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2月 Monthly Horoscope for Gemini

Late last month, on January 30, a beautiful new moon in Aquarius (11 degrees) appeared, and it was and still is to be a special one for you, dear Gemini. That new moon is just about to shower you with opportunity and open up your life in ways you've not seen in months. Stay alert, for lots of news will come to you during the first eleven days of February, and some of your very best will appear in the first week.

This new moon may have you traveling to a distant city where you will make the acquaintance of many friendly people. An air ticket is likely to be your hands now, as you read this, or will be soon, and that's an exciting prospect for a Gemini. The trip you take during the first part of February is sure to be productive and broadening. If you feel you were a bit bored with life, you won't be in February, and I feel news will work to support all your interests.

That new moon may bring you a surprise opportunity from someone many miles away, possibly from the opposite coast of your country or from abroad, and may cause you to consider options that never occurred to you, or that you never imagined would ever be presented to you. It is all very exciting, for the element of surprise and spontaneity will be very strong, as Uranus, planet of all things unexpected, will have a dominant role in that new moon. You'll need to move on a dime, but who would be better to do that than an adaptable, flexible, quick-witted Gemini?

You will be hungry for stimulation and may also be on a quest to change your life in a substantial, upbeat, yet practical way, perhaps by starting with small, manageable steps. The idea of starting a new chapter is intriguing for you now, and it's the right time to think about what that might entail. You will be meeting with people from very different walks of life in February and one person (or more) may offer you options for you to explore. Last month brought discussions about money, taxes, savings, and spending, while you are always interested in making more money, the emphasis on money was a little too strong. You seemed to have settled those discussions, for now at least, and you are ready to move forward on more interesting decisions.

In February, you will have the chance to focus on intellectual matters and new creative concepts. You will be very imaginative now, too, so keep a notebook with you at all times, because ideas concerning all realms of your life will strike like lightning bolts during the day and night. If you can't travel, you may be signing up for classes at the university or focused on completing your thesis. Your horizons are opening up, dear Gemini, and it all could be very thrilling. You will have to be part of this trend, so be ready to probe what is possible for you. Much of what happens this month will be related to things you already put in motion.

Many Gemini work communications as authors, reporters, writers, anchors or TV/ radio hosts, or as editors, publicists, advertising specialist and copywriters, marketing experts, social media mavens, translators, software designers and coders, or in travel or telecommunications. All these areas will brighten up for you and be areas where you shine. There will be other areas, too - I just listed a few to get you thinking of where you would like yours to emanate. This new moon will be a breath of fresh air for you, dear Gemini.

The court system is also covered by the ninth house, which will be so lit up for you. If you were considering legal action, start to mobilize to file a case with the courts soon by huddling with your lawyer. It is also possible you may hear back on an action you started a long time ago that is finally ready to go to trial. Conversely, a legal action may be delayed, but if so, let it, and don't fight it - let nature take its course. If you want to file for a trademark, patent, or copyright, do so in early March. If you already did file, you may hear back now, in February, about that application.

The problem with February is that your ruler, Mercury, will be retrograde February 6 to 28. This means you can talk over plans and see all facets of the deal, but do not seal anything quite yet. The conditions around you, especially in regard to professional matters, are about to shift dramatically, but the tricky part is that you won't see any signs that this may happen. The world around you will appear as though it is quite stable and solid. That won't be true, so walk slowly, testing every step. Negotiations you make now may have to be renegotiated after the retrograde is over, either immediately or a year from now, so in the meantime, to drag things out a little, ask a lot of questions, prepare for glitches, and when they come up, remind yourself that delays will benefit you. Also, we have two eclipses in April, so take your time. Until those eclipses have spoken, you won't quite know where you stand.

You may discover other benefits to having Mercury retrograde. You may go back to an earlier project that had been put aside and be overjoyed to see it come to life again. You will likely be in touch with at least one person from your past and discover a reason to find one another again. You may feel that you can do another project with each other in the future, or you may find your old pal has advice and encouragement for you.

If you are hoping to get a visa, passport, or green card matter settled, put in your application immediately, before Mercury begins to retrograde on February 6. The red tape you encounter may be maddening, but there will be little you can do but wait. If it is urgent you get this matter settled fast, then hire an expeditor whose job it is to rapidly shepherd this kind of paperwork through various governmental bureaucratic channels.

