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Sagittarius Forecast for June 2015

By Susan Miller

June is a solid month where you can make astounding progress, especially with partners. Uranus will be very active this month, all in a friendly way, so romance should sparkle, and your creativity will reach all-time highs. You will be able to travel, if you like, or wait until early August, when more opportunities, too special to pass up, will come your way.

This month starts with a big full moon in Sagittarius, 12 degrees, on June 2, so something of enormous personal importance will be coming to fruition. Jupiter, your ruler, will be in fine angle to this full moon, within four tiny degrees from his perch in your ninth house of foreign people and places, and that is nearly an exact "hit" that will deliver happiness and luck. My saying that foreign people will be lucky for you now would be an understatement. If you live in a foreign country, all the people you are interacting with now are probably foreign to YOU, so you may be having quite a happy, prosperous time.

Years ago, when I was asked to write for Elle magazine, I was (and still am) very excited. (I asked that my column appear in print only, not have it on Elle.com on the Internet, as digital work would compete with my apps and with Astrology Zone. I do allow Zinio to reproduce the work as a composite in each month's issue.) I had the same aspects you do now when I was first offered the column, and at the time I thought to myself, gee, I should be having exceptional luck with foreign people and places too, just like you do now, dear Sagittarius. I thought, well, no one overseas had contacted me to write for them during that time.

Then I remembered, "Wait! I just started with Elle US, and Elle at the time was owned by a French company!" At the time the US edition was still owned by Hachette Filipacchi Medias, but sold off several editions of Elle and other magazines it owned years later to various companies, with Elle going to Hearst, a US publisher.)

It was not until I realized the company I was working for was French, not American, that I knew my chart WAS working! I tell you this because you may be working with a company in your city, unaware that you really are working for a foreign company. It didn't matter that Hachette sold its US edition of Elle to Hearst a few years later. What matters is WHEN you take the job for the first time, for that is when you "give birth" to the venture. I still write my monthly column for the US Elle print edition each month, and it's great fun. It is a beautiful, chic magazine, the staff is so good to me, and I have a brilliant editor, Seth. Usually if you take a project on during great aspects, the relationship starts happily and stays happy during the entire life of that relationship. It won't always be that way in all circumstances, I suppose, but most of the time it will work out that way. I did for me!

So moving on, I wanted to remind you that Jupiter is your ruling planet, so when I look to see how your month will proceed, I have to take special note of the conversations Jupiter will have with other planets. That tells me how you are feeling and how easily you will get ideas approved and have relationships go smoothly. This month you'll find all green lights on the highway of life. Jupiter will be a busy bee, meeting and greeting other planets in such a friendly way.

If you have been thinking about matters related to immigration, passport, citizenship, visa, or green card, the issue may be solved in the days near the full moon June 2, or at several other points this month, namely, June 5, June 8 (a four-star day), June 10, June 16, or your five-star day, June 22 (more about all the days in a minute).

Uranus, based in your solar fifth house of true love, fun, creativity, and children, is also in an ideal position to the full moon June 2 and will support your love life, as well as your artistic expressions and bring fun to the time you spend with your children. Uranus is the planet of surprise, so this area should bring happy events you don't expect. The position of Uranus to other planets is wonderful news if you are single, as you might meet someone you can get excited about this month.

If you have been trying to summon the stork for a new baby, conception may occur suddenly this month too. If having a pregnancy (for you or your wife) is NOT good news to you, be careful. Jupiter and Uranus assume it's always good news and could bring a pregnancy whether you are ready or not!

There is one planet that will refuse to cooperate in this love fest of the full moon, June 2 (plus or minus four days), and that will be Neptune. Neptune is throwing in the monkey wrench by being in hard, 90-degree angle to the full moon in Sagittarius. This points to a possible obstacle regarding a house / apartment or family matter that you may be trying to solve. If you need to move, or to buy, sell, rent, or fix up your home by hiring a contractor, you may have problems with the terms of the deal.

