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Scorpio Forecast for April 2014

By Susan Miller

This is one of those months where things will just keep on happening ? and happening?. Just when you assume nothing ELSE could possibly happen, something else inevitably will. Is it possible to squeeze so much news and change into one tiny month? Yes, for sure, and April is due to be a turning point month for many, of all signs. We have a very tough new moon on March 30, influencing the first half of April, and then two eclipses, a lunar full moon eclipse in Libra on April 15, also quite full of power and might, and a solar eclipse in Taurus on April 28/29 that will affect you the most, but that is a little bit milder than the April 15 eclipse.

While these eclipses won't be exactly easy, they are necessary, for the main job of an eclipse is to test the strength of situations and relationships and to bring any weak links to your attention. The universe wants you to have a strong, vital, happy, and highly productive life, so anything that the eclipse finds that impedes that mission will be shown to you or else swept away.

Eclipses are non-negotiable, so if the eclipse fosters an end to a relationship or a condition, the only way for you to approach that news is to move forward. The eclipse will lock the door on the past, and there will be no way back. If you don't like the changes you see shaping up now, you will be able to make new changes later, on the road ahead. For now, you must accept what you see happening. The eclipses will correct any situation you didn't know about, ignored, or that you did not have the courage to take hold of with both hands, quite straightforwardly.

This particular set of eclipses will break patterns of the past and set you in a new direction. These will be powerful, especially for the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn). You are not a cardinal sign but a fixed sign, dear Scorpio, but we all have cardinal signs located somewhere in our charts. The last eclipse of the month, April 28/29, will be in Taurus, the sign found on the same axis as yours, so that one will be the important one to watch.

Lunar full moon eclipses (like the one coming April 15) end a chapter. Solar new moon eclipses (like the one coming April 28/29) open a new path. For that reason, solar eclipses are generally easier to go through, as they tend to present somewhat calmer environment. Full moon lunar eclipses sometimes make us sentimental as they bring up memories and old dreams, and they remind us of the passage of time.

Let's start at the top of the month, and see how the month builds as it moves forward. The first two weeks of April will be highly influenced by the new moon that occurred just two days prior to the start of the month, March 30. It appeared in Aries, 10 degrees, in your house of work assignments, so you may see many changes to assignments, and changes being asked of you may seem a bit random or subjective. No matter, clients won't be able to make up their minds or can think logically, but are feeling pressure from people above to make subjective redo's that seem to have no rhyme or reason. Mars is currently retrograde until May 19, so attempting to get a grip on this will be fruitful - simply smile and go with the flow.

You may find that a client may announce that he is leaving your company now, or it may be a long-term project that you worked on and enjoyed is now coming to a finish. You may have known this would happen, but even so, you may miss the people with whom you worked and the kind of work you did on it. If you are now suddenly out of work, do not fret, for a new one will come in to fill the vacuum if you begin looking quickly. You of all the signs have the most spectacular outlook for career success of any sign come mid-July.

Also at work, due to the hard new moon, your co-workers may now change, and a trusted assistant might announce her departure. (She will be doing this at precisely the wrong time, with so much going on at the office, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and helpless for a day or two, until you set about adjusting to this new situation.)

This is simply the way the universe teaches us all to be flexible. I know, you don't need this commotion now, but alas, we are all in the same boat in April. Nothing will happen as you expect it will, as the new moon of March 30 arrived arm-in-arm with Uranus, planet of unanticipated events. That new moon will be a hot potato (there, I have said it), as it will also send a hard glance to Pluto too.

Pluto is your ruler, so you will have to have contingency plans for the office. For example, you may need to hire temporary help to fill in for the merry-go-round of personnel around you. I will advise you NOT to hire new recruits, not with such difficult aspects at play. You can hire temporary help before you set anything in stone.

The sixth house, where all your office pandemonium will be taking place, discussed above, also rules the state of your health. It is possible that you may notice that something is amiss, so take care of your health this month, for you need to be your own best friend. The new moon that appeared March 30 was in Aries, ruling the head, so you need to watch your teeth or to be on guard against a headache. If you know certain foods or beverages trigger headaches in you, be diligent about avoiding them now. Of course, keep an eye on your constitution in general, and be sure to get enough sleep in this potentially draining month.

