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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your September Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sagittarius Forecast for September 2014

By Susan Miller

Your chart at the moment is very exciting, and as you move through the coming months, it will become even more so. You are an adventurer by nature, and you get restless when things become routine. There is no chance of that happening in September. Several planets have moved into fire signs like yours, and in the last week of September, a golden triangle will appear in the sky, indicating supreme harmony among three planets, including Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, in Leo; Uranus, planet of sudden change and surprise, in Aries; and action planet Mars in Sagittarius. This triangle will offer you a chance to make a stunning breakthrough just when you need it most, and will help you to open a path that did not exist before. Because you are a fire sign, you will be among those who benefit most from this golden triangle at month's end.

Of course, I am getting ahead of myself. We should begin at the start, which in your case will require that we go back a little farther, to the end of last month, August, to the new moon, August 25. If you read your report last month, you know that you had a brilliant new moon in your career sector at that time, and the seeds that you planted for professional gain within ten days AFTER that new moon arrived would have the power to carry you forward professionally for a year or more. Yes, that's right - this bears repeating. The seeds you plant after ANY favorable new moon within ten days of its appearance can change your life for a year, until the next new moon has time to come back to the same sector of your chart to refresh its energy one year later.

Because your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement was activated, the finished product or service (or, if you take a position at a firm) is likely to bring you accolades and success. This would be the most important time of the year to seek a new job or ask for a promotion. If you are self-employed, it's time to start sowing the seeds for a new venture. You may have already started several projects after August 25 arrived - at least one or more will grow magically, like seeing a flower grow and blossom in time lapse photography set on fast forward.

At the time of that new moon, Venus and Uranus were in sync, indicating any project you had your heart set on launching had plenty of room for creativity. You would find a way to put your stamp of individuality on it. Mercury ruled that new moon because it was in Virgo, so Mercury conversing with Saturn AND Mars at the time tells me that the outcome of your actions will please you very much. Saturn will lend longevity, as well as a practical approach that should please financial types working with you. Mars was in great aspect to Mercury too, so the project on the table you are talking about now will allow you to build momentum quickly.

At the start of the month, Mars, the action planet, will be in Scorpio, so you will be tweaking a project to make it all it can be, but you won't be ready to show it to the world (or even one person) just yet. Your intuition will be very strong, and at times you will feel compelled to listen to a recurring, insistent voice within you, and those thoughts will be right on the money. With Mars in the most private part of your chart, you should simply keep polishing your plan - the timing would not be right to present it yet. Find areas to tweak, and after you get to September 13, you CAN begin to show all that you've done. Mars will enter Sagittarius on that day, and you will enter a very important phase. Finally, the curtain will go up and you will be ready to go!

Plan to present ideas to anyone who will listen to you during the time Mars will favor you in Sagittarius, September 13 to October 25. This is your golden period, where you will have courage, drive, and obvious charisma that will make people want to listen to you, and follow you wherever you go. You've not had Mars in Sagittarius since October 2012 to November 16, 2012, so you've had to wait a long time to be Mars' favorite. All the other signs will have to stand and wait their turn - this month, it will be your time to shine. If you present ideas prior September 13, you will be a bit out of sync with Mars. Wait until after September 13.

It's funny how strongly the tide can run in your favor you when you have Mars in your sign. Perhaps I can show you best by showing you the opposite effect, when you have Mars as far away from your Sun as is possible, in Gemini, 180 degrees away, in opposition. At those times, your usual sources of support seem to question you - folding their arms over their chest, squinting at you skeptically when you bring up a new idea you've been developing, and hearing the words of the boss, "Why should we do this? I'm not convinced your idea is a good one."

That remark, usually emanating from the big boss or client, can trigger a cascade of voices who are also attending the meeting, triggering a chorus of detractors and critics. These would be underlings too afraid to disagree with their boss, so they too began questioning you, and then offering their own thoughts (usually lame and underdeveloped ideas) to justify their presence at the meeting. That's frustrating. You had this situation from late May 2013 to July 13, 2013. You don't have that problem now - instead, you will hear words from VIPs that will be music to your ears, "Let's do it! I'll sign the approval papers now and start the funding." Or, "Let's get you hired! Stop by HR before you leave."

I know I said you could start to show your resume or your work as early as Saturday, September 13, because that is the day Mars goes into Sagittarius. Unfortunately on that very day, Mercury will pick a fight with Uranus, so you will have to hold back. This is not a day to sign a contract or to travel. Sit tight. As your astrologer, I cannot only look at one aspect in the chart, but keep an eye on all eight little planets and see what all of them are up to doing. Get past this day; wait until Monday, September 15; and you will be fine.

Mercury will be retrograde October 4 to 26, not the time to present new ideas, so the plan is clear: you need to show your most important ideas in the second half of September. Looking at your chart, what I think might happen is that you show your finished work in September, and the VIP who you show it to may suggest revisions to make it more viable for funding or to be more popular with consumers. You would attend to those changes throughout October and be ready to roll in November.

