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Taurus Horoscope for February 2016

By Susan Miller

You are in a wonderful month, one that, as you look back later at the end of 2016, you will likely pronounce as one of your very best. Focus on your career, for this month, more than any other, will likely bring up an opportunity that you will want to pursue in earnest.

You will need to wait for the new moon in Aquarius 19 degrees to arrive on February 8. In the days that follow the new moon, begin interviewing. If you have already been interviewing for a job, you may have been frustrated with delays in January, because Mercury was retrograde, but that's over now, and you have only an open road with blue sky ahead.

This new moon of February 8 will appear in your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement and receive sparkling vibrations from Uranus, the planet of surprise. That means you will need to be ready to roll with a polished resume (CV) and bio, and if you are creative, a streamlined, carefully curated portfolio the moment the call comes to you. Saturn will also be amazingly friendly, indicating that the position that you may discuss this month might be one that offers you a wonderful sense of security. You seem to have a chunk of money coming your way - a bonus, advance, or an incredibly lucrative financial incentive or package of company benefits.

If you are self-employed, you can get enviable publicity to help your work, so by all means ask your publicist to start a campaign this month. Or if your preferred method is advertising, get ready to launch and plant the seed immediately. Mars will retrograde for months, starting in April, and after that happens, that will make any competitive undertaking very difficult. You have the aspects to succeed in the ten days following the new moon February 8, so get started now. You can also pitch new business and find a new lucrative client. Even though you may assume you won't find any position special enough to consider this month, with Uranus so active, it looks like you will be amazed at your luck. Make phone calls, look at listings, go to a trade show or professional club event, and read trade journals - it's always wise to cast a wide net when you have glowing career aspects, as you do.

Venus will move into this same solar tenth house of career (the area of your chart capable of bringing the position where you will be able to advance to a higher level than you are now) from February 16 to March 12. You will find that VIPs are drawn to your charm - you won't have to work too hard to convince them you are the one for the position they are looking to fill. Diplomacy and a confident attitude will work best once Venus enters your prestigious career sector, starting February 16.

Near this month's end, you may also get exceptionally exciting career news, February 26, as Mercury and Uranus, the ruler of your solar tenth house of honors and prestigious career developments, will interact beautifully. If you do get news, it will come out of the blue and be quite thrilling.

Before you ever get to one of most important days of the month, the new moon of February 8, you will have two other days to circle on your calendar that will be outstandingly special for other reasons.

The first is February 3, when Saturn, now in your eighth house of other people's money, will reach out to the Sun. This will help you stabilize finances, an area of your chart that may have brought you some concern in recent months. Saturn is there and may bring up jitters about money you owe or payments you need to make. On February 3, Saturn will bring you a chance to stabilize your finances and bring you a sigh of relief.

Also on this same date, February 3, Mars, currently in your partnership sector, will reach out to powerhouse planet Pluto. It appears you will become lucky through the efforts of a middleman or partner. This person might be a travel agent who will have an idea for you to go to a beautiful location - it seems to be near a gorgeous mountain range - perhaps in a charming town in Switzerland or a spot with a view in Hawaii. (There are many possibilities, of course.) Or it may be a headhunter, or real estate broker for buying, selling, or renting, your lawyer, or other person who will bring superb news to you.

The other date I would like you to plan for is February 6. (Keep in mind the day prior, February 5, will also be special because it is the day that leads up to February 6 - all planets that are in a building phase are gaining strength, so that makes both days special.) Uranus will be conjunct the Sun on this day, suggesting that you may get a breakthrough in regard to a real estate matter, decorating project, a contractor deal, or a plan for home repair. This is a sensational day to look at your options, especially if you need a piece of furniture, for you may hit on a bargain that you never expected to find.

This same day, February 6, has another aspect I love - Mercury in ideal angle to Jupiter, now in your house of true love. This day is truly four-star, so plan something special - you will love the result. Mercury is known to bring either news or travel, possibly with the one you love. If you need to sign a contract, this would be the day to do it, February 6. You may recall that last month Mercury was retrograde, but that was then, and this is now. Mercury is gaining strength every day, and will be back to full, former strength on February 15.

