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Gemini Horoscope for April 2016

By Susan Miller

Over the past two months, you've had a great many professional considerations on your mind, but April will be perfect for catching up with friends and for letting go and having fun. You will start to see your social schedule perk up directly after the new moon in Aries at 18 degrees arrives on April 7.

That new moon, which will be very powerful for ten days after it arrives on April 7, will soon reveal that the universe has cooked up a positive surprise or two when it comes to your social life. The Sun and Uranus will conjoin at the time of this new moon (and be mathematically in perfect alignment two days later, on April 9). Both Uranus and the Sun will orbit closely in your eleventh house of friendships, hopes, and wishes. Whatever starts up seems to be completely unanticipated. It's good - what would life be without a few surprises now and then? When it comes to your love life, if you are single, your friends are driving your romantic opportunities, so listen if one of your friends has an idea of someone she or he thinks you should meet.

The Sun and moon are related directly to your solar third and second houses, covering writing and speaking assignments, as well as your earned income, respectively. This suggests that aside from the flurry of social activity that the new moon will bring up for you, an assignment will also likely surface that would take advantage of your considerable communication skills. That's an exciting possibility, and it would arise suddenly. You also have talks happening or about to happen at a distance - either in a foreign country or in a city far from where you are based. Keep your ear to the ground. You may already know about what I am seeing here and in April's second week, or news you didn't know about may come up just after the new moon, April 7.

Pluto will be in hard angle at this new moon, and because Pluto is in your eighth house ruling other people's money, you would be wise to see your accountant before the new moon arrives April 7. Taxes are governed by your solar eighth house, so to avoid a surprise on what you might owe the government, go to see your accountant early in the month, prior to the new moon. This same house would be the house where identity theft would show up, so check all credit card and bank statements carefully to make sure nothing is amiss.

If your birthday falls on June 8, plus or minus four days, you will benefit from this new moon. The same is true if you have Gemini rising or a natal planet at 18 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) of Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius. You'll have at least one sweet surprise!

I will mention something else. If you didn't hear any news about your career last month on or within five days of March 8, the date of the solar eclipse, you may hear news this month, near April 8. Watch the days that surround that date. It is possible the news will come now. I feel you are on a climb to the top of the mountain, dear Gemini, so stand tall and keep going.

One of your favorite days for romance or for getting along smoothly and happily with your partner in love or business will be April 12, when Venus and Mars will be perfectly angled. Venus will link your eleventh house of friendships, fun, and social event to your seventh house of partnerships. This should be a fun day, as well as the days LEADING to this day. Put a gold star on April 12.

Another stellar day should be April 14, when Mercury, your ruling planet, will be in ideal angle to good fortune Jupiter. On this day, home and family will bring lovely developments. Sign a lease on a rental, close on a house, make a bid, or confer with your real estate broker or contractor about other plans you may have. Alternatively, you may move in with your sweetheart. This is a fantastic day to sign papers, to travel, or to simply see things go your way in a magical way. After all, Mercury is your ruler, the planet meant to take good care of you in so many ways in life.

Headline news is about to happen this month with Mars' impending move to retrograde on April 17. Mars is the warrior planet that helps you with all competitive endeavors where you want to win, whether in business or in an athletic competition. When Mars is retrograde, the energy is lacking, so you will have to do all the heavy lifting by applying much more energy than you would usually have to do. You can't expect lucky breaks - everything will have to be earned. Mars retrograde affects all of us, in different ways.

For you, Mars will remain in your commitment house until September 27, putting a very strong emphasis on your close relationship, in love or business. You might change your mind when to get married or when to sign papers with a proposed business partner, agent, manager, or other key person, or whether to make the commitment at all. Give yourself time to think. With Mars in this house, you will have many more interactions than usual with your love or business partner, so that means you will occasionally have disagreements. Don't let that worry you - you are being challenged to find ways to deal with your partner in a graceful way, without giving up too much but also being sure you give enough to your partner - you will need to find the right balance. The waffling and less power coming from Mars will put more emphasis on your ability to carry the load.

Shortly after Mars goes retrograde on April 17, Mars' brother, Mercury, will also go retrograde on April 28 and remain out of phase until May 22. Mercury is important to you because Mercury rules Gemini - it is the planet responsible for giving you your well known intellect and ability to speak, write, negotiate, translate, edit, and research effectively. If you need to sign papers, do so on April 14, a fabulous day for you, but don't do it any later than that. If you have to buy an electronic item, do so now, for you should never tangle with Mercury retrograde when shopping for expensive things, especially not electronics.

Planets that orbit close to the earth are the ones that we feel most directly, and that includes Venus, Mars, and Mercury. (Venus won't retrograde until March 4, 2017 for approximately six weeks.) Next month we will have five out of eight planets out of phase, so wrap up all your most important initiatives in early April, without delay. During the Mars retrograde, look over past projects and relationships, and see if you can find ways to improve them. It's not a time to venture into new areas, but to focus on friends, contacts, and projects that are ongoing or that you've been involved with in the past.

At the full moon, April 21, the full moon in Scorpio 2 degrees will culminate a work project. This full moon is a sweet one, for it will bring the enchanting influence of Neptune in beautiful angle. It appears you will be finishing a creative project, and things should go well for you professionally. The reviews of your work should be superb. This will be a happy moment of the month - allow a plus or minus four days for news.

