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時間 Wed Oct 17 16:29:00 2012

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 +1183 avatar meelo answered about 8 days ago
  為什麼你在Curse House的時候要穿著襪子進按摩浴缸? 我看到都快發飆了
A:Haha not sure why people think I'm dumb enough to do that but yeah Pluto
  thought it would be funny to do it. And no I'm not that odd/stupid.
  科科 不知道為什麼會有人覺得我會瞎到做這種事 不過Pluto覺得這樣做會很有趣

+615 2leet4skeet answered about 8 days ago
Q:How did you react to Regi almost leaving TSM?
A:I cried all night. Naw but If you live with Regi, you know how far he'll go
  with a troll, so I was sure he was putting on a huge act.
  我哭了一整晚 嗚嗚...不是啦 如果你跟胖虎住在一起的話 你就知道他多會戳 所以我

+280 Speedzor answered about 7 days ago
Q:How will you change your jungle gameplay after this tournament?
  在S2之後你的jungle style會做什麼改變?
A:I'm not sure how much different it will get as it always depends on what
  team I have and what champion im playing ( say farming on shyvana when you
  have a Kathus mid is hard as he should be taking 2 of my camps) and I've
  heard there might be some changes in the jungle season 3 so who knows.
  Though for off season , I'm not sure what else I can really change.
  我不確定會有多少差別 因為這取決於選角組合跟我玩哪隻英雄 (例如中路是死哥時用
  龍女農怪會變很不蘇湖 因為四鬼和三狼會被他洗光) 我還有聽到消息說S3的野區會做
  些變動 所以...天知道 雖然賽季結束了 我不確定我可以做什麼改變

+191 Equis answered about 7 days ago
Q:As a jungler the worst feeling is seeing your team mates getting beat in
  every lane asking for help all the time and all you can do is feel
  helpless. What in your opinion is the best thing to do in this situation?
  作為一個將狗 最爛的感覺就是看到我方全線崩壞 然後一直哭哭要你幫忙 而你能做的
  只有感受無助 以你的觀點 你覺得這時候最好地應對是啥?

A:Try to gank the easiest lane or force your team to group for an objective
  as likely your lanes will continue to lose in their current state. Though
  it's very difficult to come back from stuff like this.
  試著去gank最容易的那一路 或是強迫你的隊伍集結去打某個目標 因為這時可能每一
  線只會越輸越慘 不過這種情況通常很難救了

+184 mesquitakj answered about 8 days ago
Q:Which Jungler are you looking to intergrate more of into your repetoire?
A:I'd love to play someone like Hecarim in tourny play (though I have a few
  that haven't seen LAN play but I believe are ready for tourny play)
  我會想在線上賽多玩一些Hecarim(雖然線下賽還不太會出 不過我已經準備在線上賽
  用了) (括號內的不太確定有沒有翻對)

+165 Fox answered about 8 days ago
mQ:Fuck one, marry one, kill one, Dyrus Regi Xspecial.
  肛一個, 娶一個, 殺一個, Dyrus Regi Xspecial
A:I could give a cop out answer but : fuck xpecial, marry regi and kill Dyrus
  (he said he'd kill me anyway asshole)
  我其實可以跳過這題的... 肛Xpecial, 娶Regi, 殺Dyrus(他說他要殺了我 壞蛋)

