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Libra Horoscope for February 2015

By Susan Miller

At long last, you are about to have fun, dear Libra. You have been through quite a series of challenges, but this month will allow you to put aside all those concerns, exhale, and enjoy all that the universe has for you. The world will be your oyster, so be determined to unshackle yourself from all those responsibilities you handle so well from day to day to allow for time just for you.

The month starts out with a bang. The full moon in 15 degrees of Leo on February 3 will be made just for you. Lighting your house of friends, people, events, hopes, and wishes, it seems almost certain that you will have a fabulous dress-up event to attend within four days of February 3. It appears you will be among many smiling faces. You may be invited to a wedding, birthday party, charity benefit, major sporting event, conference, trade show, or other large event, but whatever the reason for the gathering, it will be beautifully appointed and flattering to be among the A-list guests. You will have the possibility of making new contacts, and possibly a new friend, so there's so much to be gained. Friends tend to bring more gatherings, more friends, and the possibility for meeting a new romantic interest.

A full moon in Leo will always bring a touch of luxury too, so the event you will be invited to is one not to be missed. Jupiter will conjoin this full moon, so if you are invited to a party, or if you give one, no expense will be spared. It will be truly fit for a prince or princess. Uranus will be beautifully angled to this full moon too, indicating that whatever transpires will be unexpected - thrillingly so. You may not expect this invitation, or you may not expect what happens once you go, but it's due to be all in good fun. If you would instead like to take a vacation with your one-and-only, do, as this month is just made for kicking back and relaxing. If you do travel, it looks like you can find a four-or-five star restaurant at a bargain deal.

This same full moon may bring a long-held dream to fruition, for it does light that fairy tale part of the chart that points to your hopes and wishes. Something spiritual or material that you've wanted a very long time, and might have even wondered if ever come would come to you, may come through now to you, dear Libra.

If your birthday falls on October 8, plus or minus five days, you will be directly in line for a double dip of pleasure. The mathematic points of the full moon will match up perfectly to your natal sun. If you were not born near October 8, and you have your natal chart, see if you have any natal planets within five degrees of 15 degrees of Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, for that planet will receive a cornucopia of goodies too. Scribble quick notes afterward about what happens in your life - that's how you can compile solid research on your own chart.

For more information on how you can have your natal chart done by me, go to SusanMillerMyPersonalHoroscope.com. Thanks to print on demand technology, I can write a 65+ page book explaining your chart. It takes two weeks to receive, and I write this book for you and only you. You only have one natal chart in life, so you need only do your chart once. You will need your precise time of birth as per your birth certificate that you can usually get from a municipality in the capital of your state or country. If you cannot get it, I would use sunrise as the time, and you would at least know where all your planets were on the date of your birth. Now, back to my discussion on February!

The new moon on February 18 in Aquarius 29 degrees, 59 minutes will also cook up reasons for you to have fun - and bring you more romance too. This will be the second of six super moons this year, simply meaning that this moon will be closer to earth than most moons, heightening your intuition and instincts. This new moon is not perfect, in that Saturn will be in hard angle to this new moon, so you may have work or other obligations that may stand in the way of your going out, a frustrating situation. See if you can find a way, dear Libra. You need more fun in your life.

The fifth house also rules creative and artistic efforts, so if you are artistic, this new moon February 18 may help you get a project off the ground by being approved and funded. This would be a good month to show your work to influential people. All new moons open up ten days of energy, although the energy is always strongest on the days clustered near the new moon, after it appears.

If your birthday falls on October 22 or within five days of this date, this new moon will speak directly to you. Alternatively, if you have a natal planet within five degrees of 29 degrees in Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, or Aquarius, you too will benefit from the new opportunities that will soon emerge.

This new moon February 18 is only one tiny minute away from Pisces, making it unusually cusp-y. This means your work life will become busier and perhaps more demanding in coming weeks. You may get a new project approved and if so, the possibilities for adding your creative touch will be plentiful, for Neptune (creativity, vision), Venus (aesthetics), and Mars (action and energy) will make it so. Your office life will be hectic from the start of February, as indicated by the presence of Mars in this area of your chart since last month.

Cupid will be working hard for you, dear Libra, because lo and behold, Mars and Venus will both enter your opposite sign of Aries on February 19 and 20, respectively. Aries rules your committed partnership and marriage house, indicating your partner will start to become a big focus for you in weeks ahead, all the way through March.

The most exciting part of this will occur over the weekend of February 21-22, when Mars will embrace his lover Venus in Aries, in the evening star studded sky. This is a gorgeous aspect, because these two cosmic lover planets will meet in your serious relationship house bodes so well for breathtaking romance.

Indeed, Valentine's Day may come a little late - February 21-22 - but if so, that's no matter! It's so wonderful that it comes! Venus and Mars love being together but because they have different orbits and different jobs to complete in the universe, all they can hope for is to gaze at one another from afar. Now, in a rare conjunction, Venus and Mars will finally be together and set off a magnificent display of fireworks. When these two planets conjoin, their job is to set off great chemistry between two people - wonderful!

