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Aquarius Forecast for January 2014

By Susan Miller

January starts as beautifully as thick snow falling in a beautiful mountainous landscape. The environment will be peaceful - even silent - as you move away from the usual cacophony of voices around you. Early January will be perfect for reflection. It may be a matter as simple as taking time to enjoy walking through a museum exhibit on a Sunday morning before other attendees show up, or to travel to a nearby retreat in a natural setting to think about spiritual, philosophical questions. Or, you may simply want to center yourself with prayer or meditation or by journaling quietly at home. You have been very busy lately, and now that the holidays are over, with five heavenly bodies in your behind-the-scenes sector, including Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and Sun, plus the new moon January 1, you will have valuable time to let go and simply breathe.

You will be highly intuitive and creative now, and in order to take advantage of all the universe is beaming to you, you will need to pull away from friends and family to hear your small voice within. The twelfth house is representative of the time you spent in the placenta, prior to birth, the reason planets in the twelfth house are considered so capable of extending you extremely creative ideas. Keep a notebook with you, as inspiration may strike at any time.

When many planets are filling the twelfth house, as you have in early January, some Aquarians may seek help from a coach or psychologist to end a habit known to be destructive to the body. You may seek help to end smoking, or you may check into a rehab center if the substance is even more serious, so that you can become clean in the New Year. If you have had any fears, are trying to overcome grief, or have had recurring thoughts or dreams that are troubling you, it will be comforting now to see a professional who can help you.

The twelfth house is not only about the subconscious mind, intuition, dreams, inner thoughts, prayer, and belief, although that makes up a big part of that house. It is also a place of healing both the mental and physical body. Some Aquarius will choose to have medical or dental surgery, a good time to do so. With Venus retrograde, I would not recommend elective plastic surgery on your face as Venus rules beauty, but other surgery may be done now if your doctor feels it is necessary. The new moon January 1 in Capricorn will set all in motion. If you are not in a hospital or physical therapy center, the interaction with medical staff that I see possible for you in early January might be because you will visit a family member or friend who is infirmed.

Among the planets in your twelfth house includes Venus, now in retrograde, so your judgment in love may be a bit off until early March. You may be tempted to become involved with a person who tells you he/she is not attached or who hopes to leave soon. Be skeptical as neither may be true. Until Venus comes out of the shadows and into Aquarius on March 5, you will be vulnerable and gullible, believing all that your normal judgment would reject.

At the full moon, January 15, in Cancer 26 degrees, any health concerns will come to culmination within four days of this date. If you get a cold at this time, the only good thing to say about that is colds tend to be short if they show up near a full moon. That does not mean you shouldn't take care of it - you should, for your doctor may have advice that you need to hear. If you have been going through a series of physical therapy sessions, they will likely come to an end within days of this full moon. Never stop before your doctor or therapist says it is all right to do so - if you need those.

If you have been working out at the gym, you may now see a break-though, that you can do more than you had done before. If you had hoped to start a sensible diet to get slimmer, this full moon in your sixth house would be a good time to make the commitment - you'd see results. Saturn will be very friendly to this full moon, and Saturn brings, self-discipline, organization, structure, commitment, and best of all, long-range results. Buy some new gym gear to wear to enthuse you (all those mirrors at the gym!) and get going!

At work, it seems you are getting ready to wrap up an important project. This is a happy full moon, for Saturn will be in perfect angle and send you his gifts of stability, patience, and wisdom. Any actions you take now or earlier in the month, as a result of the new moon, will have long-range effects, and I bet that is just what you hoped to hear. I say that because Saturn will be friendly to both the new moon, January 1 (plus ten days) and the full moon January 15 (plus or minus four days).

Mars, the energy planet has been in your foreign people and places house since last month, December 7, when Mars entered Libra, and will remain in this house until July 25. Libra is a superb place for Mars to be, for this will energize your ability to travel as far a distance as you like, even overseas. Mars will also focus you on educational matters, so you may be going back to college this semester, taking seminars or an important test. If you are defending a thesis, you will do well. All these activities are fine to do - you have Mars on your side, and doubly so if your birthday falls from January 28 to February 15.

The problem lately has been that Uranus is precisely opposite Mars, a direct opposition you may have noticed December 24-25. Both Mars and Uranus are moving through travel houses, so last month I urged you to exercise caution when traveling, especially if the weather were inclement and authorities have spotted black ice. In January, no matter what climate you live in, continue to be careful and obey traffic laws. Avoid being out after 2:00 AM when one or two drivers may be drifting off to sleep while behind the wheel. Mars will be close enough to be within an opposition in the early part of the month. If you do all the sensible things, you will be fine.

Mars may stir up opportunities in publishing or broadcasting industries, and the full moon, January 15, plus or minus four days, may bring an answer on a major project you may be chosen to do. (Or, you may be finishing a media project and shipping it then.)

