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Scorpio Horoscope for April 2016

By Susan Miller

Your work life will be very busy, with a new moon April 7 energizing this part of your chart. A new assignment is likely to land on your desk, but this one is different than the rest, for it will ask that you work on something new and perhaps completely untried. I say that because the new moon is in Aries, the sign that is known to encourage entrepreneurial efforts and investigation into completely new areas of life. This time this new moon is especially bent on focusing you on new horizons because Uranus, planet of innovation and even genius, will be conjunct that moon. If you work in the sciences and high tech or on humanitarian issues, this new moon might give you a breakthrough. It's unstable, so a mistake or accidental finding could lead to an important invention.

This tells me that you will have a special opportunity to show people in your company and industry all that you can do. A new moon in Aries will urge you to take a judicious risk, be ultra-creative in your thinking (particularly with genius Uranus conjunct the new moon), and blaze a new path. Aries is the pioneering sign that will coax you to take a strong leadership stance in any project you tackle in the days FOLLOWING the new moon in Aries, 18 degrees, on April 7. The sixth house reflects day-to-day projects that come up, but also the people you work alongside or those who report to you. Early in the month would be the right time to hire an individual, April 1-15.

Pluto will be in difficult angle, telling me that you might have problems with paperwork or with a negotiation just after the new moon April 7. Pluto can produce a person who would use a pushy approach at best, or a scorched earth method of negotiation at worst. Pluto is not known to be fair when found in 90-degree angle to a new moon, as he will be on the new moon, April 7. In the days and weeks that follow April 7, this person might be a thorn in your side for a long time. Try to find areas of agreement first, assuming you even want to do business together. If you need this client / relationship / person in your life, he will act like the 800-lb. gorilla that will sit anywhere he pleases. Sometimes we are not entirely thrilled with an agreement, but both sides need one another, and so it forces you to make a concession. This appears to be the case now.

Sign papers as early in the month as possible. I particularly like April 5, when stabilizing, long-term Saturn will be friendly to the Sun, which rules authority figures. I like April 14 even more, when good fortune Jupiter will be at perfect angles to Mercury, ruling contracts.

You have been spending quite a bit of money lately, and at the same time, working on finding ways to make more, perhaps by making better investments. Saturn is in the same house as you are hosting Mars, the latter planet causing your expenses, now through September 27 (with relief coming in June and July). Oddly, Saturn is the thrifty planet, the one that would encourage you to save money and find ways to buy below wholesale. As you see, you have both influences - save and spend - in the same financial (second) house. I feel saving will win out over the long run because Mars will go retrograde this month on April 17 until June 29. When Mars retrogrades, it will move out of Sagittarius, where it will be most troublesome to you. This is why I say you will get relief on spending in June and July - Mars is retrograde backward from Sagittarius into Scorpio from May 28 to August 6.

It is true that having your ruler, Mars, retrograde can slow things down for you. Pluto, your other ruler, will also go retrograde this month, on April 18. You may suffer a setback near April 17-18. Watch those days carefully as they usually bring a message in the three days that circle those dates. We all get setbacks! If you get one, take the message of the universe and use it to fix your plan. "Not now" does not mean "never."

The planets that orbit close to earth are the ones we feel strongest - Mercury, Mars, and Venus. (Venus will not go retrograde until March 4, 2017 to April 14, 2017). We all need Mars to help us, for Mars is the high-energy planet that acts like a booster rocket to all our most important actions. It's not the right time to institute anything new and certainly not engage with a competitive situation, for it will be hard to win. My website is almost done, but I told the designers not to launch until Mars and Mercury are out of retrograde in the middle months of the year, in July or August. If you want to be the best, it would not be a good idea to launch in April, May, or June. Of course, I take the same advice I give you.

Fortunately I launched my new improvements and upgrades to my app last month in March, and Apple and Google quickly approved those, so we got the green light to bring the app to market. (Did you notice the changes? I have video on the app now and many new additions. The changes were free for you. Go to the Apple App store (or iTunes) or Google Play to get your free version. For much longer forecasts, you can always upgrade for a cost of $5.00 for one month, or $13.00 for three months. Please review my app so I can see your thoughts!)

