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Cancer Horoscope for June 2015

By Susan Miller

A big full moon in Sagittarius, 12 degrees, on June 2 will start off the month. You will be working hard to finish up an assignment, and you may also consult a doctor about an ache that has been persistent or another problem that you'd like to have more information.

Full moons tend to bring a floodlight of truth and final information, but with Neptune spreading fog to the situation, it may be difficult for your doctor to give you a definitive diagnosis. If you like, go for another doctor's opinion - there is no harm in that. Scientists say having a pet is wonderful for the owner's health, so if you have been thinking of getting a little dog or cat, this full moon may help you find the right furry creature for you. If you already have a pet, then find ways to spend more time with him, and perhaps buy some new toys for your dog or cat.

Jupiter will be very friendly to this full moon, so it looks like a generous check will make it to your mailbox as payment for the assignment you completed, and with Uranus nicely oriented, you seem to be pleasantly surprised at the source or the amount of the check.

Also in the first week, you will have several days that will arrive that will provide lucky breaks and make life easier for you. Here is what to expect - you may want to schedule your most important actions for several of these days.

Your career may get a big boost on Friday, June 5, thanks to a VIP behind the scenes who believes in you and who will want to see you do well. This would be an ideal day to have a confidential interview, perhaps for a new job.

On Monday, June 8, you come to a superb four-star day, when the Sun - behind the scenes - will reach out to good fortune Jupiter in your financial house. Don't tell any friends or co-workers about your behind-the-scenes meetings, as your chart is showing you must keep them secret for now. A financial offer, such as for your future salary, may be discussed on this day for the position or deal you are about to cut soon. June 8 is sure to be a magnificent day, when a male VIP will favor you above other candidates. Any job you will discuss now would be a step up for you - this is no lateral move. If you are pitching a new client, it would be a big one with deep pockets, and the client would become a jewel in your crown.

On June 9, your career will still be on fire. Whether you are hoping to change jobs or not, you will impress everyone on your path with your imagination and creative approach to situations. If you work in an artistic field, or with creative people as part of support staff to them (such as an agent or producer would do), you will shine on June 9. Mars will be in sync with genius planet Uranus and light your brain with 100,000 watts of light. Indeed on June 9, you will give new meaning to the phrase: Thinking outside the box.

On June 10, you'll see that your ability to come up with new ideas will continue to draw attention and applause. The Sun and Uranus will be in perfect sync, so you may hit on an idea that's a sudden breakthrough, and it will come when you least expect it to happen. Planets in Gemini are still in your behind-the-scenes solar twelfth house during the first three weeks of June, so keep tweaking your projects, but don't show them until after the transiting Sun moves into Cancer on June 21. Mars will follow into Cancer on June 24 until August 8, and Mercury will move into your sign. That's when you will have the cosmic support you need when you unveil your work - in the last third of the month.

Mars' move into your sign will be a big plus, for it will instantly give you courage and drive, and put you as the leader of the parade. You will no longer be on the sidelines but running the show. When Mars is opposite your sign - for you it's Capricorn - you would have to compromise and fit in with the other members of the team. Giving in on certain points that you care about deeply is difficult, but you won't have to compromise much or at all now - with Mars in Cancer, you'll get your way.

It's amazing how this happens. When Mars is in your sign as it is now, VIPs say, "Let's do it!" just like that. When Mars is opposite your sign, the same VIP will fold his arms over his chest and say, "I'm not convinced." Your passion for things will run high, so enthusiastically present your ideas. That's when you will want to form new relationships, and get out and about more often. You should schedule your biggest meetings for June 21-30, when all the planets will have moved into all the right places for you.

There's another reason to not give anyone a peek at your work in progress until month's end. Mercury has been retrograde since May 18 but will go direct this month, June 11. It takes Mercury a little time to get into ideal, energetic mode. Like many people, he is a little groggy when he wakes up and needs time to adjust. In the beginning he is just walking into furniture until he has his cup of coffee. By the time you reach the end of June, Mercury will be back in top form, orbiting quickly, from June 27 onward. If you need a date to act that is sooner than that, Mercury does go direct June 11, so you can act a day or two after that date, and that includes buying electronics. I, for one, am not buying my new Apple watch until June 27.

The new moon of June 16 will underscore the theme of privacy and working in solitude away from prying eyes. In the two weeks that follow the new moon, it would be a good time to think deeply about your birthday year ahead, and all that you would like to accomplish by this time next year. If you have a habit that you'd like to end, start shortly after this new moon arrives. This is also a good time to get your annual physical exams done, such as to have your eyes checked, your dentist to have a look at your teeth, and to have blood pressure, cholesterol, and iron count (among other things) checked.

One of the very best days of the month will be June 22, when Jupiter, now in your money house, will work in harmony with Uranus, now in your tenth house of fame and honors. In other words, this day brings a powerful link between your rising reputation in your field and the salary you will be paid. This day is a one-in-a-lifetime day for your career and income, worthy of five stars. This is a perfect day to have a job interview, or a day to negotiate your new salary or rise. If you are self-employed, you can bring in a huge client and be the talk of the industry. In fact, the press may want to publicize your success. This day is worthy of five stars!

More financial good news will be coming your way on June 27-29, when Venus in Leo (in your second house of earned income) will work with Uranus, now in your sixth house of work assignments. You will have the Midas touch, dear Cancer, and it seems everyone will want you in their corner. You've worked long and hard, and you deserve all the success that will be coming this way this month.

In terms of romance, taskmaster Saturn will move back into your romantic sector for several weeks, June 14 to September 17. You have hosted Saturn in your love sector before, from October 2012 to December 2014. This new return of Saturn may cause a temporary separation between you and your love, at no fault of your own. It may be that your sweetheart has to work or study in another city, as two examples. Keep the faith. If your love is strong, it will withstand any tests of Saturn, and when he leaves in September, Saturn will gone for good, not to return for many decades, 2041.

