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2月 Monthly Horoscope for Sagittarius

Have you had too many days stuck inside? You are about to spread your wings this month and fly away, dear Sagittarius, thanks to a new moon that will seem like a fairy godmother, who will make sure you go and have plenty of fun while there. A very sweet new moon quietly appeared at the end of January to put all the pieces of this plan in motion, and by the time you get to early February, you'll be in the mood to be lighthearted and spontaneous when it comes to getting your ticket and getting ready to go. If you have children, see if your mother, sister, or mother of your children's best friends will help you get rest for a few days.

Aquarius is a sign associated with cities, so you may be in the mood to go to one that offers sophisticated culture that you can indulge in while you are there. Find out about the new museum exhibits or theatre openings that are getting rave reviews. Being away for a few days will do you a world of good, dear Sagittarius. It appears you will have the option of traveling to see a friend, or to travel with one, if you don't want to head out alone. (Sometimes being alone can be heavenly, and of all signs, super independent Sagittarius, you certainly know that!)

If your birthday falls on December 3, plus or minus five degrees, the new moon of January 30, still strong in early February, will help you in an outstanding way. If you have a natal planet at 10 degrees Gemini, Aquarius, Libra, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, or Sagittarius rising at the same degree (and all get the tolerance of plus or minus five degrees) you will feel happy as you go through early February. Chances are, you can be spontaneous these days, a lovely thought to a Sagittarius.

Uranus was involved with that January 30 new moon, and it is still strong in early February. Considering that Uranus naturally RULES your house of short travel and is currently MOVING IN your house of true love, you may find a direct link between romance and travel. You may decide it's the perfect time to quickly book a weekend trip in the country for two, perhaps in a snowy, awe-inspiring setting, or to a luscious green isle with a cottage that faces glittering turquoise waters.

This sweet new moon in Aquarius (11 degrees) that occurred just two days prior to the start of February on January 30 will bring in an influx of a great many messages to you, so you'll have to be sure not to accidentally delete an important email. You may be poised to stage a new publicity or advertising campaign, or you may be starting to work on a manuscript as a few examples. This month you'll have to be very deliberate in the way you communicate, for you may make an error. To reduce the chance of having typos and errors in your manuscript, you may want to show your work to a friend with eagle eyes if you don't have an editor.

Mercury will be retrograde from February 6 to 28, and when this planet of thinking, logic, perception, research, communication, negotiation, commerce, translation, and contracts is retrograde, we all feel it. We become distracted and make errors, and we find that many around us are indecisive, making it hard to make progress. Knowing that it will be easy to make mistakes, we all have to make a concerted effort to concentrate more fully. If you sign a contract this month, you may feel you were too hasty, that you didn't think of all the clauses you should have added, and that something about the agreement was "off." Delay signing agreements until March.

Also during the retrograde, you will have to be careful in other ways. You might send a sensitive email to the wrong person through smart email (which is not always so smart after all) or leave sensitive, private financial information on the glass in the office copier for the next, very wrong person to see. Keep track of all your valuables, such as your eyeglasses, sunglasses, keys, smart phone, iPad, and other treasures, for you will be moving around a lot, and with many things on your mind, and you may leave something behind. Check, double check, and check again.

Mercury rules Virgo, the sign found on the cusp of your solar tenth house of career, so you may find that plans slow down, and it is hard to get approvals. Sit tight, and don't try to rush the process, for delays will benefit you.

Mercury retrograde is actually a great time to go back over what you've already done. The creative process always requires going over work a second, third, and even fourth time to polish the project, and this is true even if you don't work in a traditionally "creative" field. All work needs many reviews, but it is human to want to keep looking forward and not take the time to do the detail work necessary on previous work. If you listen to Mercury retrograde, you will be very happy about how well your work is received. Remember your competitors will be under the same vibrations, so in February, here is your chance to pull away from the pack. This month, success belongs to the one who is willing to focus and to do all things that Mercury demands, and to get a clue, look to words that begin with the prefix "re" - redo, redesign, reexamine, reconsider, readdress - you get the idea!

Valentine's Day, February 14, falls right on a spectacular full moon in Leo, a fellow fire sign that blends so beautifully with your sign! It appears you and your romantic partner may travel for a whirlwind trip to celebrate your love. A weekend in Paris or New York? Anything is possible on this tender full moon, in Leo 26 degrees.

If you have a birthday that falls on December 17, plus or minus five days, you will do best under this full moon of February 14. If you have Sagittarius rising at 26 degrees, or a natal planet in Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 26 degrees (all have the normal tolerance of plus or minus five degrees), then you will also benefit from the February 14 full moon and be very happy over the weekend of
February 15-16.

On February 28, you will bring your focus back to your home, or to your parents, who are also under the domain of your solar fourth house, due to be so lit up for you. The new moon is simply sensational. No matter what your home-related plans happen to be, you seem to be able to move ahead with them with confidence. You can move, fix up, do massive repairs, paint, and start buying furniture next month.

I say to make your most expensive purchases in March because of Mercury retrograde this month. It would be best to buy furniture, electronics, and appliances next month. Mercury rules the moving parts in machines, and so when retrograde, the chances of buying a defective product rises. However, a bigger risk is that with your judgment off when Mercury retrogrades, you will choose the wrong model, or a newer one will come out shortly after you buy it that you like better. For one reason or another, we are never happy with our biggest purchases when done when Mercury is retrograde. It's also best not to close on a house in February, as the chances that an error may take place.

Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, is standing by in your house ruling home and property, so if you need large funds to pay for your home-related plan or to put the down payment on a house, the bank - or a kind relative - will likely soon write a check for the money you need, and that will help you get started. You should be able to get an attractive mortgage too, assuming you get news just AFTER the new moon appears February 28. If you will renovate, you can get a bid you will like from the contactor. (Always get three bids, and choose the one that seems most accurate and fair, not necessarily the lowest bid.) February 28 will bring the most important new moon of the year for domestic and property matters, so if you need to make changes to your home, map out your strategy this month, do research, and plan to put your most expensive plans into action in March.

You will have three heavenly bodies in the watery sign of Pisces in your fourth house of home this month - Neptune, the Sun, and new moon - so as a Sagittarius, you will be under danger of water damage this month (flooding, mold, contaminated water, and so forth). This is partly due to the presence of Father Neptune in your house of home, who will want to bring the sea with him into your house from now until 2026. This month, with the Sun, new moon, and Neptune traveling together, your chances of problems rise. It would be wise to get flood insurance, which often is not included in a regular homeowner's or renter's insurance policy. To be safe, check your policy.

Concurrent to this new moon, on February 28 you will ALSO have a beautiful communication between the Sun and Jupiter - you can't get much better than that! This could well turn out to be one of the most romantic of the season.

There are other benefits to February 28, too. Your ruler is Jupiter, so while everyone will love this last day of the month, you will love it even more. Jupiter's job is to take care of you - more than any other planet can do, for he is your ruler. The Sun in your chart governs your solar ninth house of academia, long-distance travel, immigration matters, publishing, broadcasting, and Internet media, and all of these areas will shine for you.

If one area seems particularly important to you, take full advantage! For example, if you need to find the most favorable day to defend your thesis, hand in a manuscript, see immigration officials for a green card, or to ask your lawyer to offer a possible settlement to the other party in a court case - use February 28.
Pack your bags, for you are about to hit the road! The new moon and full moon will be intent on opening vistas for you. If you take a trip in the first half, it's likely to be a short trip to a town nearby, done quite spontaneously, but nevertheless, it could turn out to be a trip that proves to be a highly romantic getaway for you with your sweetheart or spouse. If you have no one, a friend would be very willing to go with you. In your case, make it an adventure where you can do sports or hike in a beautiful setting. You may find a travel package that is simply too good to pass up, so go!

The full moon, February 14, will be perfect for you because it will appear in compatible fire sign Leo, lighting your ninth house of distant cities. This time, you won't want an active time away, but rather, something slower paced that brings a large measure of pampering. If your hotel offers a fine spa, so much the better - choose that hotel. With a full moon in the sign of royalty - Leo - you'll want to feel treated like a queen, and this month, you can! If you were hoping for a super-romantic weekend in honor of Valentine's Day, you'll have it.

Be back home when all sorts of matters related to your home, family, and other property will be attracting your attention. The new moon February 28 will bring wonderful options to improve your living conditions. With Jupiter, in your house of other people's money, beaming the new moon dazzling vibrations, you may receive a mortgage or home improvement loan with very attractive terms in the ten days that follow it. You are luckier than a Leprechaun when it comes to real estate matters now, so you may even get a cash gift or loan from your parents to put a deposit down on your first new house or condo.

If you need to sign papers, do so early in the month, February 1 to 5, or, wait until March to do so. Mercury rules your career, so you may find that your career progress slows in February, but if so, it's only temporary - have patience.

Protect your home investment by being sure to have flood and other type of water damage insurance - with Father Neptune moving through your house of home, the chances of having difficulties with water will remain high from now until January 2026, through all twelve years. With a new moon in the sign of water and the fish, Pisces, your chances of water difficulties go up. If you are protected (ask your broker to be sure), you can rest easy, for chances are, you will be fine.

Mercury will go retrograde February 6 to 28, so if you have to sign a key contract, put off the signing until early March.

At the same time this new moon appears, February 28, you may also get good news about an educational goal related to your efforts to get an advanced university degree. If you have to take a major qualifying exam or defend your thesis within a day of February 28, you are likely to do exceedingly well. Publishing and broadcasting ventures done under Jupiter's gaze near February 28 can bring considerable profits. If you have a legal matter that you need to attend to, whether it is a court case or the fling of a trademark or patent - get things moving on February 28, and your actions should bring pleasing results.

Dates to Note for SAGITTARIUS

Most romantic dates, and can be used for other purposes too (these are good days for you): February 3, 4, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 22, 23, 26, 27, and 28.

Mercury will be retrograde February 6 to February 28.

Venus is now moving direct, and that will help you get paid from those who have been tardy with checks they owe you.

Travel can come up now in the first half of February, and the trips you take are likely to be close to home, within a day's drive, or a short 2-to-3 hour plane ride. At least one is likely to be done at the spur of the moment!

A much longer trip is indicated for you over the Valentine's Day weekend, Friday, February 14, plus four days!

Your pals will begin to play a much larger role in your life as a result of Mars' long stay in your friendship quarter, now through July 25. You will make new friends, and they will be helpful to you in many ways. Charity work and volunteerism may be on your list to do now, too.

Home related matters would receive a big boost as a result of the new moon, February 28. You may now find the right house or apartment to move into, or sell a house you have now. You may renovate, change roommates, order repairs, clean out clutter, or do any number of actions that will improve life there.

No matter what you do, remember to get flood insurance, for Neptune, planet of the seas, will reside in your home, now through 2016.

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