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8月 Monthly Horoscope for Aquarius

Ready or not, this is a month to make important decisions about an important partner. You may be seeing your romantic partner in a new light by now, and feel ready to take your relationship to a new level. You may be ready to promise exclusivity to each other, or even get engaged or married. Naturally, if you have been dating a long time, this month's new trend will focus on that romantic relationship. If you are not happy, some Aquarius will break up, but that seems like a far less likely event in this basically very happy month.

If you don't feel you will be exchanging rings and promises to a sweetheart, you may be signing papers instead, but it could accent a business partnership, too, or the addition of a new collaborator or expert to help you in your work. You may feel it's time to hire a new agent, manager, representative, lawyer, or ghost writer, or sign a business partner, as examples of the type of person you might be thinking about this month. All types of close one-on-one relationships come under the seventh house, which in August will be brilliantly lit for coupling up or merging energies, and with friendly aspects, all should go well.

The new moon, August 6, in Leo, 15 degrees, will set this energy in motion. Although as an Aquarius, you like the idea of being alone and independent, we all know there are joys in being close, too. This new moon would be an ideal time to join forces with another or to open talks. Uranus will be beautifully angled and friendly to this new moon, and because Uranus is touring your third house, surprising communications will occur. If you are focused on a romantic partner, you may decide to take a quick, spontaneous weekend trip together to a close-by resort or town, and if you do, your time together will be lots of fun. Uranus will be showing you that not everything has to be planned well in advance!

The thinking you will do concerning a certain partner during the two weeks that follow the August 6 new moon will not end there. By the time the new moon has faded, on August 27, Mars will move into the constellation of Leo to stay until October 15, and action planet Mars will continue your discussion or meditation about what you'd like to do next.

If you don't feel ready to make a formal commitment to a romantic partner, such as to be exclusive to each other, or more, to get engaged or married, you don't have to do so of course. In astrology, you are always in charge, for you have free will. Still, looking at your chart, there is the matter of the other person's feelings, and if he or she loves you and wants more of a commitment, it appears that you will have to take those feelings into account in some way. Aquarius, as the little rebel of the zodiac, does things their way, in their own idiosyncratic style, even if what you say you want to do seems unconventional to others around you at times. Fortunately, you know your own mind, so dear Aquarius, in this matter, I say, "let you be you." This new moon falls at 15 degrees Leo, indicating that this new moon will be strong and powerful, not one bit wimpy, and will bring very positive results for you.

If your birthday falls on February 3, plus or minus four days, you will feel the effects of this new moon more than most Aquarians. The same is true if you have Aquarius rising at 15 degrees (or close to that degree), or if you have a natal planet in your natal chart found in Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini, or almost as special, in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 15 degrees.

Now let's turn to the full moon, August 20, which will fall in Aquarius at 28 degrees, bringing to culmination a topic that will be very close to your heart. See what comes up on or within four days of August 20 - it may clearly show you what you value most in life, at least in this point in time.

It is unusual to see two full moons in the same sign one month after the other, as is the case here, but that is what occurred in July and will happen again in August. This month's full moon, as said, falls at 28 degrees Aquarius, near the very end of the sign. If your birthday falls on or very near (within five days) of February 17, you will feel the full moon very dramatically, and notice its effects more than you felt last month's full moon. Also, if you have a natal planet in your chart at 28 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) on Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini, or almost as special, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, you will also find that that particular planet will be very energized.

The earlier full moon in Aquarius, which came July 22, fell at the very start of Aquarius at 0 degrees. If your birthday falls on January 20 to 24, you felt the full moon last month more dramatically than you will feel this one. Also if you have 0-5 degrees of Aquarius rising, or 0-5 degrees of a planet in Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra, the same is true - last month's full moon was important. Last month's full moon was in hard angle to Saturn, so you felt a certain obligation to acknowledge your partner's feelings and needs. Or, it may have been that your work load has been very heavy and has become a bone of contention in your relationship together - your partner may feel neglected, for your work has had to be a first priority lately.

This month's full moon on August 20 will be far more romantic, as Neptune will be conjunct this full moon, adding a spell of mystery and romance. Neptune may bring a social event that will be quite beautiful, with flowers, music, and beautiful people - quite memorable!