Neptune is usually a wonderful patron of the arts, a planet that fosters creativity, but when he is in a cranky mood, like he will be in the first week, you may have one of two very different outcomes. You may have terrible problems with water damage (I know I keep begging you to get flood insurance each month in my report to you). Or, it may be that someone who is selling you a piece of property or giving you an estimate is hoping you won't find a problem that they know is embedded in the situation and would be expensive to fix. Hire the best engineer you can find to check out the property. Talk to neighbors and find out the history of the property.

Neptune, in hard angle to another planet, will create foggy conditions, so you may have a contract with clauses that are unclear in the event a problem comes up, one that no one, including the lawyers or courts, on either side, would know how to fix. This would be no time to skip the step of showing all written paperwork to your lawyer before you sign - you need your lawyer's help. Not only is Neptune's presence suggesting that facts and clauses would be misleading, inaccurate, confusing, or completely missing (that, is failing to cover all contingencies), but you must not sign because you are still under the confusing vibrations of Mercury retrograde.

Mercury rules all agreements, whether written or verbal. You cannot sign when Mercury is out of phase, for doing so will not likely bring the results you had hoped to see. You may have to renegotiate the deal later to fix many problems that come up, and that is assuming you would even want to continue the relationship later - you may prefer to just throw in the towel and walk away!

Mercury will work its way back to the same mathematical degree it was when it first went retrograde on May 21, on June 27. That's when Mercury will be in super shape, so if you have the time to wait to plan your actions until month's end, that would be a good idea.

I am waiting for June 27 before I put my name on the wait list to buy my new Apple watch. Never buy an electronic item with Mercury retrograde. I am buying two watches this time, one for my Diana's birthday, so I want to be absolutely sure everything goes right. When Mercury is retrograde, we don't think straight, and often make bad judgment calls. I want to be sure I choose the right model, right wristband, and so forth. Even though there will likely be a wait list, what counts during Mercury retrograde is when you make your first initiation - and that's why I will be happy to go on the wait list at June's end.

If you would like to learn more about Mercury retrograde, go to Astrology Zone's black homepage on astrologyzone.com

Find the link written in white type directly under the Astrology Zone logo to the article I just rewrote with lots of new information for you, "All You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde." You will also have a list of all the Mercury retrograde periods for this year and for years into the future.

You see why you must NOT sign papers in early June, no matter how much pressure you have to do so. Here are dates I love and chose for you to use as your signing date, even though it comes a little earlier than June 27 - it is June 22. Here's what's going on that day.

The five-star day you will enjoy will come June 22, when your ruler, Jupiter, will be in direct friendly conversation with Uranus, a VERY rare aspect of harmony.

This day will bring outstanding luck from foreign people and places, anything having to do with your pursuit of an advanced college degree, matters related to international relationships, citizenship, publishing and broadcasting ventures, and legal matters, whether to initiate a case, or file for a patent or trademark. Circle this day, and think of ways you can use it to unlock its luck.

Now let's turn to what Saturn has been doing in another part of your chart. Saturn first entered Sagittarius on December 23, 2014 and ever since has been adding weight and responsibilities to your shoulders. Now Saturn will give you a respite. Saturn will now slip back into Scorpio for a short, thirteen-week sojourn, June 14 to September 17.

Once Saturn comes back to Sagittarius on September 17, this planet will remain with you until December 2017, a little over two years. Saturn only comes by rarely - your last tutoring session from this planet was November 1985 to November 1988. You may not have been born yet, or if you were, you may have been too young to remember anything that happened. If you can remember what happened during those years, you may be able to pick up a clue of the theme you will work on now. The second visit of Saturn is usually considerably easier, as you will have already learned so much the first time Saturn came around.

Saturn uses "tough love" in its method he uses to teach life lessons, but the reason he is such a drill sergeant is that he does not have time to come back to visit you for a refresher course any time soon, not until 2044. The lessons you learn now through 2017 will have to stay with you for almost three decades.

