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Pisces Horoscope for February 2016

By Susan Miller

This will be one of your wonder-months, where there are plenty of four-star days sprinkled throughout February like jewels splayed out across a velvet royal blue sky. There are so many special days that it is extraordinary, and I have to try to contain my excitement for you. For sure, February will stand out as one of your very favorite months of 2016.

At the start of February, the good news will start to roll and it won't stop. If you can travel do, for this part of the month will bring exceptional experiences while you are in distant cities. Mars has been in your travel house since January 3, but last month, Mercury was retrograde, so you may have had delays and mix-ups. Mercury went direct on January 25 and is steadily getting stronger as it orbits, and will reach full power by February 15. If you need to sign a contract or agree to a new job, as two examples, you can. If you have something VERY vital to initiate then you might want to wait until on or after February 15.

The house so brilliantly lit for you by Mars, your solar ninth house, rules travel, university study and accreditation, publishing, Internet, and broadcasting assignments, legal discussions, international relationships and trade of goods, information and services, as well as immigration, visa, passport, and green card matters, and the courts. This month, all these areas will do exceptionally well for you through March 5. Having Mars on your side in this house is will be a considerable privilege for he will give you courage, passion, and drive to complete a goal related to one of the areas I listed. Also, Mars is in Scorpio, a fellow water sign, which means it is 120 degrees from your Sun, considered the most harmonious aspect possible. This month, earth will be a friendly place, and when you look up, you may just see a rainbow.

Circle on your calendar February 3, for Mars will reach out to Pluto on that day. Ninth house matters (the ones just listed in the above paragraph) will get a powerful and positive push forward from Pluto. It seems a friend would be involved in the opportunity you will receive, and that friend appears to be successful and influential.

On the same day, February 3, Saturn will be in sync with the Sun, and you will likely see that someone older, powerful, and more experienced will reach out and give you praise for the fine work you've done. If you are trying to garner attention for your project, you can get it on February 3.

Later in the week, you have the most darling weekend coming up. On February 6, and including plus or minus one day, you can come up with a dazzling money-making idea that will bring you the cash you've needed, and the money may come quite suddenly, like lightning.

Also over February 6, plus or minus one day, you will get outstanding support from your mother or father (or someone who you think of as a parent). Also any action that might be thought of as being home-related will bring great progress and possibly be fun too. Give a party at your home for any reason, or invite a friend or relative in another city to come visit you, and offer your guest room, or couch, to stay over. If you need to buy new furniture, by all means look at all your options in your favorite shops. You may even find a bargain for an item you will fall in love with and feel you have to have now, instantly. If you feel that you need to move to a new address, then on this weekend browse new spaces, as you would likely find a dazzling one that is right for you.

The new moon of February 8 will heighten your intuition to a remarkable degree. You may have a prophetic or memorable dream sometime during the week that follows that new moon. Your instinct will speak loudly to you now about something or someone you will need to pay attention to either to protect yourself or to go toward to work together joyously on a new idea that you may have been thinking about lately, or that will come to you now. You will need to follow the small voice within you, and in that sense, don't doubt or second-guess yourself. You will also have the perfect time now to think about your year ahead, and all that you want to accomplish in your new birthday year. If you need advice from a doctor, whether physical or psychological in nature, this new moon, February 8, and the ten days to follow will help you reach out to the right professional.

I particularly love this new moon because Uranus is involved and so very friendly, due to sending that new moon a sparkling vibration. Uranus will help you to either suddenly generate a moneymaking idea or have someone come to you with one. It will happen almost the moment that new moon arrives and in the handful of days that follow. (All new moons have a period of influence of ten days, with the strongest energy flowing to you in the days that come AFTER the new moon appears. Saturn will be friendly too, linking this new moon to your tenth house of fame and honors. You see a pattern here - a link between salary, fees, and earned income to the solar tenth house of esteemed career reputation, success, and honors. You've been working hard, and now you will start to see reward for all you have done.

