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Scorpio Forecast for January 2014

By Susan Miller

You will be very busy once you return to the office after the holidays, with lots of phone calls and emails to answer. You will need to be ultra-organized to make sure nothing falls through the cracks. All this is due to an important new moon that will appear the moment the month dawns, on January 1, in Capricorn, 11 degrees, in your third house of communication.

If you want to launch a new advertising or publicity campaign, this is the time to get started. If you need a logo designed, or a new website, start now. This same sector rules manuscripts and writing projects, so if you need to start a thesis or marketing report, do it now. Sales, marketing, public relations, writing, copywriting, editing, proofing, and printing all come under the third house, and all are about to bring spectacular results for you. In astrology, WHEN you start something new matters, as you usually want to begin on a new moon. New moons open new doors, and you have the right one now. You have from January 1 to 10 to do so.

This new moon comes with the Sun and moon conjunct your ruler, Pluto, and will give you extra power and authority. The Sun rules your house of fame and honors, so all that you are doing under this new moon seems to have the power to elevate your professional status quite a bit.

This same new moon of January 1 will encourage you to travel, so you may be able to pack your bags and leave town. You can now go for any reason, and you can be sure you'll enjoy being away. You need not go far - if you can drive to that town within a day, you have the right location.

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is in your other travel house, and will ping energy into your third house of communication and travel, making it a fine time to investigate all these areas that I have listed. You seem to crave rest, so don't make your trip too strenuous - just a few days away in the mountains would be a good idea. (So many planets in Capricorn spell mountains.) A quaint city that has a lot of history to it would be fun - you would enjoy exploring castles and antique shops. If you are single, you may even meet someone special on this trip.

You will feel this new moon very directly if you have a birthday that falls on November 3, or have Scorpio rising 11 degrees Scorpio (in either case, plus or minus five days). If you have a natal planet at 11 degrees Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces, you will also be singled out for benefits. Do you have a natal planet at 11 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn? Then you are in a runner up position, and you will also feel this new moon of January 1 too, only slightly less so.

When the Sun and Saturn collaborate, on Saturday, January 11, you may hear good news about your career as soon as Friday, January 10, or as late as Monday, January 13. An older VIP may take you under his/her wing. This person might turn out to be a mentor, or simply someone who has very solid, practical advice that helps you enormously.

Travel will again become possible AND likely over the full moon in Cancer 25 degrees on January 15, plus or minus four days. This trip seems to be one that will take you over many miles, possibly to a foreign country, to a place near water, as this full moon will be in watery Cancer.

I always find that I am returning home near a full moon from a distant city, so you may go to your destination early in the month, and will plan to be back no later than the weekend of January 18-19, probably sooner. This would good timing because after a full moon appears, the energy of that full moon will deflate with each passing day, and by the fourth day the energy will be gone.

You can make import-export deals or agree to write for a foreign publication or publisher. If you work in TV, you may be covering a story overseas. If you cannot be out of town, you may find you are on the phone with people living in international locations or who fly into town to see you. The ninth house also rules in-laws, and although I know some people groan when they hear the word, you seem to enjoy this in-law - at least this time! Fit in some time to go to the theatre and have dinner out. You need a little fun and this full moon January 15 will supply it in abundance.

I like January 16 too because Mercury and Uranus will be conversing beautifully, bringing great ideas that will be applauded, and pieces of your puzzle will click into place easily. If you work in publishing or broadcasting, some sort of important story or segment is being wrapped up. This is a great moment for you.

The full moon of January 15 will be very helpful if you need to hear back about a passport, green card, or visa. Not only will immigration matters be solved at this time, but also legal matters. You should like the result of any settlement or verdict. If you make an application (such as for a patent or trademark) that too will work in your favor, as you would be making an application that would add long-range stability to your venture, as Saturn will beam his blessings to this full moon.

Things will move fast at the time of the full moon, January 15, for full moons bring enormous energy and teamwork. With a friendly Saturn, the choices or deals you make now will stand the test of time. Still, Venus is retrograde until January 31, so see if you can work out deal points with your client or partner, but wait until February 1 to sign.

I say that because Venus goes direct January 31 and has dominion over profits, and Mercury is the planet of contracts. Mercury will go weak in retrograde motion February 6 to 28, and then Mars, your other ruler, will retrograde March 1 to May 19. If you need ideal time to sign a very important deal, sign in the first days of February (prior to February 6) or wait until end of May (after May 19). Don't wait too long - Mercury will retrograde from June 7 to July 1, and after that difficult cosmic storms roll into the first week of July.

If you are a Scorpio with a birthday that falls on November 18, this full moon of January 15 will be a standout for you. The same is true if you have Scorpio rising at 26 degrees, or have a natal planet at that degree in Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces, or to slightly lesser benefit, if you have a natal planet in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, within 26 degrees plus or minus five degrees.