Use the coming weeks to relax and reflect on the experiences you've had this year so far, especially in terms of the new ventures and responsibilities you've taken on, and see if they are all progressing nicely. You are now working toward giving your life comforting stability, and you may not know it yet, but you are setting the tone for many years from now.

Partnerships will be very important to you this month too, especially starting at the new moon, June 16 (plus ten days), for your seventh house of collaboration has a group of happy planets, including the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Mars, acting like little fairy godmothers to bring you together happily in a serious commitment. Marriage is included in this house, so you may get engaged or married this month, just after this new moon arrives. You may alternatively sign a business partner, or hire an expert, such as a lawyer, publicist, or agent, to work closely with you.

In a year that has not always given us the sweetest new moons, this one is a peach, for it again summons Jupiter and Uranus to help out. Uranus' involvement might suggest a surprise development (a marriage proposal that was not planned and comes out of thin air maybe?) Because Uranus is so friendly, barring something I cannot see in your chart from where I sit, you would find this month's surprises to be positive, happy ones.

Mars is still in Gemini, a trend that started in May, so you have been thinking about making a romantic or business relationship official soon. Your timing is right, so proceed after Mercury goes direct June 11, and if the union is a business alliance where profit is the motive and you also need a high level of creativity in the association, sign on Monday, June 22, or better yet, Monday, June 29.

Mars will soon move into Cancer on June 24 and remain until August 8, and put a spotlight on your finances. You may be finishing your taxes if you filed for an extension, and even if you aren't required to send in your return until October (this is true of the US, but not sure about your country), you'd make exceptional progress in June and July and be able to finish off your taxes early. You will feel relieved to have that obligation off your desk.

The month ends on a wonderful note. Over the weekend of June 27-28, Venus and Uranus will be staring into each other's eyes and flirting up a storm, making it an ideal time to be away on a long trip. Romance will be in the air!

Peeking ahead, on July 1, Venus will make her annual conjunction to Jupiter, this time in Leo, making that time highly romantic - time to kidnap your partner and fly to a distant sunny isle. (Leo rules the Sun.) This also will be a full moon in your financial sector, so you may be spending money, receiving money, or appropriating money, but money won't rule you at this time. Love and fun will be the centerpiece of your thinking, so enjoy it!

I had promised you to tell you about some of the outstanding days of June, so before I go I will include them here. Although the new moon will give a serious push to all talks about an impending marriage or business partnership or collaboration, you can make progress on these days leading to the new moon.

Mars, as said, will be in your marriage / serious commitment / partnership seventh house for the first three weeks of June, putting plenty of emphasis there.

Watch June 5, a great day to have talks with your present or intended partner - you both would be on the same page, and it will be easy to find accord. On the same day, June 5, Venus will move into fellow fire-sign Leo, making it fun to travel together, either near or far.

June 8 would be a dazzling day to talk to an authority figure about just about anything. Jupiter will be in beautiful angle to the Sun, and you will be favored above others. This will be one of your lucky days for dealing with a VIP at work, for travel, or making progress on any citizenship / immigration question, for sure.

A sexy, fun day will be June 9, falling on a Tuesday, thanks to Mars in sync with Uranus.

Your romantic outlook for June 10 sizzles, when Uranus and the Sun will be in talks on your behalf, and set off pretty fireworks in your love sector. Your creative efforts will shine too and if you find yourself in a team situation, working in concert with others, things will go as smooth as silk. In fact, you may wonder if you fell in a parallel universe where every day is sunny and bright and people around you hum happily as they work in unison. Gosh, if would be great if life could always be that way. (Well, it will be during June 5 to 11!)

Mercury goes direct June 11, and soon after that, your seventh house of commitment will light up brilliantly on June 16. Later, June 22 and June 27-29 sparkle. You see, you have quite a wonderful string of days coming up - use them to your full advantage!


The full moon in Sagittarius, June 2, will give you the impetus to review the past five months, to examine your moves, and what you've learned so far. Saturn is moving out of Sagittarius now, but only for thirteen weeks. This will take some of the heavy day-to-day responsibilities off your shoulders for a while and allow you to take a breather. You can think about what decisions you made over the past five months and decide how things are progressing. You can tweak things now if you like, for you will be given a chance to see the big picture.