You have heard me say, "Don't take a new job when Mercury is retrograde" because whatever job you discuss would likely change by the time you are in that job. Too many Tectonic plates will be moving, dust will be kicked up, and it will be hard to see the road ahead. There is an exception. If you go back to a person you know - a VIP who you worked with in the past, and enjoyed the experience - you can work with that person again in October. In that case, you would not be starting a new relationship, but continuing a former one, which is fine during Mercury retrograde.

If you are in sales, or self-employed, Mercury retrograde is an ideal time to go back to good clients that have always supported you. As you know, 80 percent of business is attributable to 20 percent of your client list. Go back to those staunch supporters and reconnect. Pitch new business to those who know you, trust you, and who had a great experience with you in the past.

Venus will move into your prestigious tenth house of career honors, awards, achievement, and fame from September 5 to 28, indicating you will be among the favorite candidates of those interviewed. In a recent study, social scientists discovered if two candidates were equally qualified for a job, the executive chose the person with a better sense of humor, time after time. It's also been found in studies that if a client likes you, they will more likely listen to your pitch and support your ideas. With Venus in Sagittarius, you will be relaxed and charming, knowing you are making that great impression. You can easily demonstrate that you are the kind of person others would like to have around. Having Venus in your tenth house this month will be a big plus.

Your home must have been a big focus at the full moon September 8, plus five days. You may have received a furniture delivery, or had work done on your apartment. You may have found the right place to move to next, or interviewed roommates and came to a conclusion on one. Neptune was within proximity to that full moon (a bit wide in degree, but close enough to feel his presence), so I worry that you may have had problems with water again. Last month I mentioned you might want to get a rider on your homeowner or renter's insurance, for Neptune in the fourth house of home can cause all sorts of problem with flooding, tainted drinking water, mold, and so forth. I hope you did not have any of these concerns. Neptune will be in your house of home for many years into the future, so protect yourself with insurance now.

Financially, good news! You may see a major lilt to your cash flow once Pluto turns direct on September 22. Big planets retrograde for four to five months at a time each year, and Pluto has been lethargic since April 14. If you have had problems increasing your income, you should be pleased with events that are triggered by the turn of Pluto direct on September 22. Watch the days that surround this date - give two days before and two days after - for subtle but unmistakable clues that your finances are looking up. Every major planet, when it turns, will always impart information about the direction the planet will drive events. You will have to watch very closely, for the planet will whisper its message, not shout it. It would be easy to miss if you don't pay attention, but if you do, you may be quite happy with the news Pluto imparts.

The new moon this month, September 24, will be a major one. It falls at 1 degree of a cardinal sign, Libra, considered a critical degree said by the ancient astrologers to hold the quintessential power of the life force. Cardinal signs (Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn) define direction, because they correspond with the north, south, east, and west points on the compass when at 0 or 1 degree.

This new moon will truly be a major force. It will arrive in your solar eleventh house of friends, acquaintances, and casual contacts. Because this is a new moon, it will open a portal for you to meet new people who are successful, interesting, and creative, and in the case of one or two, you may want to cultivate their friendships. There appears to be a direct link between the socializing you do at month's end and your career progress. One seems to feed the other, because Venus rules Libra, and Venus is the engine that runs your solar tenth house of fame and honors.

This same eleventh house area that will be so lit up by the new moon also rules groups of all kinds, such as a club to which you belong, and social media where you like to visit frequently to post. If you have considered joining a club, this would be the right month to do it. Humanitarian, charitable, political, and community causes also are found in your eleventh house. Within the coming two weeks, one of these areas is likely to become a focal point. You will have the ability to learn from others you meet in a social way, and you might also have a chance to work to support a cause important to you. Volunteering for a charity or community effort would have you rubbing shoulders with a new circle of like-minded people. One person might stand out that starts as a friendship and later blooms into a romance.

If your birthday falls on November 23, plus five days, you will benefit the most from this beautiful, powerful new moon. The same would be true if you have 1 degree of Sagittarius rising or a natal planet at 1 degree of a fire sign, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, plus or minus five degrees.

Here's the biggest news of all, and what I alluded to at the start of your report. On the very next day, September 25, one of the biggest aspects of 2014 will arrive. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will receive a shimmering beam from Uranus, planet of surprise, offering you exciting news, hope, optimism, a possible breakthrough, or fresh start. Uranus is in your solar fifth house of true love, bringing unanticipated, out-of-the-blue events when you would least expect them. Jupiter is in your solar ninth house ruling the dispersal of information. To that end, your solar ninth house rules university study, the media, in terms of broadcasting and publishing, foreign travel, international relationships, and legal matters.

If you were born in one country and moved to another nation to live permanently, that foreign country is where you live now, and although it does not feel foreign to you, it is technically so, so the country you are in now may be very fortunate for you. You need not travel to reap the benefits, not unless you want to or have reason to go.) One of these areas will bring sensational news for you. Meanwhile, Uranus is in your house of love, fun, leisure, pregnancy, birth, and the care of the children you may have now. These areas are also due to light up and be areas of great happiness, too.

