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Capricorn Horoscope for April 2016

By Susan Miller

You have a greater than usual emphasis on home and family in April. If you are hiding under your desk, covering your ears and shouting, "I can't think about this anymore! I have had enough emphasis on property, home, and family to last me five years!" I agree. Before you freak out, you have lots of help at this new moon, so stay with me. I realize that many Capricorns have been on the move, and some have moved house or apartments more than once in recent years. That can require a lot of adjustment and be stressful, especially for a sign that likes to stay put by putting down stakes. Most Capricorns have moved due to changes or opportunities in career.

Let's look at April in detail. Before we get to the very important new moon that will trigger so much of this trend, I want to point out that you have a super day coming up in April's first week, prior to the new moon. That day will be April 5, when the Sun will work with your ruling planet, Saturn, to provide comforting stability to a financial situation. You might have a job interview to discuss compensation and benefits, or you might hear good news about a sale or commission that you will soon receive. I say that you will benefit financially on April 5 because the Sun rules your solar eighth house of money, and on this day the news about money will make you feel settled and cozy. Alternatively, this day may bring good news about your home, a mortgage or property refinancing plan, or money that you will inherit or be given from a family member who loves you.

Now let's focus on the new moon in your fourth sector ruling home, property, and family. If you have to move, you may find a house or apartment you love, or find out you need to move - the aspects are mixed. However, Saturn, your ruler, will be very friendly to this new moon, and that will count for a lot, and should quiet any fears you may have over more changes at home. If you have to move or renovate, this is your best time of 2016 to do it, for the new moon will give you all the motivation you need to get things done. As you will see later, you must announce decisions EARLY in the month, prior to April 15. You can actually move at month's end, but the paperwork should be signed early on. If you have to close on a house, do so on April 12.

This month you have in your home sector the Sun, new moon, Uranus, and Venus. Uranus is the planet of unpredictable events, the reason I say some sort of news will completely capture your attention at the time he follows the new moon April 7, but with Uranus involved, I can't quite tell which way things will go. If your physical space is set, you may hear unsolicited opinions from your family that might upset you. Pluto in Capricorn will be at hard angle to the new moon, so I feel the one who will shut down the conversation with a sense of authority will be you. Try not to use too heavy a hand. I like that Mars will be in a wide trine ("trine" comes from the word "triangle" denoting two plants that are 120 degrees apart - the same degrees as a triangle - and this aspect is considered the most heavenly aspect of harmony possible.) Mars is also the subject of this new moon, because a new moon in Aries is governed by Mars. Mars' position tells me this all can have a happy resolve, because Mars is close enough (within ten degrees) to be helpful.

If you are decorating your house or apartment, your most outstanding day to make beautiful choices for your decor will be April 12. On that day, Venus and Mars will be beautifully angled to each other, setting off a need to beautify your space, and you will be energized to act on those needs. This would also be a perfect gorgeous day to give a gathering or party at home. This is a Tuesday, but you will start to feel this sexy, loving vibe build over the proceeding weekend, April 9-10, as well. Consider the idea of giving a party on one day over the weekend of April 9-10.

A very romantic day is due next, April 14, that will be ideal for love mixed with travel - kidnap your sweetheart and head to the airport. Mercury will be in your true love house and send a direct, golden beam to Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck. This same day would also be outstanding for selling a creative idea to foreign markets or for hearing good news about a matter related to academia, the media (publishing, broadcasting), or a legal matter. Foreign people will be very fortunate for you now, dear Capricorn.

The full moon on April 21 will be one of the most social, tender, and romantic full moons of the year. It will fall in Scorpio, and light your eleventh house of friends, hopes, and wishes. Neptune will be the only planet to send silvery beams to the moon, creating a setting for a very glamorous experience. On top of this, concurrent with the full moon, Venus will be conjunct Uranus in your home sector and set off pretty sparks that all your guests will feel. Conversation would bubble up and everyone will have a lot of fun. In fact, two of your guests may meet and fall in love at your party. Wow! If you want to meet someone new to date, ask a friend to bring someone to introduce to you at your party. This full moon will be highly romantic.

