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 [情報] 6/19 Q&A

時間 Thu Jun 20 01:46:06 2013



Today’s issue is “interesting”. Basically, what happened: a flood of
artywhiners, moaning about arty nerfs started spamming the developer thread
and SerB switched to troll mode, as he usually does. Well… you’ll see.

- red screen of death is apparently back for 0.8.6, happens allegedly in
sniper mode, the new detail reduction system automatically sets everything to
minimum and then crashes. SerB’s answer: “Write a support ticket”

- the shell prices were rebalanced not only based on their damage and
penetration, but also based on the type of the gun they are used in. That’s
why the (weaker) premium KV-5 shells are more expensive than (stronger)
premium KV-4 subcaliber shells.
107mm APCR比KV-4的107mm APCR還要貴。

- devs don’t think the tier 8 premium vehicles with limited MM will suffer
from the tier 9 arty (too much)

- further measures to reduce arty amount (SS: RU server reports the same 5v5
arty battles as before)? “If necessery”

- currently it can be assumed, that tier 10 arty is balanced towards tier 10


- Q: “All the guns now have basically the same accuracy!” (SS: common
complain is that the guns are too accurate) A: “How terrible…”
- Q: “Too many fires caused by accurate guns!” A: “How terrible…”
- Q: “Mods not working!” A: “How terrible…”
- Q: “Priest moved to another tier, wtf?” A: “How terrible…” (SS: this
question was even in rhymes :) )
- Q: “The amount of arties did not get lower…” A: “How terrible…”

Well, basically, “How terrible…” was the answer on most complaints about
0.8.6. There is a lot of whine, including “hidden arty buff”. Some
exchanges are actually really funny:

Player Vesil: “I am quitting the game!” SerB: “How terrible…”
Player Vesil: “You don’t have much of a vocabulary” SerB: “How terrible…


Player LordStuped: “Do you have to make fun of players, who don’t like the
patch?” SerB: “How terrible…”

- Q: “FPS dropped significantly…” A: “How terrible…”

(later, when asked whether he doesn’t respect players, SerB states: “It is
necessery to distinguish players and idiots. Those are two (unfortunately
still somewhat overlapping) categories. We do respect players, but with
idiots it’s not that simple. This (thread trollflood) happens regularily –
 idiots come here and the thread topic is temporarily exhausted (SS: as in
out of order)”)

- ingame penetration indicator works automatically, there is no need to
manually adjust values for it

- dynamic camera is apparently fine: “you can turn it off (if you want to)”

- Q: “Why did you decide not to implement the British arty with autoloader?”
 A: “Beause the arty doesn’t come in this patch.” (SS: not sure what SerB
exactly means, probably just a brushoff, either way, the British arty with
autoloaders doesn’t appear in the leaked British arty branch)

- it’s possible there will be various sound settings for 2.0, 2.1 and 5.1

- when near tank corpses, jerking of the aim circle left and right is likely
the effect of dynamic camera

- 8.7 will be a simple patch, containing apparently only content
(vehicles,maps), not functional changes. SerB confirms 8.7 will bring British

- developers won’t be able to judge the effect of 8.6, when 8.7 comes out
(SS: meaning it will come soon), the results will most likely be known in 8.8
tho (SS: later, Storm stated that it takes roughly a month to collect the
date, it’s therefore logical to assume that the British arty will come
within the month)

- the average battle duration is cca 7 minutes and it practically hasn’t
changed since the game came out

- developers are considering the implementation of T58 (T57 Heavy with a
155mm gun) – not as a CW reward vehicle, but apparently as a regular one –
 but SerB states that it’s hard to balance (as in, overpowered)

- shell ejector animation might be added, “when it’s done it’s done”

- Q: “I went thru the thread, not enough concrete answers, just ridicule…”
 A: “I went thru the thread, not enough concrete questions. How terrible…”

- SerB explains his attitude towards forum whiners: out of all the active
players (those who play once per month), only 1/10000 are whiners, who try to
pretend to be the “voice of the nation”. SerB finds that amusing.

- Westfield map was changed (SS: not sure I know how exactly, something about
the sloped access from the village near the bridge towards the left base
being removed), it was intentional

- the game is changed in big patches (rather then series of small
minipatches), because: “That’s the general speed of development. The
project is complicated, any changes must be accompanied by serious program
testing. That’s not possible when doing frequent minipatches.”

- it’s possible the possibility to sell Superpershing for gold will come
even after 8.7 – it’s necessery to implement the mechanism for that first.

“It’s not a complicated mechanism, but as this matter concerns money, it
will have to be tested thoroughly.”

- SerB on arty: “It was created to limit the heavies and especially heavily
armored tank destroyers. The changes were designed to reduce arty effectivity
against fast vehicles, while keeping the “heavy tank killer” function.”

- SerB doesn’t think the shell distribution within the aim circle will
change further

- current maps being developed are mostly based on exotic regions, so that
Clanwars maps can use those. Future maps will be more traditional, such as a
“USSR city in winter” (this is an example)

- there are still issues with making the friendlist and ignorelist longer,
when it comes to easy ignorelist cleaning, the developers are waiting for the
new reworked chat, they don’t want any temporary solutions

- 0.8.6 contains no “hidden” changes in engine fire mechanism

- SerB states that FCM50t is doing fine in 0.8.6, players just need to play
it properly – as a medium, not as a heavy, it’s sort of “anti-Superpershing


- there will be no “spring” special camo implemented

- there will be no “art of war” competition for arty, because the devs want
to nerf it, not make players play it more

- it’s unlikely that second German TD line will come in upcoming patches,
but it will most likely come before the Chinese arty

- MM mechanism itself did not change in 0.8.6

- the exact percentual effect of the camo net will not be disclosed (it’s
not confirmed 0.8.6 camo net gives a 25 percent bonus)

- Storm is working on new camo system description article

- it’s not possible to make the dynamic camera not-optional, because that
would mean transferring the camera calculations to the server. If it becomes
possible, the camera will become compulsory.