The big event will be the full moon lunar eclipse, April 15, in Libra 25 degrees. You are not the subject of this eclipse, but nevertheless, it will light your house of your subconscious mind. If you have had a problem that has been troubling you, or if you would like to overcome an addicted to any sort of substance, the eclipse will give you the impetus to get help. This may happen because of something little, like a casual comment you hear about you, or another type of event that brings on an epiphany. You can now turn over a new leaf, even if you have tried and failed before, because this month you will have the key ingredient for success - keen motivation and a strong drive to master anything you put your mind to.

Mars will oppose Uranus in exact mathematical degree, in the same signs as it did at the end of December, Libra and Aries specifically. (That had to make the year-end holidays in 2013 very hard for certain Scorpios). Here we go again. If you had problems at the end of December, you may not feel them again, as the mathematical degrees have changed, but you must be vigilant anyway. Here is why.

You are ruled by Mars, and when opposite Uranus, Mars can bring on a confrontation between you and a disrespectful subordinate who has overestimated his value to the firm. It would be hard not to criticize this person, but if you do, your confrontation may escalate to become even more inflamed. Be careful. April 22-23 will be very hot days. The problem is, because Uranus moves so slowly, you will feel this aspect at play nearly all month. Pick your moment to let this person go, but don't give him any reason to go to the human resources department to complain about you.

Due to the cardinal cross, legal matters and contracts are being drawn into the mix this month too, and I would strongly suggest you not sign anything now. With too much going on around you, it may be hard to think clearly. Give any papers that will commit you to others the time you need to mull over them.

Also, with the Sun conjunct Uranus, you may get some surprising news about your career mid-month, something you never in a million years expected would happen. It could be celebratory, or just the opposite. (These eclipses are tough to predict because Uranus will be prominent all month and will be leaving his fingerprints all over everything). You could score a completely unexpected career victory at this time, one that brings your name to the attention of a VIP at the very top, or you may be trying to fix a near disaster, most likely tied to the subordinate you are dealing with earlier in the month. Let's go with the interpretation of "do a great job, and you'll have a shot at major praise and a promotion by late July." (Or, you may get an invitation to join a competitive firm at that time.) I am not worried about YOUR career outlook, dear Scorpio!

This same eclipse, April 15, will shine a light into things going on behind closed doors, in secret, so that you can find out about them and protect yourself. This will be true ONLY if something truly is going on - I am not saying that there is anything for you to find right now. If anyone has a political agenda that has the power to do you any damage, this eclipse will show you the identity of that person in the office now. (The ancient astrologers always referred to the twelfth house as the one that pointed to secret enemies, while the seventh house would always point to open enemies. Both these houses will be lit for you this month, so you do have to be careful.)

Scorpio is a shrewd sign, so you, more than most, will step back and observe, a talent that will help you this month. To be clear, I am not saying you have ANY enemies, the secret kind or otherwise, but I am simply saying that part of the possible manifestation of the eclipses point a POSSIBILITY in this direction. I hope this will NOT apply to you. I simply tell you so that you can keep your eyes open, but I do not want you to feel a need to be paranoid. Eclipses expose untoward actions and bring secrets that would hurt you up to the surface and out in the open. If the eclipse finds nothing to expose, you will go through this period easily, and news may be mild compared to what one or two of your Scorpio friends experience now.

As you get to the end of the month, you will reach the key eclipse for you, a solar new moon eclipse in Taurus, 10 degrees on April 28/29 (depending on your time zone). This will instantly open an important new chapter in your closest romantic relationship. If you have been dating seriously, this eclipse may bring an important turning point - a suggestion to be exclusive to each other, a confession of love, or even a marriage proposal.

If you are already married, you may now make plans together to work toward new goals. If you have no romantic partner, then this new moon eclipse may be directed toward your plans to form a new business partnership; or for you to find and collaborate with a new manager, agent, publicist, lawyer, or accountant; or if you are the agent, for example, a new important talent to represent.

Always take good care of your health near an eclipse, even if it is fairly friendly. Part of the job of an eclipse is to protect you, so if you have a latent health problem that might harm you if left to fester, the eclipse will bring it to your attention so that you can get quick help.

