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2月 Monthly Horoscope for Taurus

This may turn out to be a VERY exciting month for your career, your home, and your social life, dear Taurus. Let's start with your career, which will be first to bring exciting opportunity if you send out the word that you are open to a promotion or an entirely new job.

The new moon that appeared on January 30 was in Aquarius, 11 degrees, and will open doors to professional opportunities. You would be wise to consider each of them. If you are self-employed, you can now generate excellent new business. Aquarius is the sign of electronics, the digital world, IT, software and digital media, as well as scientific research, and humanitarian and not-for-profit businesses, so these are some of the areas you will do best, but you may find luck beyond these industries, too. The new moon of January 30 was in perfect angle to Uranus, the planet of completely unexpected news and events out the blue. You may see a VERY lucky break, very soon, dear Taurus. How exciting!

All new moons are influential for almost two weeks after they appear, and are strongest in the beginning, getting a little less powerful with each passing day. If you want to get a new position (and this one would be a responsible one, and certainly a step up from the work you had done previously), send out the word to friends, colleagues, and superiors immediately that you are interesting in moving up the moment the month begins. It appears a bigwig - someone who will want to keep a very low profile (perhaps because he or she is so powerful) - will help you. You may or may not know the identity of the individual who will be speaking up for you, or even that you have help, but this will be someone who is influential and respected. If you are self-employed, you can now land a new client who will become a jewel in your crown.

Last month was difficult because Venus was retrograde, but fortunately, Venus recently went direct on January 31. You need to always watch the movements of Venus because Venus is your ruling planet, and whenever Venus sleeps, it's always harder for you to make progress. That's over, and Venus will not retrograde again until July 25, 2015 to September 6, 2015, so you have an open road now - make the most of it.

The little glitch is that Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from February 6 and 28 in your tenth house of honors, awards, achievement, and fame. This means I would not want to you to actually accept a new position in February, but you can discuss one. Mercury retrograde does not worry me because it is clear any new position that comes up for you now would be an important one, and big jobs take time to win.

If you accept a new position in February, something about the job would change radically. The boss you like so much, and assumed you would learn from as you work together, may leave, or you may find your job description will change, but perhaps not in a way you would like to see. The company may suddenly go through a very difficult phase, and you might have to accept a pay cut. There are many possibilities, but the point is, something will change and that will shift your view of the position. It's better to start in March.

You do have one way of getting around Mercury retrograde by going back to executives and colleagues you used to work with to see if you can find a way to work together again in the future. You may contact someone you've not seen in years or a boss you worked with last year - either would be fine. If you worked well together once, you probably will always find working together enjoyable and profitable.

If you are in the same company and offered a promotion to job in a new department, it's tricky. See if you can accept and start in March. If the promotion is in the same department as you have worked, with the same boss - and you were promised this promotion earlier and it took forever to arrive - take it. If you have been unemployed and you get an offer, finally, take it, for even if you later find the job is not for you, it's easier to get a new job once you have a job, any job! When we are desperate for money, we have to be practical, and sometimes the situation is not ideal, but it can work, at least for a while!

When Mercury retrogrades, we look back - any word that starts with the prefix "re" will give you a clue of what you should do when Mercury retrogrades. You can revisit, reexamine, rethink, rediscover, reassess, re-contact, redo, redesign - you can think of more. If you started your relationship with a boss a long time ago, you would not be giving birth to a new relationship, but simply continuing it and returning to it, all good during Mercury retrograde.

An ideal day to have a key interview with a top person will be February 14, a Friday, for the Sun (influential people) and Mars (action) will be in ideal sync. You will make a great impression and stand out, so make that appointment to talk!

Also on February 14, which happens to be Valentine's Day, we have a full moon in Leo, heightening tender emotions and bringing a touch of luxury what you will do on that day. Your home will be a big focus at this full moon, so you may give a Valentine's Day party at your home for friends who are and aren't coupled up, a wonderful idea. (You may introduce two people who click on this sweet day, and change the course of their lives.)

Venus will be in Capricorn all month, a perfect place for Venus to be for you, dear Taurus, so this year you should be pleased about how things go in matters of the heart. I make this statement assuming you are in a happy relationship. I will admit you currently have Saturn opposed to the Sun, so some Taurus are not, and I feel sorry to have to say that. If you are not happy, you may soon break up (probably in April), if you have not already. Saturn is testing the strength of your relationship, and if you are happy, you know it, but if you are not, it's become very clear to you now. If you are alone, be with friends, but don't be alone on Valentine's Day. It's a Friday night, time to go out.

The fact that something home, property, or family-related is ALSO reaching culmination at the full moon, February 14, may be completely independent from Valentine's Day. You may find the perfect apartment to rent, the right buyer for your house, or the perfect condo to buy, and because it's a full moon, events will move quickly. You may go furniture shopping and be thrilled with the selection that you found. I would prefer you talk about your deal now, but close on the house, sign the lease, buy the furniture, or do any other important negotiations AFTER February 28, when Mercury will be direct.