Incidentally, this would be the best time of the year to buy an electronic item (after the new moon in Aquarius, February 8 until February 18), for Aquarius rules all newly invented forms, including computers, software, smart phones, smart TVs, advanced headphones, appliances, and so forth. If you have had your heart set on an electronic item, now is the time to buy it, dear Pisces.

Returning to the subject of money, there is even more evidence that your finances are on the upswing. On February 9, Venus will meet with Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, and because Venus rules your eighth house of other people's money, you may hear good news from any one of a range of financial sources. For example, you may hear from your bank that you were approved a mortgage with enviable terms, or a line of credit for your business, or that you are about to be approved for venture capital. Or you may be given a large bonus, commission, licensing fee, advance on a book, or a generous royalty. You may get a tax refund, a court settlement, insurance payout, news of an inheritance, or other source of funds. Venus is the ruler of this solar eighth financial house and Jupiter is in your solar seventh partnership house, so it appears you would need a partner, agent, or other middleman to unlock the good news you will soon receive.

Alternatively, on or near February 9, you might give a speech, make an appearance, or hand in a manuscript to receive your bounty, for Venus also rules your solar third house of communication, including writing, editing, translation, proofing, speaking, app development, advertising and advertising copy, publicity, marketing, social media - one of these areas may become important to you near February 9. Lastly, your sister or brother may be involved with news that comes up, and if so, your sibling would be lucky for you too.

There is more news! Mars is the ruler of your second house of earned income, and on Friday, February 12, and Saturday, February 13, Mars will signal Jupiter, and again, you should hear good news about your finances. Alternatively, because February 13-14 is Valentine's Day weekend, you may receive a valuable, luxurious gift, and that would fit, for Venus rules jewelry and all things that are beautiful.

In another manifestation of Venus and Jupiter's efforts on Valentine's Day weekend, you may be on foreign shores (in a country or island, where you would be required to have a passport to enter) or at the very least, to fly to a distant city in your own country with your one-and-only. The moon will be in sensuous Taurus, an earth sign that goes ever so well with your water-sign element. This Valentine's Day seems to be one for the record books.

At the full moon in Virgo, 22 degrees on February 22, you will be thinking about your partner intently. This full moon will be magical and enchanting, because it will work with your ruler, Neptune, adding a dreamlike quality to this part of the month. Will Valentine's Day come a week later? Possibly - this month is simply heavenly. Full moons heighten emotions, and in this case, it appears your emotions will be loving and warm. (If you have not been happy together, however, it is always possible there would be conflict. Let's think good thoughts.) Some Pisces will get engaged or wed at this lovely full moon if you did not already do so at Valentine's Day, for that full moon will light your seventh house of marriage and partnerships of all kinds, including business ones. If you are already wed, you can now grow closer. If you have no one special in your life right now, you may be ready to sign papers with a business partner.

Be sure you are certain about what you intend to do at this time, for Neptune can turn reality into a glittery, glamorous wonderland, and you will have to be sure you know your partner well. This might be a breathless, over-the-top time for you. If you are getting involved in a business partnership, show your lawyer the papers, and go slowly, just to be sure.

If your birthday falls on March 11 plus or minus four days, you will be touched by this full moon quite directly. The same is true if you have Pisces or Virgo rising at 22 degrees, or the moon in Virgo, or a natal planet in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio at 22 degrees, plus or minus five degrees in all instances.

On February 25, Mercury and Saturn will add a stabilizing, comforting vibration. This would be an ideal day for signing papers, particularly if it's a lease, closing on a house, or an order for new furniture. If this is your birthday, this lovely vibration will follow you all year, and the same is true of the next day's aspect, below.

February 26 will be filled with surprises. Mercury and Uranus will be ideally angled, making it an exciting, happy time. You may get money or gift certificates (especially if this is your birthday, or it is close to this day). Mercury rules both your home and family, and your closest, committed partner, and on this day, all these people will show you they adore you. Home-related news, say, about your apartment or house, or about things you need for your living space, should be happy and come up suddenly.