+133 Sp3ctrum answered about 7 days ago
Q:What can we expect from TSM(competitive-wise) in the upcoming season 3?
  do you guys agree with AlexIch statement that NA scene doesnt take the game
  serious and thats why we are behind?
  在S3的TSM有哪些方面是我們可以期待的呢? 你們同意AlexIch的那套說法嗎? 北美的
A:There might be a few modifications In our training regiment, like more
  theocrafting or studying teams. As far as Alex Ich's comments go, he later
  stated that his comments weren't towards TSM. I don't think they were for
  dig either. It was just fairly obvious one team was full of shit, talked
  hella shit, didn't practice anything but how to say 'we will try harder
  next time' after they lost. I fully expect hungrier more serious NA teams
  to surpass that said team in season 3 because if you can't even try for a
  million dollar tourny, you're a joke.
  我們的訓練方式可能會有一些些改變 像是花更多時間想戰術或研究其他隊伍 至於
  AlexIch那些評論 他後來有補充說不是針對TSM 我也不認為這些話是針對Dig 所以很
  顯然的是某一隊跟狗屎沒兩樣(CLG?) 專講屁話 沒練到三小 只學會在輸了以後說
  "我們下次會更努力" 我真的很渴望有更多認真的北美隊在S3能贏過做出評論的隊伍
  (應該還是CLG) 因為如果你不為了100萬鎂而做些嘗試的話 你就只是個笑話

+96 Ziodyne answered about 7 days ago
Q:If you could make one champion viable in the jungle, which one would it be?
  如果你可以讓某個英雄在野區混得好 那會是哪一隻?
A:Talon I guess, I just like the feel of the champion and he's really
  fun but his ability to be useful later ( from jungle) is extremely limited
  due to him having a harder time snowballing than lane talon.
  我想會是塔隆 我就是喜歡這隻英雄給人的fu 而且他玩起來真的很趣味 但他的能力
  (將狗角而言)在後期非常受限 因為跟走其他路的塔隆比起來 他很難滾雪球

+92 CROzgDQMY answered about 8 days ago
Q:What 3 junglers do you recommend to learn for raising elo?
  要爬ELO的話 你會推薦哪三隻將狗角?
A:Lee sin, nocturne and lee sin again
  李星 夜曲 然後還是李星 (你到底有多愛李星啊?)

+86 xRaan0 answered about 8 days ago
Q:What happened to TSM Hunter, and why is this question always ignored?
  TSM Hunter怎麼了 然後為什麼這個問體總是被無視?
A:We gave him back to the owners, it's usually ignored since I don't
  wanna have to explain how foolish getting a dog was when we're practicing
  for regionals and worlds constantly. I personally didn't think it was a
  good decision to have him in the first place
  我們把他送回給飼主了 這問題常被無視是因為我不想解釋當我們在準備北美資格賽跟
  決賽時還養了條狗是多麼愚蠢的事 我個人打從一開始就覺得養他是個很糟的決定

+73 imablackguy answered about 7 days ago
Q:Do u think riot made the right decision about the "cheating" in the s2
  world championships?
A:While I'm bummed out, I can't really blame the decision as there's tons of
  other technical difficulties that happened and they're extremely behind
  schedule. Though I'm confident most of their issues will get resolved next
  雖然我是有點失望啦 但我真的無法炮他們的決定 因為還有其他一卡車的技術性問題
  發生 而且他們嚴重落後預定的schedule 不過我相信這些問題在下一季不會再發生了

+72 SeaOfMadness answered about 7 days ago

Q:How do you gank a totally warded lane??
A:Several ways depending on situation, you can ge oracles and wipe them out
  if there are 2+, you can try to gank through lane if that's not warded or
  do a dive with mid lane when the enemy is at their tower. Another way is if
  the enemy pushes up and you're a fast moving jungler, you can tell your
  lane to go engage the moment you're seen in river by the ward and hope you
  can get to the enemy before they get to tower. This is fairly dependent on
  視情況來說有很多種方法 如果超過兩支的話你可以喝先知清眼 如果線上沒插眼的話
  你可以試著從線上去gank 當敵人被壓到塔下時 你可以聯合中路去作dive 另一個方式
  就是當敵人推線過頭 然後你又是機動力高的英雄 你可以在進到眼的視野時叫你線上
  的隊友開戰 然後保佑你可以在敵人退回塔下之前幹掉他 這取決於選角