Actually, you have such strong romantic aspects that you may have a glorious Valentine's Day too (my runner-up date for you for great romance this month). Uranus, the planet of surprise, is, and has been, residing in your committed partnership house and will be in ideal angle to good fortune Jupiter, an aspect that is slowly building to peak next month on March 3. To take advantage, let your partner plan Valentine's Day for you, dear Libra. Plans your partner makes are likely to be more exciting than anything you could possibly dream up. If you both are serious about building a future together, you may get engaged or wed on this magical day for lovers.

If you are not dating anyone special, this is still a good time for you. Go out with friends. I once heard of a great idea for singles. A friend gathered together 10 great single girls and 10 equally interesting single guys and gave a dinner party. No one knew one another, so the evening was filled with mystery and discovery. Everyone had fun. See if you'd like to give a party like that!

Also, dear single Libra, you may become smitten with someone you meet in the office. This person would be on your level and possibly working on the creative team.

Mercury has been retrograde since January 21 but will go direct on February 11. Mercury is currently in Aquarius, in your true love sector. This suggests if you are still in love with someone from your past, you might want to make a move in the first three weeks of February to see if you can reconcile. Try lunch - see what happens.

You have so much to look forward to in February!


As the month opens, friends will be angels. Within days of the full moon of February 3, you will have a beautiful event to attend that could well become the A-list party of the year that you'll long remember. Uranus will be directly involved with this full moon, so the event itself, or what transpires when you go, will come as a complete - and happy - surprise. Jupiter, the benefic planet, will conjoin this full moon, making it the finest full moon of 2015, brimming with luxury and a feeling of being supremely pampered. In attendance at this event will be accomplished people you know, and some you don't, and you'll have an opportunity to make new friends. If you are not going to a party, then it appears a close friend will go great lengths to help you on a matter that has stymied you. You will be quite touched and encouraged by her gesture.

Single Libras may catch the eye of a new romantic partner at a social event, or in the workplace. (In the latter case, you would be attracted to someone who works on a level similar to yours.) This spark will go off just after the new moon appears on February 18. If you will be working on a creative project, Cupid will work doubly hard for you, for your new love interest seems likely to be part of a creative team and may stand out as the person with the brilliant ideas. Alternatively, with Mercury retrograde until February 11 in your house of true love, if you are carrying a torch for a former lover, you may make moves to see if you can reconcile. Or, if you are single and dating someone new but feel the pace of the relationship has moved too fast, you can now slow things down to give you time to get to know your partner better.

If you are committed in an established relationship, you may have found that over the past three years you have had a number of ups and downs. Happily, this month brings smooth sailing and a double heaping of passion. You seem to know that you need to spend quality time together, and the second half of the month would be when to schedule it. Plan something to do that is unabashedly romantic over the glamorous weekend of February 21-22 when Venus will embrace her lover Mars in the heavens.

Venus loves to be with Mars, but rarely is, so take full advantage of this weekend, for sparks of love will fly. Venus rules your sign, so while everyone will enjoy this meeting of Venus and Mars, you will benefit more than most. Best of all, lucky you, of all houses for Venus and Mars to rendezvous in, they will meet in Aries in your relationship sector. If you want to bring a wonderful jolt of passion to an all-too-predictable relationship, this will be your weekend to cook up your plan.

Your office life will become very active in the last two weeks of February. Indeed, with five heavenly bodies crowded into your workaday sector, you should be seeing a rush of new assignments. Neptune, the planet of creativity, is among that gang of planets, so you can expect to have plenty of room to add your stamp of creativity. Don't be shy to offer ideas to management, the team, and the client.

Dates to Note for Libra

You will brim with ideas when Uranus contacts the Sun in a friendly way on February 2.

You will likely go to an important gathering within four days of the full moon, February 3. This is going to be the best, most luxurious full moon of 2015, so take seriously any invitations you get, and go! Also, something dearly important to you that you've waited a long time to see may now be in your hands, as the house of hopes and wishes will be looped into this fabulous aspect.

Mercury has been retrograde since January 21 but will turn direct February 11. Say goodbye to frustrating delays and redo's. The good side of Mercury retrograde, however, is that you may be able to make a go of a former relationship - get in contact if you still love that person.

The new moon February 18 may amp up your love life even more in the week that follows its appearance. Make an effort to leave the office at a decent hour.

Work projects will come to you at a steady pace, and it will be clear you are valued and needed on the job.

Mars will enter your commitment / marriage sector on February 19, and Venus will enter the same house on February 20. This bodes so well for happy interactions with your partner this month.

Your two most romantic dates of the month are February 14, Valentine's Day, and even better, February 21-22. All dates fall on the weekend, lucky you.

February 21-22 is truly remarkable, for Venus and Mars will make a rare conjunction in your house of marriage and commitment. Many Libras will get engaged and set the date to wed.

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