It is always safer to buy furniture when Mercury is done being retrograde, so if you can wait, do. If you cannot wait, ask about the store's return policy, and also the policy concerning furniture damage during transport. (Some stores may force you to battle the shipping company, not bring your claim to the store, which is harder. You must be home when the piece arrives, for you need to take time to inspect it - once the delivery man leaves, you won't have a leg to stand on if the furniture was damaged and you didn't see it.) Just don't buy anything electronic - no new flat screen TV, refrigerator, dishwasher, stove, computer, smart phone, tablet - no, you must wait until March to buy those! You can't even sneak in the purchase at the start of February before Mercury retrogrades because you will already be feeling the undertow of this planet when it gets ready to shut down.

If you are moving mid-month, it is fine to move when Mercury is retrograde as long as you mark your boxes on all five sides (including the top), and you find out the reputation of the moving company you have chosen. After seeing revealing reports on TV about moving companies, and how disreputable ones hold some client's possessions hostage when trumped up overages are demanded from moving company to the customer (you), I want you to be careful. Work with companies that are listed by the Better Business Bureau (or other similar type agencies) as top notch.

One friend told me her moving company could not get through an underpass when moving her possessions from Denver to New York, and subsequently the truck had to back up and take another route that turned out to be much longer. The moving company charged my friend for the extra driving time, tolls, and penalties the driver said he incurred. I feel the moving company dispatcher should have been knowledgeable about roads, routes, and underpasses - my friend should not have to pay for that problem (and she agreed). The same moving company also said the weight of my friend's move was a certain amount, but upon investigation, two family's possessions were put in the same truck, and the weight was doubled. Wow, this is terrible.

Never give the movers your jewelry, tax records, or precious fragile things, like grandma's china - you should transport those yourself. Keep these things in the home of a friend or relative until you are settled in.

This full moon is very friendly, so no need to worry if you've done your homework. Chances are, things will go very well, and you will be happy. Mars will be beautifully angled to the full moon and Sun, so you may relocate to another part of the country or upgrade your living situation, thanks to a breakthrough in your career.

Saturn will be in hard angle to the Sun and moon, so you may have to cajole your romantic partner into going along with your ideas involving your plans to change your living situation. Or, you both might not agree on the price for a house, or the rent you'll both pay, or a contractor you should hire. Decorating options may bring discussions, or you may feel you are doing all the work, and your partner is not doing enough. (If you have a business partner, you may be moving your office, but again, your partner seems to be raising more problems than being helpful.)

If you should feel overwhelmed about any question that comes up, realize that Jupiter will help you later in the year, so it looks like you will get a second chance to move ahead on home, property, and family plans at that time. In truth, you are heading into one of your best periods of your life for improvements to your living situation. I feel you will do well now, but if you are not happy with your options now, you will do even better later at the end of July and in early August.

If your birthday falls on May 15 or close to this date, you might have an obstacle in regard to a plan you have regarding your home, property, or a family question, but it's nothing you can't get over, now or at the very end of July and August.

Although life will bring decisions about work and home most of the month, the end of February glitters. The new moon, February 28, is glorious, and you will enjoy the big social trend starting to crank up for you. You will see more of your friends at this point over any other time of the month. Having set some of the plans in motion for your career, and plotted your course for your home life, the two weeks that follow February 28 can be devoted to having more fun with your friends.

I love the powerful role that Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will play in your life at the February 28 new moon. Jupiter is currently in your travel sector, so you may take a quick trip with one or more friends, or go to see a friend. You would not travel very far. Rather the city or town you would go to would be within a day's drive or three-hour flight, and the accommodations are likely to be quite beautiful. You may stay at a charming bed and breakfast inn that is luxurious in some way, and far more special than you would have expected. If you are staying at a hotel on or after February 28, ask for an upgrade to your room, for with your sparkling aspects, you are likely to get it.

New friends are likely to come into your life, and you will gain much by being open to circulating and meeting others at month's end. Neptune will be conjunct the Sun, so you may have a heavenly event scheduled for the coming weekend, say, Friday night, February 28, or over the weekend of March 1 or 2. It may be a party, a wedding, a dinner for two - you will know when it arrives.

Neptune can spin a dream of love and a vision of heaven. If you have no trip on your schedule, you might want to consider taking one near the sea or spend a little time at a spa you love. Mercury will go direct on this new moon, so all good news will be coming through on projects and conditions that have been delayed. Your office will be very busy all month, due to Mars' continued trek through Libra, and by the end of February, you will crave a break in the action.

If your birthday falls on April 30 plus or minus five days, or you have Taurus rising 10 degrees (plus or minus five degrees), or a planet in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn 10 degrees, or one in Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer at the same degree and tolerance, you will also benefit from this new moon.

As soon as this new moon arrives, February 28, you might want to join a club, professional or social, or get more involved in a social media venue. The new moon in Pisces will bring you in contact with very creative people, so the new friend(s) you make may be involved with the arts or be very visionary people who will inspire you very much.