+70 chopsticks answered about 6 days ago
Q:In the first Frost game, why did you guys decide to choose Shyvana over a
  Malphite jungle? Did the team call it like that or was it tunneling?
  在對Azubu Frost的第一場 為什麼你們不選石頭人而是選龍女來將狗?
A:Similar to another question asked, we needed some early game aggression
  from the jungle and one that wouldn't be hurt or slowed significantly by
  invades. Maphite I don't think would work so well compared to say skarner
  ( mentioned by someone else in this AMA) as You tend I want to fight and
  stay alive near Kathus as Kathus has poor follow up on Maphite ult compared
  to other champs with bursty Ults that will take effect during the knock up
  like morg or zyra
  這跟其他題問的差不多 我們需要一些早期的野區侵略 然後對敵人的反野也要能承受
  住 相較於蠍子 當你的打法是戰下去並在死哥附近活久一點 我不覺得石頭人可以辦到
  (AMA有其他人問到這個) 而跟魔甘娜或枷蘿這類在石頭人放大把人撞起來時可以跟著
  放大的英雄比起來 死哥比較難跟著進場

+60 giantrobotcamel answered about 7 days ago
Q:Why we never see your Lee Sin in tournaments ?
A:Team doesn't believe.
  因為隊上其他人不相信我 (說好的miss Q呢?)

+59 CauseiSuck answered about 7 days ago
Q:Favourite/Worst jungler to play/play against in your opinion
A:I love playing lee sin though a safer pick for me in tournies would be
  maokai. I hate playing against shyvana since its hard to do
  creative/aggressive things against someone who has a strong early game and
  moves fast
  我喜歡玩李星 但打比賽時較保險的選角會是茂凱 我討厭遇到龍女 因為你很難對有早

+57 Gobbathehood answered about 7 days ago
Q:What would you do if u weren't playing LoL?
A:Computer programming
  程式設計 (AlexIch: 你也懂程式設計?)

+56 Zucker answered about 7 days ago
Q:If every member of TSM had to pick a different role to play what role would
  they pick?
  如果TSM每個人都得換位置的話 你會想玩哪個?
A:Probably similar to our pick a different role matchups when we felt our
  opponents were doing very poorly in scrims; regi on AD, me on support,
  chaox or Dyrus on jungle/top and xpecial on AP mid
  這很像當我們團練覺得對手很弱時會互換位置的作法 胖虎去打AD 我當輔助 Chaox或
  Dyrus去將狗或上路 Xspecial打AP中路

+55 disclaim answered about 7 days ago
Q:One thing I've always wondered is whether you are using your real names
  "IRL" (in the house and so on).
  我一直很想知道你們在現實生活中會用真實姓名嗎?(在gaming house或其他地方)
A:We actually hardly do, the person I call the most by their real name is
  probably xpecial and I almost never call regi by his real name ever. But
  for the most part everyone uses on game names since they're so used to it
  我們的確很少這樣叫 我最常叫真實姓名的應該是Xpecial 而且我幾乎沒叫過胖虎他的
  真名 但大部分每個人都用game name因為大家都已經非常習慣了

+41 Morderath answered about 7 days ago
Q:For when Subway as sponsor?
A:When they allocate their marketing budget correctly and realize what
  amazing returns I could give for literally 3k a year
  當他們正確投入他們開拓市場的預算 並了解到一年給我3000鎂就可以讓他們賺到一筆

+39 Paneho answered about 5 days ago
Q:Top three things a new jungler should always be aware of?
A:Map awareness, basic knowledge ( clear time and gank potential), matchups
  ( vs enemy jungler and lanes)
  地圖意識 基本常識(復活時間跟gank機會) 選角組合(對手的將狗線各路角色)

+28 ArgusDL answered about 7 days ago
Q:What went through your mind when Reginald said he wanted to retire?
A:He's probably pulling a master troll

