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Aquarius Forecast for April 2015

By Susan Miller

We are now in eclipse season, so change is in the air. Last month a solar eclipse came by on March 20 in Pisces, so you may have been seeing shifts in your income or spending. For most people, that eclipse was fairly friendly for it may have opened opportunities. Eclipses always come in pairs, so the next one will be more jarring, a total eclipse of the (full) moon on April 4. It will fall in Libra, 14 degrees, and will light your ninth house, which rules several areas of your life, including travel.

You may be traveling quite far early in the month, possibly to see family or to view real estate, and you can choose to go to a location near or far. A vacation taken now would be a great idea, because in May your career will be popping, and it would be hard to take time off then.

A lot appears to be happening on the home / property front, too, or it may, alternatively, have to do with a family matter that you are thinking about. Your sister or brother seems to be very much on your mind too, and if so, your sibling might be the person in your life that proves to bring the most surprising (even possibly shocking) news.

If you never got along well with your sister or brother, be careful not to say anything that would provoke your sibling as you may inadvertently trigger a meltdown. If your sibling confronts you, ask to have time to think about what she or he said, but try your hardest not to respond. Doing so could turn out like pouring gasoline on the fire, with Uranus opposed to the moon. If it is not your sibling, there is other evidence a co-worker may be very sensitive and out of sorts at this time too.

Legal matters seem to swirl around you too, so you may be getting ready to sign a contract in connection with your work. Do not sign on or near the eclipse April 4, as a lot of dust will be kicked up, and it will be hard to view the road ahead. Solicit the advice of a lawyer to examine this paperwork, if you have a contract to sign. Don't try to save money by not hiring your lawyer, because at eclipse time, decisions and actions have much more weight and importance. You may be rushed, too, which I don't want you to be - your lawyer can slow down the process and study each clause carefully.

Work with your lawyer; don't just hand the matter off to him to deal with alone. You may find a clause that makes you upset by the attitude it reveals, such as a work-for-hire clause that suggests you never had any rights to sell in the first place, which is not true if you are a self-employed vendor. (You can give away your rights to your ideas, work, and product to your client, but that's your prerogative - no one should ever expect them to be given outright without a discussion. Aquarius tends to like to remain fiercely independent.) Your lawyer is your guide, and when it comes time to negotiate, listen to the advice of your lawyer, but after you have it, it would be best for you to get on the phone, not your lawyer, as you will be more powerful if you do the talking. I feel if I cannot look the other party in the eyes and gently say, "I deserve this" and say why, then I really don't!

The rule of thumb is not to initiate on an eclipse, but it's fine to respond to another person's action. Whatever is coming up won't be something you will anticipate and news may shock you. I say that because your ruling planet, Uranus, will be precisely 180 degrees away from the total eclipse of the moon. That suggests you will encounter obstacles and you need time to work them out. You have three heavenly bodies in the house opposite your ninth house, your third house, including the Sun (authority figures), Uranus (unanticipated events), and Mercury (news). Uranus, being your ruling planet, is also "you" in this situation, including your desires, goals, vitality, and health. Make sure you keep yourself strong through April as eclipses bring so much activity, they can be draining.

Not only will legal matters possibly come up at the eclipse, or alternatively, international travel / relationships but also matters related to immigration, passports, visa, green card, and citizenship. You may get an immigration matter finished at long last and be able to plan accordingly. If you got married in order to get your citizenship, be very prepared for a tough interview.

The ninth house also governs colleges, universities, professorship, qualifying exams (such as the Bar), and actions such as you might take to get your degree, such as to present and defend your thesis. Or, you may apply for a grant to study overseas. As you see in terms of academia, both the student side and the instructor side of the educational process would be covered. With Jupiter defending the ninth, stride forward confidently - you should do well.

It is April, so acceptance envelopes are going out to high school seniors, a tense time every year, but perhaps made more so this year by this eclipse. Uranus opposition a total lunar eclipse is not helping. If you do not get into your first choice college, before you give up, ask your guidance counselor to intervene on your behalf. Things happen for a reason, and at eclipse time we need to have faith that we will find something better suited to our talents. Let them keep their old college, you can find a place that adores you and wants you - that is the only environment where will you blossom, dear Aquarius.

