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Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

Your December Horoscope by Susan Miller

Aquarius Forecast for December 2014

By Susan Miller

This month will be very exciting for you! Your ruling planet Uranus will be a virtual chatty Cathy, meeting here and there and everywhere with a number of other planets and stirring up surprises, opportunities, and breakthroughs. This month's spotlight on Uranus instantly revealed to me how very busy you will be in the first three weeks of December. Uranus will be jetting around the solar system's cocktail party. Uranus has been languishing in retrograde since July 21, but will awaken now on December 21. This means that if you felt a bit stuck over the past five months, you will see life's projects and goals suddenly show movement and progress. When your ruler goes direct, that's news! Better days are ahead, for months!

At the same time, Mars will do his part, by moving into the constellation of Aquarius on December 4 to stay until January 12. Mars will infuse you with energy, courage, determination, and drive, allowing you to give new ventures and relationships a great big push forward. You've not had Mars' direct assistance like this for two years, since Mars last entered Aquarius in December 2012. Everyone wants Mars in their sign, for it makes you the leader and conductor of the band, so for all of December, what you say goes! If life could always be this way!

If you had planned to launch something next month, see if you can announce it this month while you have Mars on your side. There's another reason to move up your timetable - Mercury, the planet of commerce and communication, will go retrograde from January 21 to February 11. We always feel the impending slowdown of Mercury two weeks before it turns retrograde (that would be two weeks prior to January 21), so you will have a slow month coming up. For so many reasons, on so many levels, this is your magical month - don't put things off for next month.

Let me first tell you the most earthshattering news to set your spirits soaring - Saturn will move out of Scorpio on December 23 after having toured that sign for more than two years, since October 2012. Taskmaster Saturn has been settled in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement, affecting your career status and reputation. You were challenged in every way possible in the workplace, and your leadership, work methods, and skills examined to the tiniest detail, over and over. Chances are, you took on a new position that required you learn to measure up to new standards and to conform to an entirely new set of procedures.

You may have had to get used to having a VIP who was assigned to watch over you - some would call him Inspector 12. He was helpful, but also a little annoying. At the start, you were glad to have someone interested in your progress to answer your questions. This person's job was to bring out the best in you, but had an odd way of showing it. His criticism could be, at times, biting. After a while, you mastered all that you were expected to do and didn't need him hovering, but hover he did. You may have wondered if you would ever get out from out from under this person's microscope. That all changes now when Saturn moves into Sagittarius on December 23 this month.

When you have Saturn on one of the angles of the chart (first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house), such as you did for more than two years while Saturn remained in your the tenth house, the planet touring that house gains double the strength and power. The horoscope mimics the compass, and the houses I listed are akin to North, South, East, and West. That means Saturn has been acting a bit like a wild stallion, exerting even more influence than he would in other houses. Having a very strong Saturn, the planet of discipline, can be (and likely was) very challenging. Saturn is a taskmaster because he teaches that the accomplishments that we value most are ultimately the ones we worked hardest to win. Saturn says nothing of true value is given away for free - you need to work for those victories!

Saturn will retrograde back to your tenth house from June 14 to September 17, but those thirteen weeks will go by so quickly, I doubt you will feel any new challenges. If your birthday falls February 17-18, plus or minus four days, you will feel temporary career tension, and it will not be not your best time for professional advancement. If you do want to make a move, do so in May, or in November, not mid-year. This does not apply to you if you are born in January or before February 13, for you are done. This would only apply if you are on the tail end of the sign.

Once Saturn leaves, Saturn will not be back to Scorpio until 2041. You will be done!

Because it takes 28.5 years for Saturn to revolve around the Sun, we only get two or possibly three visits of Saturn to any particular house of the horoscope in our lifetime. That's why Saturn's teaching methods are so tough - he needs you to remember all the wisdom you gained while he tutored you, as your career lessons need to stay with you for decades. No matter - you are just about done, dear Aquarius. Think about where you were before October 2012, and congratulate yourself on how far you have come. Saturn never rewards during his training period, but will leave a gift by the door after he is gone. You will know when you see it - it will not be something you have to wonder, "Is this my reward?" You will know.

Now let's look at December in more detail.

You will love December 4, when Uranus, your ruler and planet of surprise, invention, and experimentation, will send a shimmering beam to the Sun. Uranus will be in your third house of travel, and the Sun will be in your eleventh house of friendship, so it's likely you will hear from, or see, a good friend, quite out of the blue.

On the same day, December 4, you will have Venus in Sagittarius, also in your house of friendship, and Venus will receive a message from good fortune Jupiter, underscoring what a very happy day this will be for you. If you want to travel over a long weekend, perhaps to a paradise of an island, or white powdery slopes to ski, do it from December 4 to 6, or longer!

A point of information: Venus in Sagittarius will be a sweet period for love and fun, December 1-9. As said earlier, Mars will tour Aquarius this month, and Mars in one's sign always will work to make you more attractive and alluring. You will be in the spotlight, and although some of you will feel a little shy about being "out there," this is how you will get noticed, and ultimately how you will meet a new romantic interest if single.

If you are attached, your partner will begin to pay more attention to you - always a good thing! You can get your one-and-only into the spirit of the holiday season, and he or she may look at you with fresh eyes. (All month you still have good fortune Jupiter in the seventh house of marriage. You will continue to host Jupiter there until August 11, a once-in-twelve-year advantage when it comes to making a commitment in love. Many Aquarians will get engaged or wed at holiday time!

Cash flow has concerned you occasionally, but on December 5, Mercury will receive a lovely vibration from Jupiter in Leo, a very strong and generous aspect. Mercury rules your eighth house of bonuses and commissions, and also covers all sorts of one-time sums of money that come to you outside of salary. This could be a banner day for receiving a generous payment. If you can sign a contract December 4 or 5, you would be doing so on ideal days.