+26 7LionHeart answered about 7 days ago
Q:Are going to master Lee Sin for Season 3?
A:I actually really want to do this, I play him whenever I can to master his
  tricks and mechanics
  我真的很想這樣做 我一有機會就玩李星 這樣才能精通他的小撇步跟玩法
+22 ColaBoy answered about 6 days ago
Q:Why did you play Shyvana the first game, and not something with a better
  initiate, like Skarner?
  為什麼你在第一場會選龍女 而不是想蠍子之類有更好開戰技的角色?
A:I was picking to have something with a strong early game so we could get to
  late game with Kathus, if all lanes are strong with a strong jungle, having
  Kathus should make late game easy to win if there's no huge mistakes . I
  personally don't like skarner vs maokai as maokai is tankier and can just
  jump on skarner if he rushes in for an ultimate. Though the engage he has
  is decent if Kathus lands a good wall as the enemy should be walking away
  from it but otherwise I'd see maokai rooting me down. But honestly skarner
  would've been fine if we didn't need too much pressure early ( say pre 6).
  我這樣選是因為要有強勢的早期 這樣我們可以把死哥帶到後期 如果每一路跟將狗都
  夠強勢的話 隊上有死哥在後期如果沒出大包可以很容易的打贏 我個人比較不喜歡用
  蠍子對上茂凱 因為茂凱比較坦 而且蠍子衝進去放大時茂凱可以馬上追上蠍子 雖然當
  死哥牆放的好時因為敵人會往回跑 他的開戰會很強大 但除此之外 我只會被茂凱吃死
  但老實說如果我們不需要早期壓迫對手的話(像上六之前) 蠍子是不錯的選擇

+22 Snowfog answered about 7 days ago
Q:Curse has stated several times that teams will need a 6th member for
  Season 3. Who's going to be TSM 6th member?
  Curse已經好幾次說他們的隊伍需要第六個成員來打S3 那TSM的第六人會是誰呢?
A:I don't think I'm allowed to say but we already have a mysterious member X
  as our 6th...
  我不覺得我可以說 不過我們已經有一位神秘的成員X來當第六人

+18 Fampy answered about 7 days ago
Q:Does TSM considered to play ( or migrate) to european/korean servers?
A:We had that idea at the start of s2 hence our house being located on long
  island, we wanted to play Europeans in the morning then NA teams later.
  That allowed to get maximum scrim time over other teams. Though I don't
  think it will be possible to have that luxury in s3 as the cons outweigh
  the benefits ( I think riot will announce something that'll make that
  sentence less cryptic, sorry!)
  在S2開始時我們有這樣想過 所以我們住在長島(NY) 我們想在早上打歐洲然後晚點再
  打美國的隊伍 跟其他隊伍比起來 這樣可以給我們最多的團練時間 雖然我不覺得S3會
  有這樣的機會 因為壞處比好處還多 (我想RIOT將會公佈某件事 到時你們就會比較容易
  看懂我的話 歹勢啦) (這邊應該就是RIOT會辦聯賽給薪水吧)

+17 YOUxSOxBAD answered about 5 days ago
Q:Have you all as a team ever thought about highering a coach or primary
  theory crafter? Someone that is in charge of creating the meta and
  stratagy's you all use and helping you perfect and execute them?
  你們有想過雇一個教練或是軍師嗎? 一個可以負責想你們可以用的meta或戰術
A:The problem with a theorycrafter that isn't playing for the team is that
  they wouldn't have the high level understanding unless they played at a
  high level and in that case they'd probably be on their own team if they
  were good at it. While itd be very efficient if someone that we wouldn't
  argue with could be found, it's very hard to pull off compared to just
  having team members theorycrafter stuff.
  一個不是隊上成員的人來當軍師最大的問題是除非他們有打到高端 不然他們對遊戲不
  會有高端的理解 而當他們可以打到高端又很強時通常都有自己的隊伍了 雖然如果可
  以找到一個我們可以信服的人的確會很有效 但跟直接讓隊伍成員自己想戰術相比這會