Neptune rules the arts, so you may be finishing up an important creative project, and since Neptune rules your earned income, you may see a check come to you near August 20 for work well done, artistic work, or for your work involving digital code, such as software or app development, scientific research, or work having to do with space exploration. Neptune has also been linked to astrology and Eastern arts, like Tai Chi, too, so you may have made a name for yourself in those fields, or in connection with similar new age disciplines.

No matter what happens, both these full moons in Aquarius will help you to clarify your needs by bringing you closer in touch with your feelings about one romantic partner in question. Alternatively, you may be deliberating about what to do about a business partner, whether to hire, to make a switch - after this full moon, you will know what you need to do.

Now let's turn to your career and work life, which continues to glow brighter than the most brilliant stars that twinkle in the evening sky. Last month we had a rare and special golden triangle appear in the heavens that linked Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, now in your work assignment sector, to Saturn in your tenth house of career status, achievement, and rewards. Saturn and Jupiter also linked to Neptune in your earned income sector. Each planet is and was in water signs, representing all three, and each planet was 120 degrees from the other, forming a beautiful and rare glittering triangle in the sky. Although these and other planets are continually on the move, these three (Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune) are very slow-moving planets that spin on the outer edge of our solar system, so happily, the golden triangle will still be in effect for the first two weeks of August.

You may want to read about the golden triangle that occurred last month in my last forecast. You can always access my previous month's forecast by scrolling down below the Dates to Note - it is there you will find the link to the forecast for the month that came before the current one.

You will not have any shortage of offers to do new projects, good news whether you work for others, are self-employed, or work on a contractual basis from project to project. With Jupiter guarding your interests in this house, you will likely be given the kind of projects that have legs, leading you to bigger and better things. By November, you may be in line for a major promotion, so keep that in mind as you turn in work now.

Mars is still in your workaday sector, so, clearly in August, the market will be clamoring for your goods or services. This is great news, that it will be a very busy time for you, especially if you have been out of work. Although it is not the time to aim for a position that will be more complex in responsibility and power than your last time, you can find work now if you look for it. August 29 and 30 will bring a superb conversation between Mercury and Jupiter, and fantastic news about a new and very lucrative assignment is likely to come up!

You may not want to take a vacation in August, for if you do, you will lose out on some plum assignments. With Mercury about to retrograde in October, and a lunar eclipse coming too (October 18), October would be your very best month to go away, as long as you nail down the details of your itinerary in advance. Fly in October, and you will miss many of the frustrating delays back home!

Jupiter and Mars' position are considered perfect ones for encouraging good health, so if you have been plagued with a chronic problem or you have something new that has come up, seek the advice of your doctor. Get a second opinion, too. You truly have the right aspects to at least find hope - don't let this month pass without making an appointment or some tests. If you feel fine, you have superb aspects for getting back in condition at the gym. If you start now, you will be the sexiest person on the dance floor come New Years' Eve. Now that's a thought to hang on to!

This month, Venus will come to Libra, an ideal place for Venus to be when you are Aquarius, so mark down August 16 to September 10 as your time, dear Aquarius. Avoid August 26 for any moves that would be related to love or good looks - this could be a nightmare day, when Uranus, the surprise planet will oppose Venus, and none of the surprises that will come up will be good ones! Nevertheless, during the other days when Venus will tour the constellation of Libra, Venus bring out your charms full fold, she will also help you improve your looks. Time to go shopping for new things, dear Aquarius?

This month, although it is August, you will be very busy at work. Clients (or your boss) will bring in lucrative assignments, so you may have to hire a few extra people in your department to get the work done and shipped. Co-workers will be friendly and work well together as a team, even if you anticipated just the opposite reaction! Stepping up your program at the gym will be a good idea, for many aspects in your chart point to it being a wonderful way to reduce stress and build fitness.