Since early December, action planet Mars has been touring your fifth house of love and creativity. Mars has made you a creative dynamo these days, and you should continue to stretch for more difficult, sophisticated, and intricate projects, or else look for something a little off the beaten path that would refresh you and add excitement.

Mars in compatible Libra has also stirred up your desire to find love, but Mars is currently slowing down in speed in February, getting ready to go retrograde next month, from March 1 to May 19. As you move forward, you will do best to review the past, to see patterns you've had in your romantic history, and decide whether you'd like to change in your approach to love. Mars sometimes causes strife in its effort to get you to look closer at your relationship, so if that should happen, it is up to you to decide if you'd like to talk things through or leave.

If you want to try for reconciliation with a past love, this is the right time to do it, especially in March through most of May when Mars will be retrograde. Any retrograde planet will urge you to you think back, reconsider, and to possibly reenergize a past situation. Venus is still in Capricorn, and that is not the best place to generate love for a single Gemini. Still, as the year progresses, conditions will improve, so keep your chin up. Valentine's Day should be great for in-love Gemini, for it will be in Leo, a warmhearted fire sign that blends perfectly with your air-sign Sun. You may even receive an expensive gift on this day.

Valentine's Day will fall on Friday, February 14, and coincide with a tender a full moon in Leo, 26 degrees, a sign that will be divinely compatible with yours. Mars will be in ideal angle to the Sun in your house of long-distance travel, and the full moon will light your third house of happy, quick travel. February month appears to be very much about travel, and you may be planning to go away for a romantic weekend with your sweetheart / spouse to a charming inn of luxury in a sumptuous countryside.

On the same day, February 14 or in the four days surrounding this full moon, either coming before or after, you may give an important talk or appearance, hand in a manuscript or important document, or give an interview in the press. Full moons finish things, so you may be finishing up a different communication project.

Lots will be going on around you at the time, and this will invigorate and excite you. You may be asked to sign a contract, as the house where so much action will take place also rules contracts, but I urge you NOT to sign until you have moved away from February as Mercury retrograde is not a time to sign any important papers, nor to give your verbal agreement to anything special.

The end of February will bring you your most exciting moments. On February 28, Mercury will go direct and release the pent-up energy of the month. Projects and relationships will begin to flow smoothly again.

On the very same day, February 28 / March 1, we have another new moon (the second of the month, somewhat rare - January 30 was the first, and it will be strong for the first half of the month). This time it will be in Pisces, 11 degrees. This new moon will open wide a heavy iron gate that has remained stubbornly shut to you. It will then fly open and you may receive an offer to interview for a prestigious new position, promote a new business idea, or have a chance to get greater recognition. If you are self-employed, events will bring attention to your name and the fine work you have done, and the fuss about you will help you ascend to an even more esteemed position in your industry.

Here is another twist to that new moon that should make you very happy to hear! You will have enormous support from a high level, influential authority figure, thanks to Jupiter's ideal angle to the Sun. Jupiter is currently in your second house of earned income, so you will have a chance to make quite a bit of money from what is being offered to you. Keep in mind that a new moon is just a beginning, so talks will continue and may go as long as to September, but the important point to consider is that the topic will come up at the very end of February or early March.

An interesting element here is that Neptune will be conjunct the Sun on February 28 too, as well as with the new moon in Pisces, and the Sun, new moon, and Neptune (images and right brain activity) will be positioned at the very tip-top of your chart (ruling your reputation), so this suggests that Neptune will see to it that your face will be "out there" and very recognized by your adoring pubic. Your face may appear on the Internet, television, in the movies, on photographs, or be transmitted through artwork or illustration. You may receive an award, or be asked to judge a panel, or be in the morning papers because your company has issued a press release on you. This will happen because you will be enjoying success for past efforts, and it is time to find way to showcase your talents.

If your birthday falls on May 31 or June 1, plus or minus five days, you will get a double dip of luck from the new moon of January 30 that is still strong in early February. Similarly, if you have Gemini rising, or a planet in Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius 11 degrees (or within five degrees), you will see benefits, too. Be sure to jot down what happens on your calendar or diary.

