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8月 Monthly Horoscope for Aries

What a divine month you have in store! Last month may have been very impressive, but August may just outdo July! So much good is about to come your way!

The new moon on August 6 is in Leo, 15 degrees (considered a very powerful, critical degree for a new moon in Leo), and it will immediately light your house of love. Single or attached, you will find that no matter what your social status, this month will be just made for you! The job of a new moon is to create opportunity, and this one will do a masterful job for you. Remarkably, this new moon will reach out to Uranus in Aries to bring all sorts of breathtaking surprises in matters of love and fun. It is as though the universe designed this new moon for you, dear Aries.

Dear Aries, so few of the past and future months of 2013 are THIS special, so while the Sun shines, take full advantage! This is your month to have fun, take a vacation, or play with your children if you have them, or if not, to borrow another couple's child. Let the little child in you out, and simply play to your heart's content. Give your schedule over to love, especially in the ten days after the new moon of August 6 appears. If single, you can meet someone new, and if attached, you can grow closer and rekindle the spark you had when you first met. This same new moon would be ideal for conception, so if you hope for a baby, the new moon of August 6 could summon the stork.

I will make one side note here: If you happen to be an Aries with Scorpio rising, you will get enormous opportunities to prove your worth in your profession this month as well - they will be some of the best of 2013 - and if you work in a creative field, or if your job is to support creative people, you will have double the luck. You may find a new position better than the one you had, dear Aries with Scorpio rising, or you may decide you want to stay put. If you stay, you will come up with ideas that will clearly prove your worth. This is a good example of how to integrate your rising sign with your Sun sign. Always read for both your rising sign and Sun sign, as both are equally important. We all have those two charts at play all the time.

In your case, Aries with Scorpio rising, I would want you to divide your time between love, fun, and a happy social life and your career. If you are Aries, Scorpio, or Scorpio rising, ignore what I said about taking a vacation! I want you at home base so that you can enjoy all the good vibes coming to your house of fame and achievement! (Your rising sign can only be determined by doing a custom chart using the precise time of birth with day, month, year, and city of birth. See www.SusanMillerMyPersonalHoroscope.com).

Going back to your Aries Sun, no matter what your rising sign may be, you will see your creativity reach new levels of sophistication this month, too. Be sure to set aside time to play and experiment on your favorite project or hobby, for you will be as surprised as those around you at the level of work you turn out.

I feel anyone can be creative, no matter what your job happens to be. Creativity offers the most satisfaction in life, far more than money can do, for in time money will get a little unexciting. (Of course we always need a certain amount of money coming in or we are frantic all the time!) If you can point to something that you can say you made, wrote, developed, or promoted, that brings supreme satisfaction, and there are an almost unlimited number of ways creativity can be expressed, far beyond my list here. This is your month to show the world what you can do, dear Aries!

All Aries will partake of this energy, but if your birthday falls on April 4, plus or minus four days, you will feel the new moon in Leo on August 6 in a very BIG, noticeable way, especially as events play out in the first week after it appears! Remember, to unlock the powers of a new moon, you have to DO something. Few things in astrology happen on their own. Show the universe your intent through your actions!

Another trend is happening in your chart involving an ever-improving home and family life, and it is just beginning to build steam. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, just entered your forth house of home and family to stay until NEXT July 16, 2014. This month, Mars and Mercury will be there, too.

The fact that Mars is in your home sector is very telling - because Mars is your ruling planet, it shows me your attention will be drawn to you home, and also to immediate family members, especially your mother and father, but possibly also to your sister or brother (all happy developments) because Mercury governs siblings and will be in your home sector until August 23, giving much more oomph to that area of life. If you need to find home or family solutions, or just hope to hear good news, this month will be when sensational options and good news appears.

While Mars is orbiting with Jupiter in your fourth house of real estate, if you need to buy, sell, redesign / decorate, refurbish, or renovate, you really should look at your options this month. Mercury is no longer retrograde (having ended his backward slide on July 21), so you need not hold back on any actions.

Friday, August 2, would be a great day to shop for home-related items, when Mars will reach out to Venus - wow! You will find beautiful solutions for your living situation or add to your present home.

