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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Your December Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Scorpio Horoscope for December 2013

By Susan Miller

It's time to make money, dear Scorpio! It does not matter if you are working or temporarily out of work, this month, if you play your cards right, you can see a substantial increase in income, always welcome news at holiday time. You've waited all through 2013 to see the ideal new moon for this development, and now it is finally here, starting at the new moon in Sagittarius (11 degrees) on December 2.

How well things go are always contingent on your previous efforts, as this is true for everyone. None of us are born new into a month. If you bring a history of hard work, dedication, and eagerness to do your job in the best way possible (and I know you do), then this new moon will see to it that you get a payoff now. The job of a new moon is to open a door, and this one will do her job quite well.

Start by having meetings the minute this new moon appears. I love that Uranus, the planet of surprise, will be beaming his goodies from your house of work projects to your house of earned income. This suggests that you will be compensated for having done such a good job.

My mother (who taught me astrology) used to talk about how exacting Scorpio can be when tackling any project. My father was a Scorpio, and I agree, my father was quite a perfectionist, and I loved that in him. Everything he did was the best it could be. She would say that Virgo gets all the credit for being detailed, but that Scorpio is the same way - extremely thorough, looking at every pore, nearly obsessed with making sure each part of the endeavor is excellent.

You may get an offer to do a freelance project, to start a full time job, or to take on a new client who has lots of work for you just after the new moon of December 2 arrives, or at the very least, shortly after. Knowing this, start to beat the bushes to find every possible opportunity. Leave no stone unturned. A new moon is always strongest when it appears, and loses energy gradually with each passing day until it is "spent" approximately ten days later.

Planet of good fortune, Jupiter, rules Sagittarius and that is the sign the new moon will appear - this means that Jupiter governs this new moon. Jupiter is still shining at the very top of your chart, near the mid-heaven, rinsing your entire chart with luck, so this tells me your financial affairs should go well. This month, Jupiter will partner with Venus, so you may need an intermediary like an agent, job broker, lawyer, or other person to lead you to your pot of gold.

Put a gold star on December 12, one of your very finest days of the month, when Jupiter (luck, profits, happiness) and Saturn (long-term agreements, stability) combine forces at a "trine" aspect, one of supreme harmony.

All the matters that come under your ninth house will get a big boost from Jupiter and Saturn, including matters of immigration (visa, green card, passport), international business, commerce and trade, academic pursuits (exams, qualifying tests, interviews, presentations of your thesis, and applications for admission or for a grant). Benefits, of course, would be very long lasting too with Saturn involved in this aspect. If you work in broadcasting or publishing, you may find this to be a gold-star day for presenting ideas, having an interview, or handing in your final work.

By the full moon, December 17 in Gemini, you will be ready to wrap up this month's strong emphasis on your finances. At this point, you may also get news from the bank that your application for a mortgage, refinancing plan, or loan was approved, or an email from your investor that the money promised is being wired. If you are going to college and need financial aid, you may hear back then, too, about your application, and things look good for a positive answer. If you were given an inheritance, the estate may be settled by this time. Your insurance company may finally send the payout check for your application. The point is that you'll be talking about money at this time, but it will be the final chapter of those talks. Allow for a plus or minus four days from the date of the full moon, December 17.

Now let's look at what Mars is doing, for Mars will always show where your attention will be focused in coming weeks and months. You seem to be ready to get involved with a venture that will require solitude, where you can concentrate without others distracting you. You may have to make many tweaks and refinements to your venture, or continue to do research behind closed doors during those coming eight months.

It may be that you will be involved with a secret project that requires a lot of detailing, and since there will be a lot at stake, you will need to keep mum about what you are doing. Indeed, it seems you will need to keep things under wraps while you work on it and keep it away from prying eyes. I say that because Mars will move into Libra and your twelfth house of privacy and secrets for an inordinately long time, almost eight months, from December 7 to July 25, 2015.

During that period, most of December through most of July, you will be in a low key role in whatever you are involved in at the time, in the way a great military general would be, directing the troops from inside his tent as he looks at a map, unseen. Or, you would be like the director who directs the actors on stage from behind the camera. This role may appeal to you, for you understand that true power does not always emanate from the person you can see and hear in front of you, but from behind the curtain. You will be in a high key role and in the spotlight at the end of July through August when Mars moves into Scorpio.

