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8月 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Just under two months ago, Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, entered Cancer on June 25 and has settled into your earned income and savings sector. In the coming twelve months, you will have an outstanding ability to increase your financial holdings and your salary in a substantial way. Last month's exciting changes are now in the pipeline, so you may already be seeing an uptick in income, but if not, you will get more chances to do so with every passing week. Your outgo seems to have been heavy lately, but that should let up by the end of August.

Jupiter rules your seventh house of partnership, so it seems you either you need an agent, partner, or middleman to help you see your biggest financial increases. If you are the middle person - say, an agent, headhunter, broker, or lawyer, for instance - you will attract the right talent or expert to join forces with you to make excellent money. Stay confident that when it comes to pulling down a good income, you can do so in spades. When you have a client who asks about fees, it will be no time to drop the ball - stand up straight and believe you are worth every penny.

Before we leave the topic of money, there is one day, August 7, when you might encounter someone who will push back on your salary requirements. Or, it may be that you owe certain funds, and if so, the creditors will be very domineering and unyielding. It would be best not to meet anyone you owe money to (and this includes tax people), for Jupiter will oppose Pluto and mark an important moment in your financial timeline. If you are negotiating a project with a client at this time, you may find the client will resist paying the fee you feel is realistic and adequate. You may have to be very persuasive to settle on a price close to the one you hope to get - be organized and prepared before you see the client.

There are other ways that the aspects of August 7 might affect you. For this manifestation - the most important one - you would need to think back to December 11, 2007. Did you initiate a new business venture then, or take on a new big client? Did you sign a contract that has been perpetual or ongoing since then? December 11, 2007, brought a conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto, a magical time to begin a new business venture. If you did begin a financial deal back then, profits may have grown nicely in the months that followed. However, in the days circling August 7 it will be the time to revisit that venture to see if you need to tweak the project, add money to it, or abandon it.

Now let's move on to another topic - one you will love - travel, sure to come up after the new moon, August 6 and in the two weeks that follows. August appears to a perfect time for you to hit the road. You won't need to go far, but the trip you do take may prove to be very beneficial for you on many levels. New friends, new business, a chance to unwind - all the reasons to go away are good ones. You won't have to spend a lot of money either, dear Gemini. The new moon in Leo, 15 degrees, will set off your travel trend and it looks like you'll be packing your bags soon after August 6.

I am particularly excited by the fine beam Uranus will make to this new moon, suggesting either that you will be invited out of town very suddenly and leave quickly after the new moon, or you may already know you are going away, but once there, will find you have unusual, happy experiences at the location you visit.

With a new moon in your third house, it's also a good month to have your stationery designed, business card printed, and advertising and publicity campaign started (just after August 6). If you participate in social media, you may want to redo your pages, or if you do social media professionally, to build and launch a new social strategy. The third house, so lit up for you, is all about communication. If you're a writer, editor, code writer, or researcher, as many Gemini are, business should boom.

Last month, your ruler, Mercury, was retrograde, but is moving in strong, sure orbit now. If you know you need a computer, get it soon - the next retrograde will start on October 19, but you will start to have problems with electronics two weeks earlier. Honestly, October will not be an easy month, so shop for all the things you need now or in September.

You seem to have lots of assignments and your services will continue to be in demand. You will be the envy of your friends, for the work you'll do appears to bring in generous income. Remember, for any new moon to help you, like this one August 6 will be poised to do, it'll be imperative that you show your intent and actually extend yourself - look for the work! It's there for you and so is the money! Everything about this new moon is unexpected, fast, and exciting, and you will have two weeks to initiate your calls. The early part of this trend will always be the strongest time (excluding August 7). So when it is time to name your fee, speak up and be brave!

Your sister or brother may have news for you or play a part in the events this month too, as third house energy relates to siblings. You may be planning something together or need to talk over family business. See what comes up.

If your birthday falls on June 5, or within five days of this date, you will benefit from this new moon the most. (The closer your birthday falls to this new moon, the better.) If you have any planets at 15 degrees (or close to it) of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, or Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you too will see noticeable benefits - that planet will be lit up, so take notes! In time you will learn how to read your chart. (My book, Planets and Possibilities - white cover, on your left hand side of this page - has a section where I talk quite a bit about what part of life each planet rules, and that will always be helpful to you, dear Gemini.)