This sounds like a great month, dear Gemini, and one you will find as delicious as ice cream. Eat it all up with a spoon! Next month will be exciting too, so this is just the beginning.
Pack your bags, dear Gemini, for you'll be heading to the airport almost the minute the month opens. The elegant new moon, January 30, that occurred last month, will be exerting a very strong influence in the first two weeks of February, coaxing you to push back the walls of your life's boundaries. You want to see more of what the world has to offer and this month, you can. In addition to travel, you will focus your attention on communication, and that's your forte, Gemini. Your talent for speaking, writing, editing of words or film, or streamlining software will bring you ways to shine in the realm of publishing, broadcasting, telecommunication, software, public relations, advertising, marketing, or sales.

Mercury will be retrograde from February 6 to 28, always important for Gemini to know about and track, for Mercury rules your sign. You seem to feel the slowdowns that Mercury retrograde brings more than most. Be careful to check the work for accuracy on every level, for Mercury can cause you to rush or be forgetful, letting errors go by unnoticed - until later when it will be harder to get inside the work to fix it. Keep track of your glasses, cell phone, iPad, and other items, as you will easily become distracted and lose things if you are not deliberate about checking you have everything with you before you move to the next activity.

At the full moon, February 14, you seem to be wrapping up all the communication-oriented activities of the month, and if you've had a short business trip to take, you will likely be heading home.

February 14 is also Valentine's Day, and this year, it will be considerably sweeter than most. Happily, this tender full moon is in Leo, the sign of luxurious fun, so you may be taking another trip, this time with your one-and-only, to a sumptuous setting. You may want to book a room in a charming inn deep in a forest, complete with fireplace, for just the two of you. You could not imagine anything more romantic.

If you are single, Mars' long trek through your most romantic sector, to stay until the end of July, will be a blessing to you. Also, Venus has been retrograde but now has changed over to speedy direct motion on January 31. That's good news too, for Venus governs your house of true love. In February, you may overemphasize the physical side of a new relationship - make sure you don't. As a Gemini, the part of someone you find sexiest is usually your partner's intellect, wit, and sense of humor. Take time to talk and to get to know one another first - there is no rush.

Mars will go retrograde March 1 to May 19, a time to think back, not forward. If you hope to rekindle a past relationship, you can - decide how you will approach that person now so you can be ready next month.

The month will end with an amazing cosmic event, a very special new moon, February 28, in Pisces, likely to bring sensational opportunity for your career. It is likely you will get lots of attention and applause for past work well done. This new moon will open a door to new professional opportunity to start in early March, and you may be stunned by how exciting your new options will be as they are rolled out for you. This will be your best moment in 2014 to be searching for a new position. With Neptune so highly elevated in your horoscope, you may be doing a television appearance or be in the news in other media.

Music, art, dance, painting, poetry, film, and photography will all be areas of exceptional possible success. Your screenplay may be optioned, or your novel soon to be sold to a publisher. On this same day, the Sun, ruling authority figures, and Jupiter, the great planet of gifts and luck, will be in divine alignment, suggesting whatever you are involved with at this time, you'll be paid a handsome sum or negotiate an excellent salary - and in a month this special, hearing that more compensation will soon come to you will just be the icing on the cake.

Dates to Note for GEMINI

Most romantic dates, and can be used for other purposes too (these are good days for you): February 2, 3, 7, 8, 13, 14, 22 (maybe) 26, and 28.

Mercury will be retrograde February 6 to February 28.

Travel may be on the agenda the moment February dawns, and if you go, you'll travel far, by jet.

Another trip is likely to come up at the full moon, February 14, and this time, it won't be for business. Book a romantic weekend to a bed and breakfast within driving distance of home. Valentine's Day this year looks luxurious.

If you are asked to sign a contract, if you are not ready to do so in February's first days, February 1 to 5, hold off until Mercury is out of retrograde in March.

On or near February 28, you may be on television or interviewed in the press.

Your career is about to bring exciting news, thanks to the new moon, February 28 and the days that follow. Be ready to interview!

Mars is moving though Libra, and at times, making love divine, and at other times, will be stirring things up between you and your lover (or with your child). Mars is helping you see your significant other in daylight. Have faith that all this can draw you closer. If you see something you don't like, you can part before you are too deeply involved.

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