+14 FightMeIRL answered about 7 days ago
Q:What do you think of Rengar jungle? Is it viable for competitive play?
  你覺得奶油獅來將狗怎樣? 可以拿來打比賽嗎?
A:Very strong, he is someone that scales very well into the game due to his
  skill set and is very beefy later game with low items. His damage his
  significant for a champion that can go tank items. His ultimate is very
  special as its one of the best gank tools ever as its similar to nocturne
  ult while giving vision of everyone around to ensure that you're not
  jumping into death. A lane gank using his ultimate is one of the stronger
  and easiest ganks to do
  很好很強大 他的技能組讓他在每個時期都有不錯的優勢 在後期只要有一些裝備就可
  以很牛 對一個可以出坦裝的英雄來說 他的傷害很高 他的大招很特別 這是最好的
  gank技之一 有點像夜曲的大然後還能開視野 確保自己不是掉進對手挖的洞 用他的大

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solo0724    :Oce:歐洲第二一直被鞭屍 那北美第二勒!24F 10/17 16:56
ialy        :歐美真慘...亞洲人電競好像真的比較強25F 10/17 16:56
amgdaaaa    :歐洲CS這方面還是王者 亞洲沒得比26F 10/17 17:00
satan317    :互噴垃圾話不是一直以來都是嗎XD27F 10/17 17:00
potionx     :beef也可以指肉28F 10/17 17:04
SonAkali    :關於na那段我覺得最後還是在說clgna29F 10/17 17:10
SonAkali    :而非m5
king20031114:CLG跟TSM打 TSM都不是穩贏的說....31F 10/17 17:10
asd1        :@SonAkali 嗯嗯 你的講法比較通!32F 10/17 17:12
※ 編輯: asd1            來自:         (10/17 17:13)
by0413      :亞洲投入的人多又肯軍事化訓練 自然能贏歐美...33F 10/17 17:14
ZkNight     :我比較想知道神秘第六人到底是誰啊34F 10/17 17:16
asd1        :第六人可能還要等一陣子吧 連老大胖虎也不肯透漏35F 10/17 17:17
choosin     :推推36F 10/17 17:26
thewid      :TSM-KOBE2437F 10/17 17:32
ZkNight     :聽說阿萬有女友  有沒有人有真相的 QQ38F 10/17 17:38
charles716  :小心戰神DL阿~39F 10/17 17:40
asd1        :之前有人貼過FB 好像是澳洲人40F 10/17 17:40
ZkNight     :我找到了 3Q41F 10/17 17:42
yutsaieric  :淚推阿萬  \TSM/42F 10/17 17:57
aa384756    :李阿萬嗆成這樣沒人噓 TOYZ一堆噓 三小 差太多了吧43F 10/17 18:01
aa384756    :崇洋媚外也不是這樣子的吧?
karater     :樓上才真是搞不請楚狀況 拜託這兩隊恩怨情仇多久了45F 10/17 18:06
karater     :有啥好意外的阿
satan317    :話說toyz從國籍來說也是外吧47F 10/17 18:07
aa384756    :有仇 在台灣哪個有仇的戰隊敢用屎這個字眼去嗆人48F 10/17 18:09
aa384756    :TOYZ算國外的話 先把台港澳服分成台服跟港澳服吧
leafwind    :DL 也用shit不是嗎 只是他是嗆韓國人50F 10/17 18:10
satan317    :跟韓國人有甚麼差別呢51F 10/17 18:10
kim79923    :subway給好多$$$52F 10/17 18:12
karater     :美國人SHIT來SHIT去的 是在意外什麼?53F 10/17 18:13
satan317    :subway的贊助是S2冠軍的30倍54F 10/17 18:14
goodhike    :CLG萬歲55F 10/17 18:14
satan317    :我目洨了 = =56F 10/17 18:15

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