You have learned a great deal about matters of the heart and now, wiser and more seasoned, you can look forward to stronger relationships in the future. Saturn's tests can be hard, as he uses "tough love" to make his points, but he is effective, and he has strengthened you in ways you are still yet to see.


A major project will come to a finish at the full moon, June 2, so you'll be pushing to make sure details are all perfect. Neptune will be in hard angle, so if you are handing in a report, look for facts that were inadvertently omitted or that may be inaccurate. Uranus and Jupiter will shower you with unexpected opportunity, so it is very possible that this project will bring you plenty of praise, and thereby have "legs" to win you more complex, coveted projects as you move forward. Mars will also be collaborating with this new moon and the Sun, so you will enjoy a lot of energy around you that you can harness from the team you've assembled.

This full moon June 2 may also bring the end to a health matter, say, if a diagnosis was clarified, or if a series of protocols was finished. If test results were not want you wanted or expected to hear, ask for a second test, for with Neptune active, and Mercury still retrograde until June 11, a mistake may have been made. There is no harm in double-checking results or going for a second opinion.

If you want to add a pet to your household, you might want to go to the animal shelter to look at puppies and kittens, as this full moon June 2 (plus or minus four days) will coax you to find one for you. Take your time - look but don't make a decision until after June 11. With Neptune strong, and Mercury retrograde, ask for the paperwork on the background on the little dog or cat you would like to care for at home so that you have all necessary information. It would be wise to be fully aware of the responsibilities you would be taking with that creature.

Put a big red circle around June 5, when action Mars and good luck Jupiter will work together in unison, and one way or another, you'll find ways to make money. It's likely to be a generous amount too.

You may want to go into temporary hiding for a week or two after the arrival of the new moon June 16, which will urge you to enjoy rest and privacy. This particular new moon will be especially helpful for overcoming a habit you know is not good for you. Even the most ingrained repetitive behavior can be overcome, and there are many qualified people you can reach out to now to help you. This new moon will get unusual support from Uranus, the futuristic planet of surprise, so a new technique or innovation may work wonders for you in your quest to delete that habit.

June holds one of the most treasured of all aspects of 2015. Jupiter in fine angle to Uranus, an aspect that takes years to repeat (December 2019 to be specific), will occur on June 22. You have good fortune Jupiter in your house of home, so a dream of having a home, selling one, or making your present home more beautiful is now within reach. Uranus strikes like lightning, so you will need to act quickly and decisively when opportunity shows up suddenly.

Your time to shine, when you will the leader of the pack, able to make decisions that others will be enthusiastic about following, will be thanks to the fact Mars will enter Cancer for the first time in two years, June 24 to August 8. Control is what everyone wants, and you will have it.

In your career, things are going spectacularly well. Watch for thrilling news June 29, when Venus in Leo in your earned income / salary house will receive a lovely beam from Uranus in Aries in your tenth house of fame. Your status will climb, and so will your income suddenly if Venus has anything to say about it (she will - she believes in you!)

Dates to Note for Cancer:

Mercury will continue to be retrograde until June 11.

The full moon of June 2 will bring a work project to fullness. Neptune will be active, so make sure you hand in accurate work. Your health may flag during this time, as this full moon will demand much stamina from you.

Venus in Leo, June 5 until July 18, will help you attract more income if you focus on that a priority.

On June 5 Mars in Gemini will be in perfect angle to Jupiter in Leo (in the money house). It's a great day for seeing more money fly into your mailbox, or for buying something expensive, BUT Mercury will still retrograde in the first week, so for spending, we all have to wait until Mercury has regulated its orbit on June 11.

Mars will tour Cancer June 24 until August 8, the time you will be in the most control over events in your life. Take these weeks seriously for these days will be gloriously positive for you and offer you the right time to launch new projects and relationships. Your success rate will be higher than usual. (Be sure to wait until after June 11 to act, as that is when Mercury will go direct.)

Saturn will move backward into Scorpio June 14 to September 17, and this may bring a temporary separation from your sweetheart through outside conditions beyond your control, as Saturn always isolates. After September 17, life and your relationship will normalize.

Higher ups appear to be watching out for you, to see you stay on the short list of stars-in-the-making. Watch June 22 to show you positive proof that it's a stellar day that will display your growing reputation for excellence. You are likely to have a corresponding rise in income, now, too.

Other runner-up days that are sure to bring good news for your career and especially salary will include June 9 and 10. June 8 should be positive for news of a sudden client or project victory.

Get rest at the new moon June 16, 2015, in Gemini. Your intuition will be high.

Venus will retrograde next month July 25 to September 6, and that will slow down your progress on a home-related matter. If you need to sell property, you may want to take the house off the market during those weeks, as your profit will likely to lessen during this phase. Do not change your looks radically during Venus retrograde either.

June 29 will be superb for the possibility of making more money as a result of actions you take. Best of all, not only will more money come in, but your status will rise too.

A home-related project or plan for an elderly parent may go on the backburner next month when Venus goes retrograde July 25 to September 6. If this is dismaying news, act this month.

Saturn will move backward into Scorpio June 14 to September 17 and may cause a temporary separation between you and your sweetheart because of conditions that cannot be helped.

You will have lots of enviable control over events in your life while Mars tours Cancer June 24 until August 8 for the first time in two years. Plan your most important actions for this period. Mars will make you more attractive, and raise your profile too.

On June 29, you may see again evidence of rising success and rising income - a perfect match - and it all happens unexpectedly, making it all a day you will enjoy thoroughly.

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