Romance and love will be fantastic over the full moon, December 6 in Gemini at 14 degrees. This is so exciting! If you get invited to a party over this weekend, absolutely go! If you are single, you may meet someone when you least expect it! I say that because Uranus, your ruler, will again work to delight you by sending a beautiful beam to the full moon, bringing unexpected developments out of the blue. You may be going to a party, or be having a gorgeous dinner in a fine restaurant, all decorated with holiday cheer and tiny twinkling lights. All full moons have a plus or minus four days of influence, so keep that in mind!

If your birthday falls on February 2, plus or minus four days, or you have Aquarius rising at 14 degrees (give a tolerance of plus or minus five degrees), you will benefit the most from this tender full moon. This could mark one of the most romantic periods of the year for you!

By the time of the new moon, December 21, you may want to retreat into a more private lifestyle. Five heavenly bodies - the Sun and new moon in Capricorn 0 degrees, Pluto, Venus, and Mercury, which is half the solar system - will be crowded into one tiny house, your twelfth house of privacy and rest. It's clear you need to retreat from the maddening crowds, so during last ten days of December, slow down. For New Year's Eve, opt for an intimate celebration with your sweetheart or spouse.


Ever since Saturn entered Scorpio in October 2012, you've had your mettle tested on the job. Saturn is the taskmaster planet that requires all-or-nothing devotion, so that past two years have been strenuous. You had to prove you were a visionary, and all the while show you had the authority and seasoning to lead the troops. The area you went into was new to you, so you had to stretch to meet new standards. You did all that and more, so when Saturn leaves Scorpio this month, you will be able to sigh with relief.

Saturn will retrograde back to Scorpio June 14, 2015, to September 17, 2015, but after those thirteen weeks are over this coming summer, you will be done with Saturn's vigorous training. Because Saturn never brings reward while his is tutoring you, but only after Saturn moves on, you may get your reward in end of April 2015, but it might wait until mid-November 2015. You're entering a watershed moment. Now you can enjoy the hard work you've already put in, and feel proud of all you've accomplished. You will have much less pressure on you in coming weeks and months, and if you have had a critical boss hovering over you, you will see that person retract - you've proven yourself.

There is another sign in your horoscope that you are beginning a new chapter. Mars, the energy planet, will enter Aquarius, giving you presence and control over events, from December 4 to January 12. This is a critically important phase, and to make it work for you effectively, you need to envision what you most want to happen next and then start to take steps to make that happen.

Uranus, your ruler, will be in a happy-go-lucky mood, giving you surprise opportunities to travel. Watch these stellar days: December 4, when the Sun and Uranus will be beautifully angled and an unexpected trip or message will come to you. Next, also watch December 5, when Mercury will combine forces with Uranus - you may be given a nice some of money.

The full moon of December 6 in Gemini will delight you. Lighting your house of romance, you should find this day one of the most tender of the year. Both Uranus and Jupiter will act like little helpful relatives who want to see you happy. If you are single and not dating, this full moon will be so strong, you have an unexpected chance of meeting someone new. If you are attached, you can have more time together, just like when you first met. At the same time, the Sun (where you will shine); Venus, where love will bloom; and Mercury, planet of travel and speech, will all be in your house of people / events / friends and fun. The first nine days of the month will be your best for attending friends' gatherings, for Venus will be in fire sign Sagittarius, which goes so well with your air sign element. This year, the holidays will just be made for you, dear Aquarius.

The last ten days of the month, with the new moon in Capricorn 0 degrees, you will want to retreat into peaceful privacy. The month will be an exciting one, and when you get closer to holiday time, this year, you won't want to keep up with a busy social scene. Design a New Year's Eve evening that is jewel-like in its elegance, and highly romantic. If you have no one, spend the evening at dinner with a few good friends. You have so much to celebrate - you've proven the stuff you are made of in 2014 - strong, resilient, future thinking, and wise - so for now, pat yourself on the back and mark the moment. Next year promises to be less pressure-filled, and thank goodness for that!

Dates to note: AQUARIUS

Most important dates for love, meetings, or actions: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 10, 11, 12-14, 16, 20, 23, 28, and 29.

On December 4, the Sun and Uranus will ensure you will be at your very best. All sorts of happy surprises will occur. It's a great day to meet with a VIP. On the same day, Venus and Jupiter will be in conversation. If you want to take a long weekend vacation with someone special (or with friends), circle December 4 to 7 for a fantastic time.

Also on December 4, Mars will move into Aquarius, to stay until January 12, 2015. Mars will give you courage, energy, and control. You can use your extra energy in just about any area of your life, confident you are the person standing at the head of the parade. All that you want to be done will be done. Mars will also make you more charismatic and raise your profile.

The full moon in Gemini on December 6 will bring romance to an all-time high plus or minus four days from this date. It will be a memorable time in 2014, for tender love will fill the air.

On December 21, there is a new moon in Capricorn that might reveal latent talents in you. It?s also a time to enjoy rest, peace, and intimate, private time with the one you love.

Also on December 21, your ruler, Uranus will help quicken your thinking and decision making process, if might have been sluggish before.

On December 20, when Mars and Uranus are in sync, you may travel spontaneously and have a joyous time.

Do not travel over December 24, or you will likely encounter delays and unpredictable circumstances. Allow more time for travel, and don't cut things too close.

Saturn will leave Scorpio on December 23, releasing you from the career pressure you faced since October 2012. Saturn will briefly return in retrograde, June 14 to September 17, 2015. After that, you will not see Saturn in your tenth house of career success until 2041.

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