All these areas will get a second big boost, after the energy of the new moon of August 6 fades, sometime after August 16. I say this because, lucky for you, action-oriented Mars will move into the same sign as the new moon - Leo - on August 27 to stay until October 14. You will be involved with what you do best during that phase - writing, editing, negotiating, speaking, code writing, translation, acting, telecommunications, advertising, publicity, and other communication arts. You will also travel more often, and you'll like that and all the rest that will spice up your days.

Longer distance travel, possibly overseas, and career will be the subjects of the full moon in Aquarius 28 degrees, August 20, which will fall very close to the tip-top of your chart. Whatever happens, it seems to hike your industry profile very high because Neptune will orbit close to this new moon. The image of your face will likely be "out there" for the world to see. You may now get some delicious publicity or a new high profile job in the media. You may be on TV, in the newspapers, or on the Internet. You are on a bigger, better, best trend when it comes to your career - more news is coming next month at the full moon, September 19.

If you travel, you will likely be heading home sometime near August 20, plus or minus four days, because full moons wrap up events with a big red bow. This is a very favorable full moon, full of magic, imagination, and dreams - you will love the outcome.

Specifically, this full moon will be in Aquarius, the second full moon in Aquarius in two months. This is unusual! If you recall, we had a full moon in Aquarius (0 degrees) on July 22. You may want to think back to what occurred at that time. Did you have an exciting experience? That full moon of July 22 favored Gemini who were born early in the sign - at the end of May - or who had natal planets at or close to 0 degrees Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. If you have planets at 29 degrees of Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, or close to that degree, you also had some special help from the universe near July 22.

This month's full moon August 20 one will favor you if you were born on or within five days of June 19. Gemini born on, June 19, (is that you?) experienced the luckiest day of the year on their birthday recently, and this full moon August 20 will deliver more proof those late-born Gemini are truly on a roll. If you have planets in 0-3 degrees Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio, you will benefit too due a golden beam to an "out of sign" aspect.

All month, Mercury will be a virtual chatterbox, moving swiftly from one conversation to another, from planet to planet. This means that you will have to be very careful when scheduling your meetings. Some days will be special, while others will lead you down a path where you follow butterflies that lead you nowhere. Mercury is your ruler, so you must track Mercury's whereabouts, and how it is angled to other planets. So, to help you plan your calendar, I would like you to note the following days:

On Sunday, August 11, Mercury will be at hard, 90-degree angle to Saturn. This is no day to sign a contract, for if you do, the deal will not last long. Be sure to leave empty space of two days around this day. Travel may be slow and difficult.

Wednesday, August 14, should be a wonderful day for you, when Mercury and Uranus cooperate by sending golden beams back and forth. It's a marvelous day to brainstorm for crazy, brilliant new ideas, or to spontaneously travel. A friend will be very helpful and fun, and you will hear from him or her quite out of the blue, putting a big smile on your face.

Sunday, August 25, will be a very bad day for Mercury - and for you - because Mercury will oppose Neptune. This would be a terrible day to sign papers. No one would know later what the contract covered, or didn't, and what the most important clauses even mean. Yikes! Stay away from this day!

Keep in mind, by the way, that any time you make a verbal agreement, it is considered the same as signing - both are commitments - so treat them as such.

Mercury will cooperate with Pluto on August 28, a day when research you do will be superb. Use this day to dig down and find the answers imbedded deeply under the surface. Even if someone has tried to obscure the information, you are likely to drill through and find it on this day.

Your very best day comes at month's end. On August 29, Mercury will receive beams from Jupiter that will spell pure opportunity. It's your best day of the month for travel, signing papers, sales, negotiating, public relations, publicity, writing, editing - all the areas you are devoted to and excel in. This is your four-star day! Saturn will work with the Sun too, and provide a platform of longevity to all you do.

Socially, the month will start out bright. Venus will be in Leo, a sign of luxury, and because you are an air sign and Leo is fire, it is so very compatible. Venus will remain in Leo until August 14, so you can travel or buy new things for your wardrobe to wear in the coming season.

As the month begins, circle Friday evening, August 2, when Mars will chase Venus around the star-studded sky - it's sure to be a romantic evening, and on top of this the moon will be in Gemini.

On the coming weekend, August 3-4, a friend may do something tender and touching for you, and it will come at a time you least expect anyone to do that for you. You may spontaneously decide to travel together to a scenic location, or get the gang together for a fun dinner. This weekend, fun, friends, and travel go together like coffee, cream, and sugar.

Venus will move into perfect-for-Gemini sign of Libra on August 14, to stay until September 10.This is great news! Circulate, buy new things to wear, and generally see about updating your looks.

