, in so many ways, and it is the best day of the season.

This month your life will be a kaleidoscope of energetic change, especially if you have a birthday that falls near the eclipse. You may make a very big commitment now, and you may choose the area you wish to focus on. For example, you may commit to a new career, a course of university study on the graduate school or undergraduate level, make a big move to a new city, possibly even overseas, accept a proposal for marriage, start your own business - you get the idea.

The fact that you have Saturn in your sign AND the eclipses in Scorpio at the same time suggest your life is evolving at the speed of light. Here are the facts: Saturn's visit to Scorpio is a once-in-29-year event that lasts three years. Saturn has not been in Scorpio since November 1982 to November 1985. Saturn will remain with you until September 2015, but you will not feel teacher Saturn's tough love tutoring the entire three years.

You will only notice that you are being tested somewhat when Saturn has moved to the degree of your natal Sun, plus or minus eight degrees, a period of approximately ten months. In November for example, if your birthday falls in the first week of November, you are now feeling Saturn's rays directly, for Saturn is now at 13 degrees, as yours is at that degree, or is close to it. If you are an October-born Scorpio, then you are through the hardest phase and will find the coming months easier. (I cannot see all in your chart, so bear with me; I am only looking at your Sun, and other planets in your chart may be receiving beams from Saturn.) This month may be a very big turning point if your birthday falls near November 3, plus or minus five days. Sit back, open the window, and see what flies in.

Your partner, spouse, or steady romantic partner, if single, will be your full focus at the full moon, November 17, plus or minus five days. This full moon could bring an engagement or marriage, and it would be a wonderful time for that. If you are already married, you may now draw up new goals together, which seems completely appropriate considering your new, long-range perspective.

Remarkably, Mars and Jupiter will be friendly to this full moon November 17. This is such good news! Mars is now on assignment in your house of friendship and will be on a mission to help you make new friends, but also, at the full moon, to bring a social event of great beauty and luxury. The people who attend are likely to be very successful and dress very well. I feel you'll love the event you are invited to at this time too.

I say that because Jupiter, planet of happiness and luxury, will work directly with Mars and the new moon. You may travel under this full moon with your partner, too, perhaps to attend the social event I see. Your sister or brother may also make family news, so there's also a chance you will see your sibling.

You will be thinking about where to bring your relationship next, and it appears you will have ideas. If, however, as you read this, you are feeling that you can't stay in the relationship you are in, for it's been too unhappy and you need to find the courage to leave, this full moon will release you from it. I feel we should think positively - no what happens, this full moon should benefit you in the long run. The aspects are simply too good to be anything but protective of your interests!

If your birthday falls on or within five days of November 17, you will find you feel this full moon more than your Scorpio friends.

You seem to have a lot of wonder days this month, as you must put a gold star on Monday, November 18. Mars, now in your house of friendship, will reach out to Jupiter in your house of foreign travel and relationships. You can make enormous progress on this day in the international arena, say, with import-export of goods or services, for example.

Or, you may agree to a special publishing or a broadcasting project, or hear that your book will be translated into other languages. If you are doing anything legal - such as filing a patent or trademark worldwide (as I did recently), you will be acting at the right time, Monday, November 18.

The month will end with two excellent aspects. Mercury in Scorpio will send a signal to Jupiter on Wednesday, November 27, a great time to travel, which is fortunate, as this is the day prior to the big US holiday, Thanksgiving. This is considered the most important travel day of the year in this country, and to have Jupiter in ideal angle to the travel planet Mercury is a cosmic gift.

The end of the month, November 30, will bring the Sun and Uranus in ideal sync. This aspect will bring all sorts of benefits. You may hear, just prior to this day, that your career is again bringing in good news. You may get a new position or a plum assignment. You may get your screenplay optioned at a hefty amount, or hear you will be working in a brilliant team, with others who will stimulate your mind with 100,000 points of light. If you need to move, you'll have a superb time to find a space, or to actually make your move to a new residence. The moon will be in Scorpio - you will love this weekend!

This is all in sharp contrast to what happened last month when you had a full moon lunar eclipse in your co-worker / project sector, and things were going a bit haywire. You may have lost a trusted co-worker when she announced a departure, or it may have been that you heard a client was leaving. Last month was up and down for many, but you are not a cardinal sign (Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn), so you may have been a bystander to events happening to friends or family who were cardinals and feeling the eclipse more directly.