The ninth house is an intellectual house where we set a goal and need to make an effort to achieve to achieve it, and usually there is a great deal of planning that goes into seeing success. In college we take knowledge in, and there are also professions that give information out, and that's the media, in terms of publishing and broadcasting, also covered by the ninth house. In the latter case, the ninth house covers all broadcasting, not only documentaries and educational films, but also the entertainment industry too. You may get a new assignment that is very high profile if you work in the media, or alternatively the media may focus its lens on you, and all the work you've been doing, in an important story

Although this eclipse has some fairly heavy-duty artillery shooting at the eclipse from Uranus and Pluto, adding initial stress, you will have glorious help from Jupiter, the good fortune planet, placed perfectly from your house of partnership. Jupiter is currently in Leo in your house of partner, so you may get eleventh hour help from an intermediary who speaks for you, such as a guidance counselor, agent, business partner, spouse, broker, or other middleman. Jupiter has been retrograde since early December, but will go direct on April 8 - great news!

Pluto will be in hard angle to the eclipse too from behind the scenes, suggesting that something you didn't know will come to the surface now, and when it does you may find the news shocking. Pluto is the natural ruler of your tenth house of career reputation. I feel because the eclipse is in Libra, it will be fairly friendly to you, but I cannot see your unique from where I sit, so I will ask you to keep your antenna up.

Here is an example. If you have a press interview scheduled in the first week of April (or if the piece is due to be aired or printed out near April 4), be careful and not too impressionable, as the reporter may have a hidden agenda. Pluto may come in the guise of a sweet young reporter who fawns over your work in person but who makes scathing remarks about you (including some that aren't even relevant) in her piece.

This could happen now with Pluto at a clash with the Sun and Uranus, so have your PR director with you during the interview to limit the parameters of the questions asked. The reporter may be very manipulative, but if you have a middleman with you - such as the PR director - Jupiter can protect you. Of course, no planet can protect you completely if a reporter is on a mission to do a hatchet job, but having a person on your team sit in during the interview can limit the damage.

If your birthday falls on February 3, plus or minus four days, you will feel the April 4 eclipse the most, but also you may find this eclipse will benefit you. The eclipse in Aries, a fire sign, blends well with air-sign Aquarius. Similarly, if you know your rising sign and have your natal chart, see if you have a planet or rising sign in Gemini, Aries, or Libra, or Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 14 degrees plus or minus five degrees - you too may benefit.

Travel will come up again as very likely at the new moon April 18, plus ten days. That new moon will be in the adventuresome sign of Aries, so you may be in the mood to go camping or have an athletic getaway, such as to do rock climbing or mountain biking. Aries is daring and loves to test their skills - maybe you do too. (Make sure you have had instruction if you try something very new to you!) Or, you may not want an active vacation but rather one that allows you to discover a new city or part of the country.

If you don't travel, you may be deep into a research or writing project, and doing quite well. Or, you may write a smart phone app, for Aries is a very entrepreneurial sign that will encourage you to blaze new trails. It's likely you'll love the project you will train your mind on at month's end.

Your home appears to be a big area of interest, so you may be buying, selling, or renting an apartment or house, or leasing a vacation home for part of the coming season. It's the ideal time to attend to these matters, because Mars, as of March 31, went into Taurus and began to light your fourth house of home, and that will continue until May 11. With Mars directing his energy to this area of your life, you can be highly productive.

The new moon next month on May 18 will give another big push to your plans for a home-related improvement, but that new moon will be flawed. On the same day, Mercury will go retrograde from May 18 to June 11. Instead, you may want to wait to move, renovate, or remodel until end of October when the full moon will crystalize your plans nicely. If you are trying to help an elderly parent or other family member, the same sparkling dates here apply to you for finding the right solution.

This month your very best day to negotiate any sort of home or family-related decision or action will be the divine April 21, when Mars is in Taurus, making you practical, sensible, and thinking long term. On that day, Mars will receive a beam from financial planet Pluto in Capricorn, the planet capable of giving you a complete transformation. Pluto is considered the "higher octave" of Mars, bringing the energy of Mars, which is considerable and very outward on the world, and turning it inward, the way a caterpillar needs to change from the inside out into a gorgeous butterfly. Use April 21 to your best advantage, and direct that energy to improve your home, property, and family life.

Venus will enter your true love sector on April 11 when Venus moves into Gemini, the very best place for you, and Venus will remain in that sign until May 7. You will be at your most charismatic and magnetic, and it's the perfect time to go shopping and find madly flattering things to wear. You will rip the tags off to "wear this tonight" and will get you the attention you deserve. To find love, you need to get attention or nothing much will happen!

Put a circle around April 22, your most romantic day of the month, when Venus in Gemini will receive a shower of golden beams from Jupiter, the good fortune planet. This same day will be your best to improve your looks in any way you like. If you are a male reader, you are included! Guys want to look handsome, cool, and intriguing too!

