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2月 Monthly Horoscope for Leo

As February opens, the new moon has just appeared, just two tiny days earlier, on January 30, which means that new moon is still strong. It appeared in Aquarius 11 degrees in your committed partnership sector, so it's time to think about how you feel about the relationship you have now, and to decide if you'd like to change it or improve it in any way. This is your big chance, for you only get one powerful new moon a year in the sector that rules serious relationships, so be honest with yourself. If you are not happy, you need to figure out why, and if necessary, leave. That does not seem likely, however, because this new moon is outstandingly friendly. The happy-and-in love Leos are favored this month. If you are both single and ready to couple up, this Valentine's Day may be very memorable. If you are already committed to each other, this month's new moon may help you find ways to grow your love for each other to a much deeper stage.

If you are hoping to propose marriage on Valentine's Day, you might want to wait to do so until next month. Here is why.

Mercury will be retrograde, partly in your partnership / marriage sector and partly in your shared income sector, from February 6 to 28. I prefer you would make your big moves while Mercury, planet of thinking, planning, and reflecting is going direct, not backward in retrograde. This is not the ideal time to look forward, but it is a great time to look back over your life, to see if you can detect any patterns in your relationships that you never quite saw before (and perhaps would like to change), or if you are attached, over your time together to see what parts of your relationship made you happiest.

If you were born on August 3, plus or minus five days, or have Leo rising 11 degrees, you will feel the energies that the January 30 new moon set in motion during the first half of February. A partnership is likely to become very important to you and bring news. If you have a planet in Leo at 11 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) you too will notice this new moon the most.

Most people say that taking a trip together energizes a relationship and most times gives both parties enormously happy memories. This month, you both may have the option of going away, as the new moon of January 30 was in sync with Uranus, planet of surprise, and Uranus is currently based in your solar ninth of foreign people and places. Your partner may design a whirlwind trip for you to take together, or you may uncover a great promotional travel package that would be too good not to take advantage of. This would happen during the first week of February.

Travel appears to figure prominently in your chart for another reason, in that you have Mars, the energy planet, moving through your solar third house, not only for February but also in months to come, until July 25. Mars will reach out to the Sun from your solar third house of short, quick travel, so you have a chance to go near OR far. Actually, over Friday, February 14, Valentine's Day, you might decide to go to a location fairly close by. Mars is in Libra, the sign of marriage and partnership, so the link between the Sun and Leo will raise the probability of glittering romance on a trip with someone you are already involved with now. It is unlikely you'll be traveling for business near February 14. I know my readers in Brazil do not celebrate Valentine's Day February 14, but rather June 12, but you can have a mini celebration this month, and you can plan a wonderful weekend out of town. If you have children, ask your mother or a friend to baby sit, for this weekend is meant for a private, lovely weekend for "just us two."

Get this! The really exciting part of Valentine's Day, Friday, February 14, is that it falls precisely on a full moon in Leo (26 degrees)! Valentine's Day belongs to you this year! Leo is the sign of luxury, so this weekend is one you must promise me to celebrate. If you have no special person in your life, go out anyway. Nothing exceptional will happen if you stay home. You must mingle. If you are dating someone, chances are, you'll have one incredibly happy evening in store. You or your partner (or both of you) will be ready to pull out all the stops! All full moons bring emotions to fullness for a plus or minus four days, so this should be a very exciting phase of the month for you.

When you have a full moon in your own sign, something is of great importance to you - so personal to you that even I, as your astrologer, can't completely know what that might be, dear Leo. You do, I bet - and all will culminate over that weekend. Just be sure to be very realistic, because Neptune will oppose the moon. Sometimes we all make assumptions about things, especially in a relationship, but we can be off.

I had a boyfriend who lived a little far from New York and used to say over and over how much he adored New York. One day I was curious and asked, when do you think you would move here? He became upset - he said he would never move to New York. I told him I assumed he would from what he had said about the city, but he vehemently disagreed - loving a city did not mean he would move there. (That was to later change - eventually he did move to New York, but in the end, things did not work out, for in several years, he missed his home city and his relatives - so he moved back.) Assumptions can be very off, and on this full moon, if you, like me, assumed the wrong future, you will likely find that out now. Let's hope this Valentine's Day works out to be as romantic as I feel it can be for you. Neptune is, after all, the higher octave of Venus, bringing the love that Venus brings out to a whole new depth in the sea of love under Neptune's wise gaze.

If your birthday falls on August 18 (plus or minus four days), you will get double the pleasure of this great full moon, for the degrees of this passionate full moon will match your birthday. If you have Leo rising at 26 degrees, or a natal planet in Leo, Aries, or Sagittarius at 26 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, you too will find benefit. Just keep realistic, for foggy Neptune will be active.

Mars will stay in Libra and will get along beautifully with your Leo Sun on Valentine's Day too, so all kinds of travel, from now through July 25, will bring fun, and if for work, profit, too.

February favors the attached Leo, but if you are single, you will get help from the friendly Mars in Leo. You may do well by traveling a short distance, say, to a ski lodge, or to a beautiful sunny, warm resort - as a Leo you tend to like warmth, not cold - so consider going to a beach that is not too far from your base. Also, with the ruler of your solar fifth of true love, Jupiter, based in your solar twelfth house, you might do well with a blind date that a friend sets up, now through mid-July. When you get closer to birthday time, that is when you will have one of the very BEST chances of meeting your one true love. You will be the one most favored for that, so stay optimistic!

Saturn has been in your home sector for a year, and you have until September 2015 to see Saturn leave for good. Once gone, Saturn will not return to this part of your chart until 2041, many years from now. Home and family matters have weighed on you, and you seem to have been stymied at times by an obstacle facing you. This area will loosen up, so continue to work on it.