If you would like to read about what I wrote for you last month, you can always access last month's forecast. Scroll down here, beyond my Summary and Dates to Note. You will find the link there, to "Previous Month's Forecast." It is just above my postscript ("PS") where I make my monthly announcements.

In terms of love and fun, your friends seem to hold the key. They will want you with them in all their events, and you'd be wise to join in. You could use time off to take a breather from the important choices you may be making now.

Venus and Neptune will cook up a glamorous night on November 6 or 7, so see what comes up. It would be a great night to be out.

Also, the lovely triangle in the sky that will appear in water signs over November 16 should make for a divine weekend, and it has a tender full moon in your opposite sign of Taurus.

Remember too - November 30 will be made for you!

As you see, dear Scorpio, you will have a fast moving month sprinkled with all kinds of news - enjoy it, as it will be better than any movie you've seen!


Lately, you have been walking across a transom into a new phase of life. Saturn entered your sign in October 2012 and will leave Scorpio in September 2015. During the time Saturn spends with you, Saturn will make you smarter, leaner, tougher, and more able than ever to cope with anything life tosses your way. This will be an important month, because the Sun, Saturn, Mercury, and the new moon eclipse November 3 will all fall in Scorpio. A new moon opens doors, and this one, being a solar eclipse, is worth three new moons rolled into one. A new lifestyle change appears to be in the works, and things are likely to start happening shortly after November 3.

Keep in mind that Mercury has been retrograde in Scorpio since October 18, and will continue to cause delays until November 10. Surprise news will come up shortly after November 3, as eclipses are known to bring radical changes. Until the eclipse delivers its news, you would be wise to wait until after November 10 before committing to a new direction.

When it comes to career, you'll be quite golden, especially on November 12, when the Sun and Jupiter will give you wonderful professional news. You may be working on an international project or one involving the media. Any news having to do with academia should glitter as well.

The planets in Scorpio will encourage you to muse about what, exactly, would make you happy. At the full moon, November 17, and within four days of this date, if the answer is to make a commitment to your one true love, the full moon would certainly be strong enough to make that happen. Benevolent Jupiter will be acting like a kindly matchmaker then, swirling pixie dust here, there, and everywhere. If you are in love and are ready for the next step, life should be quite magical at that time. If you feel you need to break up, you will find the courage to do so.

Pluto, your ruler, and Mars, your secondary ruler, will be in ideal sync, a rare situation, so you will be thinking exceptionally clearly this month. If you need a sounding board, your friends will be willing to listen to all you have to say and will come up with insightful recommendations. Alternatively, you may also turn to a sibling for advice, who also seems eager to be of help.

Friends will nicely lighten a month that will be quite filled with weighty decisions. You'll have plenty of social activities to attend, as friends will include you in just about everything they do. On or near November 18, you may also plan to travel with a friend, or travel to a city to see a friend, thanks to Mars and Jupiter working together on your behalf. A week later, November 27, Mercury will also meet with Jupiter to send your spirits soaring about your career and other news you receive, and you may also take a trip then too. In all, it's a highly productive month, with a few surprises sprinkled in for good measure.

Dates to Note: Scorpio

Most romantic dates, and days you can use for other things too: November 2, 3, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 25, 26, 29, and 30.

Within in two days or so of November 3, before or after, you may see a definite sign that your love life is looking up. On this day Neptune in Pisces will go direct - Neptune rules your house of true love. Neptune has been retrograde since June, so this change should make you very happy, as the road to love will be far easier.

The solar eclipse November 3, a new moon, will fall in Scorpio, allowing you to see your talents and experience in a new light.

Protect your health on November 5 and 6 when the Sun will conjunct Saturn in Scorpio. Don't overdo work or physical activity.

Jupiter will go retrograde November 6. It may be harder for you to get raises, until it goes direct early March.

Plans made on November 8 will likely stand the test of time, due to Mars' positive angle to Saturn. Nevertheless, wait a few days before sealing any agreement.

Mercury was retrograde since October 21 and will now turn direct November 10.

Your favorite day this month will be November 12 when the Sun in Scorpio will receive a golden beam from Jupiter in Cancer.

It will be time to make a final decision about a close relationship on the full moon in Taurus on November 17.

A friend will be helpful to you Monday, November 18, thanks to Mars in perfect angle to Jupiter.

Sign a contract on November 18 or 27, when Jupiter will smile on you.

Financial news should make you happy on November 30.

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