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 Re: [新聞] 高雄女孩在美大學畢典演講 中文開頭獲滿

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演講者的三段主軸:Love, Patience, Pain.

Commencement Speech
Good morning family, friends, faculty members, and guests, and my most
heartfelt congratulations to the Class of 2018. 大家好 雖然我現在說不同的語言

Even though I just spoke in a different language, a lot of us are
experiencing a similar feeling: the fear of the unknown for our future.
(早安,各位畢業生家人,親友,教職員工和嘉賓, 還有我最衷心祝賀的2018畢業生。大

Like Dr. Ernst so kindly introduced, my name is Lin, and I am so incredibly
honored to be able to serve as the student speaker for the 2018 Fall
Commencement Ceremony at Morehead State University.

I could easily use this whole speech to thank our family, friends,
administration, and professors for allowing us to reach to this point or talk
about how incredibly proud I am of every single one of you for being here

But quite frankly, I would not be standing here in front of you today if it
was not for the United States of America for giving me the opportunity to
chase the American Dream and for my family and I to enter the country a
decade ago.

謝謝means thank you in my native tongue, Mandarin Chinese, and before moving
half way across the world (from Kaohsiung, Taiwan), Mandarin Chinese and
Taiwanese were the only languages I spoke. After moving to the United States
– Morehead, Kentucky, more specifically – when I was in the 6th grade, I
learned English (eventually), I learned that southern hospitality is real,
and I learned that nearly everyone loves Ale-8.
語和台語是我唯二使用的語言。 來到美國肯塔基莫爾黑德後 - 更具體地說 - 當我六年
,我發現幾乎每個人都喜歡Ale-8。#註: Ale-8是肯塔基當地公司生產的一種薑汁汽水,

I, however, also learned that being an immigrant means that I am an outsider
and that discrimination based on one’s skin color truly exists, even if they
are unintentional or systematic. Being an immigrant from a low-income
background taught me a lot of things, the hard way. It taught me love,
patience, and pain.
在有意或無意的系統裡。 這個低收入背景的外來者身份讓我在以艱難的方式學會了我很
多東西(或者是翻成: 這個低收入背景的外來者身份以一種艱難的方式教會我很多事情)。

Nested in the rolling hills of Appalachia lies a town called Morehead,
somewhere we have all learned to love in the past however many years we have
been privileged to call this place home. For me, love is hanging out at the
Fuzzy Duck, hiking and exploring the beauty of Cave Run Lake and Lockegee,
and forming life-long friendships through programs and Greek and non-greek
organizations at MSU. It’s all the good memories we will be able to take
with us from this institution.
(我們很驕傲的稱坐落於阿巴拉契亞山脈連綿起伏的小山上的莫爾黑德小鎮為家。 對我而
言,“愛“就是與朋友們在Fuzzy Duck咖啡店聚在一起,在美麗的Cave Run 湖以及


Like many of you, there’s been countless nights where I have been on the
verge of giving up studying for exams, writing a paper, or completing a
project. Sleepy-eyed and exhausted, these experiences taught me patience and
reminded me of my parents’ own experiences at MSU. Both my parents graduated
from MSU with their Master’s Degree, with very limited English. They often
had to translate every single word in their textbooks and spend 10x the
amount of time studying for exams compared to their fellow American
classmates. But their patience was formed by wanting a better future for me
and my brother and from being the first in both their families to complete a
Master’s Degree, let alone a degree abroad. Outside of academia, I have been
able to learn that patience also means fighting for what you believe in, and
we need to have enough patience to not give up and continue providing the
platforms for marginalized communities without voices.
More importantly, we also need to have enough patience in understanding those
who are different than us – race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual
orientation, mental and physical abilities, and religious belief alike.
Rather than putting up walls of division, let’s continue building bridges of