One of your very best days will be February 9, when Venus and Jupiter will trade signals. Venus is your governing planet whose job it is to take good care of you. While everyone, of every sign, will do well on this special day, you will do best, for Venus plays such an important part of your life. Travel would also be a great idea on this day, especially for a romantic getaway. If you have no special partner, then you may use this day (or the day prior, February 5) for presenting a creative idea. Your imagination will be on display and impress everyone you come in contact with at this time.

Valentine's Day, February 14, brings the moon to Taurus, so you will be in a great mood to enjoy love. Venus will be in highly compatible Capricorn, and her lover, Mars, in compatible Scorpio. Many Taurus will get engaged or wed on this standout Valentine's Day. If you are already wed, you will also enjoy this day, so plan to do something out of the ordinary and exciting together. Jupiter in Virgo will be in the ideal position to encourage Venus in Capricorn and the moon in Taurus. Perfect! A grand trine - a golden triangle, just made for you!

It looks like you will have a double dip of pleasure this month when it comes to love! At the full moon in Virgo 4 degrees, which will light your solar fifth house of true love, February 22, something very tender is about to happen. Neptune will conjoin the Sun, so this day may have an air of enchantment. This tells me that although Valentine's Day should be sweet for you, this full moon will bring even greater excitement.

If your birthday falls on April 24 plus or minus five days (the closer to April 24 the better), you will find that this full moon speaks directly to you. The same may be true if you have Taurus rising 22 degrees, or have the moon or other planets in Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn at this degree.

This February is unusual in that it holds Leap Year Day, February 29, which happens once every four years. In olden days, women were encouraged to make the first move to propose marriage on Leap Year Day. Today we feel it's fine for either partner to bring up the subject at the appropriate time. On this day, if your relationship seems stalled and you dearly want to tie the knot, go ahead and propose. Venus, your ruler, will be flawlessly angled to Saturn, the planet of forever, ever after. You might just start a love story that goes on without end.


You are entering your most important month of 2016 for career advancement. The new moon, February 8, will set off ten days of superb career opportunities, so seize the moment to make your mark. Examine all offers, for among them one is likely to excite your ambitions. The Sun and new moon will light your tenth house of prestigious career opportunities and fame, so alternatively, you may be interviewed by the press and get enviable publicity. Saturn will help you gain a chunk of money in terms of a bonus or other side income, or to get approved a generous package of benefits from your present or future employer.

You may be working on starting your own business, and if so, you have perfect timing. Act now, without delay. If you want to sign a partner or collaborator, you also need to do so now, and not wait too long, for soon, Mars will be retrograde. Mars is the energy planet that helps you succeed in a competitive environment. Act now!

February 13-14 will be your most heavenly weekend, for the link between Mars and Jupiter will create a serious feeling about love, and it comes in time for Valentine's Day. The transiting moon will be in Taurus, making this year's day for lovers an outstanding one for you.

That won't be the end of your four-star days for romance. You are due for a very exciting episode when full moon of February 22 will light your fifth house of true love, pregnancy, and children. It's sure to bring a momentous episode that will touch your heart, and the hearts of your immediate family too.

Do you need to hire a collaborator such as a lawyer, accountant, agent, or publicist? Do so on Friday, February 12, as Mars moves closer to an ideal aspect to generous Jupiter. When Venus enters your career sector on February 16, your popularity will grow with VIPs, as well as with those who report to you, and possibly with the public, too.

That full moon, February 22 will magnificently light your fifth house of romance and will open a new path to love. If you are single, you will have one of your best opportunities of 2016 to change your love life for the better. This full moon will be beautifully angled to Neptune, bringing on a magically inspirational episode. If you are single and are willing to make an effort to meet new people and if you are open to various types, you will have the chance to meet someone very special. Attached? If you dream for a baby, conception may occur within weeks of this full moon, or if you are pregnant, your baby may arrive at this time.

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