Travel with the one you love anytime this month - you truly lead the brigade with beautiful planetary energy.

There is one day when a date night out could turn dreadful, however, and that will be Monday, August 26, when Venus will oppose Uranus. Love won't go smoothly, and although this will be a Monday, you may feel the difficult vibrations over the proceeding weekend, August 24-25. It will be easy to misunderstand a communication or send an unclear one yourself. Fortunately you have other wonderful days!

One of your happiest days this month for you, dear Gemini, will come at month's end, when Mercury and Jupiter will work together to see you do well, August 29.

You have so much to look forward to in August!

Your ability to make money will be very strong through August. You will become increasingly motivated with each success, and that's good, for there are many ways you can increase your income beyond your expectations. The coming twelve months, until July 16, 2014, will be a time of powerful material reward for you - you've not seen a period with the potential for such generous rise in income in over a decade.

Still, there will be a few speed bumps in August, and you will need to know where they will be placed. A case in point is August 7, when Pluto will stand opposite Jupiter, a day you may have to rein in spending, no matter how generous your income may happen to be these days. When in negotiation with others, you may be surprised at the pushback you receive in terms of the amount you want to settle on - clients will be tightfisted near August 7. Yet this day has other more important ramifications beyond clients pushing back on fees.

If you started a business deal back in December 2007, you may have seen impressive growth. Now, at the mid-point of this cycle, you will need to decide how you feel about the venture. Is it doing as well as you expected? Does it need tweaking? Would more time or money from you help feed its growth? Or, would you like to abandon the project because you feel it has run its course? This is the time to find out, and do what you need to do. The universe wants to see you successful and productive and sets up points at mid-cycle so that you can review where you are now.

Gemini loves to travel, so August may be just your cup of tea. The new moon, August 6 will bring invitations to pack and go to nearby cities and resorts, and you are likely to find the accommodations quite special and even luxurious. There will be a strong chance that you'll go away for at least one weekend in the first half of the month quite spontaneously. Have a quick-pack suitcase ready in case an invitation comes up.

More travel is likely later in the month, and if you do go, you will cover more ground and return within four days of August 20. This trip, taken mid-to-late August, may turn out to be costly, so keep a mental note of how much you are spending on your credit card. If you keep costs under control, you will do well.

If you need things for your home, shop in the first half of August while Venus tours Virgo, a time you will find the most imaginative, beautiful things to add to your decor.

From August 17 and until September 10, Venus will tour Libra and light your house of true love. This is great news, for during those weeks you will be memorable, alluring, and charismatic.

Your spell on others will be strong during almost all those weeks, but alas, not on August 26, when Venus will receive tough vibrations from Uranus, the planet of volatility. On August 26, love may go straight out the window, so be careful! This will be the only tough point of the month.

If you are creative, the month ends on a great note. Your ruler, Mercury, will signal Jupiter, so something you write could bring you generous cash - speak up! This is a great day for a job interview, coming at a time many people are traveling. The Sun and Saturn will be beautifully oriented too, indicating you can stabilize your income nicely at month's end. As you see, your money may bring up and down news all month, but your bank balance is likely to end sunny side up by August 29, and that's what matters.

Dates to Note GEMINI

Best days for Gemini, romance and for other things too: August 2, 3-4, 5-6, 10, 11, 14, 16, 20, 24, and 27 to 30.

Your ability to find one or more new sources of income will be very strong now, continuing a trend that started last month. Keep looking for new opportunities. You may have unexpected expenses at any time, but especially on or near August 20.

Last month talks on all fronts went slowly due to Mercury in retrograde, but you'll have no delays now. Even though you'll be able to afford new things, you may want to tone down any heavy, big-ticket spending until Mars leaves Cancer, August 27.

August 7 will not be the time to negotiate for a generous fee - you'll feel resistance. Or, you may owe money and your creditor will be obstinate about wanting to be paid.

Travel is written all over your chart in August, first for nearby journeys at the new moon, August 6 plus two weeks, and later, near the full moon, August 20, you may go farther afield.

You will likely return home from a long trip within four days of the full moon August 20.

Venus in Virgo until August 16 makes it a fine time to shop for home-related items or to have fun reconnecting with family.

Venus in Libra is a dream come true for your love life, starting August 17 until September 10. Spend time on improving your looks then, too.

Love may go haywire on August 26, due to Venus opposed to Uranus.

August 29 is a special day for coming up with razor sharp, original ideas AND to stabilize your income, thanks to Mercury in good attitude to Uranus, and the Sun in good angle to Saturn.

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