I see an aspect coming that is a big one, so let's turn our attention to August 7, when Jupiter will oppose Pluto. In order to know what type of outcome this day (or the days surrounding it) will have for you, you need to look back to the time when Jupiter and Pluto last formed a conjunction - that's when the cycle started - back on December 11, 2007. What were you doing in December 2007? If you started a new business relationship or new venture back then (and yes, this aspect tends to be business-related), you may have had high hopes for it. Those hopes may have been achieved, or not.

Now, take a closer look at the venture and see if you need to make any tweaks or changes. When one planet opposes the other, it is at the halfway mark in the timing of that venture, so you simply are being asked to decide what you hope to do about that situation in the future. Do you still believe in the venture or relationship? Great! How can you make it bigger and better? If you feel partners are not pulling their weight, and you don't like how things are going, do you want to abandon the venture, pour more money into it, or simply put it on a back burner and give it less time and attention? There are no right or wrong answers here - how you feel is what matters.

In terms of career, if you are out of work, the new moon September 5 may bring developments for you, Aries, but it won't likely be a step up, only a new project. That might be fine with you! For a step up, if you can wait, January will be your month.

In terms of your money, do not have talks on August 26, when Venus (ruling your salary and savings) will be under siege from Uranus.

Also do not sign contracts when Mercury (now moving direct, thank goodness) will be having talks with all the wrong planets: August 11 and 25.

Instead DO sign on August 29 and 30 when Mercury and Jupiter, Saturn and the Sun will work together to make a success of a venture.

Romantically, put a big gold star on the weekend that falls just before the tender new moon of August 6: August 3-4, when the Sun in Leo (house of romance) will reach out to Uranus in Aries and bring all sorts of romantic surprises and fun. This would be a great weekend for a first date or to travel.

If you want to give a party on Saturday night or anytime Sunday, give it at home over the weekend of August 3-4, a beautiful, loving weekend for you. (You would have to give your party at home, not in a restaurant, for this aspect to work out.)

Of course, the new moon of August 6 plus ten days will be glorious for you, as I described earlier, so star all ten days that that new moon will brighten, from August 6-16, for fun and love!

Actually amid the days just listed as special for the new moon, August 14 should be a standout for love, when you may get a romantic text, phone call, or letter. It's also a day for amazing fun when traveling. (If you need to take a business trip, go on August 14. If you are in sales, you could sell the sizzle straight off a frankfurter.) Mercury will be in fine angle to Uranus in Aries, so this day has your name written all over it.

Venus will enter your partnership sector on August 16, so if you are an attached Aries, you will find that your interaction with your partner will start to go especially smoothly from August 16 until September 10.

There is one exception to that set of days that Venus will glide through Libra - August 26, when Venus will oppose Uranus, and things could go completely off the rails in your relationship. Do not bring up controversial topics at that time, and by all means don't schedule your "big talk" then either!

In this ultra-social month, there are MORE great days! Keep watch over the full moon in divine-for-Aries sign of Aquarius, 28 degrees, due Tuesday, August 20. All full moons have a plus or minus four days of influence, so you may be attending a wedding, shower, engagement party, birthday party, or a sports event that attracts many happy people together (possibly from many cultures), like a ballgame or soccer match. Neptune will be very close to this full moon and add a magical touch - this is why I feel it's likely you will go to a beautiful party or wedding. Pixie dust will be everywhere!

Due to the plus or minus tolerance of a full moon, you may experience this event over the weekend of August 17-18 or Friday, August 23, or Saturday, August 24. (In the latter two dates, August 23-24, the moon will be in Aries. Yay! I like those best for you!)

Think back to last month, July 21, when you had a full moon in Aquarius, too! It's very unusual to have two full moons in a row fall in the same sign of Aquarius. The last full moon of July 22 reached out to early, March-born Aries. What happened to you within five days (in either direction) of that full moon of July 22? If nothing much, it may be because you are a late-born Aries. The new full moon, due August 20, will send kisses within five days of this date to Aries born within five days of April 17.

Your romantic and social luck will keep on rolling. Normally, once a new moon has come and gone, and a beautiful and tender full moon, also brimming with romantic fun, has come and gone, your attention would move to other things. Not so in August!

On August 27, your ruler, Mars, will enter your fifth house of true love and heat up this sector until October 14! Wow! The emphasis on love, fun, creativity, and children that will start on the new moon, August 6, will not end anytime soon, dear Aries! If you want to meet someone new, or if you hope to find ways to be more romantic with the one you love, August, September, and part of October will be your chance to do so. (I have one piece of advice: Very tough cosmic storms are due to roll through in early October, so if you are planning a party or other event, I prefer you do so in August or September.)