Mars rules surgery too, for Mars rules sharp instruments of all kinds, as well as iron and certain hard metals. For that reason, it's not ideal to have an operation during a Mars retrograde. Here is another example, in my life. I am in serious need of an operation on both eyes, due to the heavy doses of steroids I took in the hospital in March 2015 to save my life. It has taken a year for the doctors to clear me for eye surgery, and that clearance came through now. With elective surgery, I can choose my date - it will be August 1. By then Mars will be almost at full power again, and Mercury will not retrograde until August 30.

When Mars is retrograde, you will have to work hard to get a project to fly as high as it could with Mars direct. Don't launch new goods or services, or any important new venture or relationship during Mars retrograde, if possible. Ideally, we always need Mars' energy behind a new venture, but we can't help that situation now, while Mars is out of phase from April 17 to June 29. All of us are in the same boat. All you can do is press forward with all your might, and hover over your projects like a lioness or lion protecting baby cubs.

When Mars turns direct on June 29, he won't be as strong and fast as Mars normally is, for it takes Mars time to ramp up. Like a person who needs coffee in the morning, Mars is no different. He will stumble around, drinking several cups of coffee until he gradually becomes functional.

That process of Mars ramping up to full power will be completed by August 22. The problem is, at that time, Mars' brother, Mercury, will retrograde on August 30, and you always feel the impending Mercury retrograde period well in advance of the turnaround date. (This month, Mercury will also retrograde, April 28 to May 22, making May a tough month.) You see why I chose August 1 - it is far from August 30, the date Mercury will again go retrograde. Mars will go direct on June 29 and be stronger by August 1. I can't wait until Mars is at his strongest point on August 22 for scheduling my eye surgery (they do one eye at a time, so I am only focused on that one), nor wait until the date Mercury goes direct, September 22. That seems too long to wait. August 1 seems perfect. (To complicate things further, my doctor only operates on Mondays.) We make educated decisions based on prevailing aspects and hope for the very best. If you need an operation, schedule it straight away, whenever the need comes up. If you can choose a date for a non-urgent operation, do so after June 29.

Speaking of health, the sixth house, which will be so lit up for you on April 7, when the new moon comes by with her entourage of planets and the Sun, also rules your health and the measures you take to stay healthy. A new moon in this house would be the best time of 2016 to start off on a new program of health and fitness. It is the right time to go for an annual physical or to have a checkup, or to begin a protocol of health treatments, such as physical therapy sessions or a series of treatments you need to get well. Go to the dentist too, if only for a checkup and a cleaning. If you are scared of the dentist, you have seen too many horror movies. The new techniques keep you so comfortable and happy. As you know, if you don't take care of your teeth, you won't have any!

If you return to the gym after a long time of not going, do not overdo. Uranus conjunct the Sun could make you impulsive enough to take on more than you should. Don't let a burst of enthusiasm undercut your effort to get strong and healthy. This new moon will be in hard angle to Pluto, so if you are suffering from a chronic health concern, have patience. It may take weeks or months to get well, but the point is, you can prevail. Aries is also the planet of athletic competition, so if you want to get involved in one, it would likely come up now, just after April 7. If your doctor gives you the green light, then send in your application.

So far, I have discussed your day-to-day experiences at work, but to gain career prestige and success, we need to look to see what the Sun is doing in April. You will likely see your first career victory on April 5, when the Sun and Saturn will be beautifully aligned. This day, talk to an older, experienced VIP for advice, or sign a contract that will bring stability to your career.

On April 6, slow down and avoid meetings with higher ups, as you won't likely get the answer you were hoping to hear. With Pluto in hard angle to the Sun, someone - a higher-up or a competitor - may try to block your rise to the top.

On April 9, Uranus will conjunct the Sun, and the Sun is the ruling luminary of your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. You might have an unexpected development in your career on these days, and the day prior, April 8, but it is impossible to know which way things will go. A lot depends on how things have been going all along - it will be an extension of all that happened in the past. I am optimistic, for you seem to have been doing a great job, racking up one career victory after another. Keep your antenna up; you have all the right instincts.

