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Capricorn Forecast for April 2015

By Susan Miller

This month you will have your hands full. You apparently have much going on in your home life AND your career, and at times you may wonder which area to give your full attention first. Fortunately, as a Capricorn, you are always cool no matter what pressure is put on you, for you remain logical, objective, and always rooted in reality. In fact, when there is a natural disaster somewhere in the world, the Capricorns and Virgos are the ones chosen to come in first, to organize the rescue effort, for these two earth signs rarely panic. People around you admire you, for they know you can handle almost any situation with grace.

We have a major eclipse on April 4. It's a full moon total lunar eclipse in Libra, 14 degrees. That eclipse could bring enormous attention to your career, as the moon will be the most highly elevated planet in your chart. This means your work will come to the attention of many, including highly influential executives. This new attention you are about to get may extend your fame those outside your industry. This is very exciting, but the course of events this month will be unanticipated, and not always smooth.

The reason I say that is you have three heavenly bodies in your fourth house of home / residence / other property / family, and at the same time of the eclipse (which is putting so much emphasis on professional matters), your house of home will be lit up too. I am concerned because Uranus is aiming his rays directly at the total eclipse of the moon in your house of career, but the moon ALSO rules your domestic condition, so the two will be tied together now.

With explosive, unpredictable Uranus, you have to expect the unexpected. This is a very jittery aspect because you can't quite prepare for what might come up. Things happen VERY suddenly with Uranus, out of the blue and out of left field. We all will be subject to this vibration, but each sign will feel it in a different way. If you try to guess, with Uranus involved, it's always something you aren't looking at as a possibility that may come up. I always say, sit back, open the window, and watch to see what flies in. Uranus is in your home and family sector, so I am saying this is where the surprises will be.

Uranus' job in a chart is to create the future. This planet is known to aim a lightning bolt at a certain situation that this futuristic planet deems irrelevant to your current and future life (even if you don't agree). Have faith that the universe is wise, and knows what is coming next for you. Uranus is not all bad, either, for he will help you restructure so that you can replace whatever you "lost" or see changing with something much more relevant and modern to your lifestyle. I will admit Uranus periods like the one that will happen this month won't be easy to go through, for it's like having a manhole cover fly up in the air suddenly as you walk along the sidewalk. You didn't see it coming, and it can be a very scary. You are more resourceful than you assume - and what results from this will be an improvement to your life.

Uranus is conjunct the Sun exactly at this total eclipse of the moon, and the Sun rules your house of other people's money, so as a result of the April 4 eclipse, you may have to look into securing a hefty bank loan, insurance payout, refinanced mortgage, new mortgage, venture capital, inheritance, or other source of funding, such as money loaned or given by your loving family. The money you will need seems to be a considerable sum, but fortunately, Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, happens to be in your house of other people's money, so you will get all the money you need to take care of what comes up, and with attractive terms to boot.

At this eclipse, April 4, you will also have Pluto to contend with, as he is in hard angle to both your career and home situation. Pluto tends to remove what you assume you can't possibly life without, until you do, and find out you are stronger than you ever imagined yourself to be. Pluto is always intent on eliminating things - possessions - and also is interesting that in astrology that during a Pluto episode (that we are about to have) it is said to try to let go of things you don?t need. Declutter, and get used to eliminating things. It is said to help the situation.

Let me go back to the message of the April 4 eclipse, which is about to center on your career. Here I feel you are due for a breakthrough to a role that is very lofty and prestigious, and one that will pay exceedingly well. Do not be shy about speaking up for generous compensation. Not only will you get a salary but it seems you will also be granted a commission, bonus, royalty, or licensing fee too, depending on how well the project goes or your performance works out. The moon rules your partners in life, so it appears you will need an agent, headhunter, or job broker to help get the job in the first place. With Jupiter watching over this project, you should be able to deliver the goods to the VIPs who believe in you - in other words, you will be a success.

On Twitter when readers write to me (I'm @AstrologyZone) many ask, "Is it possible that I may have already felt the April 4 eclipse?" It's possible. About 10 percent of readers feel any eclipse a month prior to the date the eclipse arrives, 70 percent of readers will feel it on time - within five days of its appearance - and 20 percent will feel the eclipse one month to the day later, plus or minus five days.

