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Taurus (April 20- May 20)

Your October Horoscope by Susan Miller

Taurus Horoscope for October 2014

By Susan Miller

In the coming month, you have full permission from the universe to unwind, relax, and take a deep breath. Projects and meetings will be delayed, so you might as well give in to the slower pace. Mercury, the planet of communication, perception, negotiation, commerce (buying and selling of things), and all electronics will be retrograde from October 4 to 26. By the time you are reading this, it is already too late to rush to buy an electronic item (wait until mid-November for best results) or to sign a contract. You have been sensing the delays since late September.

Mercury will start out being retrograde in Scorpio, and that means your communication with your significant other or a business associate could be especially confusing. It would be easy to jump to the wrong conclusion, so take your time to reflect on answers, actions, and attitude you see. If you decide to talk over a sticky question with a significant other, you may misread the situation. Go the extra mile to make sure you have understood things properly.

By October 11, Mercury will continue to slide backward into Libra, entering your workaday sector. A client may ask you to redo a project when this person changes his mind on a certain direction he had requested, but now feels would not be the right course to take. At home, your babysitter, housekeeper, nanny, gardener, or other professional you hire may announce his or her departure, forcing you to find a replacement. The same sector rules health, so your doctor may need to redo tests if something seems off and not adding up to the answer he expected.

Things will be in flux, so don't accept a new position (end of January and February 2015 will be your time to shine professionally). Don't buy any new electronic item now (that includes appliances and a car) until Mercury goes direct and regulates its orbit. Wait until November. All sorts of delays will take place in your personal and professional life in October, and you might as well take them all with a shrug and a smile. Mercury retrograde is the one aspect that affects all of us, of every sign, fairly uniformly.

Your schedule will change for another reason - two eclipses are due. The first, October 8, in Aries 15 degrees, is a total eclipse of a full moon. On the news you will hear that moon referred to as a blood moon, but don't let the title scare you. If you are curious about why people call this full moon eclipse blood moon, it is due to its red color, something to see. Wikipedia has information on blood moons, so you may want to look up the meaning, which reaches back to the time of the Bible. It is said that not only Jewish culture wrote about blood moons, but St. Paul also wrote about them. There will be two more in 2015: April 4 and September 28, adding to four, including the one that occurred April 15, 2014.

The October 8 eclipse may bring a surprise revelation about something you did not know anything about but that might affect you, or affect someone close to you. Your eclipse will fall in the twelfth house of secrets, and when news comes out, it is likely to shock you, as Uranus will be conjunct that moon. It will be something you would have never anticipated. Clearly, what you hear will not be something you can easily ignore. Uranus rules your career, so something may come up there, as another possibility. The twelfth house rules secret enemies - people who remain hidden, so you don't see their identity - so someone in your office may have plotted to take credit for your work, or in other ways is trying to make you look bad. However, secrets come out now, so you are likely to hear about it and make moves to protect yourself. There will be other possible manifestations.

The twelfth house rules not only secrets and actions of hidden enemies, but also is a place of healing and rejuvenation. It is especially linked to the subconscious mind. If you have been trying to kick a bad habit, or would like to enter rehab, this would be the moment to do so. The same advice would apply if you had something important to talk over with a therapist - do it now. The eclipse will make it clear you should not go on any longer without seeking help for that matter or a habit that is bad for you. In this the way the October 8 eclipse would assert itself, you would be ready to do whatever it takes to end that dependence on a substance, whether drugs or sugar - you name it. You don't have to do this alone, as there will be someone near you can approach to help you toward success.

Although this eclipse will initially rock your world in a jittery way, I feel in a few days, when the dust clears, you will understand that the eclipse worked in your favor. Mars will be friendly to this eclipse from his perch in your eighth house of credit, taxes, bank loans, lines of credit, mortgage, credit cards, scholarship, university financial aid, insurance payouts, and such funds. This suggests you may be getting ready to make a large purchase, such as a house or a car, soon.

Mars will join hands with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, now in your fourth house of home, so, clearly home, other property, and family are where your greatest luck will lie. This sector covers your home and all the people you associate with your home (such as decorators, landlord, contractor, architect, and others, as well as interests and help from your mother or father), so one of these individuals will be lucky for you.

The fourth house (where all your planetary action will be based now) also rules the physical look for your home and how you feel while you are there. Somehow, money and home-related matters will go hand in hand and make you very happy. If you have been concerned over the wellbeing of one of your parents, you can find a solution in October.

Certainly by October 9 or 10 (very fortune days) you will know what I am talking about - all good news in the area of home, property, and family will likely come by then. On October 9, Mars will receive a signal from Jupiter, the good fortune planet. On October 10, the mighty Sun, giver of strength and life, will have a conversation with Jupiter on your behalf too, and the benefit will be beamed to your home sector. Your family is clearly behind you and will do all it can to make sure you are happy. If you need a loan or outright gift of cash, say, for a down payment on a condo, for example, your mother or father will likely provide it, or your luck may stem from another individual you think of as a parent.

More good news about home-related matters will come up when your ruler, Venus, will receive a glittering beam from good fortune Jupiter on October 13 and 14 (you can give an extra day on either side of these dates). These dates are so special you can use them for any other purpose too, not just home-and-property matters, simply because your ruler, Venus, will be working hard to protect you with Jupiter as her partner. Circle those dates in red!