更重要的是,我們還需要有足夠的耐心去理解那些與我們不同的人 – 包括種族,民族,

My parents’ story brings me to my next lesson learned: pain. Throughout my
college career, I often times think about my grandmother, the strongest woman
I know, and the ocean that separates us. I think of her as the wisest person
I know too; yet, she is illiterate. It pains me that just two generations
ago, a lot of people – especially women – weren’t allowed to attend school
in this world. With 14% of this world’s population illiterate today, I, too,
often take my ability to read and write for granted.
(我父母的經歷過程讓我學習到下一個課程:經歷苦痛。 在我的留學期間,我經常想起分
 痛苦的點是,僅僅兩代人之前,很多人 - 尤其是女性 - 在這個世界上不被允許上學。

As college graduates, we, really, are the lucky ones, and it is up to us to
go write our own stories (literally). We are able to use the well-rounded
education we received from Morehead State University as a tool for positive
impacts in our lives.
(身為一個大學畢業生,我們真的很幸運,我們應該自己編寫自己的故事。 我們能夠利用

We are all here today to celebrate our successes, but we cannot forget the
struggles each of us have overcome to get to this point of our lives.
Personally, it has always been so difficult to get over my imposter syndrome,
an internal experience of believing that I am not as competent as others
perceive me to be. But when you come from a background where having food on
the table has been a question you ask yourself daily, you guilt yourself in
thinking that any struggle now isn’t actually a struggle because, “there’s
been worse”.
努力。 就個人而言,我一直很難克服我的冒名頂替症候群,冒名頂替症候群是一種內心
體驗,我覺得我不像其他人認為的那樣有能力。 我覺得當一個人來自三餐都吃不飽家庭

But the truth is, struggles are not meant to be measured or compared; they’
re not meant to be explained. Today, we are here to celebrate our stress,
loss, and personal challenges as much as our accomplishments. Because
recognizing our sadness, loneliness, and stress, takes courage, too.
(但事實是,struggles(奮鬥,努力,拼搏) 並不意味著要衡量或比較; 他們不應該被解
釋。 今天,我們在這裡慶祝我們的壓力,失去和個人挑戰,就像我們的成就一樣。 因為

Morehead State is the ex that taught me love, patience, and pain. It taught
each of us more about ourselves. It taught us to soar like an eagle and
always strive for more. As we look back at our years here with gratitude, we
must also energetically chase each opportunity for our own American Dream.
(莫爾黑德州立大學是一位教會我愛,耐心和痛苦的 “前任“。 它教給我們每個人更認
識自己。 它教會我們像老鷹一樣翱翔,努力飛的更高看得更遠。 當我們回顧我們在這裡
的歲月時,我們必須積極地為我們自己的美國夢追逐每一個機會。) (附註:前任是引用
Ariana Grande的thank u, next歌曲. 這首歌詞就是在講Love, Patience, Pain.)

Let us look back at our time here at Morehead, both good and bad, and say “
thank you, next.”

元上下)。她大學選擇進入Morehead State University的榮譽學院,學費及食宿全免,學

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: 國夢終於實現的畢業感想。
: 黃琳琇身穿畢業袍服,塗上深色口紅站上墨爾黑德州立大學畢業典禮講台,一開頭便以中
: 文表示,雖然講的是不同的語言,但其實我們都一樣,對未知的將來感到害怕,對於自己
: 畢業於藝術學士學位和數學設計學士,她謝謝學校給機會讓她能在過去十年來追逐自己的
: 美國夢,也要謝謝密西根大學提供給她最令人驚嘆的學術支持,以及她在肯塔基州的所有
: 人。
: 「我們今天都在這裡慶祝成功,但不能忘記已經克服的所有挑戰.....,事實是,挑戰並
: 不意味要衡量或者去比較它。今天,我們在這裡是為了慶祝我們的壓力,損失和個人挑戰
: ,就像我們的成就一樣,因為認識到我們的悲傷,孤獨和壓力,其實也需要勇氣。」
: 黃琳琇在演講過程中,並提及她的母語國語和台語,並稱自己來自高雄,也用中文說謝謝
: ,全程流利的英文演講獲得滿堂采,該演講影片被親友在臉書轉傳,有在美國認識黃琳琇
: 的華人表示,多年前還是小女孩的她,現在大學畢業了,為她感到驕傲。
: https://i.imgur.com/0mwLI61.jpg
: 擷自黃琳琇IG

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