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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

Your January Horoscope by Susan Miller

Sagittarius Forecast for January 2015

By Susan Miller

You are starting to take on more responsibility on an endeavor very close to your heart, and that also means you will soon be given more respect and gain in power. You have embarked on an important commitment that will become one of your life's pillars that will remain a sturdy constant in your life, for you have Saturn in Sagittarius, and what you gain with Saturn stays with you. All the hard work you are now about to pour into one choice area of your life will become a jewel in your crown. If you missed last month's forecast, do have a look at it, as I spent quite a bit of time writing about Saturn's role in your chart - you may find it interesting, for Saturn will be with you until December 2017.

This month, you will need to put your finances in order. You may be working on gathering receipts, entering your expenses into your computer with your bookkeeper, and doing the detail work necessary before you see your accountant for upcoming tax season. Or, you may be paying off bills to start the year with a clean slate.

There is a little problem in that January starts off with a particularly difficult emotional full moon in Cancer, 14 degrees, January 4, to fall in your house of loans, taxes, mortgage, insurance payouts, credit cards, divorce settlements, court case awards, and so forth. One of these areas will concern you, and you seem to be feeling tight cash flow. Although money may be tight now, you should see good money come in this year, so think of this as temporary. Once Pluto and Uranus stop disputing in mid-March (after more than two years of acting like the warring families of the Civil War-era families in Kentucky-West Virginia, the Hatfield's and the McCoy's), life will simmer down, especially financially. It will take time for these two planets to orbit out of range from one another, which will take us to September or October, but the point is, a change is on the horizon, and each month should bring added relief.

You are in the process of setting up a whole new structure to your life, and you are now engaged with creating the foundation. As they say, the deeper the foundation you create, the taller the building can be. All your instincts are right, so go with them, and don't second-guess yourself by asking friends and family for their advice. At times you may wonder if you have bitten off more than you can chew, but again, you are entering a new era with Saturn newly minted in your sign of Sagittarius - an occasional feeling of being overwhelmed often comes with the territory.

It is true that financial news will concern you, and you may have to come up with a contingency plan when you find you don't have enough cash in your bank account. This full moon will be a bad little full moon. Uranus, the planet of unanticipated events, will be at odds with that moon, and you won't see the jarring news coming. Pluto will also be edgy and obstinate, and because Pluto is in your earned income sector, you may have problems getting money from a person who owes it to you. If you have lines of credit set up at the bank, you may have to dip into it, but don't use normal credit cards if you can help it, for the financial rates are generally too high. Talk to your banker for advice. Alternatively it could be that you owe someone, or the government for taxes, but whomever will be in touch with you will be very insistent that you send a check, as seen by the position of Pluto. There is a solution for every problem, so keep thinking.

I remember when I was an agent for commercial photographers, I would get a huge six-figure check to pay for the job we had done after I billed for it (including all the expenses). Month after month, I would be at the bank, begging the branch manager to clear it really fast. I needed to pay a large crew, and in time, she began to understand my commercial photography business. (This was before I started my website.) The manager suggested I get a generous line of credit, which had never occurred to me. I liked the idea of writing a check to myself against my credit line, rather than have "bounce-free" checking, which was not as deliberate a way to go, and far less disciplined in an approach to manage funds. When I wrote a check to myself, I knew it, and I also knew the amount I had to pay back when the big check cleared.

This sweet bank manager approved my line of credit, and to this day I am happy that she created cushion there for me as a contingency plan when companies don't send me the check they had promised on time. Fortunately, checks don't take forever to clear anymore like they did ten years ago, and that reduced a lot of stress too. A check in high six figures used to take eight business days or more to clear in a big national bank.

This month, as a precaution, check your statements for accuracy. Make sure you are not being subjected to identity theft. Also, if you share a bank account with your spouse, promise to tell one another if you write a large check from that account so that you don't go into the red. If you run a business, someone who owes you a large sum may declare bankruptcy and tell you that you will never get paid - that's a horrible manifestation of this type of full moon. I hope this is not what happens for you, dear Sagittarius.

One day when you will be able to untangle a thorny financial situation will be January 23, when Saturn, the ruler of your house of money, will be in perfect angle to the Sun. Reason will prevail, and emotions will be out of the equation. It's a solidly good day when you can count on the promise that the other person will (hopefully) make to you. It is one of your best days for monetary talks, negotiations, and future planning.

