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Leo Horoscope for March 2016

By Susan Miller

As you begin March, a new moon solar eclipse is due on March 8, opening a path for you to earn, deal with, or generate a large sum of money. The solar eclipse will fall in your eighth house of other people's money. New moons bring news and offers, opportunities and enlightenment. When new moons coincide with an eclipse, it becomes three times as powerful and often reveals previously hidden information. You are ruled by the Sun, so you are always more affected by solar eclipses like this one than you would a lunar eclipse, which will occur later this month.

It appears that you will be discussing a substantial lump sum. It may be a scholarship or student loan you need or want to pay off. Or, it may center on a negotiation with the government about a tax matter, or an inheritance, insurance payout, a retirement fund, the fair division of property in a divorce, or a big deal you are hoping to crystalize. This is the beginning of talks, and because Saturn is in hard angle, it will take time to sort out - months possibly. Saturn is in your fifth house, so if the deal centers on your creative effort, you will have to refine certain parts of your project. Don't be overly concerned - overall, you are on an upswing.

Neptune will conjoin the new moon and Sun, and for other signs, this may be a positive alignment, but when money is involved, it is not necessarily a good sign that Neptune is near. Neptune rules the fog and can obscure information. For this reason, any deal you are offered or are negotiating / handling in an ongoing fashion must be handled carefully. Consider consulting a lawyer or financial advisor who has fiduciary responsibilities (that is, one who is bound by law to act in a way to protect and advance the security and growth of your funds, and not work in self-interest.) Keep digging and ask many questions.

I will raise a caveat in that Neptune also rules the arts. This means you may be working on an artistic venture in early March and seeking funding. In that case, Neptune's presence may describe the condition - you are speaking about art, music, film, dance, photography, or other phase of the art, and that means you won't likely need to be quite as concerned about Neptune's presence. Neptune furthers art, so don't be overly concerned. Just in case, be alert, and don't let anyone make financial decisions for you without you being in the room.

One last parting word: You have Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, in your second house of earned income, and so Jupiter is partnering with the eclipse in your other financial eighth house, found precisely across the sky at 180 degrees. Jupiter will protect your interests, so forge ahead, but even so, ask many questions.

The month's second eclipse, March 23 in Libra, won't directly involve money, but it may find you finishing the final details of a contract that can eventually bring a handsome payment to you or to the other person. It's never wise to sign on or close to an eclipse - wait until March 16. (I will explain why I chose March 16 later.) This eclipse will light a mild house, namely, your third house of communication. You may give an important speech or send your written manuscript, report, white paper, or other document that you have worked on many hours to finalize. This report or communication will likely have special import to your future because it is being finalized on an eclipse. In a game show, bells would ring and balloons would fall from the ceiling. This March 23 eclipse is in positive, tight alignment with Mars in fire-sign Sagittarius, so you will do well under this eclipse. You will be ready to take action, and you will, within days.

Just one day after the eclipse appears on March 23, on March 24, we have a lovely alignment between Mercury and Mars. You may see quite a tidy sum of money on this day and it appears tied to a project you worked on. This theme is being underscored over and over this month. See what happens.

If your birthday falls on July 26, you will feel this eclipse the most and benefit from it. That includes Leo birthdays that fall plus or minus four days from this date. You would also feel this eclipse if you know you have Leo rising from 0 to 8 degrees, or if you have a natal planet in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra in the same span or degrees, you will feel this eclipse and likely benefit from it.

March 16 will be a powerfully beneficial day. Be sure to circle it in gold. It deserves several gold stars too! In a rare communication between Jupiter and Pluto, you should absolutely be sure to plan something business-oriented for this day. Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, will be in perfect harmony (120 degrees) to Pluto in Capricorn in your sixth house of work projects. On this day, the work you do will be rewarded generously. This is also a superb day to sign a contract, and make it one that will give you the opportunity to make a solid profit based on your work on a certain project. I love this day for you!

You are ruled by the Sun, so mark down March 26, when the Sun will align with Mars and give you a wonderful jolt of energy. You may find this weekend day to be perfect for a fun night out, whether you are single or attached.

Speaking about Mars, this month on March 5, Mars will enter your fifth house of true love for an astounding amount of time - nearly seven months. Usually Mars spends six or seven weeks, not this long! To say that your personal life will take center stage is putting it mildly. The reason Mars will spend so much time in this area of your chart is that Mars will go back and forth in retrograde. As said, he will enter Sagittarius, a fire sign like yours, on March 5, go retrograde April 17 and forward on June 29. Actually, however, like a little guy who is asleep a long time, when Mars awakes on June 29, he won't be very peppy. He will need a lot of coffee to get going, and he won't be in former shape until August 22. At that point, his brother, Mercury, will go retrograde from August 30 to September 17. You can see that the coming months will proceed slowly.

This may be good news. While a creative project may take time to complete, it will give you the leisurely pace you may need to laser into the project and fix every detail. Your creativity will be highly accented, and you may feel particularly motivated to write music, take photographs, write a screenplay, create chorography, or audition for a movie, television series, or theatrical part - all will be accented in the coming months. If you support artists, say, because you sell their services or artistic expressions, as an agent, gallery owner, or other middleman would do, you, too, will be busy.

Additionally, Mars will send sparkling beams to your personal life. If single, you will be more motivated than usual to find the right person to date. You may change your mind about the person you are seeing now, more than once! As Mars waffles, so will you. If you are attached, you will spend much more time with your one-and-only. You may discuss having a baby with your partner, or, if you already have a child, you will spend a great deal of time and attention, as well as playing with that little one. (Actually if your children are grown, you will be spending more time than usual with at least one of your children, most likely your eldest.)