Writing, editing, designing code for software or telecommunications, and other communicative projects will bring surprising, happy news, on one of your best days, January 29. On that day, the mighty Sun in Aquarius will be in conversation with your ruler, Uranus, and opportunity will rain down on you. You may travel spontaneously on this day - be ready! Also on January 29, your mind will be filled with original ideas, so find an influential VIP to share them with! The Sun's participation in this aspect shows someone of authority will gladly open his door for you. (Why did I use the "he" pronoun? The Sun is always male).

Life will become livelier and more vibrant once you get to the time the Sun enters Aquarius, January 19, and heralds birthday time for you, dear Aquarius. From then on, you will be in your element. You will have started to heal and sooth your body, mind, and spirit, and you will be reenergized to tackle all the new things life has to offer you.

The month ends on an even MORE exciting note! The new moon, the second of the month, will appear in Aquarius. This is your annual birthday new moon, and it will open a path toward a dream you've had in your pocket for a long time and have dearly wanted to realize. Get busy immediately by taking one step, no matter how small, toward making that dream a reality. In astrology, we know the day you make your first initiation is the birth of your venture, so while you don't have to actually crystallize your dream completely this month (unlikely), you would have to promise me you will start immediately. Don't wait too long as Mercury will retrograde February 7 to 28. You have time to get ready and to make your aim very sure, for this new moon appears at month's end, January 30.

If this is your birthday, January 30, plus or minus four days, you will be singled out for an extra boost of energy at the new moon. Believe you CAN achieve your dream and silence the inner critic within. If you have Aquarius rising, or a natal planet at 11 degrees Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra, or have a planet in fire signs Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, that planet will be lit up.

Watch what happens and take notes!


This is a month of planning. While others around you scramble to get a grip on projects left unfinished before the holidays, you can take a slow entry back into normal office life. As you begin January, you will be only a few weeks away from birthday time, so you are being urged by a gaggle of planets building in your privacy sector to take time alone to think about what you want your New Year to bring you. Great years tend not to happen spontaneously, but rather are designed.

Thanks to the new moon, January 1, you may have a relative or friend who may be infirmed in a hospital, or other facility of healing, such as a rehab center. Set aside time in your schedule to visit, and if you live far from where that person is staying, to call or write that person. It is alternatively possible it will be you will opt to go in for a medical or dental procedure, an ideal time to do so.

Health will also be on you mind at the full moon, January 15, plus or minus four days, which may mark the end of a series of therapies or medication. If you feel fine, make a determined effort to stay well, as a demanding project will likely consume you at work and will need to be finished at this time. Don't skip gym visits - you will need the relaxation that a workout can provide. With Saturn so friendly at this full moon, you can make a commitment to eat more sensibly and lose weight. Half the battle is believing you CAN. I see that you can - make sure you can, too.

Working up against a deadline near January 15 may take a lot out of you, so make sure you get enough sleep. The outcome of this assignment should exceed your expectations - prepare for applause! As said, Saturn will be in ideal alignment to the full moon, suggesting that you will now be able to create greater job stability, and possibly put yourself in line for a promotion by May. Saturn is in your house of fame and honors and is cheering you on to make the grade.

See if you can delay travel in early January, for being on the road may bring all sorts of unexpected glitches. In the first half, Mars (strife) will still be close to an opposition of Uranus (unpredictable outbursts of anger, mechanical difficulties, delays and more), a holdover from a dispute these two planets had on December 24-25. These two planets will still be close enough to create havoc in the first two weeks of January. Go once you get to birthday time of the month if the trip is an important one, for business or romance. The exception is that if you go on a retreat in early January - that would work out, and you might want to go by bus or rail so that you do not have the responsibility of driving.

You will come into your own when the new moon in Aquarius arrives, January 31. This is a peach of a new moon, perfect for you, as your ruler, Uranus, will be in great angle to the Sun and new moon at that point, making it an ideal time to hop in your car or on a jet for a needed respite. You will have none of the emotional squabbles that you would have had earlier, at the end of December or very early in January, and an intriguing reason to leave may suddenly present itself. It may be an offer you can't refuse.

Dust off your wish list too, for a new moon in Aquarius only arrives once a year, a cosmic gift for your birthday. Initiate plans between January 31 and February 2 for best luck, and watch them grow.

Dates to Note: Aquarius

Most romantic dates, and days you can use for other key initiations too: January 11, 12, 16, 17, 25, 26, 29, 30, and 31.

Start the New Year slowly. The new moon January 1 will urge you to rest from the recent holidays.

By the full moon January 15, you will need to complete a work project, and the deadline will be no later than January 20, if not a little before that, January 17.

Your life will start to speed up after at the friendly new moon in Aquarius, January 30, strong for two weeks.

Your partner may surprise you will great news January 29.

Venus goes direct on January 31, having been retrograde since December 21.

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