Keep in mind that we are currently between two eclipses, the one that occurred last month on March 20 (a new moon solar eclipse) and the one this month, a total eclipse of the full moon on April 4. So you may be feeling the March 20 eclipse now, or did last month too. I know, it can get confusing!

If your birthday falls on January 4, plus or minus five days, you will feel this month's eclipse directly. If you have your natal chart, look to see if you have any natal planet at 14 degrees Capricorn, Aries, Libra, or Cancer, and include your ascendant. If so, you too will feel the eclipse - I am so sorry to say it may be a very tense time.

If you don't have your chart, I can draw up one for you and write 65 pages about it for $55 plus shipping and any applicable taxes, in easy to understand language. I will print my report to you in a beautiful, four-color illustrated book, so you understand every planet, and you will see your wheel. I can do these custom books quite beautifully, thanks to print-on-demand technology. This allows me to print one perfectly bound book at a time. Readers love them! You only need do this once, as your natal chart will never change - it is your map for life. You will get so much more out of your monthly Astrology Zone reports if you know your rising sign, and where all your planets are found, and what gifts they beamed to your birth.

To order, go to www.SusanMillerMyPersonalHoroscope.com with your complete birthday information: day, month, year, city of birth, and precise time of birth, and you will have your natal chart within a little over two weeks. (I don't get hundreds of orders, only about five a month, as I have had this wonderful product for ten years! Most of my readers already have this pretty book that I do. I can easily write your report in that length of time.)

Now let's go back to April. Here's a date to circle in gold: April 2, a day that falls two days prior to the eclipse - which in a sense means it's part of the eclipse. The Sun and Jupiter will meet and will help you get the money you need to pay for any expense that may come up this month. April 2 will be a gorgeous day for any financial meeting, presentation, interview, or other reason you may discuss money, one of the best of the whole season.

On April 6, we have a wild-card day where things could go either way, fantastically great or quite suddenly wrong. Uranus will be conjunct the Sun, so when it comes to home, other property, or family member, unusual news could reach you. I am sorry to say this, for surely your nerves will already be on edge, but with Uranus you never know. If your birthday falls on or near January 6, you will feel this day quite directly.

Here is very good news! On April 8, Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will go direct, having been retrograde since early December. When any planet is retrograde, it emits a weaker beam because it is resting, but now, Jupiter will awaken and turn on full power, just in time, when you may need money to take care of any news that might come up concerning your home or a necessary move if you are taking advantage of a career situation in another city. Watch the three days that circle April 8 for clues that things are on the upswing when it comes to money. If negotiating compensation for that new glorious career offer I see for you, wait for Jupiter to turn direct first on April 8 before you go to that meeting.

Your chart has been lit up for quite a while over the past several years, so it would not surprise me to hear you were having some difficulty with a romantic relationship or marriage or business partner / agent / publicist / stylist / ghostwriter or other collaborator. If this fits your situation, this all adds up to a lot of stress, for it seems that all corners of your life are active and need your attention. I want you to take any opportunity to rest in April and to be good to yourself. For you, a spa massage or facial would not be a luxury but a necessity now and then. You clearly have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, and you are carrying it well, but it has to be hard at times, dear Capricorn. You are known never to complain. Fortunately, you will see your career will go exceptionally well, and that will give you an enormous source of pride, and later, you may get awards or accolades for the work that you do.

You will be able to address the home, residential, property, or family matter at the friendly new moon (not an eclipse) April 18 plus two weeks. This is coming at the right time, as you clearly have something big going on in this area. When a new moon arrives, it's important to jump right in and begin gathering information so that you can amass a folder of options. From that date, you can begin to make a decision about what you need to do about your home. You may find the answer immediately this month, or not until the end of September at an important full moon taking place then. Take your time to sort things out, as it appears you were (or will be) hit with news you never expected this month. If your physical house is fine, the news may relate to people (roommate) or children with whom you share your space, or a family member who needs your assistance and care, most likely a parent.

Romantically, your best days this month will be April 1 to 10 while Venus is in Taurus in your house of true love. It's also your best time to shop for new things to wear and to improve your appearance, for Venus will see to it you get the most madly flattering things. Your very best day in this period will be April 10, when the transiting moon will glide through Capricorn. I give that day three gold stars, so go shopping or see your hair or makeup stylist, or for my male readers, your barber, that day.