This may be the most enjoyable months of the year for you. The new moon in Leo will arrive on August 6, just after a string of romantic, fun days covering the weekend of August 2-4. If you're single, Uranus, planet of surprise, will be sending golden beams to that new moon to make that sudden, fateful romantic meeting possible for you, especially in the ten days following August 6. This makes August your best month of 2013 to find love, but if you are to see your advantage, you must make an effort to be out and about.

If you've been disappointed in love in the past, let that feeling go - this new moon will show you that a new day is dawning for you. If you are attached, you have reason to anticipate a great month, too. Venus in Libra will help you smooth over any rough spots, from August 16 to September 10, and allow you more time to spend with your partner.

In the meantime, your home is likely to become a hub of activity, especially with Jupiter (gifts and luck) AND Mars in Cancer. You are likely to become obsessed with making your space fresher and more reflective of your style. Soon you'll be carrying fabric swatches and paint samples, and snapping pictures of furniture with your cell phone to make up your visual board. You may have various family members visiting you too, and you will be able to show off your flair for entertaining as you play host. If you feel your space is perfect "as is" you may decide to throw a party for friends this month - do so August 2 or 3.

On August 7, look back to a relationship or venture that you started back in December 2007. If you did start something new, think about how it's going. Does it need more time and money from you, or are you ready to abandon it now? The opposition of Jupiter and Pluto will make it time to decide.

Do not sign a contract on August 11, 25, or 26, all bad days to do so. Wait to sign on your very best day, August 29.

The days just prior to the full moon, or just after the August 20 full moon, may bring a big event that brings many friendly, happy people together, some of whom you may know, and many you do not. You will have plenty of opportunity to make a new friend and also to network quite a bit. The event will be stimulating, as people of other cultures may be present. Neptune will be conjunct the moon, offering a magical, even dreamlike effect, so you may be attending something quite romantic or luxurious.

Watch your expenses closely near this full moon, because when Jupiter and Uranus are at odds your expenses may shoot up, quite suddenly and without warning. This may come on because of a sudden impulse to buy something expensive, or because a cost comes up suddenly that is beyond your control (you must pay it) and puts you in total shock. Either way, be careful.

You will be traveling more in the coming weeks, once Mars enters Leo on August 27, to stay until October 16. A long weekend to view fall foliage may be in the cards and be just the thing to relax and refresh you. This month, an end of August trip into the first week of September would be ideal, to spend with family, to do business, or to have an outdoor vacation. Stay close to home - there's no need to travel far to have a deliciously good time.

Dates to Note for ARIES

Best days for Aries, romance and for other things too: August 1, 2, 6-16 (gold star), and the full moon August 20, plus or minus four days, August 27-29.

The new moon, August 6, will usher in a more romantic phase. Be sure to circulate in the week that follows the new moon.

The long weekend of August 2, 3, and 4 brings Venus in Virgo and Mars in Cancer in sync - you'll enjoy these days! Travel or entertain by giving a barbeque or dinner at home.

If you are attached, Venus in Libra will help your relationship from August 17 to September 10.

Mars is in Cancer and will tour your home sector until August 27, so the main part of the month will be ideal for decorating or reorganizing your space.

Pluto will oppose Jupiter on August 7, a clear message that despite how busy your home will be, you will need to pay attention to the demands at work, too.

At the full moon August 20, plus or minus four days, you will be rubbing shoulders with friends or groups of people at a trade show, club event, or other social gathering.

August 20 may bring an unexpectedly large expense, due to the clash between Uranus and Jupiter.

Mars enters Leo on August 27, setting off a time for quick, close travel through October 16.

August 26 could bring clashes with a steady partner - do not shake the tree because coconuts are likely to fall out and land on your head. A bad day for love!

One of the worst days to sign a contact will be Sunday, August 25, when Neptune will oppose Mercury - you won't know what you are getting into on this day!

The best day to sign a contract will be August 28 when Mercury and Jupiter are in perfect sync, and when Saturn and the Sun are beautifully angled, giving longevity to your promise. This day is so special, August 28, that it's worth waiting all month to sign!

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