The new moon will appear on August 6, and help you build a strong, serious collaboration with the person you are talking with now, or give a commitment to your sweetheart. You will find that you and your partner are on the same page, and that you can reach accord much more easily than you have had in earlier talks. If you are given a contract to sign (in love - say, a marriage license - or for business) as long as you have studied the paperwork with your lawyer, you can sign. Your ruler, Uranus, will help you move forward with your plans rapidly, and pieces of your puzzle should slip into place without inordinate effort.

A situation involving a close relationship (the same one, or a different one) is about to reach critical mass on the full moon in Aquarius on August 20. Things may go well, say, in terms of getting engaged or married, or, as all full moons are prone to do if people are unhappy, bring tension and even a breakup if things have not gone well for some time. On the following day, Jupiter will be in hard angle to Uranus, so a discussion (or more aptly put, a disagreement) with your significant other concerning money and the hours you work may arise - you will have to find an answer.

The full moon in Aquarius on August 20 will be in good angle to Saturn, thankfully, so a suggestion or comment you make may have a positive effect, by bringing on a eureka moment and at long last, a feeling of stability. Your partner seems to surprise you in some happy way at this full moon, so it seems as though you will be ready to take your relationship to the next level. If you will be forging a business relationship or signing any contracts with another person, your negotiation should go smoothly - this full moon is positive.

Neptune will be active at the time of the full moon August 20, so it may spin an evening of enchantment. The event you attend, perhaps on the weekend before (August 17-18) or after (August 24-25), will be sprinkled with pixie dust.

There is another manifestation of Neptune that I should mention (although I wish I didn't have to do so!) Neptune can put you in a dreamy trance, so make sure your optimism is well placed - Neptune may make you overly confident and possibly overly idealistic near August 20 about the person you love. Take your time.

If the new relationship you may be creating with official papers at the time of the new moon August 20 is for business, then do a background check. (Actually, you might ask your lawyer to do one for a romantic relationship too, if you don't know your partner well.). In love, it will always be important to know your partner well, too, and to see how your partner reacts through good times and bad. With Neptune active, you might be filling in the blanks with platitudes that your partner does not quite deserve, simply because your imagination would be add glowing attributes for what you don't quite know. On the other hand, if the partnership is for artistic work, then Neptune's predominance at the time of the full moon makes sense - Neptune is the patron planet of the arts. In that case, the partnership may work out very well. Just in case, be careful.

If you are single or attached, you will have help from Venus in Libra from August 16 to September 11. Venus' job is to amp up your charms, and she's a pro at doing that, as you'll soon see in full effect! The only day to watch out for is August 26, when Venus will oppose Uranus, a bad day for a big talk or to do anything important, like to buy a marriage license - wait for better days!

In the second half of August, just when the clothes for the coming season are entering the stores, browse, for you'll find the most flattering things, and having a few new things will boost your confidence, too. After all, hasn't it been said that confidence is the very best aphrodisiac?

Dates to Note AQUARIUS

Best days for Aquarius, romance and for other things too: August 1, 2, 4, 6, 14-15, August 20, the full moon in Aquarius, plus or minus four days, August 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, and 30.

The energy of August 4 will be superb for you - the Sun will receive a golden beam from Uranus. It's a happy day for you, especially for travel, and you should receive good news, too.

The new moon in Leo on August 6 will help you move ahead with plans to get engaged, married, or to make a business partnership official. You will have approximately ten days in which to act to take full advantage of this new moon. The closer you initiate a plan to August 6 and the few days that follow, the better.

Circle August 14 as a day that ideas you generate will help you stand out - it's a very fortunate day for you, especially for staging meetings or for travel. Your ability to communicate in an articulate manner will be strong, thanks to Mercury in positive angle to Uranus.

Mars will enter Leo on August 27 and stay until October 15. You may find differences between you and your partner at that time, but it's all part of the process of give and take, and is normal. Don't let disagreements worry you if you feel your relationship is strong.

The full moon in Aquarius will bring something of importance to you to fullness, August 20 (plus or minus 4 days).

Venus in Libra will be a plus, from August 16 to September 10. Use that period to spend a little money on yourself - buy new clothes, refine your appearance.

If you discuss or take a position on August 29, the position will likely bring on a feeling of stability.

Sign a contract on August 30, when Jupiter will work beautifully with Mercury.

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