On or very near October 15, you can bring in new business if you are self-employed, or work on a project that will yield a handsome fee. You will be in total sync with a powerful authority figure, so schedule an important meeting for the days October 14, 15, or 16 (I added the latter day if you live in Asia or Australia).

The solar eclipse in Scorpio, 0 degrees, will arrive on October 23. This will be the most friendly eclipse of the year and could bring you the impetus to form an important business partnership or in the romantic sense, to get engaged. Solar eclipses open new paths, so if you have been thinking about making your alliance official, this eclipse will show you why you should do so soon. Eclipses are famous for moving up timetables. I am optimistic about this eclipse because Jupiter will be so lovingly angled to that new moon eclipse, suggesting if you are to marry, you can find a beautiful apartment or house that it appears you will be able to afford. Neptune will be nicely positioned too, indicating that you will feel inspired by this union, and if it is being done for business (say, if you are choosing an agent), your creativity will glow brighter, having formed this association. Venus will move into your partnership sector on the same day as the eclipse, suggesting that your relationship will likely go as smooth as silk from October 23 to November 16. Jupiter will send his greetings, as will Neptune, planet of inspiration. This eclipse is definitely one that will allow you to come together with another in a serious commitment, in any way you like.

Mercury will go direct October 25 - so leave some space between that day and the days that come after. The "bookend dates" of Mercury retrograde are always when Mercury acts in his wildest and most frustrating ways.

Mars will be on the move into a new sign too, entering Capricorn (an earth sign like yours) in your ninth house of big sky, big horizons. You can now plan an overseas trip, or make solid plans to return to college for an advanced degree. Publishing and broadcasting projects shine, and legal matters will get a big push forward. If you have been trying to untangle an immigration matter, Mars will help you. Mars will bring lots of energy into that house from October 25 to December 4. This is good news, as Capricorn is such a great sign that blends well with yours.

Before I go, your best romantic dates will be October 18, 19, and 20. Mars and his lover Venus will be in ideal sync, and even more exciting, Mercury, ruler of your house of true love, new love, will be speaking to Jupiter on your behalf. Single Taurus, write these dates on your calendar to circulate, and attached Taurus should have fun too. October 27 and 28 may be very romantic too, due to Venus and Neptune in conversation, and the Sun in perfect sync with Neptune.


As a Taurus, your motto is don't fix or try to improve things if they aren't broken. A fixed sign, you are suspicious of change, so naturally you like to keep things "as is" until you see irrefutable truth that a relationship or situation needs your intervention. The problem is, we can't always know when things are shifting under the surface, and it is the job of an eclipse to spotlight those tremors so that we can shore up conditions before they spin out of control.

This month, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in Aries, October 8, that will send shock waves to just about everyone but only at the onset, so don't freak out. For you, the eclipse may draw your attention to political maneuvering behind the scenes at your work place, or may bring a secret to the surface that a person close to you has tried to keep from you. Although it may not be easy to trace the onset of this situation, if you look closely, you will see that it may go back the discussion that arose near the eclipse of April 15 of this year, or possibly farther back to an earlier eclipse, October 18, 2013. Eclipses work together like a unit, like pearls on a necklace, each one advancing a conversation to a new level on a single topic, and chosen by the eclipse.

This month, you may see a trusted co-worker or subordinate leave - most likely a woman - and if this should occur, you would feel the loss of this person's superb work on the team and her continual cheerfulness. This may happen at the office, or at home, when your nanny leaves. Work assignments may change or require a change of direction from the client too. At home someone close may need medical attention, so you may need time to confer with doctors or to visit your beloved relative who may be under the weather.

The month's second eclipse, a new moon solar eclipse, will fall in Scorpio, your opposite sign, signaling a new day is dawning in a relationship vitally important to you. A new moon opens a door, so you may decide to make a business or romantic alliance official now, and if so, it would occur much sooner than you had anticipated. That's the exciting part of an eclipse - it demands a fairly quick, fast response, so if you are ready, it may be a matter of simply moving up your timetable. Be careful, however, in that Mercury will be retrograde October 4 to 26, as it would be best to seal the relationship in November.

Dates to Note: TAURUS

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: 1, 4-5, 6, 9, 10, 13-14, 15, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 28, and 29.

The weekend of October 4-5 may bring sweet surprises, possibly in the financial realm, thanks to Mars in great angle to Uranus.

Mercury will be retrograde in Scorpio / Libra from October 4 to 26. All communication and commerce will hit snags.

The full moon total eclipse of the moon will be October 8 and light your work and health areas of your chart. Your work life may bring major shifts. Protect your mind, body, and spirit and seek help if necessary.

The Sun in perfect angle to Jupiter on October 10 is an aspect that is always cause for celebration. Meet with a VIP.

Venus rules your sign, so when Jupiter will contact Venus over October 13-14, and when Mars and Venus will dance across the sky, over the weekend of October 18 to Monday, October 20, you should feel fortunate. These are happy days for you, especially for all things oriented about home, real estate, and family. Also for meeting a new love interest or just to have fun with your one-and-only.

The solar eclipse of October 23 may bring growth in an existing relationship or allow you to make a new relationship more important to you, through commitment.

Mars moves through Capricorn, a highly compatible sign for you, from October 25 to December 5. You may take at least one long distance trip at this time.

A romantic evening may be quite glamorous on October 20 and 28, thanks to Neptune's contact of Venus and the Sun, respectively.

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