The other way this may manifest is if you are caring for someone, for I see you having unusual amounts of interaction with medical personnel during this period. Doctors, nurses, medical technicians, physical therapists, or a psychiatrist, coach or group therapist may be near, as the twelfth house, where Mars will be moving, and rules these professions as well as areas of confinement - hospitals, nursing homes, rehab centers, and the like. (This twelfth house also rules prisons, but I doubt you will go to one, or visit someone there either, but that possibility exists, so I will add it here. Obey speed limits dear Scorpio.)

If you need a surgery or procedure done, or a protocol of physical therapy, you might decide to schedule it during this phase. Some readers may commit to a rehab center; and if so, it is the right time to do so as much healing can be achieved. If you are hoping to get mastery over any sort of addiction - smoking, sugar - you name it, this is the place in the chart, that when activated, would see progress and success. This is your chance, dear Scorpio.

As Mars rotates around the Sun, he will at times be very friendly to the other planets, but at other times, Mars will be very belligerent. This month, Mars will be in a bad mood, and that's not good news for any of us, not just Scorpios. Here's what I see:

On December 24-25, Mars will directly oppose Uranus, lighting your houses of physical and mental well-being. You will need to watch your health closely, as you will likely be under strain at this time. Make sure you remain strong throughout December. If your doctor recommends a flu shot, get the one the minute the month starts out.

The same houses involved also govern work projects, so if you are in one of the professions where you need to work through the holidays, you may find that a project is going straight off the rails on December 24. I know - the timing of this is terrible. I feel so badly having to mention this news.

This same house also covers the people who report to you, whether at work or at home (such as your babysitter or housekeeper), so you may have to find replacements when people call in sick, can't get to work due to weather problems, or simply quit. Be ready with contingency plans.

The following week, we have more rumbles. Travel will be treacherous December 29, 30, and 31, and the new moon on January 1 will do nothing to alleviate the situation. I would suggest you not travel if possible. Here's what I see:

On December 29, Mercury, by then in your short distance travel house, will be at hard angle to Uranus, so the weather may cause delays and may even create dangerous driving conditions. Before you head out, listen to the weather forecasts and heed authority's advice. Mercury also rules commerce, so make sure that you have any and all available information about the deal or purchase you want to make.

On December 30, Uranus will be in hard angle to the Sun, AND at the same time, your two rulers will be at sharp odds, Mars at 90-degree angle to Pluto. Travel will be especially hard on this day, and I would recommend you not even try to make a go of it.

If you are having a negotiation with Mercury at this time, expect things to get rocky. Do all that you can to finish up talks earlier in the month, by the full moon December 17 at the latest.

The pressure from difficult planets will continue on December 31, when Mercury will conjunct Pluto and will be in hard angle to Mars. It seems the topic that arises on December 24-25 will continue to be a thorn in your side throughout the last week of the month. Travel on New Year's Eve? Don't even think about it, for conditions will not be much better than those you found earlier in the week.

Your third house will be energized, so be careful about the interactions you have with your sister or brother from Christmas Eve, December 24, straight through December 31, and possibly into early January. If you do have a conflict with your sibling, try to swallow what you hear and not respond. These aspects are highly inflammatory.

As you see, this is a black-and-white month of high contrast. Focus on the early part of the month when you will have your very best productivity and happiness, dear Scorpio.


Timing is everything in life, and this month your timing will be ideal to ask for a raise or to negotiate a new salary in the first week of December. The new moon, December 2, will be your friend, and you are likely to say later that you were surprised on the way things played out. The caveat is that you must open your talks now. You won't have to get a final answer immediately, but you will have to initiate the process just after the new moon appears on December 2 and not let too much time go by.

Financial talks will come to a conclusion by the full moon, December 17. If you are artistic or literary, you may be paid a large check for a sale of art, or as a commission, licensing fee, royalty, bonus, or other one-time chunk of cash. If anyone owes you money, such as for back child support, or money agreed upon for a divorce or court settlement, it will be forthcoming at this full moon.

You will have luck just before this full moon arrives, too, on December 12, when Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will be beautifully angled to Saturn, the planet of longevity and stability. The area of your luck will come from a project in broadcasting, publishing, academia, import-export, and international business, or as a result of an inheritance or legal settlement.