Pisces is happiest when working on a creative project, and on Sunday, February 28, you will have the Sun conjunct Neptune, a day when your ideas will be at a peak of originality. Spend time thinking about your creative project on this ideal day for day dreaming and stimulating your imagination.

This month holds Leap Year Day, February 29, a day that happens once every four years. In olden days, women were encouraged to propose to their partners if they were sure their partner was their one true love. Today we find this tradition a bit quaint, for modern women don't usually wait four years to bring up the subject of marriage. If you are in love and wish the relationship were moving forward a bit faster (and you know one another VERY well), then by all means, pop the question. Keep in mind the veil Neptune may be putting over reality this week. Venus will be beautifully oriented toward Saturn, so promises made will be promises kept. You can't get any outlook better than that!


Mars is in a delicious angle to your Sun as it tours Scorpio, so the tone of February will be encouraging and friendly. The month brings positive news about your finances almost the moment the month begins. Watch for unexpectedly good news that should arrive on or very near February 5-6.

In your career, work hard, for February 3 is about to bring you good news about a promotion, for your status is clearly rising, thanks to Saturn's contact to the Sun. Authority figures will look kindly on you then, and it will be the best day of the month for an interview.

With Neptune, your ruler, busy this month (especially at the full moon February 22), and with Neptune being the planet of images and the silver screen, your face is very likely to be "out there" for the world to see. You may be asked to host a televisions show or be asked to write a column for a magazine. The media will adore you, whether your role will be the subject, as the person who is interviewed, or if you are cast in the role of the reporter or producer.

All month, Mars will energize your ninth house, which rules, along with the media, distant travel, interaction with executives based in foreign countries, pursuits for an advanced degree and accreditation at the university, and discussions about philosophical matters. Any one of these areas (which appear to be important to you now) will work to your benefit, so proceed forward if you like.

If you would like to freshen up the look of your home, or host guests, you will have many opportunities this month to do so. The weekend of February 6-7 will be outstanding for a birthday or cocktail party or for other types of gatherings such as for a bridal or baby shower. February 25-26 will also be a fantastic day for a party too, as well as for shopping for new things to make your home more comfortable and stylish.

The new moon of February 8 might bring you into closer contact with medical personnel, either for yourself or to help a relative or friend. You may be making appointments for your yearly physical exams, or taking care of a health matter (or psychological problem) that you can now clear up or improve if you clear the time in your schedule. If you are pregnant, this trend would also make sense - your doctor will want to monitor you closely, especially if you are nearing delivery. Your discussions with doctors will go exceptionally well - Uranus, planet of surprise - will be active and make events move swiftly in a positive direction. Saturn will be on hand too, to encourage, inform, and stabilize you though the kindness of an older person who might be your friend, relative, mentor, or distinguished professional.

By the bright full moon, February 22, you will have eyes only for your partner. The supreme closeness you will feel will echo feelings you noticed earlier, over Valentine's Day weekend (February 13-14), when Mars was so beautifully conversant with good fortune Jupiter. This full moon will also bring your fifth house of true love and children into play, so if you are single, you might meet someone new, or if attached, you may discuss plans for pregnancy, or your focus may be on your child (or children) if you are already a mother or father. If you or your partner is about to deliver your baby, full moons tend to bring on labor, so the baby may arrive a little bit sooner than you expect, at this time. If you are not a parent, you may borrow the child of a friend or relative for fun and laughter.

If you are single, the first half of February is yours - Venus will be in Capricorn until February 16 and have you seeing many more friends than usual, and enjoying every moment. One of your friends may want to make an introduction to a romantic someone for you - let her. In this marriage and partnership-oriented month, all kinds of unexpectedly great things can happen. The stars above will be twinkling just for you. February 9 will be an ideal night to enjoy your partner, or for a first date, for Jupiter and Venus will team up to make this night a standout. The transiting moon will be in Pisces too. Wow, how special can things get?

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