If your birthday falls on October 31 or November 1, plus or minus five days, you will feel this solar eclipse, April 28/29, directly. The same is true if you have Scorpio rising 10 degrees or a natal planet in Scorpio or Taurus at 10 degrees, and for all, allow a tolerance of plus or minus ten degrees.

If you are single, or if you have children, one standout day to be traveling, perhaps for a romantic getaway (single) or a trip to Disneyland (for your children) would be April 17, when Venus in Pisces will receive an out-of-this world vibration from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. You see, dear Scorpio, the universe always has some goodies that were reserved just for you.

Venus in Pisces from April 6 to May 2 will be a great bonus to you. Venus teaches that you do not have to try too hard to attract love - your magnetism will be hitting all high points during that time. Also, it's a superb time to find new things for spring that will interpret the true you and make you feel like a million dollars. As one of my friends used to say, "Looking great is the best revenge!" You can interpret that any way you like (and I say this laughing).

I want to hear what happens this month for you, dear Scorpio, so let's meet up on Twitter at the end of April @AstrologyZone and we will talk.


Work projects appear to be bubbling up now, and you will be busy organizing all that you have to do. The office will be very busy, but with Mars out of phase, it will be hard to get decisive answers from management and clients. Do the best you can by taking a practical stand, because in a month like April, where many crosscurrents will fill the air, no one will have a fix on precisely what should be done next. If you need to hire recruits to handle all the work coming in, begin interviewing so that you can choose among the best later, when approvals start to come at long last. Being super-organized will be a big plus this month.

A full moon lunar eclipse in Libra may bring to light a disturbing secret that has been kept from you. News may jar you, but it will also protect you, so be glad for all that you learn. It is alternatively possible that a friend or relative may not be feeling well and would appreciate your help - keep your schedule elastic, for at eclipse time, events tend to send us in various directions. Your ruler, Mars, will be retrograde until May 19, so it will likely take longer than usual to get all the pieces of your puzzle into place. Keep asking questions and keep building strategy.

A very close relationship, in love or business, will be the topic of your thinking at the solar eclipse, April 28 or 29 (depending on your time zone). Solar eclipses open doors or give an important glimpse of what must be done, in this case, in regard to the future of a partner who is important to you. Eclipses push us out of complacency and into action mode, so you may now decide to get engaged and married. If you see no future to your alliance, then the eclipse will ask you to face certain truths and leave. You may have supposed this decision was far into the future, but it is not - it will likely happen now. If you are not in a close, serious romantic relationship, an important business partnership or collaboration may bring up similar questions that you will need to answer, or you may feel you have no choice but to break ties.

Once you get to the end of July when Mars, your ruler, will move assertively into Scorpio, you will be in a place of far more control. At that time you will unveil plans that you have been working on for weeks behind the scenes, away from prying eyes. Your career will be building impressive momentum then too, and you will be on your way. Mars in Scorpio will make you sexy and appealing then too - so as you see, your future is bright.

Would you like to read more about the April eclipses?

I wrote a piece about the April eclipses for Refinery29.com

Here is the link! http://bit.ly/1dqrKIa

Scorpio Dates to Note

Most Romantic Date: April 11, and runner up date April 17.

Venus will tour Pisces from April 5 to May 2, so expect a lovely lilt to your romantic life. This is also a good phase to see about improving your looks and wardrobe.

Watch your health, as you will be under strain this month from the minute the month begins, and until the month is over.

Your ruler, Pluto, will go retrograde on April 14, so concentrate on what is on your plate now, through September 22. At work, develop more business with current clients, rather than forge into new territory.

The full moon eclipse, April 15, will appear in Libra, the sign that lights your twelfth house. You may discover a secret someone has held from you, or one of your secrets may come out. Anything going on behind the scenes that you have not been told about will come out.

Your ruler, Mars, will oppose Uranus, giving you a short cord when it comes to difficult or whiny co-workers, April 23-24.

The inflammatory opposition of Mars and Uranus, April 23-24, might also affect your health or mental outlook. Protect yourself, and keep a low profile.

The new moon solar eclipse of April 28/29 will bring about talks regarding a difficulty in a relationship or regarding the extent of your commitment to that person. This eclipse will bring tension concerning one close relationship. A new trend will emerge now. Go slowly.

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