After the full moon of December 17 has waned several days later, life may become tense. Venus, the planet of love, good looks and fun, will take a rare rest and will withhold all her best powers from December 21 to January 31. It's not the time to get engaged, so you might want to do so prior to the full moon, December 17, not after Venus, the planet of love, withholds her sweetest and strongest, powers. This would not be the right time to get engaged - do so earlier in the month, giving as much space to December 21 as possible. Venus is the natural ruler of your seventh house of marriage, so you would always want Venus to be very alert and strong when you take a big step like that.

Soon after, on December 24-25, Mars, your ruling planet, will pick a fight with Uranus, planet of volatility, on December 24-25, and could create mayhem in your life. A confusing situation may arise on the job too, or in regard to a person you regularly hire at home, from an au pair to nanny, babysitter to housekeeper, gardener to bookkeeper, or in terms of an assistant or co-worker you depend upon at work. You may be among those workers or managers who are required to work at holiday time - not everyone is off - and if so, you will need to have a list of workers ready who can help you if you need them when others flake out on you.

This same aspect, Mars opposed to Uranus, will be draining, so watch your health near December 24. If your doctor suggests you get a flu shot, do so early in the month, for it takes time for the vaccine to work. Eat well and get more sleep this month, for you appear be prone to running yourself down. Rest!

The last week of December will bring high key tremors. On December 29, Uranus will challenge Mercury, and the next day Uranus will be at odds with the Sun. On the same day, Mars, your ruler (and therefore "worth" more) will start a taunt your other ruler, Pluto. (Scorpio has two rulers, Mars and Pluto, somewhat rare for a sign.) Mars will cause a row with Mercury on December 31. This is quite a picture.

Mercury rules travel and communication, Uranus rules your family, home life, and to some degree, your workflow, so brace for unexpended developments. It is not a time to begin any new ventures or relationships. It is certainly not a time to voice controversial statements to family or friends. If getting engaged, do so EARLY in December, not at month's end.

In short, sit back, open the window and see what flies in. Keep New Year's plans simple, don't travel, and stay alert.

Dates to Note: Scorpio

Most romantic dates, and days you can use for other things too: 1, 4, 5, 9, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 22, and 23.

The new moon on December 2 in Sagittarius will be in your house of income. Ask for a raise or negotiate a salary for a new job.

Mercury will be in good angle to Mars on December 3, and Mars is your ruler, giving this added strength. Today would be great for holiday shopping, or sending or receiving news.

On December 7 Mars will go into Libra until July 25, 2014. You will be working behind the scenes for months on a new project or will need to keep secret a certain confidential situation.

A golden triangle linking the moon, Jupiter, and Saturn will appear on December 9, a wonderful day to use for travel, taking a major college or qualifying exam, signing a contract, or scheduling a major meeting presentation.

Mercury will send a positive missive to Uranus on December 10, a perfect day to debate, write, or brainstorm. You may also go on a trip spontaneously.

Jupiter will send Saturn a friendly beam on December 12, making travel or relationships with those afar excellent. You may also take a major test and do very well on it. This day favors you!

The full moon on December 17 will light your eighth house, ruling bonus, prize winnings, gift, scholarship, loans, gift sector, so you may receive some sort of good news.

Uranus goes direct December 17 as well, after being retrograde since July 17 - this will speed approvals of a major work assignment or funding for a project.

December 21 Venus goes retrograde in your sign Scorpio, from December 21 to January 31, 2014. Make all changes to your appearance early in the month. No plastic surgery after December 21 and not again until March. (February has Mercury retrograde.)

Unfortunately, December 24-25 will be marred by Mars, which will be in an angry tug-of-war with Uranus. This is a highly touchy day when people around you will be quick to feel provoked.

The tension continues on December 29 when Uranus will be at odds with Mercury. Not a day to travel or negotiate. Be careful what you say to those close.

Things won't improve December 30. The Sun will be upset with Uranus, and Mars will be at odds with Pluto. The second aspect is important - both are your rulers. You may feel spent, overwrought, and in desperate need to be alone.

December 31 Mercury will conjunct Pluto and both will be at odds with Mars. Suffice to say, this is no night to spend a lot of money on celebrations. Stay home and plan a quiet welcome to the New Year.

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