- whether your ammorack is full of shells or not (whether you loaded all the
shells) has no effect on tank characteristics (doesn’t limit movement like
the weight does). This is intentional, so that people wouldn’t go into
battle with only a few shells and then screw their team by running around
with no ammo

- it’s possible that one of the upcoming patches will contain something to
improve the account security (no details yet)

- worldoftanks.ru portal is visited by less than 1 percent of active players

- the gold consumables for 1/2 price can also an experiment (SS: which
probably means that if it is successful enough, it will stay)

- functions inspired by some mods will continue to be added, if the mods don’
t break the game that is

- further tier9/10 arty nerfs? “If necessery. We decide, what is necessery.”

- devs don’t consider the French premium arty (LeFH) to be directly nerfed,
it won’t be possible to sell it for gold – as for mechanism changes (such
as accuracy for arties, or the lower 105mm HEAT penetration), those affect
more vehicles than just the LeFH, that’s why they are not considered direct
開發組認為lefh 18B2並沒有被特別nerf,影響表現的機制(彈著點、105HEAT)對其他車

- Storm states that the sounds of impact were even more “bland” in real
life, it’s not like the tank was supposed to “ring” like a bell

- the mechanism of bush camo was not changed from 0.8.5

- no rebalances of light tanks (in connection with the new tier 9/10 arties)
are planned

- the E-100 turret moving, that was deemed “too much” earlier will be
eventually revisited, but it has very, very low priority

- in 0.8.6, second ricochet of a shell is still impossible

- the developers are tracking the effect of various game changes on the
amount of people buying gold

- apparently, there was a second Superpershing historical variant, but the
developers decided to implement the one, which they had more data on

- the loader perk Adrenaline Rush 10 percent HP threshold won’t be increased

- according to SerB, the fact that the tank disappears one second after it is
lit up can happen, it’s neither a bug, nor a change in 0.8.6

- the “tasks” on test server (SS: you know, the thing where you did recieve
ridiculously high rewards for god knows what) was just an experiment

- apparently, voting (about WG matters) in the game won’t be implemented

- the ability to freeze accounts (including the run of premium account, “
vacation mode”) will not be available anytime soon – and if it comes in the
future, it will be very limited. Freezing only the premium time without
freezing the account itself is not even considered

- currently, multi-level water (SS: as in, lakes at various heights, cascades
etc.) is technically possible, but it won’t come soon

- Black Prince armor wasn’t changed in 0.8.6

- Storm states that when it comes to vehicle balance and gameplay, the “
rock-paper-scissors” principle still remains, just that there are two
triangles now (HT-MT-TD and HT-arty-LT) and some of the vehicles are not as
firmly belonging to one group as two years before

- developers are aware of the various fan-made trees, they have been
corresponding with some sensible discussion participants from the threads
dedicated to these fan-made trees. On this, SerB states that players in
general have little authentic info on Japanese tech

- Murazor’s (SS: a popular WoT Russian blogger) opinion is apparently not
more important to devs than the opinions of other players (SS: parallels can
be drawn here with SOME EU/US players, who think they influence WG at every


- the “sell this tank for gold” function will be available only in very
limited cases when the vehicle characteristics will change significantly,
definitely not a standard option

- the top Conqueror turret is balanced as it is apparently (SS: a player was
complaining that it is actually worse than the stock turret in some aspects,
SerB stated that one has to take into account the armor slope and the fact it
can carry a more powerful gun)
角度一起算,同時只有conqueror Mk.2 可以裝L1A1)

- Soviet D-5T-85BM has 10 ROF on T-34/85, 11,11 ROF on T-43 and 10,53 ROF on
T-44, apparently this is intentional

- SerB states that skill MM based on some statistics (doesn’t matter what
statistics) is technically possible (SS: it will not happen)

- “expert” medals (SS: not sure how they are called in english, master?) do
not take premium tanks into account, because some premium tanks are
practically impossible to meet in randoms

- the 0.8.6 premium shells for the Konisch gun were “sold” automatically
during the patch implementation, because the developers wanted to nerf them,
added them to the automatic sell list and in the end didn’t nerf them after

- open-topped vehicles have better viewrange than other vehicles of their
class (!)

- some idiot made a video with him using illegal mods and posted it in the
developer thread. Made SerB happy, apparently

- SerB states that as far as he knows, the side mesh screens on Panzer IV
Schmalturm do not work as spaced armor, it’s possible they will be added,
when all the models will are reworked

30 second countdown, someone types the master plan:
"All the noobs rush the hill and the rest def"
random guy: "What is def ?"
"You, rush the hill..."

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OnlyTD      :...什麼假HT真MT  連SerB都這樣認為了啊!?
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victor0lynn :T58只有6發?
victor0lynn :不是說不做真實世界嗎????自打喔?
victor0lynn :干涉到錢才會積極
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korsg       :實際能帶幾發砲彈就不知道哩
korsg       :一輪6發155砲轟下去我看老鼠也差不多升天哩
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donkilu     :Serb又搬出WIDID了...29F 06/20 19:29
ken80117    :基本上Serb不是客服,以他職位大可不必回答QA30F 06/20 21:16
donkilu     :我覺得他是為了troll才願意回答問題的=w=31F 06/20 23:01
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