Mars will go retrograde this month from April 17 to June 29, and because Mars rules your home and family sector, try to get all property and family matters wrapped up by no later than April 14, but preferably sooner. After Mars goes out of phase, you will find that projects begin to slow down for any number of reasons. You may lose interest in your home-related project when other parts of life take your attention, or it may be that the contractors you may have hired for your project encounter one delay after another.

If you are trying to sell a house or condo, talk with your broker. You should not have your house listed on a property for sale website for a long time, for if a listing does not attract buyers within a reasonable length of time, the price offered to you for your house by perspective buyers will continue to drop. I would suggest you not list your property for sale at this time - wait until July or August. Too many things can go haywire while Mars, the ruler of your home sector, is retrograde. You could find a buyer only to discover this person can't get a mortgage. I want to save you frustrations, dear Capricorn.

To make matters more complicated, Mars' brother, Mercury, will go retrograde at month's end too, from April 28 to May 22. Next month we will have five out of eight planets retrograde at some part of the month. This emphasis on sleepy, languishing planets is a message from the universe to slow down - you are moving too fast. The only time you can see the big picture is when you can take a moment to step back to get a panoramic view. When you come off the merry-go-round, you can think more clearly, and you can analyze recent events and patterns in your own responses. You have been so busy putting out fires that you haven't had any time to reflect on anything, but soon this month, you will.

With your schedule slowing down, you will also have more time for friends, home, and family. If you need to buy a car, smart phone, computer, tablet or iPad, headphones, or any kitchen or home appliance like a new stove, refrigerator, washer-dryer, vacuum cleaner, or other electronic with moving parts, you must hurry and do so in the early part of April, far from April 17 or 28. Mercury rules electronics, but his brother Mars rules iron and all the gears in machinery, the reason not to shop in the second half.

Mars also rules all sharp instruments, including the scalpel that the surgeon uses to operate. For this reason, if you are contemplating elective surgery - that is, specifically non-urgent surgery - you might want to put it off during the retrograde. Schedule it for July or August instead. However, if the surgery is urgent, the retrograde planets may be pointing to the time to go back, re-examine the ailment, and finally fix it. Get second opinions and move forward after you have trust in your doctor.


You have been concerned about getting your home settled for some time, but the universe seems poised for an impending shakeup. Keep your antenna up after the new moon, April 7, when that new moon and Sun will conjoin Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected. You may get an assignment at work that will cause you to have to relocate. Or, the landlord may have suddenly sold your apartment building and you got notice you may have to move. Some things are beyond your control, so the only way to deal with this is to begin looking into all your options. This is not to dismiss your plight - moving can be quite stressful, and I am sympathetic.

Alternatively, it may be that your roommate will announce a sudden departure, or that your home will need a repair you never anticipated. With a new moon in Aries, follow home safety rules to the letter, such as to not leave candles burning in a room unattended and keep walkways clear. It appears something will pull your attention to home or family quite suddenly. Pluto will be in hard angle, so if you have a romantic partner, you may have to be very persuasive when discussing your home-related plans, for your partner seems to have a scorched earth method of negotiation. Your partner may make you feel the issue will be impossible to resolve. Saturn, your ruler, will be supportive this new moon, offering many reasons to remain hopeful. Take the long view in any dilemma, for if you do, Saturn can get you to where you want to be.

Mars, the ruler of your house of home, is about to retrograde, April 17, but has already started to slow progress at the very start of April. Be patient with the home-related changes you need to make. You'll have a far better window of opportunity in October. Do your research now, create a folder of options and costs, and be ready to roll then.

Are you feeling the need for a trip away with your one and only? Take a long weekend from April 14 to April 17, for you'd have a great time. With Mercury in sync with good fortune Jupiter, you will have an ideal time to pack and go.

Mercury will turn retrograde on April 28 until May 22, so get your most vital actions done well in advance of this date. It's never wise to make any major changes, such as to take a new job or sign papers when Mercury is out of phase. Sit tight - later you will be glad you adopted a wait and see attitude.

The full moon, April 21, will be full of sugar and spice. You seem to be attending a party populated with many friends, or (if you aren't moving) giving one at home. With Venus conjunct Uranus on this day, if you do invite friends, your party is sure to rate a "10." Neptune will also be supportive, suggesting if you go to another's fete, it appears you will need to take a short trip to get there. Neptune will add style, creativity, and beauty to this event - April 22 (plus or minus four days) will stand out for you this year!

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