In terms of your career, you have a great day for news - January 14 - when Uranus will contact Mercury. Expect the unexpected! January 27 will be special too, but by the second half, Mercury will be retrograde, so January 14 will be the stronger, better day.

Thank goodness you will have plenty of chances to travel this month to close-by cities, towns, villages, or, if you like, into the rural open countryside throughout the month. There is a very strong influence for travel coming in, so take advantage of that, for it will be a great stress-reducer. It is clear that the reason for your quick jaunts will be for romance and fun, not for work. If you worked through the holiday (many Sagittarians did), then you may be in line for a week off. The week you may want to consider for your free time getaway will be January 10 to January 17. I love January 13, when your mind will be hungry for new ideas, new scenes, new people, and affectionate love. If you absolutely have to stay home, you will relish a creative project that has begun recently - you will be dying to get your teeth into it.

Your third house will energize your communication / contract / travel house by Mars until January 12, and later, the happy and helpful new moon, January 20, shows quite a bit of activity. You will be very involved with learning to get your message across in a brand new and very creative way. You may be writing a book or screenplay, a new marketing plan, an advertising or publicity campaign, code for a new app, a novel you hope will be a blockbuster, or a series of videos that will run on the Internet. Sagittarius is known to be the great storyteller, the sign that can capture the attention of the reader and keep the reader completely engrossed throughout the book. No one can hold a candle to Sagittarius when it comes to writing blockbusters. You have something to say, and you do it in the most interesting ways. This should give you confidence that you can write that best seller - do it!

If you have to cut a deal or work on a contract, you will find it smooth sailing the week I had pointed out as excellent for a trip, January 10-17. If you have to stay home and work on this, see the client and work out an accord on January 13, when Venus and Uranus will be at harmonious angles. The following day, January 14, your mind will be moving very fast, and the creative connections you make, due to the collaboration of Mercury in fine angle to Uranus, will be remarkable. You will be a virtual idea machine.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 to February 11 in your third house of communication. If you are to sign a contact, make a big effort to slow things down by sending the contract to your lawyer and let her have as much time as she wants to go through it. It is never wise to sign any papers when Mercury is out of phase. You may also have a gift card to Apple or a big box store that is burning a hole in your pocket - you can't wait to go get something exciting! - but it is not wise to get any product with moving parts, including an electronic, appliance, car, or expensive product, such as furniture. Our judgment is off during retrograde periods, and later you may wonder why you purchased what you chose. You can buy low cost items if they have no moving parts, but keep the receipt!

As a rule, I don't have problems with travel during Mercury retrograde, but you may want to take extra steps to ascertain a happy trip. Be sure you packed all the things you need, have marked your luggage well, have your photo ID with you (and not in the pocket of your coat, and that you also have a proper address of your ultimate destination. You might also want to check your room reservations.

Once I experienced a mix-up in Washington, DC, which is always booked solid, and there were no rooms to be found. We had made our reservation and had the confirmation number, but the hotel tried to find a room for us, admitting their mistake, to no avail. To make matters worse, my friend locked the car keys inside the car, and we spent most of the night getting a locksmith to break into the car to get them! Mercury was retrograde, of course. That was a disastrous long weekend. We were offered a horrible room in this classy hotel, but it was on a floor directly over a noisy, huge, humming machine that allowed for no sleep - the reason the room was available in the first place. The hotel warned us about this, but we felt that any room was better than no room. (We feel we should have never been charged for such a terrible experience, but the hotel didn't see it that way and so we paid and moved on.) The next day we moved to a different hotel where a nice room did open up.

In terms of love, with Venus in your travel sector, your quick weekend getaways will open the path to romance. Venus will move through Aquarius from January 3 to 27, a dazzling place for Venus to be for you. Aquarius is an air sign, and you are a fire sign - air makes fire burn more brightly. Your most romantic day this month will be January 13 when Venus and Uranus will be in ideal sync.

Now let's turn to your home, which is soon to become a big focus for you. Energetic Mars will enter Pisces and your fourth house of home on March 12 to stay until February 19, a time you can make progress on home or property-related matters. Be careful not to commit to a rental or close on a house while Mercury is out of phase. You will have a total eclipse of the Sun on March 20 in this, your home and family sector, so I am almost certain something will come up at that time. This will be a very friendly eclipse, and it may allow you to find great options to a pressing home, property, or family-related dilemma, or to advance a goal, such as to buy or rent an apartment or house. In January, Mars will lay the groundwork and help get your mind thinking about how to improve this area of your life. If your home is "set," then you may be in charge of taking care of an older relative, perhaps one of your parents, and again, the March eclipse will help you get answers.