The area of the chart where this full moon is falling also rules your efforts to get healthy again if you have not been feeling well. You may get a diagnosis on a doctor's test or it may be that a series of physical therapy treatments are now ending. If you have been seeing a psychotherapist to talk over a problem, you may now have an epiphany or sudden flash of clarity. If you have had a miserable cold, colds tend to reach a full point at a full moon and then dissipate within four days after the full moon. (It may help to know that if you get a cold at a new moon, it will likely linger. You will have to do everything you can think of to get well, including staying home, having chicken soup, drinking water, and getting rest! Fortunately there is no new moon that would indicate the onset of an illness, so relax.)

On this same day as the full moon, on April 21, Venus and Uranus will work together to bring a wonderful episode in matters of the heart, especially if you are single. This should be a fun day, so be sure to be out and about. This date is special!


Lately you've been very focused on your career, but this month will provide diversion and a sense of fun. The new moon, April 7, will appear in your eleventh house of friendship and events, so your schedule will fill up with meetings and greetings with friends and associates - much more than usual. Your friends will have a surprise for you, too, for Uranus will be conjunct the Sun, and Uranus always brings what you would least expect to happen. In this case, I am betting your unexpected event will be a fun one.

Aspects at the new moon April 7 are mixed, so things may go either way when it comes to friendship - you may be thrilled with the actions of a friend, or upset by one. Overall, however, I feel you will come out shining. You have a good chance of enjoying romance, so whether you are attached or single, things should work out well for you. If you are single, and you hope to find someone who will turn out to be your one true love, stepping out would do you a world of good.

Money may concern you too, for Pluto, from your house of credit and other people's money, will be in hard angle to the new moon. You may have a large credit card bill or student loan payment to pay and feel you are coming up short. Alternatively, you may have news about taxes that makes you jittery. If it is taxes, offer the taxman a payment plan to calm your nerves. Alternatively check your credit card statement and credit report for any possible unauthorized use. Also, you may have to deal with a matter involving identity theft, so examine your credit statement, and make sure no one has tried to sully your good name. The sooner you catch something wrong (if you find anything at all), the faster you will be able to delete it from your record.

Mars will continue to tour your seventh house of partnership, a trend that started last month and will extend to September 27. This is an unusually long tour of Mars that started last month on March 5. To say you will work closely with a partner is an understatement. Your partner may be your romantic sweetheart, so you may have recently moved in together, or you may be getting engaged soon, or you will be planning a wedding. Alternatively, Mars may be energizing a business partnership, and if so, you appear to be working on a large deal. Prepare to have an uneven flow this month because Mars will go retrograde on April 17, and will not come out of retrograde until June 29. Even after June 29, Mars will be moving direct but moving very slowly, hence, talks and plans will proceed slowly too.

Mars is the energy planet that you need to make a success of competitive situations. The debilitated condition of Mars from April through August will create delays. Another planet, Mercury, will retrograde from August 30 through September 22, adding more delays. Have patience. With such intense collaboration going on with a partner, at times you won't agree, so keep the conversation calm. Don't push the hot button if an occasional flare-up should occur between you. You both appear to be committed to this solid relationship for the long road ahead. Oddly, whenever extraordinarily good things begin to develop, people in close relationships start to argue, mainly out of fear - that this relationship is getting bigger and more important to both of you. This is often simply a symptom that the relationship is now reaching a new and more vital stage, and that adjustments need to be made on both sides. Remain optimistic.

A four-star day for you for sensational news and luck will be April 14, when Mercury and Jupiter will be in supreme harmony. Home-related matters will shine brilliantly, no matter how large or small a home, property, or family goal happens to be. It's a sterling day - use it! You can sign contracts today too.

You have been working hard for months, and the full moon April 21 may bring an important project to fullness. Neptune will be very friendly to this full moon, suggesting you may be asked to do an interview for an important media outlet. Your image is likely to be out in the world at this time, with many people hearing about your exceptional professional progress. Or, it may be that you have created a creative project that is lauded and that brings you up another notch.

This same full moon April 21 may bring a health matter to a final phase or cure. Over the past three years, from October 2012 to September 2015, you may have had to deal with a chronic health concern, but this full moon may put the end to it, or at least clear a path for a new treatment from your doctor that might offer you relief.

The universe will toss you a piece of chocolate, coincidentally the day after the full moon, April 22, when Venus and Uranus will be in beautiful alignment, adding surprise and fun, and if single, a possible chance romantic meeting. If attached, this is a Friday, so go out, have fun, and flirt like you are both 18 again.

Mercury will retrograde from April 28 to May 22, and as you know, action-Mars will retrograde too, starting April 17, for more than two months. Get all you need to get done early in the month. Don't get too close to April 17, as it is never wise to schedule important actions close to the retrograde - as you begin April, it is already too late to out-run Mercury. Buy your electronic items soon! Do so quickly in the first week of April and, by electronics, I mean any machines, including the purchase of a car or kitchen appliances. May will be a difficult month, as five out of eight planets will languish in retrograde for at least part of the time: Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto. This behooves you to get busy early in the first half of April - wrap up key projects, go shopping, and reach accord on future plans.

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