You are fortunate because Mars will be in Taurus too, your sparkly spot for fun and love, from the very start of April through May 11. Truly, this is the best time of 2015 for you to find new love if you are single. (It may be hard to circulate this month, however, as you have so much going on home and career. Both will be begging for your attention at once, and you may be struggling to keep every dish in your life spinning on sticks! If you are motivated, where there is a will, there will be a way to fit in love, dear Capricorn.)

One day that you may find especially fun will be April 21. Mars in Taurus will be in ideal angle to Pluto in Capricorn - what a great night for love for you! Pluto has the power to transform your love life, and Mars has the power to turn you super attractive and quite sexy. You can use it for a first date or to surprise your partner with dinner out on the town.

On April 22, Venus will send generous, happiness planet Jupiter a sweet vibration, so if you are working on your home question or one that centers on a parent or family situation, this would be a highly productive day to seek options. You will have luck on your side, dear Capricorn.

The last weekend of the month should be a happy one too. Again, your home situation will bring good news if you make an effort to look for information or spaces. Venus and Uranus will be beautifully in sync, so you will have the element of unexpected luck on your side.

You have a big month, but as you see, once you get through the eclipse and know what message is being sent to you in the first week, you will be on your way to an easier, more supportive April. Don't fret about money - that surely will come to you. It's what you do for yourself and your family that matters.


Brace for changes on the career front and at home, when the full moon lunar eclipse April 4 will come by and stir the waters. News will come up suddenly, and you won't have any idea of what may happen. You might have already felt the April 4 eclipse last month, but most will feel it on time, within days of April 4.

At work, it looks like you have been offered a high profile spot, or soon will. This new role for you will put you "out there" for all to see, and your good work may be praised later to beyond your own industry. In another possible translation of the April 4 eclipse, a top woman executive may suddenly leave, or you may decide you need a change and announce your own departure. If you make an important life decision, it may be done spontaneously or because you are strongly urged to do so - but when it comes to career matters, take your time and refused to be rushed. It also seems that all that occurs at work is push-pulling you in two directions, for surely you have plenty going on at home too.

For a long time you've had an unstable situation at home that required a resolution, but none of your options seemed to be the right one. The April 4 eclipse will tear down long held structures and create a more fluid situation, so the right answer may now finally surface, or at least give you an opening for change. An improvement to your residence almost always requires large funding, and thankfully, good fortune Jupiter will be standing by to help you get all the money you need to move or renovate, and offer you attractive terms.

Furthermore, Mercury, planet of agreements, leases, deeds, and other legal paperwork will receive a golden beam from your ruler, Saturn, another indication that even if your professional situation brings big changes, those shifts will benefit you. You may have to turn on a dime when you see or hear about a job or home, property, or residential situation you want, as events will move rapidly in April, faster than you've ever seen. Be decisive! If your physical home is set, you may be working on ways to help your mother or father, or other members of your family.

Financially, on or very near April 22, you are due to score a great bargain with an investor or buyer, and it may have something to do with a real estate or family matter - the result could be big. If you are bidding on a house or apartment, be sure to browse spaces over April 25-26, for you could win the bid right out of the blue!

In love, Mars will brighten everyday life by bringing lots of social events, and those A-list events will give you the motivation to make yourself as attractive as you can be. Venus is in the same sector, making sure new clothes and changes to your looks will garner you plenty of compliments. When Pluto in Capricorn receives a beam from Mars in Taurus on April 21, your charisma will hit an all-time high. If you are invited to a party, accept!

Date to Note: Capricorn

Mars in Taurus all month adds up to a fantastic love setting. If single, be sure to circulate.

More money may flow to you on April 2 through a loan, insurance payout, court settlement, or money owed to you. Meet with an authority figure on this day.

The full moon lunar eclipse April 4 may be tense for your career. Changes may be in the wind very suddenly, requiring fast adjustment.

You will be able to make big changes in your home, family, and living situation once the new moon arrives April 18. Add ten days, and during that time, plant seeds.

The new moon April 18 will favor your ability to improve your home life in a substantial way.

When Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn on April 16 to September 25, you may need to make an important adjustment. A setback is possible, but if so, you can reassemble the project to make it more viable for now or later.

April 21 will work in your favor, as Mars and Pluto will collaborate flawlessly - love and romance will be in the air.

Good earnings go hand-in-hand with your work assignment that you are passionate about April 22.

April 25-26 could be a fun weekend to entertain family, friends, and co-workers at your home, as Venus and Uranus will bring bushels of fun.

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