As you move forward after September 17, when Saturn will settle back in your sign for an uninterrupted two years, you will be able to make even better use of Saturn. June 2 brings a full moon in Sagittarius, so something of great importance to you is now coming to a culmination. Keep your health strong, as you will be very busy. Neptune will be manufacturing fog, and Mercury is still retrograde, so don't make any hard and fast decisions yet. You may not be seeing things entirely clearly, but will as you move away from the full moon.

Neptune will retrograde starting this month, from June 12 to November 15. During that time you may change your mind about a method you chose to solve a housing or family matter. You may have had a strategy that you now feel will miss the mark. Don't be blue, for with time to think about how things have been going, you may make adjustments and improvements. You may now come up with a new plan that you can implement at the end of August 2015, but possibly even more successfully at the solar eclipse March 8, 2016. Those dates will get you where you want your home and family situation to be.

Your main focus will be on a serious, committed partnership in June, as many of the planets are found on the western part of your chart. Show you have a cooperative spirit, and don't dismiss your partner's concerns - and your relationship (personal or business in nature) will go swimmingly well. Mars will move into your financial sector on June 24 to August 8, so part of the talks you have with your partner now may be about how to structure or appropriate funds that you will divide between you and your partner, and it is a good time to settle those questions.

Mercury is still retrograde, a holdover from last month, but will go direct June 11. Mercury in a backward slide will also encourage you to look back, especially at a partnership you may have formed long ago, or just recently. You seem to be embarking on a new chapter with a personal or business relationship, which is clearly going to represent a serious commitment on both sides. Think about how to make your union the best it can be, for the new moon, June 16 and the two weeks that follow it, will give you the ideal time to shape your future together.

Romantically, June will be very strong. Venus will enter fellow fire sign Leo on June 5 until July 18, a lovely place for fire-sign Sagittarius to host Venus. You may travel with your sweetheart or spouse, or find fun activities in your city to bond closer with each other. Circle June 8, 9, and 10 to all be banner days for romance, and the best day of all for you, June 22, when your ruler, Jupiter will receive a golden beam from Uranus, planet of surprise and spontaneity. A runner up date ends the month, June 29, also golden, when Venus and Uranus trade signals. This month will be chock full of electric heart-thumping aspects, so you are likely to be walking on air most of June.

Dates to Note for Sagittarius:

Mercury will continue to retrograde until June 11.

Something of enormous importance will come to culmination on the full moon in Sagittarius, June 2. Neptune will be prominent, so news may be confusing or misleading. Do not come to any final conclusions. Jupiter will be helpful, so you may travel at this full moon, quite far.

Venus will move into fellow fire-sign Leo from June 5 until July 18. Your allure will expand, and it is a good time to socialize.

Love will be bright and beautiful June 8, 9, 10.

Neptune will begin to retrograde on June 12 to November 18, so plans for a residential change, sale, or fix up may be adjusted.

Business will be great, so the money you need to fix up your home, or to help a family, will be there for you June 8, June 9, and June 10.

Saturn will move out of Sagittarius, a place this taskmaster planet has been since late December 2014, giving you a rest from the heavy responsibility you've been carrying ever since. Once Saturn returns, he will remain in Sagittarius until December 2017. You are about to enter the most important period of your life to build something of vital importance.

The new moon June 16 will open a new day for forming a new committed relationship in love or business. Uranus will be friendly, so the union may form quicker than you anticipate. This relationship feels right. Proceed.

You will love the gem of an aspect coming June 22, when your ruling planet, Jupiter, will receive sparkling energy from surprise-a-minute Uranus. Love should be bright and beautiful, not only on June 22, but also June 20-21.

The following week, June 29, Venus and Uranus will be beautifully playful. Again, you will feel this aspect earlier, also over a weekend June 27-28. Yay!

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