Alternatively, or additionally, you may volunteer for a charity at this time too, with superb results, for afterward, you will know you made a difference. With so many planets in compassionate Pisces, you will be moved to help those who suffer.

Keep in mind that the first ten days of March will be super-social, too, and what you do during that phase will lay the seeds for your social life in the twelve months to come. A new moon is never just a day, but a portal to a new chapter starting up in the house in which it falls (in this case, your house of friendships). This means the efforts you make just after a new moon will affect you until the next new moon (in this case, in Pisces) will come by next year to refresh the energy in that particular house.

On the same day, February 28, the Sun and Jupiter will make a decisive communication too, bringing all sorts of exciting news about property, leasing, home, residence, and help from your parents. What a delicious way to end the month!
Dress for success, dear Taurus, for the new moon that appeared January 30 has lit your house of fame and honors in a very exciting way. During the first ten days of February, the professional offers you will receive will be as sudden and exciting. It will be your best point in 2014 to aim for a new position or to pitch a prestigious client. Stay on your toes!

Your extraordinary career opportunity will come from an unusual source, and it will be from one you would not have thought to bring such fortunate news. It appears that a VIP has become impressed with your performance from behind the scenes, but you may not know the identity of this powerful person who has championed your name. That does not matter. What does matter is that this month may bring the dazzling career offer you've long awaited. Uranus will support you all the way, so get your resume polished and have an outfit ready when the call comes to interview.

Friday, February 14, would be an excellent day to interview, make a pitch, or have a meeting, as Mars will be in elegant angle to the Sun, ruling authority figures, who will look kindly upon you and all you have to say. The Sun is now in your prestigious tenth house of honors and achievement, raising your profile and allowing you to look and act like the leader you were born to be. Mars, now in your project sector, will support the Sun, so the work you are doing now will be what pushes you ever higher - there is a direct link now between the two, so make sure your projects are all they can be and worthy of your name.

Mercury will go retrograde from February 6 to 28. This will complicate matters, as this would never be a good time to announce a new and important commitment. However, if the person who you will work for in the near future is someone from your past, you would be continuing a long-running relationship - not a new one - and so you can accept. (New ventures are not favored during Mercury retrograde.) It may take you until next month to fully crystallize the offer, so be patient. Great jobs take time to win.

If you take a job with Mercury retrograde, you may not be doing precisely what you anticipated you would do. That's never an ideal situation when about to take a big career step. However, the new moon is a marvelous time to investigate new job offers, so see what develops and take everything one step at a time. With such mixed messages from the stars, you can make this month work for you.

Your home appears to be subject of the full moon in Leo on February 14, so you may be hosting a party for friends on Valentine's Day, a good idea. It will be as if the universe has sprinkled rose petals all over you on that joyous full moon. A Leo moon is luxurious and stylish, so it appears you'll be pulling out all the stops to make this day memorable in every way. If you have a sweetheart and want to have a romantic night for "just us two," transform your home into the most romantic place on earth, fit for a movie set. On this Valentine's Day, home is where you will be happiest and where love will flourish.

The month will end on a magnificently social note when the new moon in Pisces will appear February 28 / March 1 (depending on your time zone). You may need to travel a short distance to see friends at this time. Again, when it comes to your accommodations, you'll want luxury, and the universe will comply. Any event you attend on Friday night, February 28 (through the weekend, extending to Sunday, March 2), would likely be poetic, lyrical, and special in every way. In weeks ahead, from this new moon forward, you may make new contacts and friends, and the new people you meet will likely be highly creative, reflective, deep thinkers. Your life is about to open like the tender petals of a magical flower, dear Taurus.

Dates to Note for TAURUS

Most romantic dates, and can be used for other purposes too (these are good days for you): February 1, 5, 14, 15, 16, 19, 24, and 28.

Mercury will be retrograde February 6 to February 28.

The new moon of January 30, still very strong and helpful in early February, will help to rocket you to an exciting top job. Send out the word that you're ready for a new, more responsible position. This is your best window of opportunity of 2014 for career advancement, and it will last two weeks. Your best moments come February 1 to 5.

Valentine's Day is coming February 14, and you may decide to give a party at your home. Coinciding with thoughts of love, this day will bring excellent news about your living situation. You may conclude a negotiation to buy a house or condo, or find the perfect piece of furniture, or paint your living room a beautiful new color. Family support for you will be very strong, and that may include a check.

Work will be very busy throughout February, with lots to do, and new clients coming through the door, thanks to Mars in Libra.

Something you do on Sunday, February 23, will be heavenly fun - see a ballet, hear a poetry reading, enjoy a concert, see an art exhibit? You decide.

The new moon in Pisces, February 28, will open you to new people, and among them you may make new friends. Your social life should pick up noticeably.

The Sun in ideal angle to Jupiter February 28 may cause you to travel in the days that follow it, and if so this quick short trip would be so much fun.

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