Now that Jupiter is moving direct (mentioned earlier) on April 8, you will find you will have more time, fun, and attention from your one-and-only if you are married. If you are dating seriously, you may feel ready to set the date to get engaged and wed very soon!

Looking ahead a few months, August 4 and August 14 may be very important dates on your timeline this year when it comes to making a serious commitment to a lover, so you may set an engagement or wedding date. If you were hesitant about setting a date, hanging back on taking the next step, you will feel more confident now, and you will likely see your relationship advance. You may sign a business partner instead, and make the alliance official.

The end of April will be as sweet as sugar. I love the weekend of April 25-26 for you, when Venus in Gemini will receive a shimmering vibration from Uranus, your ruler, in Aries. Uranus is in your third house, so you may spontaneously plan a getaway. You need not travel far - you'll likely go by car or rail - and find a scenic spot with a charming bed and breakfast. Hopefully, the spot you pick has some special romantic "foodie" restaurants in town, one with great reviews for the cuisine. Sounds like a perfect way to end a month that might start off a bit edgy and jarring but that closes with softness and tender romance.


Quite a bit of travel might take place this month for you, with the most important trip being one that you may have to take quickly on April 4. You may need to see a close family member, such as an in-law, uncle or aunt, sister or brother. Or, it may be to view a piece of real estate if you plan on moving or relocating, or buying or selling a house or condo. Your travel over the eclipse appears to be for personal and not professional reasons. Mars and Venus are activating your living situation in a big way, offering you a solution to any family or home-related question you may have pondered for a long time.

The eclipse of April 4 may also activate legal matters, a publishing or broadcasting project, or one involving academic goal or grant. See which area will come up - it seems to surprise you in some way.

For now, your career progress will slow down with the move of Pluto to retrograde on April 16 until September 24. Pluto is the natural ruler of your tenth house of prestigious career advancement. During that phase, from mid-April to end of September, you may find it will become a little harder for you to make contact with VIPs who can help you land a better position than you had up to now. You will have a fine career full moon next month on May 3, but if that full moon does not produce an offer, set your sights for later in the year, to a fabulous full new moon November 11, that although seems far away, you can start working toward now.

On April 21, you may get very exciting news, and want to act on it - Mars and Pluto will be working hard to allow you to move forward on home and family matters. This month shows that your interest in improving your living quarters will only grow larger by May. Take all opportunities to look into your options, starting now.

More travel is likely later in the month, just after the new moon, April 18. In the second half, your trips will bring you over shorter distances, but again, the reason for your travels will be personal. If you are single, you may want to go to a resort that is known to attract singles, for Venus will be jazzing your fifth house of true love at the time - weekends would be lovely to enjoy romance from April 12 to May 7.

Romantically, it would be hard to beat the day Venus in Gemini is sent a kiss by Jupiter in Leo on April 22. It's a Wednesday, but you can still surprise your steady love with dinner out or tickets to the theatre. If you were trying to find the right time to meet in person someone that you met online, use this day.

Your best weekend this month to travel for romantic fun and love will be when your ruling planet, Uranus, planet of surprise and impulse, will signal Jupiter in Gemini in your solar fifth house of true love, April 25-26. The moon will be in Leo, so you'll want accommodations with a touch of luxury.

If you are attached, you may find that a beautiful dinner in a restaurant with flowers and known for fine food will bring a heavenly experience for the two of you over April 22. Jupiter is still moving through your commitment sector, making now through the coming months ideal to wed, all the way to mid-August. Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck, and is making your sign, Aquarius, the most fortunate sign for marriage and for building partnerships for any kind. On April 22, you might get engaged, an ideal day to do so, or for sharing deep feelings of love for each other.

Date to Note: Aquarius

The Sun will reach out to Jupiter on April 2, bringing you help from your spouse or from a business partner.

The lunar full moon eclipse of April 4 will bring news from a sibling or the need to sign papers. Be ready to travel suddenly if necessary. Eclipses move up our timetables and this one may do that, but may also bring impressive money.

Mars in Taurus is urging you to work on your home living situation all month, for you can make impressive progress if you do.

The new moon on April 18 may bring you a new contract to sign. There will be lots of communication swirling about you after that new moon appears, and you may also travel to a nearby city. Check in with a sibling too.

You can make special progress on April 21 for home-related goals.

Venus and Jupiter will cook up romance and plenty of laughter on April 22. Plan a dinner out with friends after work.

The weekend of April 26-27 will be one of your favorites of the month because Venus will be flirting with Uranus, the planet of surprise. Uranus is also your ruling planet, so you will enjoy the weekend even more.

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