You may get good news about money due to you on April 12, when Venus and Mars link your houses of money and special projects. This is a great day to see happy career progress and profits - see what happens.

Romantically, if you have a partner, you may go together to a lyrical, poetic event on April 14, when Jupiter will align with Mercury. This would be an ideal day to go to any sort of celebration, to schedule a dinner after work, or to go to a career function. You may make new friends and generally enjoy yourself to the fullest. This would also be an outstanding day to sign a contract, to travel, or to shop for a purchase you want. As you get closer to Mercury retrograde, April 28, the door will close on shopping and signing contracts. I feel this, April 14, will be the last day of April when you can safely do either, especially if you want to buy an electronic item, such as a computer, tablet, smart phone, or headphones - even a car.

The full moon falls in your sign of Scorpio this month at 2 degrees on April 21. Something of enormous importance to you will reach fullness. The only aspect will be a lovely one: a silvery, shimmering beam from Neptune in your fifth house of true love. This could be a highly romantic time for you, or you may be invited to a beautiful social event, one that is so heavenly, you feel transported to a different world. All full moons are influential for a plus or minus four days. Sit back and see what happens. As an aside, you can show off exceptional creativity at this full moon August 21 (plus or minus four days) as well.

If your birthday falls on October 25 or within five days of this date, you will feel the lovely vibrations of this full moon the most. The same would be true if you have Scorpio rising 3 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) or know you have a planet at 3 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn at 3 degrees (plus or minus five degrees).


Your workaday life is about to bring unexpected developments after the new moon arrives in Aries, April 7. Uranus, the erratic planet ruling the alternating current of electricity as well as all unexpected events, will be conjunct the new moon and Sun, giving Uranus a major role this month. It appears something at work is about to surface, and you won't see this coming. It may be that a trusted co-worker or subordinate that you depend on will suddenly announce a departure. A project may change dramatically, or a big important one may come up. You may have to go over old ground or adjust to new priorities or standards for the project. Pluto will be in hard angle to the new moon, suggesting you may clash with a VIP on a decision this person made that will affect you and possibly others, but if you do, do so objectively and unemotionally. Admittedly, this may be easier said than done, but you won't have full control, and the deck will not be stacked in your favor. Proceed carefully. Sometimes winning the battle does not mean you will win the war. This could feel like going up against City Hall.

On two excellent days, career matters will go your way. The first day will be April 5, when Saturn, the planet of long-range thinking, will be in ideal angle to the Sun, in your work project house. Another special day for you will be April 12 when Venus and Mars will work together to help you again negotiate effectively, especially if the topic involves money.

Mars is the natural ruler of your work project sector, and this month, Mars - which is also one of your two rulers - will go retrograde from April 17 to June 29. If you have to hire a worker, do so early in the month. Acting quickly will be important - time will be of the essence. Act well in advance of Mars turn retrograde, April 17.

Another planet, Mercury, will also go retrograde, April 28 to May 22, which is never a wise time to sign a contract or to make important decisions. As you get closer, you will find that when making a decision, you won't have all the information you may need, or if you feel you do, things will change later - you will wish you had waited. Mars and Pluto are your two rulers, with the job of protecting your interests. Mars provides energy, light, and power. With Pluto going retrograde too, on April 18 (the day after your other ruler, Mars retrogrades) you won't have the power in negotiations you are used to having and may have taken for granted that you would always possess. Everything will improve in several months, after September 27, when Pluto, Mars and Mercury will be direct. View April and next month, May (when five planets will be retrograde), as a time of refection and planning, not action.

The full moon on April 22 will fall in Scorpio, bringing all that is dearly important to you to fullness. Within four days of this date, you are likely to have a tender romantic episode, as Neptune will be beautifully angled to this full moon, the only one in Scorpio this year. If your birthday falls near October 25, you will get a double dip of pleasure. Your creativity will be very high at this point of the year, and you may be lauded for work you did earlier. Indeed, an influential person will be mighty impressed with your performance.

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