Big outer planets like Jupiter and Uranus move very slowly and quietly through deep space, so when a huge aspect like this one arrives, September 25, you would not feel it (and benefit from it) just for a day, but for weeks. This is because the two planets remain within orb of each other from the start of September through mid-October, and may even extend a little more than those dates. (I have given this aspect a 5-degree orb, but it could be larger than that, up to eight to ten degrees.)

You are a fire sign, and Jupiter and Uranus will be in fire signs - Aries and Leo respectively. Mars will be in Sagittarius, the third fire sign and close enough to create a perfect fire-sign golden triangle in the sky, which is an aspect of supreme harmony. Take this aspect seriously and put a big gold star on September 25 when it peaks in mathematical perfection. It's been years since we've seen anything similar, so this is truly special.

If your birthday falls on December 7, plus or minus five days, you will benefit the most from this outstanding aspect, considered a grand feature of 2014. If you were born on this day, you would precisely complete the golden triangle by adding the Sagittarius element of 15 degrees to Uranus in Aries (15 degrees) and Jupiter in Leo (15 degrees). Almost as special would be if you have Sagittarius rising at 15 degrees, or a natal planet in a fire sign: Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 15 degrees (plus or minus five degrees). Everyone of every sign will get a break, however, as this is truly a bouquet being sent from a loving universe.


This is an important and highly favorable time of the year for you. You are getting closer to your birthday, which means the Sun is getting closer to the place it occupied at your birth. That's a big plus, because getting things your way will be easier to achieve.

Late last month, on August 25, you had a brilliant new moon in your career and honors sector, and because the influence of any new moon extends for two weeks, early September will be a superb time to entertain offers and to initiate new ventures. Next month, October 4 to 25, Mercury will be retrograde, never an ideal time to discuss new job opportunities. You need to act now.

On the Harvest Moon, September 8, a full moon, you will need to direct your attention to your home or other property, or to a development concerning your mother or father. Shortly before this new moon will appear, the transiting moon will conjoin Neptune. Neptune rules the sea, so you need to guard against a flood in your house, apartment, or other property that you may own or manage. Be sure you have an insurance policy that covers any and all water damage - most contracts do not cover difficulties with water, but you can add a rider to your contract.

As long as you have a good appraiser, September would be a fine time to buy, sell, or lease space. Saturn was very friendly to that new moon, so it appears you would stay with any new property you buy now for a very long time. Pluto will also be helpful, so if you have to add or tear down walls or make other structural adjustments, you will be able to do so at this lovely full moon.

Mars, the action planet, will be in Scorpio as the month begins, but will move into Sagittarius on September 13, to stay until October 26. By then your time will have come to assertively state your desires and run with the banner. Mars will put you in the driver's seat, and things will tend to go your way. This is the first time you've had Mars in Sagittarius since October to December 2010, so this special privilege of Mars behooves you to use this period to your full advantage. While not all projects will succeed, most of them will, for Mars will give you the fierce and competitive determination and drive. You will be courageous too, and won't take "no" for an answer. This placement is also an ideal one for competing in sports - you'll be able to develop energy reserves that you didn't even know were possible.

The new moon on September 24 will be very powerful, one of the most powerful of the year because it falls at the critical first degree of a cardinal sign, Libra. Friends and even casual contacts will become very important to your progress. Someone is about to go out of his or her way for you, and this friend or casual contact will be a blessing to you. This person's efforts (or that of a club or charity you belong to) will unlock a door and swing it wide open.

Your happiest day of the month will occur September 25, when Jupiter, your guardian planet, will reach out to Uranus in the most harmonious way possible. (In truth these two planets move at a snail's pace, so you may feel the glowing effects all month, into the first half of October, as they will orbit mathematically close.) Uranus, planet of surprise, is currently in your house of true love, and Jupiter, planet of good fortune, has just moved into your house of long distance travel, university study, legal matters, and the media. If you are in a creative field, you will outdo your previous efforts - this is your time to share your ideas, even if some of your artistic ideas are a bit "out there."

It seems like thrilling, unexpected romantic experience may come up for you while on a trip or on campus and take your breath away on September 25. Yet all these other areas, from travel to university study, to legal matters, are likely to glow too. Uranus works in ways that always surprises us - whatever you think will happen, won't, but something better, will.


Most important dates for love, meetings or actions: 2, 6, 10, 14, 15, 19, 20, 24, 25, and 29.

If you have been waiting for your ideal moment to reach for an important new career position, the time will come in the first half of September. If you are self-employed, you can get enviable publicity, a new important client, or special recognition. Your stature will rise soon.

Lucky you, this month, Mars will go into Sagittarius on September 13 and continue until October 25. This means you are in control, driving your life in the direction you choose. Your presence will be compelling. You are starting a key two-year cycle now.

Watch for a home-related matter to reach culmination on or near the full moon of September 8. Guard against water damage.

The new moon September 24 will encourage you to enlarge your circle of friends and acquaintances. It's an ideal time to join a club, or get involved in a charity or political effort to elect a candidate, or to roll up your sleeves in a humanitarian or community effort.

Your best day this month will be on September 25, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, now in Leo in your house of foreign people and places - travel included - will trine Uranus. Legal matters, publishing, broadcasting, or another mind-expanding area of life should make you excited.

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