Venus will continue to retrograde this month until January 31. Because Venus rules good looks and one's appearance, you need to wait before you make any radical, drastic moves. It's never wise to get plastic surgery, for example, or a radical change of hairstyle or color, while Venus is retrograde. Any retrograde planet is a resting planet, and while Venus rests, she withholds her strongest powers of beauty and charm. Put off big changes, but continue routines like getting trims, having manicures and pedicures, and other good grooming. Venus would never want you to neglect those tasks while she slumbers. If you were considering the idea of going on a spa vacation, next month would be better (even though Mercury is retrograde - rest and pampering is always wise when Mercury is out of phase.)

Your home and family will be the subject of the month's second new moon in Aquarius, 11 degrees, to fall January 30. It is unusual to have two new moons in one month, but you have it here. This new moon will help you improve your living situation, whether you want to rent, buy, sell, or work on the interior, such as to renovate, paint, reorganize possessions, buy new furniture - the sky is the limit. Perhaps you have a holiday gift card that is burning a hole in your pocket that will allow you to shop in any store. If so, you may find the piece of furniture or rug of your dreams. Uranus will be very friendly at this new moon, so watch in the ten days that follow this new moon - you will find a solution very suddenly.

It's alternatively possible that you will have much more interaction with family in late January or very early February. If your mother or father or sister comes to visit you, this time you will have an outstanding time! It's all good, dear Scorpio!

Finally, your career may send you amazing news on January 29, when the Sun, ruler of your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, receives a beam from surprising Uranus. You may get an invitation to interview, or a chance to do a prestigious one-time project. No matter what, you'll be happy. What a way to end the month! It's also possible you will consider a relocation to take advantage of a new job offer. Mid-February will be a big month for your career, so give those talks all you've got!


The holidays are over, and you may want to get some rest. Try to leave town while you can during the first half of January. A crowd of planets will be stacking up in your third house, associated with quick, short travel. You seem to be in the mood for a setting that has lots of history or where you can go antiquing. Get into the swing of things by choosing an old country inn to spend the night.

The new moon, January 1, will give you the yen to pack and go to that historical location, and it appears you may want to go alone to enjoy a sense of peace. This trip may actually bring an introduction to someone new and interesting - a writer finishing a novel, or an artist painting a body of work in the town you visit. Spending time with a creative person may be just your cup of tea now, for it appears you will enjoy the inspiration such artistic individuals can provide. So powerful will the pull toward the creative be for you now, that you may fall in love with a highly creative person, quite joyfully so. This comes due from Neptune's journey through your romance sector, to continue until 2026.

A contract may need to be negotiated now, and if so, if profits are the goal, proceed slowly. Venus is retrograde, a holdover from December 21, so hold off signing until February 1 or 2, as Venus won't turn direct until January 31.

Mid-month, on January 15, the full moon may mark a happy development in regard to an overseas relationship or opportunity. Or, you may return from a long trip now, filled with good feelings of how you met every goal, whether personal, romantic or in regard to business. Alternatively, you may be ready to start a university semester, and may sign up for your lineup of classes during this time. If you have an exam near January 15, be confident, for this is a test you can ace.

A pressing home matter may now be resolved, thanks to new options that will surface for you at the month's second new moon, January 30. You may suddenly hear that the ideal apartment or house has just landed on the market, or if you already found it, you may actually move to your new space on this day. Or, if you were looking for furniture, say, a new desk, your friend may find it at a flea market, and snap a picture to prove it is indeed the one for you. Whatever you would think would happen on January 30 and the days that follow, won't - something better will!

In your career, be ready to hear about a new position that is right for you that will soon open up. When you are told you have the option to interview near January 15 or near January 30-31, you won't have much time to get ready. Be sure you have your interview outfit ready, and your resume or art portfolio polished! January 30 may also bring good news about an incoming work assignment. All around, this is a special point of the month and the gifts of this new moon will keep giving through early February.

Dates to Note: Scorpio

Most romantic dates, and dates you can use for other key initiations too include: January 4, 5, 10, 18, 19, 24, and 25.

You may begin to travel quite a bit to nearby cities in the first two week of January. Make sure your car is in good working condition.

You may also go overseas as you get closer to January 15, and would return fairly quickly.

If you need a passport, green card, or visa, put in your application early in the month and it should be ready for you by the full moon January 15.

You seem to be working on a project that requires privacy or secretiveness. There appears to be lots to do and you will not be ready to show it until the end of July, when Mars will enter Scorpio.

If you need to move or fix up your home, the new moon January 30 will help you get it started in the two weeks that follow.

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