This month, do NOT have a meeting with your banker for a mortgage or refinancing plan on February 11, for Saturn will challenge the Sun on that date and feel checkmated - your banker will ask you a number of challenging questions. Choose almost any other day - I like Friday, February 14, for a quick answer. Sign nothing, no contracts at all, nor give your verbal response, while Mercury is retrograde. You may want to tell your banker or broker you plan to sign in March, for many banking offers are contingent on your signing within a certain time period. With Mercury retrograde, it seems you may not have the full picture, and will later feel you weren't circumspect enough. Take your time, and huddle with your lawyer and broker.

By month's end, the new moon will occur in your joint financial house, which rules such things as money you owe creditors, and money all sorts of people owe you. This house rules credit card companies, insurance payouts, bank loans, prize winnings, and money you receive at the end of a marriage in a divorce or at the dissolution of a business. It rules child support, money your customers / clients owe you, as well as royalties, commissions, licensing fees, mortgage, and refinance plans. It rules bankruptcy, inheritance, scholarships, and financial aid. This new moon will be in great angle to Jupiter - a fantastic aspect - so you may hear that you are getting a tax refund, or a VIP behind the scenes may feel you are due a bonus and see that one comes to you now.

Be careful about accuracy in any applications you fill out, and even more importantly, check for precision in any papers that others give you, say, if you get those papers as part of the discovery process in a court case. Neptune will conjunct the Sun at this full moon and may bring confusion or outright deception in the funds shown to you. Ask many questions, and demand to see original backup documents.

This new moon, indicating a new cycle, meant to last a year, is starting up now, so it is the right time to see if you can negotiate better deals at work for your perks. Can your employer give you more vacation days or sick pay? Can you get flexible time, or work at home one day a week? You may be able to qualify for better health insurance, or a life insurance policy. If you want to go back to college, ask about your employer's policy about matching tuition dollars or other benefits you might qualify to get. Have a conversation with the benefits manager just AFTER the new moon, February 28, but within the first days of March, no later.

At the same time, check with your Internet and cell phone provider to see if you can get a lower-priced plan that still fits your needs. Also negotiate with your credit card company or others you do business with all the time. You never know until you ask!
Valentine's Day is coming, and the new moon of January 30 has appeared just in time to bring sparkle to your closest relationship, especially during the entire first half of February. This new moon in Aquarius will act like a loving little matchmaker who is determined to you see you happily coupled up in love, and to move you toward deeper love and commitment. This means you might be one of the many Leos who will be getting engaged soon, and the topic may come up on Valentines Day this year. With Mars beaming Mercury, you may be taking a weekend trip with your sweetheart to a romantic cottage on a mountaintop, a ski lodge, or a sunnier, beach-y setting - any of these would be a perfect setting to enjoy love.

If you do get engaged or want to begin living together, finding suitable housing may turn out to be a bigger challenge than you are now anticipating, so start to search for options early. Mercury will be retrograde from February 7 to 28, so when it comes to signing a lease or other contract, you may have to adjust your timetable and not sign any papers now - instead, do so on or after March 1. Signing any papers during Mercury's out of phase period is a no-no.

Many Leo work in creative professions, and if that includes you, you may sell a piece of art or other artistic creation over the weekend of February 22-23. If you are not in a creative field and have nothing artistic to sell, be careful not to conduct any business that involves the exchange of money. Neptune will align with the Sun - a magical aspect for the creative arts, however, not so great for those doing nuts-and bolts business, for financial matters may be mired in confusion or you may face possible deception.

The new moon is on the way to help you untangle any financial matter, February 28, and will be strong in the two weeks to follow. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will send golden beams to both the new moon and Sun, and will see to it that you generate prosperous deals and sales. It's a fine time to discuss benefits and perks with your company, too, or to sell things you no longer use on eBay or another auction site. This is no common new moon - it's rare and powerful in every way. Find ways to use it, dear Leo.

Put a big gold star on Friday, February 28, for another important reason: Jupiter will converse with your ruling star, the Sun, on that day, showering you with luck. Jupiter is now traveling through your behind-the-scenes sector, so February 28 may be an ideal day to have a meeting with a VIP, or to schedule a first date, meet with a doctor (Jupiter is the great healer), or to plot a private, romantic trip for two to a place near water. Do you like the idea of taking a trip? Consider going to a castle based in a bewitching forest of brilliantly white, untouched snow or a sumptuous resort hotel that offers a beach of pale pink sands where you will wade in deep turquoise waters. (Although Leo loves sun, you do love romance, and you might find it in a snowy setting this month, so it's an option.) This last weekend of February will be just made for you.

Dates to Note for LEO

Most romantic dates, and can be used for other purposes too (these are good days for you): February 5, 7, 8, 13, 14, 22, 23, and 26-28.

Mercury will be retrograde February 6 to February 28.

Your best day this month will be February 28, when the Sun, your ruling star, will be in ideal alignment with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. Use this day for something important, for things will go in your favor. If in a negotiation or looking for a bargain, on this day you'll find it.

The new moon of January 30 in your marriage sector will exert a strong flow throughout the first two weeks of February. You may get engaged for Valentine's Day or if not ready, promise to be exclusive. If you are married, you will find ways to celebrate your love, and may even renew your vows.

The full moon, February 14, Valentine's Day, is in Leo, bringing something dearly important to you to fruition. Mars will be beautifully angled to this full moon, so you may decide to travel by car or rail to a pretty setting nearby. In fact, you may make a weekend of it - for "just us two" - and if you do, you'll spin a memory.

Finances will be on your mind at the outstanding new moon, February 28. Make any adjustments you need to investments, insurance, and the like. The possibilities are great for making a big profit if you do careful research and consult a trusted financial advisor.

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