If you are in a custody battle with your ex about one or more of your children, you may not make much headway while Mars is retrograde. This is painful for me to even bring up. Knowing this, do all you can to get this matter settled in March. Move heaven and earth to get an agreement now if you must, because if you wait and have to tangle with Mars retrograde, the matter will likely drag on. Do not sign papers on an eclipse, however, so leave space of several days circling March 8 and March 23 if that is possible. So much dust is kicked up at eclipse time that it is hard to see the road ahead, and nearly impossible to insert the right clauses in a contract because you simply won't anticipate what you need to spell out. Take your time, think through all your actions, and you should be fine.

One day I should point out will come early in the month, March 5, which will involve your ruler the Sun, the ruler of your sign. This will be a possibly difficult day, when Saturn will be in hard angle to the Sun. This is a day you may feel worn on the edges, and not capable of putting up a good case for why your mate or sweetheart should listen to anything you have to say. This is not the day to seek favor - get rest.

Amazingly, the following day, March 6 will improve your outlook enormously. Pluto and the Sun will be in sync, getting you funds you may need today, or tomorrow, a weekday. Keep in mind the Sun is your ruler, and when your ruler is involved, you are named in the configuration. While everyone will feel this aspect, you will feel it more. This is always true, whether the aspect is positive, such as on March 6 or a bit draining like on March 5.

Moving on the end of the month, Mercury will conjoin Uranus on March 31, bringing unexpected news, possibly involving a quick, adventurous trip, news of a legal matter, or concerning the media. You may be working with others overseas or receive another kind of breakthrough. Whatever comes up, you won't see it coming. Both planets are in Aries, a fire sign like yours, Leo, so all news should be good news.

Romantically, Venus will tour the areas of your chart ruling your closest relationship, and with Venus in Aquarius from March 1-11 (a holdover from enchanting February), a wonderful time to feel very close to your partner. You already know that Mars will circulate in your love-and-children sector for months, so you have the strong possibility for a tender, close emotional life, now and in months to come.


This should be a hugely important financial month for you, triggered by the solar eclipse on March 8 - you will see evidence of this in the days that follow. You've rarely seen a trend like this, for four heavenly bodies, including the Sun, new moon solar eclipse March 8, Neptune, and Mercury will be in your eighth house of "other people's money." If you have a business, you may be seeking venture capital, and you may land a big deal.

Or, this month you may make a lucrative sale of art, music, or another artistic expression, for Neptune, planet of creativity, will be present among the planets in your eighth house. As a Leo, you are ruled by the Sun, so solar eclipses like this one, due March 8, will affect you more than most of your friends of different signs. One way or another, it appears money is on the way to you.

Underscoring this financial and creative trend will be active Mars to enter your fifth house of love, children, and creativity on March 5. Mars typically visits a part of the chart for six weeks, but because Mars will go retrograde next month from April 17 until June 29, and later take time to regulate his orbit, a process that will take weeks to regulate, you will have a strong focus on your romantic life from March 5 to September 27.

Beginning at the end of March, if you are single and newly dating, you may have second thoughts about the person you are dating, but then may change your mind again. Take your time. Your meditation about whether to stay or go could take months to sort out. If you have feelings for the person you are dating, but feel something has gone off the rails, it may take weeks to pinpoint what may be wrong and how you will want to fix things. If you decide to date someone new, Mars retrograde will help you to avoid the same patterns that had hurt your present relationship (if indeed, you are not happy - nothing is saying that this is true, but I cannot see your entire chart.)

Mother Nature is being very clear now, for thinking over the time you've spent together will be a key part of your happier future, and you should not try to rush or skip any steps in the process. Being expedient is the opposite of being meditative and reflective.

Mars is on a mission to cleanse relationship situations (particularly for those not yet committed, for married or established couples are governed by a different house). If Mars finds nothing wrong, you will sail through this period easily.

Attached couples will have more time to spend together and put a great deal of emphasis on babies, children, and family time.

The month's second eclipse will fall in Libra on March 23, and light your house of carefree travel and communication. If you won't take an important trip this month, or soon, you may receive an important contract, text, letter, or other communication that you will need to take seriously and act upon. It could be about almost anything, but there will be a financial element that will be important and positive for you to investigate. If you are given a contact, show it to your lawyer, and sign as soon as your lawyer gives you the nod to sign, you can. It would be best to sign far in advance of Mars slowdown to retrograde next month, as Mars is the booster rocket to all key endeavors. In that case, the sooner you sign, the better, but make sure your lawyer has had the time she needs to look over the paper.

In regard to work, March 16 may bring important, great news. If you have nothing on your calendar, set that day to take full advantage. Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be in ideal conversation with financial Pluto on this day and take the goodness of Jupiter and multiply it many times over. It is clear that this day should bring an excellent business opportunity, with profits developing quickly. It's a great day to make an agreement or to launch a new product or service. If you are about to submit your work to an influential person, choose this day.

No doubt about it, the solar eclipse will open the floodgates to more money, discussed earlier, but there is another day that should go well for you too financially - March 26. On this day Mars will work closely with the Sun, and any discussion you have involving finances should bring accord and leave you feeling upbeat and energized.

Romantically, Venus will be in your relationship sector through March 11, a perfect moment in the month to spend time with the partner you love and are committed to deeply, now and forever. If you need to bring up a touchy subject (should you have one), do so in the first ten days of March, for Venus will smooth the way for discussion with upbeat results likely.

Finally, on March 31, Mercury and Uranus will be aligned, helping you generate masterful ideas, possibly involving stories for the media or an overseas client. You will leave the month as the lion you are, roaring with pride, dear Leo - your adoring public will hail you as a rock star.

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