Here are some days to watch.

There is one exception - January 15 will be a hard day to make progress, for Mars will come up against old, wise Saturn who that will stand in the doorway and not let you get very far. If you want to take action on this day, review all your assumptions, for chances are, you are overlooking something that could come back to bite you later - slow down. Delays will benefit you.

On Monday, January 19, you will be very inspired to find stylish design solutions for your home - the perfect day to start a vision board or to contribute to one you already started.

Finally, I love January 30 for home and family actions, for Mars will be in sync with Pluto. This would be an ideal day to make repairs, to put in or take out a wall (if you have an architect), or to paint a room. It's also an ideal day to clean out closets and find things you no longer need to give away to charity. With Mercury retrograde, you may find some treasures in your closet that you forgot you have and thought you lost. Cleaning things out always brings up fun discoveries.


Your finances will be your focus at the new moon, January 4, but because this full moon will be under siege from Pluto in your opposite financial house ruling salary and savings, you may become tense about covering the amount owed on a credit card bill, are required to send a tuition payment, or to cover any other financial obligation. Uranus, the planet of unanticipated events, will also be at odds to the full moon, suggesting that you may be surprised by mounting costs of an impending social event you had committed to participating in (such as your best friend's wedding) or costs related to caring for one of your children.

It may be that funds you expected won't be forthcoming. For example, the child support you had relied on being paid on time (or at all this month), requiring you craft a contingency plan. Everyone will experience problems with this full moon, so don't feel singled out. You will need to find a quick solution, but you will, and by the end of the week, you will feel calm again. By January 20, you can take action to make sure this type situation does not happen again.

Nothing puts you in a better mood than the prospect of taking a quick, spontaneous trip, and even a short one will put a smile on your face. The universe made you the travel sign, and this month will send the ideal new moon, January 20, for you to get some sweet time away. Your travel won't be for business, but rather, for enjoying time with the person you love - time for "just us two." If you don't have a partner, go anyway, for you may find love while being on this short trip - this new moon will be all about seeing that you have a chance to build a richer emotional life. If taking a long weekend interests you, go over January 23-27 for a truly fun time.

You may want to choose to go to a beautiful location you always loved, perhaps having wonderful memories of it from childhood, but that you have not visited in a many years. This feeling of returning to places from the past comes thanks to Mercury in retrograde in your third house travel sector, from January 21 to February 11. You'd enjoy reliving the experience, and you can share it now with someone you love. You would be wise to have your car tuned up before you leave to make sure it is in good working order and you won't be sidelined by any small engine problems.

Also before you leave home, make sure you close all your windows, lest it rain, and check to make sure you don't leave any faucets with water running. The meeting of Mars to Neptune on January 19 could bring you problems with water damage in the home. Hopefully, by now, you have talked to your broker about protecting you against floods and other water-related events in a special rider on your home or renter's insurance. If the answer is yes, go! You'll have a great time. (This same day would be great for imagining your space in a new and stylish way, for Neptune does rule imagination.

Dates to Note for Sagittarius:

The full moon on January 4 is not a friendly one, causing tension in regard to money.

Quick spontaneous travel will be possible all month, something sure to put a smile on your face. The new moon, January 20, may send you packing soon after, if Mars doesn't have you excited about a trip sooner, from January 1 to 12.

Your most romantic day will be January 13, and doubly special if you travel at this time.

Your career will light up unexpectedly on January 14 and January 27, but of the two, January 14 will be the stronger day. Both days have Mercury in ideal angle to Uranus.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 to February 11.

January 23 will be an excellent day to meet with a financial advisor or to make a financial plan for your future.

Mars will enter Pisces on January 13, to stay until February 19. You will find home, property, and family-related options and solutions to solve an ongoing dilemma.

Avoid home or family related decisions on January 15 when Mars and Saturn will be at odds.

January 19 may bring one of two results: a flood or other water-related damage at home, or you may find you have highly creative ideas for your home. Save those tear sheets you pull out of magazines!

On January 30, you may work on your basement, clean out closets, put up or tear down a wall, or do extensive repairs.

Romance flourishes when you are a short distance from your home base, perhaps on a weekend getaway.

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